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The King of Random

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How to Clone your FACE
  1. Garrett Duitman

    Garrett Duitman5 soat oldin

    Dude that was weird.

  2. Djinnsail 130

    Djinnsail 1305 soat oldin

    Smells like radiation in here

  3. Infinite Gaming

    Infinite Gaming5 soat oldin

    Seeing them paint the gold highlights was just so satisfying

  4. Kayleigh Mathena

    Kayleigh Mathena5 soat oldin

    HoW mAnY popsicals ArE yOu Eating!

  5. Nora has no clue either

    Nora has no clue either5 soat oldin

    RIP WHY 2020-2020

  6. Tyler Luciano

    Tyler Luciano5 soat oldin


  7. Infinite Gaming

    Infinite Gaming5 soat oldin

    Try hydro dipping a bass......

  8. nathan worthington

    nathan worthington5 soat oldin

    Cool method. Now I am stuck trying to figure how to apply this to an open fire, where I actually do all my marshmallow roasting. Also, the chocolate filled ones are our absolute favorites, but harder to roast once the chocolate gets soft inside.

  9. LJ Awkward

    LJ Awkward5 soat oldin

    Something looks different about Nate


    TWASKAGMZ5 soat oldin

    I smell burnt popcorn now

  11. Jodi Hall

    Jodi Hall5 soat oldin

    I’m finally going to answer the question “what can you clean with 100 magic erasers?” Answer your house

  12. anonymous

    anonymous5 soat oldin

    *North Korea has entered the chat*

  13. Life with Alayiah

    Life with Alayiah5 soat oldin

    You guys should try freeze drying candy or baked goods

  14. Oscar T. Hunt

    Oscar T. Hunt5 soat oldin

    I have a Vector robot except i have him in 2019 -2020

  15. Mirakle Hernandez

    Mirakle Hernandez5 soat oldin

    I have that dryer-

  16. comicart1st

    comicart1st5 soat oldin

    You need to heat up the edge of wood knife first using heat gun or food torch (to harden wood material, but don't let burn) then the next step you can sharpen it with sand paper from 800 grid, 1000, 2000, 5000. It could better and sharper the wood knife be and It would avoid the wood knife edge from chipped.

  17. ocimau5

    ocimau55 soat oldin

    Why is Ryan Reynolds pretending to be Nate?

  18. pixel dragon1

    pixel dragon15 soat oldin

    Raid shadow legends is horrible

  19. TheOrangeCreeper

    TheOrangeCreeper5 soat oldin

    Wait, if you put a ramen-repaired bowl in a dishwasher, would the ramen noodles boil?

  20. Rosakim Lina77

    Rosakim Lina775 soat oldin

    Its not the same

  21. sofia nightflower

    sofia nightflower5 soat oldin

    i miss u

  22. Jordan Wyke

    Jordan Wyke5 soat oldin

    He. Should make it an invention

  23. megan maylee

    megan maylee5 soat oldin


  24. Sheila

    Sheila5 soat oldin


  25. Supernatural Superstar

    Supernatural Superstar5 soat oldin

    Actually dirt cookies are made from clay mud.

  26. Roblox and More

    Roblox and More5 soat oldin

    Even after the video who’s still scrolling through the comments

  27. Stone Bizcus

    Stone Bizcus6 soat oldin

    Nate: it’s going to be angled and we don’t want it angled we want it straight Me: that’s homophobic

  28. Emery West

    Emery West6 soat oldin

    They literally drilled two boards on the ceiling for a video, not to mention they could’ve torn their house down

  29. sibusky

    sibusky6 soat oldin

    You should make bismuth legos

  30. Gael Molina

    Gael Molina6 soat oldin

    Hey what happens when you deep fry Ice?

