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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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Black Pumas: Colors
Karol G: Tusa

Karol G: Tusa

13 kun oldin

Lil Baby: Woah

Lil Baby: Woah

17 kun oldin

  1. Samuel Khasin

    Samuel Khasin3 soat oldin

    Holy shit. The baby Yoda thing was fucking hilarious!!

  2. Ro Ni

    Ro Ni3 soat oldin

    Saints preserve us !

  3. Ërîkã Çøśtėlłār

    Ërîkã Çøśtėlłār3 soat oldin

    *#1 on trending*

  4. Agus Da silva

    Agus Da silva3 soat oldin

    i love davidd hahahaha

  5. Mc Anna

    Mc Anna3 soat oldin


  6. Yila Sousai

    Yila Sousai3 soat oldin

  7. Haven and Noma

    Haven and Noma3 soat oldin

    She is BOLD 😂

  8. Lando Polaroid

    Lando Polaroid3 soat oldin

    I know the jimmy Fallon show had David on to boost their UZgo channel views. But they could’ve done a little more research into David dobrik and played a game that he would’ve been more comfortable with.

  9. Pique NY

    Pique NY3 soat oldin

    Jim musta got the giveaway bug from David dobrik lol No car just some nice jelly shoes lol

  10. Caroline Tumibay

    Caroline Tumibay3 soat oldin

    “they can actually wreck that clothes, how cool is that? “ hahaahahaahah

  11. Eva M

    Eva M3 soat oldin

    OMG!!You go girl!!🖤💜🧡💛💚💙

  12. Percy Plant

    Percy Plant3 soat oldin

    Long lost brother of Timotheè Chalamet and Adam Driver

  13. Beanie Lou

    Beanie Lou3 soat oldin

    People are stupid. This isn’t funny at all. Who tf is scared of a baby ostrich

  14. Julien Boudreau

    Julien Boudreau3 soat oldin

    Who knew Halsey was obsessed with Baby Yoda??? SO CUTE!!

  15. Brock Deskins

    Brock Deskins3 soat oldin

    Funny when he started dancing with her, but from the Games Radar article heading I expected her to dominate. All I know for sure that I still at it.

  16. Jake Devlin

    Jake Devlin3 soat oldin

    My god finn wolfhard is a human stick

  17. Sky Hope

    Sky Hope3 soat oldin

    I came as soon as I saw Claire!!

  18. Nikko

    Nikko3 soat oldin

    Will Smith: “That’s the black Mount Rushmore” Denzel Washington & Jamie Foxx: am I a joke to you?

  19. Edward Gutierrez

    Edward Gutierrez3 soat oldin

    The Super Legend Still Lives, Hasn't missed a beat

  20. Trina Lopez

    Trina Lopez3 soat oldin


  21. PatrickArutyun

    PatrickArutyun3 soat oldin

    3:03 cracked me up the most from this video looooooool

  22. luka

    luka3 soat oldin

    0:47 so good aqcent funny

  23. :3 ILikeCats

    :3 ILikeCats3 soat oldin

    Why is this #1 and not mr peanuts death

  24. Anton Vincellér

    Anton Vincellér3 soat oldin


  25. Ërîkã Çøśtėlłār

    Ërîkã Çøśtėlłār3 soat oldin

    Love how Jimmy didn't say cars when he was like "you surprise people"

  26. CamSS

    CamSS3 soat oldin

    He nailed every single one. 😂🙌🏼 damn Jamie! 🔥


    AMIT KUMAR3 soat oldin

    Priyanka chopra =global domination

  28. Thiago Ferreira

    Thiago Ferreira3 soat oldin

    please, this man is not funny at all

  29. VDMEllen

    VDMEllen3 soat oldin

    This is the video that made me an army over a year ago. Hell did I know what they had in store for me. Just knew this was like something I've never seen before and had to keep on watching it.

  30. Jhube

    Jhube3 soat oldin

    I would die for claire from the bon appetit test kitchen

  31. Nipuna Nuwan

    Nipuna Nuwan3 soat oldin

    She's indian but she's don't like to tell that.. True story is it 😂

  32. #EXO #NCT #WAYV Come Back, the superior song

    #EXO #NCT #WAYV Come Back, the superior song3 soat oldin

    Tell me why did I think it was the person who does the Google Translate voice who was going to sing a song from Halsey.... I didn't recognize her

  33. M K

    M K3 soat oldin

    why does this just make me soo mad!?

  34. The Princess Fairy

    The Princess Fairy3 soat oldin

    Hey the guy they surprised was Brent's cousin!

