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How Kids Be In Anime


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  1. Creak W#

    Creak W#Kun oldin

    What i want to know how you all see him yelling and still can hold ur laughs😂

  2. Kenny Albert

    Kenny AlbertKun oldin

    Hood Anime at its finest.

  3. Joshua ANT

    Joshua ANTKun oldin

    Shout out iberleezy

  4. LegendofB

    LegendofBKun oldin

    Kid = "i can still fight" Master= so you have chosen death

  5. Kingster ville

    Kingster villeKun oldin

    Hahahahaha 😂😂😂. Lil Wayne documentary.

  6. Kavar white

    Kavar whiteKun oldin

    Any one rewatching cause they stuck at home

  7. tez Dun

    tez DunKun oldin

    You NOT LeBron, Kobe, or harden....YOU JUST A REGULAR NXGGA FROM DOWN THE STREET!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😅😅😅😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. gaming inc

    gaming incKun oldin

    So I hear that your name is moon knight...

  9. Gian Rodriguez

    Gian RodriguezKun oldin

    Then the villain becomes a side character in the next season

  10. TheGuyWithTheGun 37

    TheGuyWithTheGun 37Kun oldin

    I started watching cowboy bebop now is it weird

  11. Janitor

    JanitorKun oldin

    Black Black Widow

  12. sarrajable

    sarrajableKun oldin

    exactly like Gon 😂😂

  13. Superior McCowin

    Superior McCowinKun oldin

    Is this how Sakura feels?

  14. Dreamchasing Day

    Dreamchasing DayKun oldin


  15. ninja 0756

    ninja 0756Kun oldin

    U say u roast him but them cusses are dead af

  16. Eternal_Ace

    Eternal_AceKun oldin

    You need to bring in special guest to this show that would be epic

  17. Danelvis Ramirez

    Danelvis RamirezKun oldin

    John make niggas want to fight him, no hate on him tho he chillen

  18. mrman3523

    mrman3523Kun oldin

    Niggas LOVE to hate on cole

  19. Sucy Manbavaran

    Sucy ManbavaranKun oldin


  20. :V

    :VKun oldin

    why didn't he put in piccolo for character development

  21. David Gibson

    David GibsonKun oldin

    Why a Rockets 🚀 shirt 😂

  22. :V

    :VKun oldin

    i remember arguing with my friends about it and we could never come to a decision

  23. yaser khalid

    yaser khalidKun oldin

    This is not 2k

  24. Kazuto Plays

    Kazuto PlaysKun oldin

    I recognize that SAO music

  25. Rei

    ReiKun oldin

    4:31 "YO WISH ME BACK WITH THE DRAGON BALLS" That got me dead

  26. Richard_is_cool

    Richard_is_coolKun oldin

    This video is sponsored by child protection services

  27. Rei

    ReiKun oldin


  28. unknown matter

    unknown matterKun oldin

    How nobody talking bout Hunter x Hunter

  29. Jacob Gotay

    Jacob GotayKun oldin

    Who’s that nigga in the red Nike slides

  30. Bwi 95

    Bwi 95Kun oldin

    Plot twist: He knew about them already and he manipulated the actions of the ant before its death after writing its name in his death note

  31. BleedWolf

    BleedWolfKun oldin

    Gohan vs Nappa


    CAVEDWELLERKun oldin


  33. Zac Bradshaw

    Zac BradshawKun oldin

    I thought it moonnight was kkk

  34. Survival

    SurvivalKun oldin

    The TV changing LOL

  35. MTJ281

    MTJ281Kun oldin

    Ya'll haven't had a legit video in 3 months.

  36. Survival

    SurvivalKun oldin

    When BTS came on XDDDDDDDDDD

  37. Lwandle Lee

    Lwandle LeeKun oldin

    That stare at the phone is accurate as hell

  38. M3rCs__ Chris

    M3rCs__ ChrisKun oldin

    But I made a new one

  39. M3rCs__ Chris

    M3rCs__ ChrisKun oldin

    They had took away my account

  40. Unknown Unknown

    Unknown UnknownKun oldin

    The uzgo.info/video/mqGJ2YCfio9nlJw.html prophecy, and what is to come.

  41. MustBeMusa

    MustBeMusaKun oldin

    How you don’t know how to fix cars and you work at chick fil a?! 😭😭😭

  42. NanohaXFate Takamachi/Testarossa/NanoFate

    NanohaXFate Takamachi/Testarossa/NanoFateKun oldin

    when drake and Josh played. man it was a easy win. god I miss that show.

  43. Taha 1109

    Taha 1109Kun oldin

    Me: mom can we get avatar the last Airbender ? Mom: no we have avatar the last Airbender at home avatar the last Airbender at home:

  44. Tyler Tonokawa

    Tyler TonokawaKun oldin

    8:15 got me dead

  45. Rocket league Champions

    Rocket league ChampionsKun oldin

    Tbh I really liked the 15th anniversary opening of one piece the most


    WILFRED_SONKun oldin

    Lmao flash back too when vegtea went to hard on trunk during training as a kid got to go to the park though haha😂



    Still watching this in 2020 got me ctfu during this quarantine...simpler times yo

  48. R4KGC

    R4KGCKun oldin

    0:31 could've been more realistic in soccer the keeper must always be on his toes so when your moving to the near post you can cover some of the goal, and the save you use to hands and u could've caught that , and after the save you must run to get the ball if its still near you

  49. Adrian Michale

    Adrian MichaleKun oldin

    Who else knew what the background instrumental was

  50. Icy _Icy

    Icy _IcyKun oldin

    My Nigga Academia

  51. yannikaly TV

    yannikaly TVKun oldin

    I really like your channel everything is amazing please can you tell where have you learn all this effect I wanna do like you please

  52. Icy _Icy

    Icy _IcyKun oldin

    *Its Over 9000*

  53. Kendrick Arnold

    Kendrick ArnoldKun oldin


  54. T Mitch

    T MitchKun oldin

    This is the first part of Naruto and HxH in a nutshell

  55. G MIX

    G MIXKun oldin

    They need to do more of this customer service type skits lol Funny as hell dawg!

