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I'm Back ...

I'm Back ...

7 oy oldin

  1. Sydney Cannon

    Sydney CannonKun oldin

    Adds dahling to my permanent vocabulary

  2. Griselda Acosta

    Griselda AcostaKun oldin

    Hair Tutorials plase🙏😍😍😍

  3. Lena Sab

    Lena SabKun oldin

    Could you try the Milk Flex Highlighter? Love these kind of videos.

  4. Hannah Carrillo

    Hannah CarrilloKun oldin

    I recently discovered your channel and to say I am obsessed would be an understatement. I binge watch videos all the time. One of my goals for 2020 is to become better at makeup and winning this giveaway would be a great help for me to get started! Thank you Tati for all of the best tips, tricks, and reviews!<3

  5. Larissa W8

    Larissa W8Kun oldin

    I may be too late to enter this giveaway but I have recently gotten into makeup and would love the opportunity to try out new products.

  6. Raysa Garcia

    Raysa GarciaKun oldin

    I love her and her products are amazing. She’s so nice and beautiful. Xo 💕

  7. Kathie Hanlon

    Kathie HanlonKun oldin

    Does anyone know if Tati has reviewed Believe Beauty foundation etc.? I couldn't find any on her playlist.. I went back 8mths. If not Tati will you review this line?

  8. Vanessa Smalls

    Vanessa SmallsKun oldin

    I think the Revlon Candid Foundation needs to be in a bigger package it's too small and there's not really that much product. :/

  9. farrah Bryant

    farrah BryantKun oldin

    Too expensive to buy

  10. rilana martens

    rilana martensKun oldin

    Ich liebe tati für ihre Persönlichkeit aber leider fängt sie an auszusehen wie alle anderen ,dicke Enten Lippen und irgendwie schon operiert ... einfach plastisch und das zerstört die eigentliche Schönheit von einem Menschen. Ich weiß nicht ,der Druck muss wohl so groß sein, dass alle das einzig wichtige vergessen. Sie brauchen es wirklich nicht !

  11. Jackie Cuevas

    Jackie CuevasKun oldin

    I'm so proud of you. I love this so much! I believe this is going to be something big! It will help so much with makeup 😩

  12. Victoria Portelle

    Victoria PortelleKun oldin

    Sorry, but that ELF Flawless Finish foundation is great!

  13. Lauren Edmunds

    Lauren EdmundsKun oldin

    Based on this video I may pick this for my ipsy bag!

  14. Victoria Portelle

    Victoria PortelleKun oldin

    *Tati - try lighter fluid to get makeup stains out of clothing & fabric* . Funeral service trick.

  15. Marla Stone

    Marla StoneKun oldin

    Love this type of basics. More of these please!

  16. Dav

    DavKun oldin


  17. Enrish Cakes

    Enrish CakesKun oldin

    To remove foundations from clothing try using dish soap. Specifically dawn dish soap. It is hard core but still gentle enough to be used on pets. So it will be awesome

  18. Tonya Renee

    Tonya ReneeKun oldin

    Fold sweaters...no more hanger nipples

  19. Emily

    EmilyKun oldin

    Does anyone know where her top is from?

  20. Skylar Briggs

    Skylar BriggsKun oldin

    The robe looks like the grandma from halloween town

  21. PrettyPrettyPlease

    PrettyPrettyPleaseKun oldin

    When I first started watching this I thought “I need to get a blouse like that, why don’t I have more blouses” then I thought “wait, do I not like that blouse”? and you called it a Howdy Dudy blouse! Lol! I swear it morphed at some point during this video! Lol

  22. hannah west

    hannah westKun oldin

    I would love for you to test the Bambi eye mascara from L’Oréal! I’ve been wanting to try it but not sure if it works!!

  23. silver karma

    silver karmaKun oldin

    OMG It looks sooo amazing!! Sigh imma gonna just look like I felt into a pit of blue paint if I try to attempt it.😂

  24. Robbie Magill

    Robbie MagillKun oldin

    Full face of nyx or hard candy?

