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  1. Adria Dobson

    Adria Dobson52 sekund oldin

    If lady Gaga had a baby with an Alien. Weird yet beautiful.👌💕🤗

  2. Kenzy Ward

    Kenzy Ward2 daqiqa oldin

    This is like a bob ross video

  3. laura chassagnette

    laura chassagnette8 daqiqa oldin

    Victoria Pedretti I love you 😍😍😍😍

  4. selena vallejo

    selena vallejo31 daqiqa oldin

    Can they do mine I would love to have more volume like that I just don't know how they did the twisting so easily (first girls hair)

  5. Jessica Locorini

    Jessica Locorini40 daqiqa oldin

    I did

  6. Rose Vlogs

    Rose Vlogs48 daqiqa oldin

    Sexy voice 🍷

  7. Dani Halling

    Dani HallingSoat oldin

    She’s always had such a great tone to her voice 💖

  8. Sydney Parisien

    Sydney ParisienSoat oldin

    and the winner of season 18 of rupaul's drag race is...

  9. Faith Morakinyo

    Faith Morakinyo2 soat oldin

    🎶She is the one named Sailor Moon.🎵

  10. Siyamamkela Nompula-Msomi

    Siyamamkela Nompula-Msomi2 soat oldin

    She is so good. I have been following her on Facebook and she never disappoints

  11. M Bozkurt

    M Bozkurt2 soat oldin

    Çirkinleştirdin kendini olmadı

  12. Michelle Tan

    Michelle Tan3 soat oldin

    Are braiding extremely painful.?? All hairstyles are sooooo beautiful, I would love to try

  13. Travel2paris Glam

    Travel2paris Glam3 soat oldin

    Do you use jam?

  14. Jhey Delima

    Jhey Delima4 soat oldin

    She is beautiful 😍😍😍

  15. Mrs Baggins

    Mrs Baggins4 soat oldin

    I love it apart for the edges 😅😅😅

  16. Suki

    Suki4 soat oldin

    let me innn i be the i g g y

  17. Joshua Brown

    Joshua Brown4 soat oldin

    Can we get more video with the merrell twins

  18. Rose Darrow

    Rose Darrow4 soat oldin

    Is that gel or edge control you're using?

  19. Cameron Drabble

    Cameron Drabble5 soat oldin

    Call mr Cameron Drabble please 📞

  20. molly Nachname

    molly Nachname5 soat oldin

    The sizes in the USA are so diffrent comparent to the ones in Europa.

  21. Amanda Cerny

    Amanda Cerny5 soat oldin

    99% comments: She looks as sounds like a combination of Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus. 1%: Something actually related to the video

  22. jo andy

    jo andy5 soat oldin

    She didn't taste anything, I'm disappointed. Kidding.

  23. NANCY Madja

    NANCY Madja6 soat oldin

    I Love her hair

  24. Tam Allen

    Tam Allen6 soat oldin

    This was so fun to watch

  25. Jen Ortiz

    Jen Ortiz6 soat oldin

    one time i saw rachel torgerson wearing red leggings and a white t-shirt, so i bought red leggings and a white t-shirt

  26. Mia Lardiere

    Mia Lardiere6 soat oldin


  27. 5000 subs before Christmas

    5000 subs before Christmas6 soat oldin

    Who has been here with Cosmopolitan before 2019?? Show yourself in comment section 😉♥️

  28. Carlos Toney

    Carlos Toney6 soat oldin

    Voss is disgusting.

  29. Theresa Rhodes

    Theresa Rhodes6 soat oldin

    Gorgeous baby shug rolls

  30. Michaela Hooks

    Michaela Hooks7 soat oldin

    Like your some sorta gift

  31. Fi fi

    Fi fi7 soat oldin

    I love how it turn ,nice


    ANNIE DREA7 soat oldin

    I have a feeling Natalie was sitting to the left.

  33. zun oshiruko

    zun oshiruko8 soat oldin

    すごく綺麗…💕 メイク直しの方法も知りたいな

  34. animal world

    animal world8 soat oldin

    This video made me feel more insecure

  35. someone

    someone9 soat oldin

    His parents wasted time on him. I bet!!!!

