Little Lia
Little Lia
Little Lia

Hi I'm Lia! I love making crafts, art, and more! I upload videos like DIY, Beauty, Hauls, etc.

What I Eat In A Day
Adventures of Kaz!
  1. OliveUtoo !

    OliveUtoo !Kun oldin

    Micdonalds fries

  2. ThePenFairy #kb

    ThePenFairy #kbKun oldin

    No offense but I hate all the kardashian and jenners

  3. Ada Mikkelsen

    Ada MikkelsenKun oldin

    Lemme tell u that is a bad resturant whitout the flowers in my countru

  4. Celeste Evans

    Celeste EvansKun oldin

    I feel bad for you but at least you got a working TV LOL

  5. Shomencei Gคcђค

    Shomencei GคcђคKun oldin

    Server: *lia’s hunger has left the chat*

  6. Abdullahi Mohamead

    Abdullahi MohameadKun oldin

    Sexy af

  7. MissKim26

    MissKim26Kun oldin

    Bruh this was posted on my birthday can I get some happy late birthday??

  8. Neura Link

    Neura LinkKun oldin

    9:46 the doggyy i lovee itttt

  9. Addisyn mckee McKee

    Addisyn mckee McKeeKun oldin

    My fab fast food is Taco Bell andr is Bahia blast freeze with a order on cinnoman twists and two Doritos locos tacos.

  10. Zehra Kocaoglu

    Zehra KocaogluKun oldin


  11. Foxic YT

    Foxic YTKun oldin

    Sniper:Its that time for back to school! Coronavirus:Hold my beer. Time now:World is DIEING.

  12. Jugerta Ahmeti

    Jugerta AhmetiKun oldin

    This is how many times Lia said hacks

  13. Clare Adams

    Clare AdamsKun oldin

    The bat was the best one

  14. Rizumu Official

    Rizumu OfficialKun oldin

    Eh... In my country its hella cheap $10-$35 dollar a day $190-$210 dollar a week

  15. Clare Adams

    Clare AdamsKun oldin

    Ur hat looks amazing

  16. Stephanie Mc Cafferty

    Stephanie Mc CaffertyKun oldin

    Do you remember dear David!!!!!! Go look at your video's

  17. Cat Lover101

    Cat Lover101Kun oldin

    I feel so bad for the child in there

  18. Jem Fix

    Jem FixKun oldin

    YOU: I'm going to get bangs 3seconds later:"CRYS" WHYYYY!?!?!?!?!?

  19. Ban :D

    Ban :DKun oldin

    Bruh rice and shrimp that’s sad😞 Not even sauce

  20. Jem Fix

    Jem FixKun oldin

    YES!! N-NO OK!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  21. Florence von Landsberg-Sadie

    Florence von Landsberg-SadieKun oldin

    Your dogs are too awesome and cute to be rated

  22. almond milk

    almond milkKun oldin

    Nobody: lia:ChOkE mE DaDdY

  23. Carolina Valentin

    Carolina ValentinKun oldin


  24. Ireland Nugent

    Ireland NugentKun oldin

    That one with the little boy kissing the little girl my grandma has

  25. Leyandre Mackenzie

    Leyandre MackenzieKun oldin

    Hell na I would probably get a disease sleeping there.

  26. All Nighters!

    All Nighters!Kun oldin

    Isn’t that how you make Mac and cheese?

  27. Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford

    Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia MidfordKun oldin

    Most kids: I just want pizza 🍕 Me: WhAt?!? Well bye! I am going over by the sea food, salad bar, and meat section. Bye! 👍🏻 if you did the same thing when you were younger!

  28. Avayah Lamson

    Avayah LamsonKun oldin

    A lot of people say they don’t like fondue but I love it

  29. Sapphire Springs

    Sapphire SpringsKun oldin

    omg are they paying for this stuff?