  31. Browins Playz

    Browins Playz6 soat oldin

    Thank you for making learning fun and teaching not only me, but millions of other people awesome things. We all miss you and know your legacy will continue for generations. R.I.P

  32. Seth Randall

    Seth Randall6 soat oldin

    I’m on a diet and I question my life after watching these videos😭😭💀💀

  33. Channing Spen

    Channing Spen6 soat oldin

    Chocolate syrup

  34. Libby A

    Libby A6 soat oldin

    if ur camping the goal is to GET AWAY FROM ELTRONICS!!!!

  35. wannabfarmers2

    wannabfarmers26 soat oldin

    You should make a 12 foot long Hershey's Chocolate Bar

  36. gunknguns _

    gunknguns _6 soat oldin

    Makes oven for camping food

  37. caitlin jolin

    caitlin jolin6 soat oldin

    try honey lemon

  38. Adi Narayana Swamy

    Adi Narayana Swamy6 soat oldin

    Can you show how to make a rocker which uses two suger mothers to run lounch and lounch again

  39. bobbycone2

    bobbycone26 soat oldin

    Start watching this you bums!!! I want to see the 10x version!

  40. Br Uh

    Br Uh6 soat oldin

    Gyro zeppeli would be proud

  41. The Lonely Pig

    The Lonely Pig6 soat oldin

    How do I get my bismuth more vibrant in colour

  42. KvngZeph

    KvngZeph6 soat oldin

    0:02 *Day 195 of Quarantine*

  43. #tammirlo #buggy

    #tammirlo #buggy6 soat oldin


  44. BANG! You're DEAD!

    BANG! You're DEAD!6 soat oldin

    3 hour slushy

  45. GAMER zone

    GAMER zone6 soat oldin

    Wh.. Whe... Where is the ove glove

  46. Mekhi Simmonds

    Mekhi Simmonds6 soat oldin

    Y’all just mad they got more views 🤦🏾‍♂️

  47. Awesome Gaming Boi

    Awesome Gaming Boi6 soat oldin

    OMG This works I am drinking and eating my coke no sugar

  48. Ayleth

    Ayleth6 soat oldin

    It has 4 fine tuners???

  49. ZoidSucks

    ZoidSucks6 soat oldin

    Who else wanted to eat the chocolate

  50. Urvi Sharma

    Urvi Sharma6 soat oldin

    Put grains with wheat and rice in it

  51. Icy gacha ;-;

    Icy gacha ;-;6 soat oldin


  52. dotuseanymore

    dotuseanymore6 soat oldin

    I made this thank you so much I burned down the neighbours house 🙃

  53. saravana sp

    saravana sp6 soat oldin


  54. Casey Schaeffer

    Casey Schaeffer6 soat oldin

    I'm surprised you didn't know about magnets losing there magnetic ability when put next to fire

  55. Diane M

    Diane M6 soat oldin

    Yall should try freeze drying a bunch of deserts ex: cakes, cookies, etc.

  56. Christian Summers

    Christian Summers6 soat oldin


  57. That Other Boi

    That Other Boi6 soat oldin

    If yall ever have children they gonna look like shrek

  58. LilPsychoGacha

    LilPsychoGacha6 soat oldin

    4:38 looked like rainbow Boba -w-

  59. Total Malarkey

    Total Malarkey6 soat oldin


  60. Bagel Boi

    Bagel Boi6 soat oldin

    Me to everyone: “I don’t wanna tell you you’re wrong but I just disagree with you deeply on a personal level”

  61. jjmixman17

    jjmixman176 soat oldin

    Is doing

  62. jjmixman17

    jjmixman176 soat oldin

    Kor: don’t do this in the house me: so don’t do what kor

  63. Avis Ladera

    Avis Ladera6 soat oldin

    I want to see firecracker,s in liquid nitrogen

  64. Cringy Gamer

    Cringy Gamer6 soat oldin

    Thats how clouds are made (not)

  65. Nicolas Campione

    Nicolas Campione6 soat oldin

    Can you make a automatic spinner and timer?

