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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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Hashtags: #KidQuotes
HAIM: Summer Girl

HAIM: Summer Girl

18 kun oldin

HAIM: The Steps

HAIM: The Steps

19 kun oldin

Lauv: Modern Loneliness
Puss N Boots: Sister
Joji: Run (TV Debut)
Doja Cat: Say So
  1. Dave Olep

    Dave OlepKun oldin

    Perfect sesame Street paradise for Kevin Spacey .

  2. BoBa_ Pop

    BoBa_ PopKun oldin

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that she is dancing all of this while wearing heals?

  3. Annie S

    Annie SKun oldin

    Two happy salmons :D this made my day

  4. Julie MacKenzie

    Julie MacKenzieKun oldin

    LOL! 😂🤣👍

  5. boris Naish

    boris NaishKun oldin

    I think the negative comments you guys leave are pretentious and stuck up rather than her poetry

  6. Marie-Lou Chabrier

    Marie-Lou ChabrierKun oldin

    my favorite happy salmons!!

  7. rachelle peterson

    rachelle petersonKun oldin


  8. long phi

    long phiKun oldin

    his american accent =)

  9. mersu_ potter•

    mersu_ potter•Kun oldin

    *Potterhead's has enter the chat*

  10. Jaah limmah

    Jaah limmahKun oldin

    I love you CAMI

  11. Richard Bracewell

    Richard BracewellKun oldin


  12. Hibba Ch

    Hibba ChKun oldin

    Hygge 🇩🇰🤣 0:27

  13. Kabali Don

    Kabali DonKun oldin

    She looks soo sexyyy

  14. Breanna Castillo

    Breanna CastilloKun oldin

    At this time we didn’t have to worry about any virus

  15. Mr Devitt

    Mr DevittKun oldin

    Fallon butchering the songs in these just to help sell the skit is a nice touch

  16. Vicky Freaky

    Vicky FreakyKun oldin

    I like the home edition way more then the studio edition, sorry. :D

  17. Beth Ellett

    Beth EllettKun oldin

    I love seeing/hearing your kids - don't feel like they need to be silent :) It gives a sense of realness and life to hear their sweet little voices in the background

  18. Carleton Slight

    Carleton SlightKun oldin

    Welcome to Hollywood BS

  19. Ben Boatman

    Ben BoatmanKun oldin

    I always go crazy dancing while I listen to this song on my Spotify.

  20. Sabina Rozyyewa

    Sabina RozyyewaKun oldin

    The game was stopped and the Jimin continues to stick stickers on the Jungkook. 2:53.

  21. Donna Lentini

    Donna LentiniKun oldin

    Everyone unfortunately are not quarantined. Some gas to work.

  22. Celeste Roth

    Celeste RothKun oldin

    Your girls are your best side kicks!

  23. Jeanne Woogerd

    Jeanne WoogerdKun oldin

    Who is teaching French on UZgo?

  24. Owen Riviere

    Owen RiviereKun oldin

    How do you not know who Boney M is?

  25. Charel Trihart

    Charel TrihartKun oldin

    I LOVE Madea! I watch everything she is in.

  26. • Sunfløwer •

    • Sunfløwer •Kun oldin

    Harry just killed lord Voldemort by rapping

  27. TNR

    TNRKun oldin

    waste !

  28. Fazanch555

    Fazanch555Kun oldin

    Now Donald trump can build a wall to stop the coronavirus

  29. ZealousGoat

    ZealousGoatKun oldin

    Hmmm its kinda amazing this "generator" picks impressions we all know she can do 🤔

  30. cat isabella

    cat isabellaKun oldin

    "When you feel heard, you feel loved " I heard you Nancy

  31. James Condon

    James CondonKun oldin

    And people still think they can tell Clark Kent from Superman lol

  32. Narra Horet

    Narra HoretKun oldin

    thank you Jimmy !

  33. Jaah limmah

    Jaah limmahKun oldin

    I love Camila❤❤❤

  34. Tanveer Ahmed

    Tanveer AhmedKun oldin

    What is she complaining about. She was asked to write a book quickly because her other book was still relevant and they could make some more money. It has nothing to do with age. As you get old you get uglier, it’s not a girls things. Women’s thing is they tend to like older guys. They care more thing and personality then beauty unlike men. That’s a guys fault too. You are a writer. at the end of the day you don’t need to be beautiful(which sure you are not, mic drop) or something to be good. The thing is you aren’t a good writer and you don’t really know what you’re talking about cause your just a little kid who got some publicity for some poems which is really great. Just be true admit you have a lot to learn or have such a mentality then just be utterly ignorant.

  35. 《 •NicoleTheKitsune• 》

    《 •NicoleTheKitsune• 》Kun oldin

    I will never understand how accents are lost during singing....