  30. Kayan Willis

    Kayan WillisKun oldin

    Are you not sssniperwolf

  31. MasonDaBeast YT

    MasonDaBeast YTKun oldin

    Cantaloupe is the best

  32. Ellen Sagbay

    Ellen SagbayKun oldin


  33. IamSpencerjayohOffical

    IamSpencerjayohOfficalKun oldin

    whats your Instagram

  34. Steffanie Donnelly

    Steffanie DonnellyKun oldin

    I want to do this

  35. Luisa Betancourt

    Luisa BetancourtKun oldin

    I love your videos i want you to make more videos theu are fun

  36. Sondra Forrest

    Sondra ForrestKun oldin


  37. clodagh dooley

    clodagh dooleyKun oldin

    I would rate the dog 100000000001\10

  38. Alyssa Holtzclaw

    Alyssa HoltzclawKun oldin


  39. Cherry Bomb

    Cherry BombKun oldin

    The seeds are candy

  40. Cody Howell

    Cody HowellKun oldin

    I love you I'm keera

  41. Adelina trindade

    Adelina trindadeKun oldin

    Her body is litteratly *perfect* I've been working out for a long time and my body is not even close to that 😭 😂

  42. Anupreet Marwaha

    Anupreet MarwahaKun oldin

    Why does lia look so innocent with pink hair 😂

  43. All Nighters!

    All Nighters!Kun oldin

    Did you spray the mold?

  44. •limoxii•

    •limoxii•Kun oldin

    If that was my 7-11 I would eat there every day.

  45. XxLilly-BillyxX :3

    XxLilly-BillyxX :3Kun oldin

    Wait your in your old room!

  46. Elyssa Munoz

    Elyssa MunozKun oldin

    That ice cream look delish

  47. Andrew Mark

    Andrew MarkKun oldin

    10:20 I feel the the corona virus in that room

  48. •O•p•a•l• •S•k•y•

    •O•p•a•l• •S•k•y•Kun oldin

    Meh is the gluten free to!

  49. Jiaqi Zhao

    Jiaqi ZhaoKun oldin

    nice closet my perents also has a ton of clothes but the also only wear it once

  50. Alexis GalaxyKitties

    Alexis GalaxyKittiesKun oldin

    When she said "Russian spy" i felt offended. I am Russian and idk why everyone assumes that every Russian is a spy :/ Russians are good people. I get it we have a bad past, but that doesn't matter. Its the past.

  51. Melo Monade

    Melo MonadeKun oldin

    "honestly they both look cheap"

  52. Maya Alexandra

    Maya AlexandraKun oldin

    Is sssniperwhof

  53. Maya Alexandra

    Maya AlexandraKun oldin

    This is fack you are not her

  54. Brianna Cole

    Brianna ColeKun oldin

    Fly to Ohio and see how much cheap clothes

  55. Gracie Anecki

    Gracie AneckiKun oldin

    u are absolute beautiful

  56. Lynch-Smith Caylee

    Lynch-Smith CayleeKun oldin

    Can you tri the death straw challenge

  57. Supriya Patil

    Supriya PatilKun oldin

    potato hack you didnt add oil

  58. A channel with a name

    A channel with a nameKun oldin

    “These are pretty itchy.....oh.i forgot to wash them.”

  59. Ri B

    Ri BKun oldin

    The first one be looking like a fortnight skin

  60. Lynch-Smith Caylee

    Lynch-Smith CayleeKun oldin

    My breath don't stick

  61. Adriana Morales

    Adriana MoralesKun oldin

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

  62. Carinne Louissa

    Carinne LouissaKun oldin

    Lia : OMG ur skin is sooo nice The woman: omg thank u But when u said can u cook da chicken faster Oh my da woman stared at u sooooo weird

  63. Entesab Khan

    Entesab KhanKun oldin

    Spirals are made by special devices

  64. Hunger games Rules

    Hunger games RulesKun oldin

    i just never untiebmy shoes in the first place

  65. septicdooper N

    septicdooper NKun oldin

    Your dogs are so cute Sell me one plz for £140

  66. Dora Vasilevska

    Dora VasilevskaKun oldin

    I guess im an og

  67. Karl Proctor

    Karl ProctorKun oldin


  68. Sadie Hall

    Sadie HallKun oldin

    You could attach the drill inside the the hole and put the drill side ways when you turn it on. In all the best ways

  69. precious' toy channel

    precious' toy channelKun oldin

    2:48 she is drink driving (illegal)!!!!

