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Mac Miller - I Can See
Mac Miller - Surf
Mac Miller - Circles
Mac Miller - Everybody
Mac Miller - Woods
Mac Miller - Hands
Mac Miller - Good News
Mac Miller - Stay
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making faces (07)
making faces (05)
making faces (06)
making faces (04)
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Mac Miller - Avian
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6 yil oldin

  1. Corn Andrew

    Corn Andrew14 soat oldin

    Hope Mac is having the best life ever in the after the life

  2. Todd Hietanen

    Todd Hietanen14 soat oldin

    This reminds me of a lost song by Paul McCartney or something

  3. Rudy Gonzalez

    Rudy Gonzalez14 soat oldin

    Every album kept getting better.. Gets me in the feels R.I.P Mac Miller

  4. Justin _that_one_dude

    Justin _that_one_dude14 soat oldin

    what sucks is I'm in this dudes same shoes. no one to talk to. only blessing I truly have is waking up to also bring able to have 5.5 grams of top shelf for $20. These days I can't eveb afford this. God has blessed me with very very cheap loud funky for $20. $kane561 is a good way to help.

  5. Piero Laganà

    Piero Laganà14 soat oldin

    Love the mellow vibe eh was in! Such a loss

  6. Mmmommy MM

    Mmmommy MM14 soat oldin

    ♥️ from oregon

  7. MF D00M

    MF D00M14 soat oldin

    I’m so happy this album was released, and it truly is perfect, which is why it kills knowing these songs will never be toured. Rest easy, Mac.

  8. sweetmacine22 sm22

    sweetmacine22 sm2214 soat oldin

    When I saw that they were putting out his last album it’s like there letting us having one last chance to hear his voice rip mac I miss you happy 28th birthday mac

  9. Monica Parker and I can you know what to do this

    Monica Parker and I can you know what to do this14 soat oldin

    My special needs daughter who you can’t really understand sings this with light through her heart and mine clear as day. Thank you Mac Miller ;(

  10. Sou. Dia.

    Sou. Dia.14 soat oldin

    Hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey Hey, hey Where are you going? Can I come too? The whole world is open, a playground for me and you And we could be fine, shit, who the hell knows? It's your eyes and your ears and your mouth and your nose Head and your shoulders, your knees and your toes I dream of this moment, will it come true? The whole world, they know it, they just waiting for me and you And she, just like I, got her head in the clouds Don't need to be lower, before it's all over I promise we'll figure it out I ain't coming down, why would I need to? So much of this world is above us, baby They might tell you that I went crazy I'm just tryna read you Ooh I know we try and the days they go by Until we get old, there's water in the flowers, let's grow People they lie, but hey, so do I Until it gets old, there's water in the flowers, let's grow Let it go, let it be We're all we need today Let it go, let it be Yeah, well sometimes I get lonely, not when I'm alone But it's more when I'm standing in crowds that I'm feeling the most on my own And I know that somebody knows me, I know somewhere there's home I'm starting to see that all I have to do is get up and go Going, going, gone before I'm gone I gotta get going, going, gone before I'm gone Hey, and I know we try, days, they go by Until we get old, there's water in the flowers, let's grow People they lie, but hey, so do I Until it gets old, there's water in the flowers, let's grow

  11. Sai Monsell

    Sai Monsell14 soat oldin

    FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! More loving and positive and human artists like Mac!!! This is life!!!!!

  12. Your Solar Girl

    Your Solar Girl14 soat oldin

    What a symphony of sounds?! This is Mac Miller. I can totally hear his idea of a sister album to Swimming. I'm swimming in this right now. Ahhhhh!!