  25. Madeliene Aberle

    Madeliene AberleKun oldin

    Please please PLEASE video on the brand hipdot? I keep seeing them everywhere but I haven’t seen anyone I trust in the makeup world actually talk about them, Their shadows and glosses look nice and stunning but I’m still on the fence as I haven’t heard how they preform yet

  26. Jelissa Jaynes

    Jelissa JaynesKun oldin

    Can you do a best drugstore starter kit?

  27. Jelissa Jaynes

    Jelissa JaynesKun oldin

    I can't afford highend makeup anyways 🤷‍♀️

  28. Jelissa Jaynes

    Jelissa JaynesKun oldin

    I love this but all I want is your palette 😟

  29. Jelissa Jaynes

    Jelissa JaynesKun oldin

    Anyone win?

  30. Jelissa Jaynes

    Jelissa JaynesKun oldin

    When they talk about Jaime 😍🥰

  31. Jelissa Jaynes

    Jelissa JaynesKun oldin

    I wish I could get that P.l eyeshadow base but can't afford $24 on one little product 😟 this mama is broke over here

  32. Jelissa Jaynes

    Jelissa JaynesKun oldin

    CONGRATULATIONS tati your an inspiration 💗

  33. Azerath

    AzerathKun oldin

    Hey there! I’m binge watching all these drugstore videos because I’m broke and it would be super cool if you could separate the best and worst products in the description? I’m screen shotting but the worst are mixed in the best and I don’t remember which ones which when I’m shopping! PS the prices in the description are VERY helpful!

  34. Jelissa Jaynes

    Jelissa JaynesKun oldin

    I needed this video and new makeup now 😊

  35. Jelissa Jaynes

    Jelissa JaynesKun oldin

    You have such an amazing life tati

  36. Jelissa Jaynes

    Jelissa JaynesKun oldin

    Your hair looks amazing and your glowing 🥰

  37. Renee Zeiner

    Renee ZeinerKun oldin

    Hey Tati, Rimmel has one really good mascara. It usually comes in a two pack at Walmart for $4 and it's my go to! Black package with a little bit of silver. You should definitely try it 😍🤗

  38. BookiesGrannie

    BookiesGrannieKun oldin

    I just got my palette today and I absolutely love it! I love all the colors! Love love it!

  39. Taylor Gleckner

    Taylor GlecknerKun oldin

    Did you ever try the Maskcara products? I would love a review of these!! I admire you and respect your opinion on all things beauty so please let me know what you think!!

  40. Michelle Thong

    Michelle ThongKun oldin

    Tati, ur hair & make up are poppin😍

  41. Sharon Socoloski

    Sharon SocoloskiKun oldin

    Your so Gorgeous, Tati!! Inside and Outside!

  42. Samantha Gaudet

    Samantha GaudetKun oldin

    Great video. You never disappoint. All the best in 2020.

  43. ChristopherJMUA

    ChristopherJMUAKun oldin

    Really great video and products! Love all the details! Thanks for the time and energy!

  44. Sam Heyenrath

    Sam HeyenrathKun oldin

    You should try the new BB cream by Covergirl! it comes in a pink container. I just purchased some but I am interested to see what you think.

  45. Gina Johnson

    Gina JohnsonKun oldin

    A little off topic of the makeup, but I LOVE that shirt! Any idea where she got it?

  46. Kalli Karen Allison Robertson

    Kalli Karen Allison RobertsonKun oldin

    I love Scott barnesssss

  47. Kelsey Conover

    Kelsey ConoverKun oldin

    Please do a video on your skin care/anti aging routine❤️

  48. Sarah R

    Sarah RKun oldin

    Am I the only one who thinks Tati resembles Carli Bybel in this video? So gorgeous!

