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Top 5 WTF Moments
The End Of LTAT.
Kombucha Taste Test
  1. Worline8628

    Worline86289 soat oldin

    MDMA, it's MDMA.

  2. Samn it!

    Samn it!9 soat oldin

    Good morning y’all

  3. yourin8er

    yourin8er9 soat oldin

    6:43. I’m glad they didn’t go to where my mind wondering.

  4. A. B.

    A. B.9 soat oldin

    I just finished the Lost Causes of Bleak Creek and I know it’s kinda random But I have a question, so the book ended on a cliffhanger and I was wondering If you guys were gonna make another book. I’m an old mythical beast Sincerely, A.B

  5. Lauren Clawson

    Lauren Clawson9 soat oldin

    All of their judge voices are incredible 😂😂

  6. Dgsd

    Dgsd9 soat oldin

    So...Rhett wins every time, right?

  7. JKLV12

    JKLV129 soat oldin

    06:01 Bleu Cheese

  8. ItsMalko

    ItsMalko9 soat oldin

    Does Link actually know how to play this game ?

  9. Sarah G

    Sarah G9 soat oldin


  10. Randomly Rachelanne

    Randomly Rachelanne9 soat oldin

    Chase smirked with the Bleu cheese and the sardines! 🤣

  11. EmileeJean24

    EmileeJean249 soat oldin

    I really worry for Rhetts safety when he is attached to Link. And Link goes into a violent gagging episode. Too violent of an episode and there goes Rhetts neck! 😂😂

  12. Astrolotl

    Astrolotl9 soat oldin

    “You are a subpar human.” - Link Neal *Now put that on a t-shirt*

  13. Stanna Unruh

    Stanna Unruh9 soat oldin

    Anyone else want to help Link with his hickey deficit? Just me? Ok.

  14. Ahmet Yusufoğlu

    Ahmet Yusufoğlu9 soat oldin

    who eats a hotdog from the middle ?

  15. Horses 4ever

    Horses 4ever9 soat oldin


  16. Sarah Aldrich

    Sarah Aldrich10 soat oldin

    Rhett eating roses with vigor shouls now ne what link feeds him during experiments

  17. sbstek

    sbstek10 soat oldin

    I love this energy of the new year and new season. They look so excited!

  18. SJ A

    SJ A10 soat oldin

    His face at 9:56 is the definition of pure happiness

  19. Horses 4ever

    Horses 4ever10 soat oldin

    Did your, did your, did your jewels react?

  20. FreedTMG

    FreedTMG10 soat oldin

    We need deep fryer vs oven, if there's anything that's better from the oven, I need to know.

  21. Talyun

    Talyun10 soat oldin

    Why did Link eat the hotdog like that...

  22. Traditionalist

    Traditionalist10 soat oldin

    how is his adams apple so huge?

  23. spozbucket

    spozbucket10 soat oldin

    The wheel of mythicality song was lovely :) more musical intros!

  24. walcalr01

    walcalr0110 soat oldin

    6:09 Chase's sadistic laugh as he knew what was coming lol

  25. Coco Marie

    Coco Marie10 soat oldin

    Rhett's octave change with the sardines sent me.

  26. The Tinsley Times

    The Tinsley Times10 soat oldin

    Girl scout cookies for sale🍪🍪🍪💗 Link is in my IG bio✌ _shelbylott (L-O-T-T)

  27. Marcus Eddie

    Marcus Eddie10 soat oldin

    7:24 😂😂😂

  28. Shane Thompson

    Shane Thompson10 soat oldin

    They’re firing back up the Rhett and Link channel

  29. Bekah Coyner

    Bekah Coyner10 soat oldin

    I swear, Rhett getting tickled by his own jokes is the cutest thing! 😂😩

  30. Kristoffer Kristiansen

    Kristoffer Kristiansen10 soat oldin

    Norwegians that uses snus and has been unlucky know what cola and snus mixed tastes like..

  31. Jake Ryker

    Jake Ryker10 soat oldin

    If you don't discriminate, then all colors are one thing.

  32. chase harward

    chase harward10 soat oldin

    Bring back ltat

  33. chase harward

    chase harward10 soat oldin

    Bring back ltat

  34. Green Eagle 2

    Green Eagle 210 soat oldin

    I see the guys have fallen in line with their new California friends’ ideologies.