  36. Mickey Rivas

    Mickey Rivas9 soat oldin

    What a boring disease

  37. Nanova BeautyTutorials DIY

    Nanova BeautyTutorials DIY10 soat oldin


  38. Nanova BeautyTutorials DIY

    Nanova BeautyTutorials DIY10 soat oldin


  39. Vandana Katwal

    Vandana Katwal10 soat oldin

    Braiding hair like this looks so painful....coz it must be very tight. May only who has it can let me know

  40. Melissa Chetty

    Melissa Chetty10 soat oldin

    Love this

  41. live love laugh

    live love laugh10 soat oldin

    They are still beautiful either way.

  42. K. Ad

    K. Ad10 soat oldin

    The level of the girl's beauty as the video goes on ----> v

  43. Irin Sultana

    Irin Sultana11 soat oldin

    Just say wow 😍

  44. 雨と銃声

    雨と銃声11 soat oldin


  45. tahmina akter

    tahmina akter11 soat oldin

    Black girls are really beatiful and sweet. Masha Allah...

  46. Nilson Steves

    Nilson Steves11 soat oldin

    Nossa que delícia BJ gostosa

  47. Mary White

    Mary White11 soat oldin

    Her parts aren't straight ,the first girl

  48. Harry Baskets

    Harry Baskets12 soat oldin

    Those are some smart kids.

  49. bharat mistry

    bharat mistry12 soat oldin

    They all are looking so beautiful 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  50. Amanda Cerny

    Amanda Cerny13 soat oldin

    As the video progresses, Liza turns more into a witch. Lmfao

  51. Clairon x

    Clairon x13 soat oldin


  52. vanessa k

    vanessa k13 soat oldin

    2:05 i thought that was a wall the whole time

  53. Gg232455

    Gg23245513 soat oldin

    This is amazing 🌟💫

  54. Trisha Shah

    Trisha Shah14 soat oldin

    You picked beautiful younger women with flawless skin, without acne or spots, or dark circles or wrinkles. What point are you trying to make?

  55. Xyn Williams

    Xyn Williams14 soat oldin

    Damn, they are beautiful as hell..

  56. Michael Daniels

    Michael Daniels15 soat oldin

    Shes soo cuteeee

  57. A R

    A R15 soat oldin

    Cosmo boo to you for not naming the stylist and model. Fantastic braiding and of course the beautiful model.

  58. Chem Rudy

    Chem Rudy15 soat oldin

    The first women is so beautiful without a make up. I love natural beauty . Every one can be better after makeup .

  59. A R

    A R15 soat oldin

    I'm a 59 year old white man and I still tear up when I remember my high-school girlfriend cornrowing me! I remember how much my scalp burned. I kept touching it to see if there was blood on my fingers! All she would do is smack my hand and tell me to hold still while she was cursing my white hair for being so slippery! Those women didn't even wince once, and I was crying. I bet they could hang from their hair and it wouldn't hurt. Gorgeous women all three.

  60. ek_do_teen

    ek_do_teen16 soat oldin

    She looks like jhanvi Kapoor

  61. Nidya Crockett

    Nidya Crockett16 soat oldin

    I was about to comment the same thing everyone is saying about the pretty girls... but I think that was the point. Realizing that we need to recognize our own beauty. Stop hating on the girls and paying attention to THEM and pay attention to YOU. You are beautiful. Like they said, makeup helps in different ways but it does not define your beauty. Acne, eczema, or not. Accept you have true beauty. ❤

  62. Mariah

    Mariah16 soat oldin

    This video literally isn’t what I thought it was going to be lmao.

  63. XxWolfxX

    XxWolfxX16 soat oldin

    I thought this was Selena Gomez

  64. しっぽ

    しっぽ16 soat oldin

    メイクする前から既に美人。 メイクしたら、超絶美人😲


    EL DEMONIO16 soat oldin

    La primera es simplemente divina. 😍

  66. Hamza Homs

    Hamza Homs17 soat oldin

    الله لايسام حكن

  67. Laura Casey

    Laura Casey17 soat oldin


  68. Caelyn Hudson

    Caelyn Hudson18 soat oldin

    “ it has lasted me weeks of pleasure “ ME.