  49. Wendy F

    Wendy FKun oldin

    If she thinks California is dry try coming to Colorado. I WISH I had her energy and bubbly personality. I play too much with makeup, that’s why it takes me longer to get ready for the store as she could do a bridal makeup.

  50. Queen Iq

    Queen IqKun oldin

    Tati said in her video that she had oily skin and now she dont .how u can change ur type of skin. Did she use anything ?

  51. Brittany Sabio

    Brittany SabioKun oldin

    Love this video

  52. Makeup Addict

    Makeup AddictKun oldin

    The difference between watching an actual trained makeup artist and a self taught UZgors is night and day! I always enjoy watching professionally trained MUA’s bc of how free their work is (but I’m also not taking away anyone’s god given talent that’s self taught!). They always have bomb tips and such knowledge about the skin. I could tell how much Tati was head over heels for this video 😇🤗 I was too!!! Super loved this!!!

  53. Sheila S

    Sheila SKun oldin

    Tati: 3-2-1 let's just do it.. *Swipes* Tati: *NO*

  54. Monse Mayorga

    Monse MayorgaKun oldin

    It's crazy how products work for some and not for others cause I looked the elf foundation

  55. Pamela Mars

    Pamela MarsKun oldin

    This hair and make up, so gorgeous!

  56. Richelle Jose

    Richelle JoseKun oldin

    I miss Boobra 🤍🥰👻

  57. karla hemphill

    karla hemphillKun oldin

    totally agree with you on the KiSS Lashes....."Little Black Dress " is my favorite .......great video!

  58. Sydney Rodgers

    Sydney RodgersKun oldin

    Hey Tati! I know you used to work at Bare Minerals in your early youtube years, and I would love it if you would do a video testing a full face of Bare Minerals products. I feel like it is a brand that isn't talked about as much as it used to be.

  59. Isabella Gomez

    Isabella GomezKun oldin

    You can take makeup from your clothes with dish soap. It really works well specially with foundation, concealer or cream products

  60. Jessica Palmer

    Jessica PalmerKun oldin

    Oh my goodness. I love Charlotte!!!

  61. M Voss

    M VossKun oldin

    I never received my blendiful. I received an email stating it was delivered but it was not there. I received other mail that day. I have emailed support multiple times, replying to the the email, using the link in the email, using the website. They all come back undeliverable. I have also tweeted. No response. Please help.

  62. Jessica Ortiz

    Jessica OrtizKun oldin

    Pls no bad words on your video title tati... i love u❤

  63. Lorena Molestina

    Lorena MolestinaKun oldin

    Beautiful makeup Tati !

  64. Natasha Miller

    Natasha MillerKun oldin

    Nobody cares.

  65. Ray Ray

    Ray RayKun oldin

    She plumped her lips which still looks natural .

  66. Kaleene Knight

    Kaleene KnightKun oldin

    Not sure if this is still going but thought I would try. I would love to have this because I am an aspiring makeup artist but with having 4 small children on a one income household I don’t get a chance to try things out ever. This would truly be a gift!


    ASHLEY TUCKERKun oldin

    “That one lash is misbehaving but other than that...” 😂😂❤️

  68. Kristen Landon

    Kristen LandonKun oldin

    Scott Barnes Lippie Pro book is like the Holy Bible of Lip products! ✨💄📖 💋😍

  69. M a r l e n e C a c e r e s

    M a r l e n e C a c e r e sKun oldin

    Yes Dahling. I love you both so much 🥰♥️😘💋

  70. Sarah

    SarahKun oldin

    You are awesome Tati 💕💄 Block those haters! P.S. I love your palette 🎨

  71. WorkIn Progress

    WorkIn ProgressKun oldin

    For some reason from the brands image I expected a settled British lady and not the British cross-over of Jeffrey Star, Bette Midler and Betty Boop. :P But it's kind of cool. :) Love her products.