  35. Madmouse 101

    Madmouse 10110 soat oldin

    Rhett and Myth: *talking bout fingers* Link: *eating his nuts*

  36. Yonael

    Yonael10 soat oldin

    BLEU cheese.

  37. The Merciless

    The Merciless10 soat oldin

    Did anyone feel pain when Rhett started cutting the testi in half? Comment if you did.

  38. chase harward

    chase harward10 soat oldin

    Bring back ltat

  39. chase harward

    chase harward10 soat oldin

    Bring back ltat

  40. h7opolo

    h7opolo10 soat oldin

    When Rhett says "specific" in this vid, he means "distinct".

  41. Jay Bee

    Jay Bee10 soat oldin

    “You are a subpar human” -Link Neal 2020 To Rhett Mglaughlin

  42. Ray Ceeya

    Ray Ceeya10 soat oldin

    Sardine oil coca cola would make an interesting salad dressing. Maybe with a bit of lemon juice to tart it up a bit.

  43. Beth Hardicre

    Beth Hardicre10 soat oldin

    I am obsessed with Rhett's hair!!!

  44. Myka Selby

    Myka Selby10 soat oldin

    You guys cheated

  45. troopy

    troopy10 soat oldin

    I'd love to make your little plumbing contraptions for your episodes. As a full time plumber it puts a tear in my eye to see those hose clamps dripping

  46. Margot Pitero

    Margot Pitero10 soat oldin

    I'm so bothered by the way Link ate the hotdog HAHAHA

  47. CIA

    CIA10 soat oldin

    The old intro tho

  48. Sister Catrina

    Sister Catrina10 soat oldin

    6:30 when the French teacher does a verbal quiz that you didn't study for

  49. David Leathers

    David Leathers10 soat oldin

    Rhett’s ladies won’t be able to contain themselves if we get Rhett showering 😆

  50. seioini

    seioini10 soat oldin

    Rhetts hair looks great

  51. CandiB Sweet

    CandiB Sweet10 soat oldin

    Chase and his sadistic lil grin LOL

  52. Nathan Archuleta

    Nathan Archuleta10 soat oldin

    An actual Sponsor

  53. Just'n Briseno

    Just'n Briseno10 soat oldin

    Did anyone else think of the "cork soaker" skit in SNL while watching this?

  54. Grandpas Magic

    Grandpas Magic10 soat oldin

    Link feeding Rhett bleu cheese: "You are a subpar human." Also Link: likes eating cat food

  55. Ray Ceeya

    Ray Ceeya10 soat oldin

    Whole blossoms are going to taste bitter. To get the "rose flavor" you need to use rose hips. That's what perfumers use to make perfume.

  56. Marlon Marins

    Marlon Marins10 soat oldin

    8:44 no, it's *bleu* cheese

  57. Cyruz 1145

    Cyruz 114510 soat oldin

    Hold up

  58. Koishi

    Koishi10 soat oldin

    Someone get this man a bike

  59. Quinten

    Quinten10 soat oldin

    When I saw Rhett eating those roses I immediately thought how some of his dates must have been. She gives him a rise, het puts it between his teeth, and then starts eating the rose.

  60. Alexander Nilsson

    Alexander Nilsson10 soat oldin

    With that hoodie, that backround and that hair, Rhett totally looks like Leia in episode 6..

  61. Ckxlv31147

    Ckxlv3114710 soat oldin

    It's *Mac-le-more*

  62. BloodTroller

    BloodTroller10 soat oldin

    Hwat s dis

  63. bondfanU.K.1989 69

    bondfanU.K.1989 6910 soat oldin


  64. Adrian D

    Adrian D10 soat oldin

    When link knows what it is, he proceeds to explain and hit it until rhett's got it. Dont think he understand the jist of the game

  65. Adrian D

    Adrian D10 soat oldin

    When link knows what it is, he proceeds to explain and hit it until rhett's got it. Dont think he understand the jist of the game

  66. Adrian D

    Adrian D10 soat oldin

    When link knows what it is, he proceeds to explain and hit it until rhett's got it. Dont think he understand the jist of the game

  67. Robert Jones

    Robert Jones10 soat oldin

    Lamb's heart is nice wha he on about

  68. bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojo10 soat oldin

    Fun fact, James Bond had his martinis shaken with ice, because the friction made the ice melt and dilute the drink.