  66. Radboyyy

    Radboyyy6 soat oldin

    Long Live The King 😢😞😪

  67. Isla Hunt

    Isla Hunt6 soat oldin

    We call it Soccer in Australia. What do you call it where you live?

  68. Tim Rouleau

    Tim Rouleau6 soat oldin

    freeze dry the bacon, powder it then put it in the cotton candy machine :)

  69. Shreyas N

    Shreyas N6 soat oldin

    Someone's been watching a lot of Guga.

  70. I like Potatoes

    I like Potatoes6 soat oldin

    I would love to see what happens when you microwave a cat for 20 minutes.

  71. Rafli _123GAMING

    Rafli _123GAMING6 soat oldin

    Imagine going camping and you see your friend doing this

  72. Trevor Sanschagrin

    Trevor Sanschagrin6 soat oldin

    When I roast marshmallows, I do it over flames and/or hot coals. I'm able to take a normal sized marshmallow, and have it golden brown and the size of a uncooked (non-squished) jumbo marshmallow.

  73. J Bo

    J Bo6 soat oldin

    Jolly time forzure


    DECADE STUDIOS6 soat oldin

    The fridge is from Samsung 😬

  75. SHADEAB697

    SHADEAB6976 soat oldin


  76. Austin Evans

    Austin Evans6 soat oldin

    I just put a hand in a box had make a jolly rancher in a box mm

  77. Aidan Tyler

    Aidan Tyler6 soat oldin

    Honey just crystalizes untill it's heated again.

  78. No Why

    No Why6 soat oldin

    Tkor: when dieing Covid-19: hold my beer

  79. shaelynn's world

    shaelynn's world6 soat oldin


  80. Joshua Howard

    Joshua Howard6 soat oldin

    Ngl that actually does look perfect 😧😧

  81. SπdR

    SπdR6 soat oldin

    Why freeze when two wrenches do the trick

  82. Head Shot

    Head Shot6 soat oldin

    Yes i can now break the window of my neighbor XD

  83. Mashed Inc.

    Mashed Inc.6 soat oldin

    well nate i guess we have very different ideas on what perfectly roasted marshmellows are

  84. Yeet

    Yeet6 soat oldin

    These are crocuggdiels croc-ugg-die-ls.

  85. Nathan Sarnes

    Nathan Sarnes6 soat oldin

    U should try to turn dry ice into cotton candy

  86. Follin Can

    Follin Can6 soat oldin

    next vid: can we hydrodip a church organ?

  87. MacKenzie Kester

    MacKenzie Kester6 soat oldin

    you should try to make giant snickers bars

  88. Sara Hatch

    Sara Hatch6 soat oldin

    Giant mochi 🤤🤤

  89. bobbycone2

    bobbycone26 soat oldin

    Cali is channeling her inner Mr. Ed

  90. xx 38

    xx 386 soat oldin

    Put the wire in the 3-d pen if it fits

  91. Gauge Reff

    Gauge Reff6 soat oldin


  92. Wolflover_ Ashlynn

    Wolflover_ Ashlynn6 soat oldin

    I am just wondering.. What do yall do to the yolks from the eggs..? Do yall just throw them away or what?

  93. ツOwen

    ツOwen6 soat oldin

    Samsung phones have 16 GB of ram and iPhones have 4

  94. samuel palm

    samuel palm6 soat oldin

    Hand shot first

  95. Arcanikes

    Arcanikes6 soat oldin

    All this and I still don't understand Marshmallows.....

  96. Yeet

    Yeet6 soat oldin

    How many times have their neighbors called the police.

  97. johnathan Roedel

    johnathan Roedel6 soat oldin

    You taught me so much RIP

  98. the yellow gaming girl

    the yellow gaming girl6 soat oldin

    Who else wants to stuff his face in your armpit?

  99. Akita Haku

    Akita Haku6 soat oldin

    Ooh What about Poprocks tho?

  100. harvey gaming

    harvey gaming6 soat oldin

    should the marshmallow be on a flame or just on heat