  70. Jia Bhargava

    Jia BhargavaKun oldin

    The worst was the tatto one

  71. Kennedy Siggers

    Kennedy SiggersKun oldin

    My mom is a Ashley

  72. Payton Anderson

    Payton AndersonKun oldin

    My brother weighs more than you jesus 14 almost 15 he weigh 140

  73. Grace Chan

    Grace ChanKun oldin

    who else is watching 2020? leave a like if u are!


    LOLA KNIGHTKun oldin

    Your dog 100/10 your dog in a hoodie 100/10

  75. Emily Patton

    Emily PattonKun oldin

    Is your accrual name Lia

  76. Olivia Thornell

    Olivia ThornellKun oldin

    I am vegetarian and that’s what I get at tocobell😂

  77. Maggie Chipman

    Maggie ChipmanKun oldin

    I love Mike and ikes

  78. RyguyJLR

    RyguyJLRKun oldin

    them eating the entire starbucks

  79. Edeline Jean

    Edeline JeanKun oldin

    I don't like the glasses

  80. Cassidy Cash

    Cassidy CashKun oldin

    Can we bring back mar

  81. Jiya Sharma

    Jiya SharmaKun oldin

    arent u sssniperwolf

  82. Desiray Wilburn

    Desiray WilburnKun oldin

    make a normal egg and cut it out with a cookie cutter

  83. Josephine Birdsell

    Josephine BirdsellKun oldin

    Lady Gagas dress looks kinda stupid

  84. Aubrey Hreha

    Aubrey HrehaKun oldin

    I remember your kids choice awards outfit and I was so excited to watch you!

  85. Neve Morris

    Neve MorrisKun oldin

    You look good in anything girl 💯

  86. The blue Flare

    The blue FlareKun oldin

    1 6/10 2 8/10 3 9/10 4 10/10 if the ship could do up so 5/10 5 8/10 6 10/10 7 6/10 My fav if the 2nd red one

  87. StuffySkits

    StuffySkitsKun oldin

    Sniffer wolf can’t even do what the video did

  88. Kaira Smith

    Kaira SmithKun oldin

    The darts basically represent Lia😂 United Kingdom- Where shes originally from USA- Where she lives now France- SHE UR FAVOURITE FRENCH UZgoR😂😂❤

  89. BEN SAM

    BEN SAMKun oldin

    My life is for shopping

  90. Karielys Rosario

    Karielys RosarioKun oldin


  91. namjoon lol

    namjoon lolKun oldin

    Damn she doin all this in a SKIRT

  92. Aarya Persaud

    Aarya PersaudKun oldin

    Now they know

  93. RyguyJLR

    RyguyJLRKun oldin

    girl you dont need to work out your are a skinny thick QUEEN btw this is my step dads acc im not gay lol

  94. حسوني آل محمد

    حسوني آل محمدKun oldin


  95. حسوني آل محمد

    حسوني آل محمدKun oldin


  96. cyra besana

    cyra besanaKun oldin

    shes spending hes money but shes saving money for his family

  97. fiona toh

    fiona tohKun oldin

    are you ssniperwolf?

  98. colbyscult

    colbyscultKun oldin

    the gucci (sweat?) pants omg i need them 🥺

  99. Remaz RobloxGirl

    Remaz RobloxGirlKun oldin

    Lia:*starts to say the story about the items* Me:are we gonna be here for ever!?

  100. SS Samoddhar

    SS SamoddharKun oldin

    Why u guys waisting ur money 🙄🙄🙄shopping godddd