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Recently recognized as the most played video game in the world-100 million play every month-League of Legends® is a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA).
Players choose a role from an expanding cast of powerful champions and join forces in strategic, fast-paced gameplay to take control of the enemy’s end of the battlefield.
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  1. Hit Girl

    Hit Girl6 soat oldin

    Adorei parte do yasuo! Qual é o nome do cantor? rs

  2. rodrigo Slv

    rodrigo Slv6 soat oldin

    Riot you is A M A Z I N G.

  3. shadowX_

    shadowX_6 soat oldin

    Gosto das animações só nao curto o tipo desse jogo e meu PC roda ok;-;

  4. the guy

    the guy6 soat oldin

    you can tell they really just wanted to sexualize their characters

  5. Fajri Hidayat

    Fajri Hidayat6 soat oldin


  6. h3lix86

    h3lix866 soat oldin

    with Soyeon (Akali) on stage, everyone else is basically invisible

  7. LordVeral

    LordVeral6 soat oldin

    why am i getting this in my recommended feed like 6 years later?

  8. isi lara

    isi lara6 soat oldin

    sombody now the copy of this?? the name is:im on fire xd

  9. AR VG

    AR VG6 soat oldin


  10. 풀개미

    풀개미7 soat oldin

    진짜 볼때마다 왠지 모르게 울컥함ㅋㅋ

  11. James Charles Fan 69

    James Charles Fan 697 soat oldin

    Yasuo T-POSE is next level just saying.

  12. Reminiscence

    Reminiscence7 soat oldin

    Okay, riot should make an anime thats REALLY REALLY high quality, maybe like opm season 1. They don't have to make the animation super high quality, definitely not as good as this, but something like the Annie cinematic. You don't need insanely high budgets to make a good anime, dragon ball super for example. If they do end up making an anime, it should have good dialogues, storyline/plot, excellent music, sub par/good animation, good VFX etc. Again, like opm season 1, that was a master piece.

  13. Foxx Player

    Foxx Player7 soat oldin

    Is Arcane now Tales of Runeterra?

  14. Trainer_Red

    Trainer_Red7 soat oldin

    Kinda butchered that track.

  15. Mia Buenacosa

    Mia Buenacosa7 soat oldin

    We need a full length series

  16. Isis Nizer

    Isis Nizer7 soat oldin

    Deu um do da karma vei tadinha

  17. L

    L7 soat oldin


  18. 예티TV

    예티TV7 soat oldin

    I Love You LIOT

  19. 박현빈

    박현빈7 soat oldin

    왜 한국어는 없는거야 뒤질라고

  20. Alooy 0

    Alooy 07 soat oldin

    من شونق بونق ❤️❤️

  21. Anna Psycho

    Anna Psycho7 soat oldin

    fogaréu gratuito tentou copiar, só tentou msm KKKKZ

  22. 예티TV

    예티TV7 soat oldin


  23. homu homu

    homu homu7 soat oldin

    lux looks so epic omg

  24. Kurt Palma

    Kurt Palma7 soat oldin


  25. ❤Ahri and Hannah❤ - 🦊The Girls Fox🦊

    ❤Ahri and Hannah❤ - 🦊The Girls Fox🦊7 soat oldin

    Yo siempre que estoy escuchando la canción y aparece la parte de Ahri "So keep your eyes on my nooow"

  26. Aleaxandr Ageev

    Aleaxandr Ageev7 soat oldin


  27. BlueRiot75

    BlueRiot757 soat oldin

    When someone uses your main better than you.

  28. Daniel Cabral

    Daniel Cabral7 soat oldin

    T.R.A.P -I'm fire da Deep Web

  29. Robert Sandoval

    Robert Sandoval7 soat oldin

    This goes hard

  30. miro orozco

    miro orozco7 soat oldin


  31. vinohn

    vinohn7 soat oldin

    Intro: buy~ buy, buy~~...

  32. fakhrusy Syakirin

    fakhrusy Syakirin7 soat oldin

    New patch 10.3 alkali r range decreased and w cc will reveal akali

  33. Edevic Lonceras

    Edevic Lonceras7 soat oldin

    AKALI IN 2020: DEATH!!