  69. Max Leong

    Max Leong18 soat oldin

    24.95 to tell that i am oo-gar-lay?! - Liza when she tried vampire fangs, i thought her dentures are falling out when it pop out! 🤣

  70. Liyana Rizal

    Liyana Rizal18 soat oldin

    i love her, and she has body goals!

  71. Arthur Saulo

    Arthur Saulo18 soat oldin

    Só eu que não sei oq esse povo diz??

  72. Camilla Scanlon

    Camilla Scanlon18 soat oldin

    I went to New York for a class trip last year. I got catcalled there for the first time, 14 years old. I got really flustered, since that doesn't happen in my home town, and he kept talking and coming closer and I was starting to cry, then one of my friends noticed that I wasn't with the group and he came charging over yelling "GET THE HEL AWAY FROM HER" and almost chucked the guy out the window before the museum security came

  73. Akim Gul

    Akim Gul18 soat oldin

    Er sieht viel weiblicher als ich, total schoene Frau auch ohne make up

  74. NoOne Special

    NoOne Special18 soat oldin

    Now to find someone who could actually braid my hair like this. 😩

  75. Leandy Pineda

    Leandy Pineda18 soat oldin

    Hunter is so beautiful omg <3

  76. mercy mallari

    mercy mallari18 soat oldin

    Knowing that you wear only your natural looks is one of the best feeling that you dont have to put anything on your face except your moisturizer nd the sunscreen that mkes you confident already 😊❤

  77. justfocus outsidethebox

    justfocus outsidethebox18 soat oldin

    that first girls hair was amazing

  78. Gaming Lama

    Gaming Lama18 soat oldin

    What a great father and daughter!

  79. O K

    O K19 soat oldin

    More like mixed hair.

  80. Angie Nolasco

    Angie Nolasco19 soat oldin

    omg He's the best!

  81. Bieassia Law

    Bieassia Law19 soat oldin

    If I had long hair like the first model I think I’d keep it braided. I mean who wants to deal with all that! Let someone else deal with it...

  82. Bieassia Law

    Bieassia Law19 soat oldin

    There’s just something about a Good braid technique 🖤

  83. Giovani Tutoriais

    Giovani Tutoriais19 soat oldin

    Cadê Os BR Daki Que Também Acharam Ele Bem Parecido Com O Whindersson Nunes 😱😂❤️🖤👏🏻

  84. Sara Badgley

    Sara Badgley19 soat oldin

    This one cheaper

  85. tanvi jha

    tanvi jha19 soat oldin

    i would rather watch asian makeup transformation.

  86. dash1dash2

    dash1dash220 soat oldin

    these guys are a fucking mess, yikes.

  87. Judy Childs

    Judy Childs20 soat oldin

    Not yet, send it via email q

  88. Judy Childs

    Judy Childs20 soat oldin

    Just one more reason, that I love black people!!! 💕😘💕

  89. M Harish

    M Harish20 soat oldin

    The third girl is an angel without makeup

  90. Lexi Santos

    Lexi Santos21 soat oldin

    This is the most iconic shoe besides friends

  91. Bernadette Okoli

    Bernadette Okoli21 soat oldin

    And her name is Sailor Bantu Moon!

  92. The Light Of The Body Is Pineal

    The Light Of The Body Is Pineal21 soat oldin

    Beautiful....The Model s and the Braids.

  93. Ava

    Ava22 soat oldin

    “ *Well damn Jackie* ‘’

  94. bett :D

    bett :D22 soat oldin

    wait she dyed her hair

  95. apotato girl

    apotato girl23 soat oldin

    Im not black but i want to try doing that. Will it work on straight hair too?

  96. Grace Richardson

    Grace Richardson23 soat oldin

    Omg black women are gorgeous!!! Oh my😁😁❤️!

  97. Melissa Mika

    Melissa Mika23 soat oldin

    Beautiful before and after!! Go girls!!:))

  98. Sneaky Rabbit

    Sneaky Rabbit23 soat oldin

    Aw, she's losing her Aussie accent!

  99. Zack Duffy

    Zack Duffy23 soat oldin

    I’d still smash

  100. lacey Teslyk

    lacey Teslyk23 soat oldin

    “lipstick? oh honey” *puts on lipstick everywhere*