  36. Brad Barnhill

    Brad BarnhillKun oldin

    Does Jimmy dress himself? 😂

  37. Olimpio dos Santos Filho

    Olimpio dos Santos FilhoKun oldin

    I gave up in going to live shows because of how annoying people are recording every single moment with these f*** phones. Instead of just LIVING and FEELING the damn good vibes.....

  38. Aravind Nair

    Aravind NairKun oldin

    Best Korean Movies : •OldBoy •Parasite •Memories of Murder •The Chaser

  39. Fix News

    Fix NewsKun oldin

  40. MiyciNt

    MiyciNtKun oldin

    Just for "Duit Talak Gay" 🤣

  41. aleksandra kettner

    aleksandra kettnerKun oldin


  42. Funny Patato

    Funny PatatoKun oldin

    I want her coat so bad it looks so comfy

  43. K W

    K WKun oldin

    Niall should feel proud that his album is #1 despite the lack of promotion!

  44. Roberta

    RobertaKun oldin

    Great job!! That's a job!!

  45. Harry L Syaputra

    Harry L SyaputraKun oldin

    0:00 - 0:25 “ when you wish upon star” ( Pinocchio) 0:26 - 0:37 “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ( Mary Poppins) 0:39 - 0:50 “Heigh - Ho” ( Snow White and the Seven Dwarft) 0:51 - 0:59 “The Bare Necessities” ( The jungle book) 1:00 - 1:08 “Under the sea” ( The little Mermaid) 1:11 - 1:39 “Part of your world ( The little Mermaid) 1:40 - 1:55 “A whole new world” ( Aladdin) 1:56 - 2:18 “ Tale as old as time” ( Beauty and the Beast) 2:20 - 2:29 “Cirle of life( The lion king) 2:29 - 2:35 “Can you feel the love tonight” ( The lion king) 2:36 - 3:01 “Colors of the wind” ( Pocahontas) and Do you want to build a snow man” ( Frozen) 3:02 - 3:23“ You’ve got a friend in me” ( Toy story) 3:24 - 3:39 “Remember me” ( Coco) 3:40 - 3:51 “How far i’ll go” ( Moana) 3:52 - 4:12 “Into the unknown” ( Frozen 2) 4:17 - 4:48 “Let it go” ( Frozen)

  46. Sharon Journey

    Sharon JourneyKun oldin

    Love her!

  47. Linda Rrapi

    Linda RrapiKun oldin

    This is soooo weird .I hate how u fake everything

  48. one top model

    one top modelKun oldin

    DJ D. Nice "Something that I was doing in my kitchen 🎶 touched THE WORLD"🌍 Awwwwweeeeesome!!!

  49. TNR

    TNRKun oldin

    food wasting !

  50. Jen N

    Jen NKun oldin

    I so want to live there!!!!!

  51. Cantor Carol Chesler

    Cantor Carol CheslerKun oldin

    What about all the senior girls?

  52. Oktawcia

    OktawciaKun oldin

    Am I the only one, who is sad while listening to this? Especially when Cap sing I wasn't ready to his story ending :<

  53. Akim Haokip

    Akim HaokipKun oldin

    Frannie lowkey looks like baby Drew Barrymore

  54. My Tuscan Dream

    My Tuscan DreamKun oldin

    The Tonight Vlog Starring Jimmy Fallon

  55. Kate Funnekotter

    Kate FunnekotterKun oldin

    I had no idea what she looked like, I just knew she was famous because she went to my high school.

  56. Preethi Gomes

    Preethi GomesKun oldin

    My sis is on tik tok from 3 years and she has 200 follower s

  57. GT Vlogs

    GT VlogsKun oldin

    Imagine you live on lil pump’s life and doing this embarrassing performance and still earnin million dollars

  58. ben ken

    ben kenKun oldin

    Que video más pendejo!!

  59. TNR

    TNRKun oldin


  60. Tanveer Ahmed

    Tanveer AhmedKun oldin

    Oughhhh the cringe! Ahhhh don’t try that hard. Just let it flow, you have no obligation to be funny or intelligent. It’s not an Opera House. Jesus write a child’s book or something. It’s just so weird watching grown up adults slapping for such a simple though of her poem. Please read a bit people, don’t just tag along and agree with things. If you think something’s bullshit don’t follow the peer pressure. It’s so painful to watch

  61. Grammy Rose

    Grammy RoseKun oldin

    Isn't he the guy who lied about being at the war

  62. Daze Playz

    Daze PlayzKun oldin

    This is how many people thought it was autotune 👇🏻

  63. Kidlaw77

    Kidlaw77Kun oldin

    Lol! Everyone knew it was Christina.