  35. Fernando .Partridge

    Fernando .Partridge3 soat oldin

    Christ alive fucking god awful song and voice

  36. Juulz

    Juulz3 soat oldin

    am I the only one who sees that Julia is sticking her tong out to JP at 3:42 ??

  37. Eliza Hope Lindsay

    Eliza Hope Lindsay3 soat oldin

    the dress,,,,,,,,,

  38. Jodee Rebecca Davey

    Jodee Rebecca Davey3 soat oldin

    I Think They Should do This With I Want it That Way by The Backstreet Boys,&,Have Them Sing it,Can’t You Just Picture The Results?

  39. Jam C

    Jam C3 soat oldin

    jesus take the wheels

  40. Iman

    Iman3 soat oldin

    Me: Sees this video My heart: Am I a joke to you????

  41. ajda masimova

    ajda masimova3 soat oldin

    her Jersey accent reminds me of Janice for Friends series lmao

  42. Speak the Truth

    Speak the Truth3 soat oldin

    Halsey proving she could just sing the phone book and it would be a #1 album 😁🎶💕

  43. Aimon k.b

    Aimon k.b3 soat oldin

    Wow her reactions are quite real

  44. Hossna EZOUHRI

    Hossna EZOUHRI3 soat oldin

    J’aime bien

  45. LouisVuittonDonVG

    LouisVuittonDonVG3 soat oldin


  46. SnapcrackerzTeam

    SnapcrackerzTeam3 soat oldin

    Lol that awesome crazy phucks

  47. Len017A Mal

    Len017A Mal3 soat oldin

    I like what Jimmy did. It looks more like she's wearing a crown tho, not hair part details

  48. Zac James

    Zac James3 soat oldin

    wow jimmys acting is better than i thought, he pretends he has respect for this kid

  49. BOB 51160

    BOB 511603 soat oldin

    to end up SMALL word, when I was little telling me all the time ...... in life it takes everything to make a world ..... voila j said what I thought .... if you agree on my screw ion of the things made known to me and also for the other Merçi ...... BOB51160 ....... france.

  50. Kaitlyn Anita

    Kaitlyn Anita3 soat oldin

    6 first? Illuminati programming

  51. Arie Mars

    Arie Mars3 soat oldin

    I don’t know who’s higher here 2 chainz or trappy.. 😆😆🤣🖤

  52. Sivannah Perkins

    Sivannah Perkins3 soat oldin

    I can’t believe he’s at red lobster with nicki Minaj, nicki lawinsky, nicki the ninja, nicki the boss, nicki the Harajuku Barbie like

  53. Melody E.

    Melody E.3 soat oldin

    Can sombody tell me... If this gurl is that little kid who sang I Will always love You a couple of years ago??? The "Psycho gurl" ??? I'm impressed

  54. Jason Steigerwald

    Jason Steigerwald3 soat oldin


  55. Celeste Ayelen Garcia Romero

    Celeste Ayelen Garcia Romero3 soat oldin


  56. xHxIxBxIxKxIx

    xHxIxBxIxKxIx3 soat oldin

    Whether we had watched green lantern or not. I'm to this day convinced we did, they were just trying to forget.

  57. شيہٰہۧطانہة ة

    شيہٰہۧطانہة ة3 soat oldin


  58. Everything.Digital

    Everything.Digital3 soat oldin

    #IWDFCFTBATK #halfsour

  59. Jodee Rebecca Davey

    Jodee Rebecca Davey3 soat oldin

    The New Hit Song by Jimmy,&,Gloria,”I Will be Punctual”

  60. big earl

    big earl3 soat oldin

    Do you have booze? Lol

  61. 76broctune

    76broctune3 soat oldin

    I like these 2 together... I hope Louis ck goes on Joe Rogan first, then Jimmy Fallon's show and dance or something ad his come back

  62. Dylan the Samurai Warrior

    Dylan the Samurai Warrior3 soat oldin

    Halsey does not exist, G-Eazy. Ya big old soft-head.

  63. Belinda Ricci

    Belinda Ricci3 soat oldin

    Baby yoda = pugs

  64. Nicole's Studio

    Nicole's Studio3 soat oldin

    Super worm* but okay

  65. Hannie Mudlong

    Hannie Mudlong3 soat oldin

    She's not wearing a bra or im just seeing things? 🤔🙄

  66. Lucifer

    Lucifer3 soat oldin

    Always tempeny 😂😂😂

  67. Ulfath Mahmoud

    Ulfath Mahmoud3 soat oldin

    He looks like jim from the office

  68. Dominic Go

    Dominic Go3 soat oldin

    claire: genuine, funny, likable, hardworking fallon: fake, plastic, try hard, unfunny

  69. hiphiphoorachel

    hiphiphoorachel3 soat oldin

    Jimmy Fallon and his team really be out here not telling Claire about the iconic content Mike’s Mic created. He deserves credit and that’s on period luv xxx

  70. 3am lunch

    3am lunch3 soat oldin

    I like Halsey but sometimes I have to try to clean my ears out because I cant tell if I have water or a moth stuck in there. Her singing voice just sounds like its continuously quivering or shaking.