  69. spozbucket

    spozbucket10 soat oldin

    Link always neutralises awkward things rhett says when they're in the studio but when they're in real life scenarios he's the king of amping up the weird.

  70. Xero

    Xero10 soat oldin

    Rhetts reaction to sardines is priceless

  71. Ola heimdal

    Ola heimdal10 soat oldin

    6:30 Aaaaaaaand it’s gone....

  72. Imma Perzon

    Imma Perzon10 soat oldin


  73. Quinten

    Quinten10 soat oldin

    Maybe you can so make an episode called: will it Coca Cola? Where you try to develope new coca cola flavours.

  74. Raziaar

    Raziaar10 soat oldin

    Tilapia, one of THE most mild fish, and you're saying it's rough? Come on you prudes.

  75. LaurenTiare

    LaurenTiare10 soat oldin

    Good Mitchical Morning everyone 😂

  76. Arlenthasala

    Arlenthasala10 soat oldin

    The look on Chase's face as he pours the last bottle, priceless.

  77. Mashed Inc.

    Mashed Inc.10 soat oldin

    xD i dare you to pause it at 6:31 and look at thier facial expressions

  78. Sarah Shae

    Sarah Shae10 soat oldin

    Omg Trent 😭😂 I hope you’re okay man

  79. adankseason ADS

    adankseason ADS10 soat oldin

    4:30 Dude.. Cross your legs like that!? How? Ouch..

  80. Julie Matthews

    Julie Matthews10 soat oldin

    Hickey hahahaha!

  81. iiiyo1

    iiiyo110 soat oldin

    Anyone else think that Link should of won the Rose round for saying leaves?

  82. Sky nice-try

    Sky nice-try10 soat oldin

    Rhett forgot the Autot-t-t-tune

  83. Vincenzo Urso

    Vincenzo Urso10 soat oldin

    Bleu Cheese

  84. Robert Biasutti

    Robert Biasutti10 soat oldin

    This video was published on 22nd January. My birthday!

  85. GraveRage

    GraveRage10 soat oldin

    "Good Mythical Morning is filmed in front of a live studio audience"

  86. Crystal Roark

    Crystal Roark10 soat oldin

    The chaos that Link brings to to this episode is great 😂😂

  87. James Mayday

    James Mayday10 soat oldin

    Are we not going to talk avoit how link took a bite of the hotdog from the side. What a MADMAN!!!

  88. Elizabeth B

    Elizabeth B10 soat oldin

    I really like that for season 17 they are finally uploading the GMM episode slightly earlier then the GMMORE.

  89. Kayleigh Santee

    Kayleigh Santee10 soat oldin

    Need to know how Trent is doing!!!!!

  90. BigRiggJiggin

    BigRiggJiggin10 soat oldin

    These guys are awesome... I'd like to do some of this stuff on my live streams sometimes

  91. RetroRifler

    RetroRifler10 soat oldin

    I’m very upset myth doesn’t know what contra is lol

  92. DaBomb8493

    DaBomb849310 soat oldin

    Rhett liking almost every food makes him the subpar human? It’s not the picky one? Guess which one would be more likely to survive in the apocalypse or if half the world’s food/recipes disappeared magically. The superior human.

  93. xKiLLzZx1

    xKiLLzZx110 soat oldin

    6:35 Yes Link, you have, you have to be logged in Link.

  94. Lawrence Young

    Lawrence Young10 soat oldin

    Liver was there for the taking!

  95. callumz 2012

    callumz 201210 soat oldin


  96. Cristian Randeau

    Cristian Randeau10 soat oldin


  97. Rose Netherton

    Rose Netherton10 soat oldin

    OMG at the beginning of the episode it occurred to me that you could have put play-doh in it when you said, 'non-food items', since it's an edible thing that's not food... and I was right! Surprised I actually predicted something on this show!

  98. Preetish Banerjee

    Preetish Banerjee10 soat oldin

    10:01 is all about link going Obama

  99. Kaylee Williams

    Kaylee Williams10 soat oldin

    My boyfriend is unable to stop shouting "what's in the box?!" at weird times throughout the day

  100. Richard Ingersoll

    Richard Ingersoll10 soat oldin

    Idk if i can trust a guy that doesnt finish a chicken wing clean