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julien solomita

i make videos that range from dog birthday celebrations all the way to recklessly cooking in my kitchen. also sometimes featured are my girlfriend jenna as well as our pack of crying doggos; kermit, peach, marbles and bunny

next stop pies!
kermit's 9th birthday
peach's 5th birthday
my new animal friends
home improvement
crying for no reason
stress day

stress day

Yil oldin

a struggle at dinner
an excited boy
peach and a pelican
coming up for air
i got a new car
family dinner

family dinner

Yil oldin

dog massage

dog massage

Yil oldin

the second part
too thicc

too thicc

Yil oldin

peachy's 4th birthday
a new chapter

a new chapter

Yil oldin

insecure dog

insecure dog

Yil oldin

an aries birthday
hey sisters

hey sisters

Yil oldin

we got tattoos
  1. ItsMaddiehbu

    ItsMaddiehbu12 soat oldin

    I really shouldn't be watching this right now because I've started new meds that make me want to eat a whole house so this really isn't helping

  2. Lydia Gaeta

    Lydia Gaeta12 soat oldin

    you making me want to drive to my grandmas to eat her pozole 😭😭😂

  3. Erin Mihalich

    Erin Mihalich12 soat oldin

    Could you please send me the recipe to my email?? I need to make this!!

  4. Via Coffey

    Via Coffey12 soat oldin

    My dad used to make me pozole while I was growing up. I haven’t had it since he passed away (2.5 years ago) and watching this video made me so freaking emotional

  5. StarryIcewolf

    StarryIcewolf13 soat oldin

    It's so bizarre to me that y'all had never had hominy before!!! But Julen this looks amaaaazing

  6. Laly L

    Laly L13 soat oldin

    As a mexican i approve of this 👍🏻

  7. Šara Maca

    Šara Maca13 soat oldin

    Julian be lookin like Grindelwald in the profile pic not gonna lie

  8. Darren Joseph

    Darren Joseph13 soat oldin

    Do jennas favorite garbage plate thing!!!

  9. Cassie Tomassi

    Cassie Tomassi13 soat oldin

    SO many bacon bits on that 2nd pizzaaah

  10. Acelynn Moser

    Acelynn Moser13 soat oldin

    I watched this while home with the flu and it sounded like such a perfect flu food that I found a local restaurant that makes it and had it delivered 👌

  11. Earth To Hailey

    Earth To Hailey13 soat oldin

    You and Joshua Weissman should do a cooking collab

  12. alexiapinkyo

    alexiapinkyo13 soat oldin

    Yeees, you NEED the lime, it just adds a whole new BOOM to it

  13. kpop lover

    kpop lover13 soat oldin

    Daal loaf

  14. Funkymonkeyman50

    Funkymonkeyman5013 soat oldin

    Man I cannot tell you guys how many times I had to make fried ice cream at the Mexican restaurant I worked at😂 always a mess

  15. alexiapinkyo

    alexiapinkyo13 soat oldin

    Arrreeee, el pozole es lo mejor, pozole is the beeeesttt! When I saw you posted this video I was actually surprised because I never thought you would do a Mexican dish

  16. Ana Hernandez Jagielski

    Ana Hernandez Jagielski14 soat oldin

    I love the fact that it wasn’t even her birthday

  17. Rocio Malagon

    Rocio Malagon14 soat oldin

    This made me so happy as a Mexican who grew up having pozole every holiday season I recently went vegan so I didn’t partake this year and for you to make a VEGAN pozole makes me so so so happy

  18. Jasmine Hill

    Jasmine Hill14 soat oldin

    When you look at Kermit straight on sometimes he looks like Sid the sloth from ice age?? Duno just came to me in the moment?

  19. bloo jkl45

    bloo jkl4514 soat oldin

    Julien non-sens stories be like “it was him the whole time”

  20. MadameMarabou

    MadameMarabou14 soat oldin

    I came for the Aries energy, and stayed for the DIY Adobo tutorial.

  21. Jhope Is My Aesthetic

    Jhope Is My Aesthetic14 soat oldin

    I love the aggression of the first bite

  22. Medical Lunde

    Medical Lunde14 soat oldin

    *nasty boy needs to go the vet*

  23. mini roundabout in brum

    mini roundabout in brum14 soat oldin

    Why do I feel proud of cement and peach like I trained them myself 🐭🐹🔔

  24. Grace Delgado

    Grace Delgado14 soat oldin

    This made me super happy but use some toastadas for the soup!!! It’s super good!!! And add more liquid to the red paste and add it straight to the pot! It’ll make your life easier

  25. CC_11

    CC_1114 soat oldin

    This guy has a face you just wanna punch.

  26. Milan Rutherford

    Milan Rutherford14 soat oldin


  27. Kiara Meysel

    Kiara Meysel15 soat oldin

    Nobody: Julen: "Even if you were a human, you'd like this"

  28. Zari G

    Zari G15 soat oldin

    Petition for Julien and Rosanna Pansino or Christy Carlson Romano to cook something together <3

  29. Ghostly Lizard

    Ghostly Lizard15 soat oldin

    sometime I just wanna be like your fat chicken nugget. just fat and can run away from problems and is still called cute afterwards

  30. Boggy Bunny

    Boggy Bunny15 soat oldin


  31. rosaura rodriguez

    rosaura rodriguez15 soat oldin

    It is better to eat it with toast ... not tortilla!

  32. missael suazo

    missael suazo15 soat oldin

    Andamo ruleta en una camioneta.