  13. Errl

    Errl14 soat oldin

    Music is my Bible ❤️

  14. Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor

    Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor14 soat oldin


  15. FACK OFF 710

    FACK OFF 71014 soat oldin

    Mac is still alive ❤️ 2020

  16. Misko 1023

    Misko 102314 soat oldin

    Everyone dies two deaths, one when their heart stops beating. And a final death when someone’s says their name for the last time... Mac lives on. 🤘

  17. Liam Sullivan

    Liam Sullivan14 soat oldin

    I wish you were here to see how much we love you

  18. FACK OFF 710

    FACK OFF 71014 soat oldin

    2020❤️ Mac is still alive

  19. Anime Edits

    Anime Edits14 soat oldin


  20. Gabriel Felipe Coronetti Chiarelli

    Gabriel Felipe Coronetti Chiarelli14 soat oldin

    mac miller you're a fucking GOD


    SAUCE GOD14 soat oldin

    Toy story vibes

  22. William Saavedra

    William Saavedra14 soat oldin

    Reall fan since kidzzz still here

  23. tori

    tori14 soat oldin

    this song is a blessing

  24. Cugal Maria

    Cugal Maria14 soat oldin

    This new album is one of the best. Sounds very close and relaxing 😍😍😍💗♥️🙏

  25. Destiny North-grgurich

    Destiny North-grgurich14 soat oldin

    This reminds me of my current love story. My boyfriend does drugs and it hurts me to see him in pain and put toxins into his body basically seeing him die slowly. But I cant let him go because I don't want him to die alone😪💏



    We love and miss you Mac❤

  27. B.I.G38 RussianCream

    B.I.G38 RussianCream14 soat oldin

    Aint gonna lie, I've cried every single time I saw something about Mac since this album came out. I'm crying because I've never seen something more beautiful than the trail Mac left behind himself. This impact he had on us and to always stay positive. Unfortunately, I never really listened to Mac when he was alive and its fuckin killing me because I've never felt something like this toward somebody I never knew. I feel like I've missed something......

  28. The Demize

    The Demize14 soat oldin

    fuck that cunt that stole his grammy, she didnt deserve it

  29. I.Q. Rapper

    I.Q. Rapper14 soat oldin

    Man was like a new gen blues singer. So much feeling in every track 💪

  30. KC Court

    KC Court14 soat oldin

    Redbury Hotel???

  31. josh bordallo

    josh bordallo14 soat oldin

    i can tell those songs were straight up for ariana but did not publish them cus he didnt want it out there, now someone did put it out, thanks u gold diggin person

  32. Bojo Crush

    Bojo Crush14 soat oldin

    Оох какой кайф)Главное с этим не переборщить)

  33. Destiny North-grgurich

    Destiny North-grgurich14 soat oldin

    💏rest in peace mac

  34. RX Management

    RX Management14 soat oldin

    check out some of the clothes these guys who make this music wear at its actually pretty cool. im starting to see it more often now there on instagram too @instagram i also saw a coupon code for 15%off its called BB15

  35. alec sola

    alec sola14 soat oldin

    fav song of the album. thanks mac, rest in paradise.

  36. Husler 1

    Husler 114 soat oldin

    Macn was macn till he couldn’t mac no mo.... RIP

  37. Monica Parker and I can you know what to do this

    Monica Parker and I can you know what to do this14 soat oldin

    Been on repeat since it came out Mac :(

  38. alec sola

    alec sola14 soat oldin

    Yeah, why don't you, wake up from your bad dreams When's the last time you took a little time for yourself There's no reason to be so down.

  39. Andrew Wor

    Andrew Wor14 soat oldin

    Going till I’m gone.... damn

  40. Donny Montana

    Donny Montana14 soat oldin

    Rest in peace. We love you dawg

  41. Viviane Bastos

    Viviane Bastos14 soat oldin

    Ah verdade eh que ele nunca morrerá, sempre vai está vivo em nossos corações... I Love You

  42. Rares Rusu Cordunean

    Rares Rusu Cordunean14 soat oldin

    This is the greatest song in existence!

  43. meme flx

    meme flx14 soat oldin

    Had to come back to this

  44. John Ramkishun

    John Ramkishun14 soat oldin

    Linden rally

  45. Dion Bleni

    Dion Bleni15 soat oldin

    An exceptional vibe that it brings to us, I still feel it Mac 🎶

  46. jennifer graham

    jennifer graham15 soat oldin

    idk why i feel like i know you .. it’s because we are all one . ilove you mac

  47. Klara Komlossy

    Klara Komlossy15 soat oldin

    how old was he in this video?