  72. LifeOfCharl

    LifeOfCharlKun oldin

    Two Queens🥰 i loved watching this, please do more collabs with Charlotte♥️

  73. Laila castro

    Laila castroKun oldin

    Tati, you are dying

  74. Lexie Oliveri

    Lexie OliveriKun oldin

    SHAVING CREAM to get makeup stains out of clothes!!!

  75. aubreeanna martz

    aubreeanna martzKun oldin

    Tati, can we get a link for that gorgeous sweater you are wearing!?! Please and thank you!

  76. mrsditalo

    mrsditaloKun oldin

    I can't find the Catrice wakeup effect anywhere 😟😟😢😢

  77. Vanessa Castro

    Vanessa CastroKun oldin

    That physician formula all in one is my personal fav!!!!!!!!

  78. nikibabes169

    nikibabes169Kun oldin

    amazing eyeliner but me doing it will NEVER look like that lmao

  79. SSER43

    SSER43Kun oldin

    It should be... "Holy Smokes"

  80. S Douglas

    S DouglasKun oldin

    Thanks for this great video; I shall be trying the Maybelline full coverage foundation and Happy New Year.

  81. mrsjoannecruz Cruz

    mrsjoannecruz CruzKun oldin

    Please do more videos together

  82. Queen Iq

    Queen IqKun oldin

    City bronzer 200 is not warm .right ?

  83. Christina

    ChristinaKun oldin

    Thanks for the tips!!! Love your pallet!!! Next do Browse,pretty please!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  84. nikibabes169

    nikibabes169Kun oldin

    cant wait to receive your palette !!

  85. Nathalia Navarro

    Nathalia NavarroKun oldin

    Tati can you review the new Fenty mascara. I really want to hear your thoughts.

  86. Jason Slate

    Jason SlateKun oldin

    I have a suggestion I really appreciate when you do multiple items for the same brand verses all different brands & multiple items❤️

  87. Brittany Doherty

    Brittany DohertyKun oldin

    You should do a video of a week of the same look with different products high end and drugstore

  88. Sophie cnc

    Sophie cncKun oldin

    I would be careful about putting that kind of makeup on my face. Probably has horrible ingredients no one should be putting on their skin.

  89. Adriano

    AdrianoKun oldin

    omg I love Lana in the back

  90. Carrie Richer

    Carrie RicherKun oldin

    Please review the loreal voluminous carbon black mascara!

  91. mildred torres

    mildred torresKun oldin

    I appreciate this video so much. Thank You!

  92. Ana Ostendorf

    Ana OstendorfKun oldin

    My boyfriend got me the physicians formula ultimate collection for Christmas because I saw Tati review it. Omg it is the best thing I’ve ever own. Perfect for travel too I just bring that, brushes, foundation and powder now. 🤩

  93. Jillian Brown

    Jillian BrownKun oldin


  94. foreverkarly_

    foreverkarly_Kun oldin

    More videos with Scott please!!!

  95. Faiza Khan

    Faiza KhanKun oldin

    Can we please get a tutorial on this look 😩 I bought the palette and would love to recreate this eye look

  96. Laura Larrabee

    Laura LarrabeeKun oldin

    Sally’s finally has Maybelline. Other than the Ardell line the quality of Sally’s skin care and makeup is very poor.

  97. lauren H

    lauren HKun oldin

    Gurl your hair looks EXPENSIVE! Did you just walk out of the salon today?! 5/5 Beyoncé’s 😍

  98. Mistellesonn

    MistellesonnKun oldin

    Somewhat off topic question, but if you cannot use products with spf, how do you get your sun protection? Are there alternatives to traditional sunscreen?

  99. Andrea Cole

    Andrea ColeKun oldin

    This has probably been asked before so sorry for the repeat (I’m new!). Do you have your top picks written anywhere? I just need a list to go shopping!...Sounds delightfully dangerous.

  100. Chelle Nalehp

    Chelle NalehpKun oldin

    Tati my family owns a laundromat - any kind of degreaser takes out almost all stains ! our favorite , that we use in our laundromat , is "grease lighting " spray it on there and then throw it in the wash