  56. :V

    :VKun oldin


  57. Kendra Harris

    Kendra HarrisKun oldin

    You know what...😂

  58. Arun Kumar

    Arun KumarKun oldin

    How to kill a horror movie before it begins🤣🤣, they be some smart people man, but i don't about that Friday the 13th , I mean for Scream it would work but Jason is kind of a big buff dude who resurrects right?

  59. Elijah Santiago

    Elijah SantiagoKun oldin

    Nigga Desmond was really wearing a band aid where his stone was supposed to be

  60. Awesome MechYT

    Awesome MechYTKun oldin

    That 70’s Show Bumps.

  61. lil kdot 6 kdot

    lil kdot 6 kdotKun oldin

    Bros give us something Anime house,Anime court anything😭😭

  62. Vien Lam

    Vien LamKun oldin

    Goku never killed frieza

  63. hydra god

    hydra godKun oldin

    mark is sadly an itachitard😭. he was quiet that whole madara vs itachi convo cuz he knew the sad reality

  64. Mixage G

    Mixage GKun oldin

    Nigga said uncle sams

  65. Derrick Dennis

    Derrick DennisKun oldin

    I think he made it to the nba

  66. Ukiel Ajongo

    Ukiel AjongoKun oldin

    That nigga John mannnnnn

  67. random guy

    random guyKun oldin

    0:56 Am I the only one who found it disgusting when he put that shoe on the couch? 😓

  68. Music MVP

    Music MVPKun oldin

    Anime house 3

  69. AstroStriker

    AstroStrikerKun oldin

    I had 2 bots left in a single player game in cod on VETERAN!! And they just sat there walking around eachother with guns aimed


    IAM DA KINGKun oldin

    Man sound like a race car

  71. jethro howl

    jethro howlKun oldin

    The way they remember episodes detail for detail really shows their passion for these shows

  72. chris rosario

    chris rosarioKun oldin

    Where episode 4 at

  73. ieatpotatosalad

    ieatpotatosaladKun oldin

    Jonathan made me mad this video 🤣🤣🤣

  74. Jon

    JonKun oldin

    car broke down: call road side service/friends for help or wander around till you find a creepy unlit house??

  75. ieatpotatosalad

    ieatpotatosaladKun oldin

    Naruto is stronger than Sasuke.... after the war and his fight with Sasuke he got the other half of the 9 tails that minato had so it doubled his power that he beat Sasuke with 🤷🏽‍♂️

  76. Dmoneyy TG

    Dmoneyy TGKun oldin

    I’m watching a lil Wayne Documentary from 08 😂

  77. Boruto Channel

    Boruto ChannelKun oldin

    Attack on titans or my hero academy what do you like more

  78. I fucked Your mom

    I fucked Your momKun oldin

    Lmao y’all creative

  79. Malakai Connors

    Malakai ConnorsKun oldin

    lol smart guy can’t believe that was my favorite show as a kid🤣

  80. Hasnain Naveed

    Hasnain NaveedKun oldin

    What about dunking tho

  81. SnagOvaYew-

    SnagOvaYew-Kun oldin

    Rouruni kenshin

  82. Changefulpig 226

    Changefulpig 226Kun oldin

    0:52 is hilarious 😂

  83. Iv4nEscrit0r

    Iv4nEscrit0rKun oldin

    2 months in quarantine be like

  84. Kevontai Randle

    Kevontai RandleKun oldin

    That one girl from promise never land I forgot her name but she helped the kids get the mom killed

  85. MightyXHomes

    MightyXHomesKun oldin

    They be downtalking kakashi A LOT

  86. Higanbana彼岸花

    Higanbana彼岸花Kun oldin

    I know who Moon Knight is. I played Ultimate Alliance 1 once lol

  87. EMTEE

    EMTEEKun oldin

    0:18 Would've lost it if he went off at the other cameramen for not recording him telling the other guy off 😂😂😂

  88. Trunks Briefs

    Trunks BriefsKun oldin

    Had to come to the past to watch this

  89. Torrance Banks

    Torrance BanksKun oldin

    Remember too Nick had the game shows in the 90s as well

  90. Elliot Mishchuk

    Elliot MishchukKun oldin

    Since nobody else is saying it vision is dead my guy

  91. Joy JohnsonI3lu

    Joy JohnsonI3luKun oldin


  92. Ayanna Lanae

    Ayanna LanaeKun oldin

    Wrong Turn poilce officers 😁

  93. Paul Griffin

    Paul GriffinKun oldin

    Since my hero season 4 is almost over deku should get to talk his shit to Vegeta now in the anime house lol

  94. Fume

    FumeKun oldin

    Goku vs Gohan

  95. john bush

    john bushKun oldin

    What was dylans quirk though must’ve been called that nigga meaning he can roll with any clique without being black or getting the negative results of rolling with any crew

  96. john bush

    john bushKun oldin

    Is the kid one of the rdc cousins

  97. yaboi Sparkey

    yaboi SparkeyKun oldin

    I was just finna ask where’s “Everybody Hates Chris” then it showed up

  98. R.N.C DXD

    R.N.C DXDKun oldin

    If you can't be the main character be the secondary main character like a rival/antagonist/best friend its working for sasuke & bakugou

  99. thepicgamer

    thepicgamerKun oldin

    “It’s simple” *starts explaining how to out pizza the hut*