  48. Tiara Hoz

    Tiara Hoz15 soat oldin

    this is impeccable

  49. Kaeli

    Kaeli15 soat oldin

    This is pure gold

  50. Tim V

    Tim V15 soat oldin

    It's a straight up toy story vibe

  51. Green Leaf City Video Gaming

    Green Leaf City Video Gaming15 soat oldin

    *Such a talented angel! **#RIPMacMiller*

  52. jennifer graham

    jennifer graham15 soat oldin

    you are unreal .. that’s why you left ❤️ love you forever

  53. Shiloh Shahan

    Shiloh Shahan15 soat oldin

    To infinity and beyond.

  54. Graham Hunter

    Graham Hunter15 soat oldin

    I come here about 20 times a day. At least. So many different emotions when I listen to this. Being one who knows the struggles this young man had been going through makes my heart hurt for him and for anybody else who may be going through the same things. If any of you that are listening are having addiction/mental health issues, please reach out and know that you are NOT alone and you NEVER will be. Just please reach out. People care. Even if they don’t know you, they care. Much love and respect. ❤️✊🏽

  55. Justin315

    Justin31515 soat oldin


  56. MiskaMoloka

    MiskaMoloka15 soat oldin

    This man with a column in the background reminds me when my bf invited me for a walk in the company of friends i dont know

  57. Nicholas Shackleferd

    Nicholas Shackleferd15 soat oldin

    Why does the government keep poisoning drug users and nobody seems to give a shit they just blame the drugs because it's a sin to feel good.

  58. TheKenman2

    TheKenman215 soat oldin

    From macs music I feel that shit inside. I almost feel as if he’s one of my good friends just talking to me. I wish I could get the chance to thank him. He’s one of the main reasons I am still alive today.


    SCRWDUP SAUCEDADDY15 soat oldin


  60. Draven Sieczka

    Draven Sieczka15 soat oldin

    Imagine THIS being the last song you release after your death. I think that's so damn cool. Leaving behind a smart, impactful, beautiful song, that helps people get through stuff. It's leaving a legacy. I think that's the coolest thing ever. It's like Tupacs Changes. It's like a final goodbye to the world, that helps humanity get through things, just by your lyrics. That's the number 1 thing I want in life. To release a song, that still impacts people, even after i'm gone. We miss you, Mac. Thank you for all your music. Thank you for your help. Thank you for everything. We miss you everyday.

  61. mc fist

    mc fist15 soat oldin

    Watching the video showing his passion for this shit makes any person see we lost a legend on and off the court. #Justice4Mac

  62. LukeLikesBeats

    LukeLikesBeats15 soat oldin


  63. Roger Rodriguez

    Roger Rodriguez15 soat oldin

    Spent the whole day in my head , do a little spring cleaning , I'm always to busy dreaming . Well , maybe I should wake up instead . Allotta things I regret but I just say I forget . Why can't it just be easy , why does everybody need me to stay , ohhh I hate the feeling , when your high but underneath the ceiling, got the cards in my hand I hate dealing . Get everything I need till I'm gone but it ain't stealing, can I get a break , I wish I could just get out of my godamn way . .. This song really hits . From his last album to this one you can hear how much pain he's in . And if you can feel it you probably are too . So sad , my favorite song off this album .

  64. Andria Kay

    Andria Kay15 soat oldin

    Ugh mac is so hot

  65. cryptic

    cryptic15 soat oldin

    rip bro bro🙏☮♥️


    ANDREA COLIN15 soat oldin

    no cry no cry

  67. Vanessa Coggins

    Vanessa Coggins15 soat oldin

    missing you, & im here again. 🤍

  68. NQ MUSIC

    NQ MUSIC15 soat oldin


  69. Ddblind

    Ddblind15 soat oldin

    he was so pure, ive been listened to him since college, he's part of my childhood. will always miss him so much

  70. Chau

    Chau15 soat oldin

    Is the song at 5:56 a released one?