  34. -_X9ATREZ _-

    -_X9ATREZ _-7 soat oldin

    Laaagend never diiiieeeww

  35. Huzaifa Arif

    Huzaifa Arif8 soat oldin

    They shuld just give up on the game and make a movie

  36. Jasmin

    Jasmin8 soat oldin

    *Yo cantando a todo pulmon esta canción siendo que no se ingles :'u*

  37. TheGreatNerd

    TheGreatNerd8 soat oldin

    Please Riot, make an anime

  38. Chris Tahji

    Chris Tahji8 soat oldin

    I remember Duckwrth from TeamBackPack. Wow small world

  39. A guy with just 39 subs

    A guy with just 39 subs8 soat oldin

    The quiet kid in class 2:26

  40. Zinko Aung

    Zinko Aung8 soat oldin

    Noob garen

  41. Dushmanu Munkinboy

    Dushmanu Munkinboy8 soat oldin

    This is unrealistic I have no friends when I play this game :(

  42. juan david espinosa salas

    juan david espinosa salas8 soat oldin

    La unica cancion de k pop que me gusta y no es de una banda de verdad

  43. Octavio Cáceres

    Octavio Cáceres8 soat oldin

    K/DA and True Damage : *exists * Pentakill : No

  44. Joshua Dale Castillo

    Joshua Dale Castillo8 soat oldin

    What about wild rift any news?

  45. indie

    indie8 soat oldin

    make this a movie.

  46. ShagaMisa

    ShagaMisa8 soat oldin

    They are killing and better than all the cosplay ers who tried to do this

  47. DeadMasterDubstep

    DeadMasterDubstep8 soat oldin

    Sett confirmed a Jojo Character

  48. Area51Alien 1234

    Area51Alien 12348 soat oldin

    Go and get some FRIES FRIES

  49. Jaspher Nieves

    Jaspher Nieves8 soat oldin

    sana meron ding ganito kagandang animation ang mobile legends

  50. Diego Ella

    Diego Ella8 soat oldin


  51. Wane Kelly

    Wane Kelly8 soat oldin


  52. MReg نتایج

    MReg نتایج8 soat oldin

    wukong ultimate rework

  53. Barraki

    Barraki8 soat oldin

    I hate this guy

  54. twigx

    twigx8 soat oldin

    Nobody: Ekko: *aight imma glitch out*

  55. LivingHell99

    LivingHell998 soat oldin

    4:02 satisfaction guranteed

  56. DayDreaming Whispers ASMR

    DayDreaming Whispers ASMR8 soat oldin

    This is the only Kpop I live for

  57. Gaby Sanchez

    Gaby Sanchez8 soat oldin

    fogaréu gratuito nem chega perto KKKK

  58. Sama Sama

    Sama Sama9 soat oldin


  59. Chakriya Chaitaworn

    Chakriya Chaitaworn9 soat oldin


  60. Nhat Huy

    Nhat Huy9 soat oldin

  61. ash18001

    ash180019 soat oldin

    She must be the Harley Qinn version of this universe

  62. Louigil Lio

    Louigil Lio9 soat oldin


  63. exist6ence 〜

    exist6ence 〜9 soat oldin

    What dressing game is it

  64. ForAl lMankind

    ForAl lMankind9 soat oldin

    When Riot is better at making music, than any musical artists at making video game !

  65. LaMarque Drew

    LaMarque Drew9 soat oldin

    ...and now lux goes to prison for life for revealing she's a mage

  66. SB K

    SB K9 soat oldin

    헐 존나 멋있어 오늘부터 롤 시작한다

  67. Lichna

    Lichna9 soat oldin

    If nothing says Riot cash grabs the casuals its this. All the memes, buy this champ! If your a veteran non youtuber, you wont play this because we will nerf it in a few weeks

  68. Night7 Ninja

    Night7 Ninja9 soat oldin

    💓💓💓💓💓😘 Не знаю что сказать


    M E M E TRASHHH9 soat oldin

    Yo odio a teemo >:v maldita rata venenosa >:v

  70. Himura

    Himura9 soat oldin

    Ainda prefiro k/da

  71. Lunar Plays!

    Lunar Plays!9 soat oldin

    Not really. *_I lied to you._*

  72. Logistix Manipur

    Logistix Manipur9 soat oldin

    ml copied this

  73. Ultra Dynasty

    Ultra Dynasty9 soat oldin


  74. KennethEXE

    KennethEXE9 soat oldin

    Dude. Where league of legends Wild Rift ?! Im waiting it for 1 months

  75. Cosovic 007

    Cosovic 0079 soat oldin

    When is volibear rework coming Is he gonna come with fiddlesticks or when new champ comes pls tell me

  76. Z_A_Y_N_O_S

    Z_A_Y_N_O_S9 soat oldin

    URF just came out. Her ULT gonna be a pain since it’s a huge AOE effect and unlimited range.

  77. A007

    A0079 soat oldin

    Me : oh another League of Legends video, bet their going to use the same popular champions again Also me : (sees Urgot) :)

  78. Renata Bolin

    Renata Bolin9 soat oldin

    Fogaréu gratuito copiu sim é tu é besta de assistir pq tá dando views para o fogaréu.

  79. Slue

    Slue9 soat oldin

    Whats even good about this game

  80. Oh Well

    Oh Well9 soat oldin

    Like reloading and bullets sounds make me crazy??

  81. 86에이티식스

    86에이티식스9 soat oldin

    47번 돌려봄