  71. kurisichin

    kurisichin3 soat oldin

    I honestly would have appreciated it if Jimmy actually tried 🤷

  72. Kamrin Thomas

    Kamrin Thomas3 soat oldin

    Shark tales 😂

  73. Mandy

    Mandy3 soat oldin

    Seeing the title: "70-something mom" wtf lmao

  74. Kevin Avelar

    Kevin Avelar3 soat oldin

    Jimmy is such an idiot

  75. Jodee Rebecca Davey

    Jodee Rebecca Davey3 soat oldin

    This’s Great

  76. Mary Anh

    Mary Anh3 soat oldin

    “I’m whipping it out.” -Halsey

  77. isa

    isa3 soat oldin


  78. BunmooBun

    BunmooBun3 soat oldin

    Yaaaaaas! Love this

  79. TooSilver

    TooSilver3 soat oldin

    He said “MY PENIS”

  80. BOB 51160

    BOB 511603 soat oldin

    For me what makes me a great pleasure to listen to this song and also to watch a dozen times is videos, and therefore for me see his masterpiece of sound, music, voice, beauty and for finish for his physique ....... has for me a dream, I know that the princess who weighs 40 kilos and who are thin like their book which tells them .... the thinner you will be .... . the more you will be appreciated by men ........ HEU ... no no I prefer women who stay as they are strong or not, that beautiful and stupid, darling, daredevil ... ... the ... and who pisses off other women believing themselves to be the beauty of the world, I don't say more, I respect women but not gender. Thank you ladies, who give us the pleasure of seeing watching you are worrying about your appearance, to end up SMALL word, when I was little telling me all the time ...... in life it takes everything to make a world ..... voila j said what I thought .... if you agree on my screw ion of the things made known to me and also for the other Merçi ...... BOB51160 ....... france.

  81. Maci Bigica

    Maci Bigica3 soat oldin

    check out baby blue nose Drop Like & comment

  82. Dr. Whales

    Dr. Whales3 soat oldin



    HAFIFI NASIR3 soat oldin just michelle..the paul McCartney is much more better

  84. Poopypants55

    Poopypants553 soat oldin

    Martin Short: coughs Jimmy Fallon: laughs like a maniac

  85. Jola Dębska

    Jola Dębska3 soat oldin

    Translated to polish ❤️❤️❤️

  86. Liz Nunez

    Liz Nunez3 soat oldin

    Is it me or she can’t sing....

  87. thegreatmonster

    thegreatmonster3 soat oldin

    He 'did some writing for this one', lol!

  88. Jaly ThePhotoEditor

    Jaly ThePhotoEditor3 soat oldin

    5:56 😭😅

  89. Dominic Go

    Dominic Go3 soat oldin

    This just made me realize how genuine, funny and real claire really is... meanwhile fallon trying too hard to be funny and likable,,, imagine how tired we are

  90. Miranda Solorio

    Miranda Solorio3 soat oldin


  91. Ozzy Killa

    Ozzy Killa3 soat oldin

    That freshee accent....yukkkkk

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  93. Lily Ramírez

    Lily Ramírez3 soat oldin

    La TusAaaa

  94. Ron Thunders

    Ron Thunders3 soat oldin

    What a great, cool, happy kid. He has a MAJOR passion for animals and wildlife just like his poppa, and seems very mature for his age. Like he knows his role on this talk show even.

  95. Secrets

    Secrets3 soat oldin

    Play a record!

  96. Monocle dog

    Monocle dog3 soat oldin

    David who?

  97. Jodee Rebecca Davey

    Jodee Rebecca Davey3 soat oldin

    Melissa,Pikachu’s Known as The Electric Mouse Pokémon,it Doesn’t Look Like a Dog

  98. Haven and Noma

    Haven and Noma3 soat oldin

    She looks so different... idk, kinda awkward or nervous maybe

  99. Music EM

    Music EM3 soat oldin

    Hi we invited you to see our video of relaxing songs five minutes

  100. imlazy77

    imlazy773 soat oldin

    Jimmy totally brushed off Priyanka’s story on being invited, she didn’t really share the story behind it