    KAST PROD15 soat oldin


  72. Acetyn Starr

    Acetyn Starr15 soat oldin

    2010 was my Goodyear

  73. Jazmine Martinez

    Jazmine Martinez15 soat oldin

    Goosebumps. For some reasom it seems like he's not physically here but spiritually he is. I feel him listening to his music. It's rare to find that nowadays. He will and always be missed. Damn Mac...... love u man

  74. preto rico

    preto rico15 soat oldin

    Play song Brazilian

  75. Mark Markin

    Mark Markin15 soat oldin

    "my body needs sleep, but the demons are too strong"

  76. Lil RayBans2

    Lil RayBans215 soat oldin

    Amazing!!!! RIP

  77. 손유정

    손유정15 soat oldin

    슬픈 사랑이였다 . 아리야 그치 ?

  78. Brian Concepcion-Molina

    Brian Concepcion-Molina15 soat oldin


  79. ALW

    ALW15 soat oldin

    Who released this nd where did these lyrics come from?

  80. Fernando Marquez

    Fernando Marquez15 soat oldin

    Hope you’re doing fine on the other side :)

  81. Non Ya

    Non Ya15 soat oldin

    You don’t understand what he’s referencing 😩

  82. My Squishyy

    My Squishyy15 soat oldin

    He said no more syrup in my bottle 😂

  83. Pauline Santucci

    Pauline Santucci15 soat oldin

    love u forever

  84. Luis Armando Díaz

    Luis Armando Díaz15 soat oldin

    Que asquerosa versión.

  85. Nicholas James

    Nicholas James15 soat oldin

    Who else would still be stuck in darkness without this man's light?! I'M CRYING ... LOVE YOU MAC

  86. ACE23

    ACE2315 soat oldin

    Wish it was longer

  87. Klipz damion

    Klipz damion15 soat oldin

    This song calms me down 💕

  88. M C

    M C15 soat oldin

    well, I put 4 marbles, in my mouth.. along with a couple of them fun size snicker bars-and this is how I talk... i know I can't really sing, I can't really sing.. trust me, this is me trying... Drawing Circles smh lol Mingia, people today will make anyone famous. I know, the kid died. Im not making fun..Just saying..

  89. Weegee-Nator

    Weegee-Nator15 soat oldin


  90. Justin Bates

    Justin Bates15 soat oldin

    He was so pure. No artist will ever have the same impact that he put on my life. I love you Mac ❤️

  91. Solo *

    Solo *15 soat oldin

    MostDope4L ✓Legends never Die

  92. Sandra 973

    Sandra 97316 soat oldin

    My favorite song 😍😍♥️♥️💕💕 rip Mc miller

  93. _JustConcentrate _

    _JustConcentrate _16 soat oldin

    Live free MAC, love ya bud..


    THATASIAN GUY16 soat oldin

    Check on your happy friends. They are the reason why you still have them as friends. Look at Mac. Mac loved his music. But people failed to listen. RIP Mac. Energy never dies.

  95. GFly 9

    GFly 916 soat oldin

    I'm trap music gawd


    ASYDMONKEY INSTEAD16 soat oldin

    It almost has this EttaJames vibe to it .. its that flow and tone

  97. Pending Poltergeist

    Pending Poltergeist16 soat oldin

    What an extravagant creature

  98. Moe Sanchez

    Moe Sanchez16 soat oldin

    It's crazy how I always get lost in Macs voice && music ... when I think about it he was only 26yrs old .. ~ An old Soul that finally went home 😭😭😭💖💖

  99. Chris Ponciano

    Chris Ponciano16 soat oldin

    Please make the last beat a song i swear mac had those beats that captivate you...

  100. Victor Cardoso

    Victor Cardoso16 soat oldin

    Shit hits different at the drop