  64. Robert Paupore

    Robert PauporeKun oldin

    I just love your doing this jimmy! Your amazing thanks for making me laugh out loud! 14 days feels like 1,000 days right now! I have all 5 kids home with me and I think I’m going slightly insane! 😂 Thanks for keeping me sane for a while anyway 🙏🏽🥰

  65. High Flyin

    High FlyinKun oldin

    I just translated the songs and they didn’t come out like this. They just reversed the words and called it a day. Great job.

  66. Got7orNever 07

    Got7orNever 07Kun oldin

    Goosebumps wow

  67. Omar Mejia

    Omar MejiaKun oldin

    Trevor got that flame stone island hoodie.

  68. C G

    C GKun oldin

    I'm starting to think that Bernie is now 5'12" like Fallon contrary to Google search results because of his hunched shoulders. The guy used to be 6 feet tall.

  69. Lova Bohm Lundberg

    Lova Bohm LundbergKun oldin

    0:16 so cute

  70. I Share U Watch

    I Share U WatchKun oldin

    Everything is online now even Jimmy's show haha

  71. Klaudia Gabkova

    Klaudia GabkovaKun oldin

    WOW 😱😱 😜😜

  72. Wolfie_Storm

    Wolfie_StormKun oldin

    I feel like Kevin would be terrified of a little baby tiger

  73. Gina HH

    Gina HHKun oldin

    why didnt u show us niall juggling the ball like we want niall juggling balls

  74. Luis G

    Luis GKun oldin

    If that was me, I will return back in time not matter what!!!!!!!!!

  75. Christopher Angeli

    Christopher AngeliKun oldin

    He’s so cute when he says, “life gets hard but it’s quite exciting, spin around it’s young lighting

  76. KG84C

    KG84CKun oldin

    Many aussies drive manual shift (Stick), automatic only male drivers are considered a bit light in the loafers.

  77. sean askew

    sean askewKun oldin

    Chemical Brothers: salmon dance...explains everything theyre talking about regards to salmon

  78. Just Saying

    Just SayingKun oldin

    I got finish season 8.. and for me...i actually blaming you and Jon snow for the behaviour of khalessi...

  79. i will kill you if you reply to my comment

    i will kill you if you reply to my commentKun oldin

    extremely akward tension

  80. Marcus

    MarcusKun oldin

    Be careful she doesnt put anything in your water, Jimmy;-)

  81. Ian Cox

    Ian CoxKun oldin

    Hatewatching this rancid song rn.

  82. Paola Guevara

    Paola GuevaraKun oldin


  83. Jin Kook

    Jin KookKun oldin

    I miss you guys so much

  84. Dj Libertário

    Dj LibertárioKun oldin

    Dakota sexy 😁😉😘

  85. Goellioana

    GoellioanaKun oldin

    Oke so can I just rant for a minute about how gorgeous Jimmy Fallon's house is... First of all, the fact that he has an actual slide in his house makes me think of Big time rush. I love all the wood in Jimmy's house. It looks so warm and cozy. 10:00 It justs gives you that cabin feel. The paintings and their placement on the wall are Beautifull. At 7:00 That is the prettiest railing on a staircase that I have ever seen. Even that random painting at 18:14 is so pretty. 0:15 I love the black marble floor and (again) that painting that is hanging above the couch. And who doesn't love a fireplace in their living room? Love both couches. Everything is so colorful but it's not too much that its really in your face. The interior design looks like an old painting and just looks majestic almost. Basically, I love everything and want my house to be an exact replica of his. I have never wanted a house tour video so bad.

  86. rato crazyshit

    rato crazyshitKun oldin


  87. Aya Rodrigo

    Aya RodrigoKun oldin

    The music sounds Awesome 😂🤣 and stanlee is RIP 💔😭❤

  88. Dakota Genson

    Dakota GensonKun oldin

    Ryan is my favorite host! I have a biggest crush on him

  89. Fitphatnat T

    Fitphatnat TKun oldin

    Favorite monologue thus far!!!!!!

  90. Theanna Lewis

    Theanna LewisKun oldin

    He asked for a crumb he cot a whole cake!

  91. guy wolff

    guy wolffKun oldin

    What a wonderfully playful house .. A Birch-bark guest room and a slide .. I hope he kept the flowerpot I made that Martha gave him frrom the show we did :)

  92. Jonas Neil Castro

    Jonas Neil CastroKun oldin

    In my country, BTS are always called "gay". I was like, "wtf?" . I dont know why

  93. A. Aljohani

    A. AljohaniKun oldin

    Why is he bored tho

  94. Romy

    RomyKun oldin

    She cute

  95. Paul Kumel

    Paul KumelKun oldin

    Thanks jimmy