  33. Farr Off

    Farr Off15 soat oldin

    I put granola in my icecream all the time!! same effect but it's all cold. Delicious

  34. Say0n Lavigne

    Say0n Lavigne15 soat oldin

    POV: You are Julien's food

  35. Moggy Johnny

    Moggy Johnny15 soat oldin

    I might cry, I'd feel so bad leaving them there

  36. sleepy andrea

    sleepy andrea15 soat oldin

    I stan a pozole boy ✌🏽

  37. Lindsey

    Lindsey15 soat oldin

    I learned to make fried chicken in corn flakes

  38. Ali G

    Ali G15 soat oldin

    Julian can get his Mexican citizenship now

  39. Corina May

    Corina May16 soat oldin

    I LOVED this recipe. I remade it almost immediately after watching the video and have singlehandedly eaten 90% of it. I’m curious if other vegetarians have suggestions for the meat? I wonder if the hot Italian beyond meat would be good??? I don’t mind the brats but i felt like it could be better. I’ll still make this again very soon i loved it regardless

  40. Austin Gutierrez

    Austin Gutierrez16 soat oldin

    I love that this is just how pit bulls are, they’re extremely energetic, extremely happy, extremely sweet.

  41. Jade Davies

    Jade Davies16 soat oldin

    I’m cryin in the club girls this is ADORABLE

  42. Slim Shady

    Slim Shady16 soat oldin


  43. LaMimis

    LaMimis16 soat oldin

    U shouldnt put the hominy in right away....let the "pork" simmer with garlic n onions (u shoukd also try bay leaves). Then after it simmers for a while, add in the hominy

  44. KimLed21

    KimLed2116 soat oldin

    I’m a meat eater but Juliens Imposible meat alternative makes me want to ditch the meat! Yummy 🤤

  45. Roosa Lehikoinen

    Roosa Lehikoinen16 soat oldin

    Please make deep fried sushi im interested

  46. RaineShadow

    RaineShadow17 soat oldin

    Thank you so much for this! Me and my bf are Hispanic and he is always talking about pozole which I just never had growing up. I haven't been able to make it for him in a way that he likes and can't wait to try out this recipe and see how it goes!

  47. Veronica Luna

    Veronica Luna17 soat oldin

    The last guy 35:00 kept doing the same take down over and over so frustrating . I think you did really well considering. I did Judo for about 9 years and despite being knowledgeable and growing I only “won” during practice and maybe twice in all the tournaments. Just going out there was the battle and competing should have been the fun.

  48. Ronia

    Ronia17 soat oldin

    2:21 Bunny: actually im still 3 ^_^

  49. Sharon Muñoz

    Sharon Muñoz17 soat oldin

    julien mexican also u could get a comal idk what theyre called in english but u can put the onions and the garlic there to cook instead of putting them right into the fire. also u can heat the tortillas there is way easier :) i loved this vid <33

  50. Mollie Bourne

    Mollie Bourne17 soat oldin

    The sounds of summer make me miss spring and summer so much rn

  51. treat people with kindness

    treat people with kindness17 soat oldin

    i wish i could find such a real friendship like jenna & julien did like they just do what they do and just simply support one another like wow AND while living in the same house like #friendshipgoals ❤️

  52. Ñîñå Øøp

    Ñîñå Øøp17 soat oldin

    c e r m e t or k e r m i t

  53. YourRyeBread

    YourRyeBread17 soat oldin

    Julian mom is cool and smart and pretty and im mad why cant i be like 10 years older cuz like she’s like 30 right :3

  54. YourRyeBread

    YourRyeBread17 soat oldin

    Julian mom is cool and smart and pretty and im mad why cant i be like 10 years older cuz like she’s like 30 right :3

  55. Nikki Jacobs

    Nikki Jacobs17 soat oldin

    yiiiiiis thank u i love pozole

  56. SuperNova04

    SuperNova0417 soat oldin

    Making the Latino community proud :,) that was so well done, we love u 💕

  57. Vizhardus

    Vizhardus17 soat oldin

    My dog passed away not long ago, and this video made me smile. Thanks Julien, Jenna and Marbles, you're making it easier <3

  58. Sara Takkoush

    Sara Takkoush18 soat oldin

    Jenna mentioned ad today in her second tiktok video. :( its not silly to be attached to a hamster.. rip little guy

  59. Tati R

    Tati R18 soat oldin

    j u l e n. if u want yummy soup then search for 'mote de queso'. it is a colombian soup and u will absolutely adore it and i would absolutely adore u if u make it tnx lov u ybye

  60. Marshmellow

    Marshmellow18 soat oldin

    He actually ended up deepfrying Ice cream

  61. Nando Surname Here

    Nando Surname Here19 soat oldin

    Julien: Puts rope around Paesh’s neck Paesh: *Wake me up (wake me up inside), I can’t wake up (wake me up inside), SAVE MEEE-

  62. Aubrey

    Aubrey19 soat oldin

    Who's here in 2020 still wondering if they are going to get married

  63. Jasmine

    Jasmine20 soat oldin


  64. Duke00x

    Duke00x20 soat oldin

    She was getting excited because you were winding her up.

  65. Xiana Echo Raven

    Xiana Echo Raven20 soat oldin

    When peach thinks a shirt is a cape and she has become one with a super hero.

  66. Chamesy Boi

    Chamesy Boi20 soat oldin

    You guys make me laugh so much and are so wholesome, thank you for making my days a little better.

  67. Brianna Garcia

    Brianna Garcia20 soat oldin

    I love pozole! Instead of buying the canned hominy, my dad always makes it from scratch. He buys purple hominy (uncooked) soaks it in lime powder for several hours... Then he soaks it in water for several hours. It is SO GOOD, but I also love the canned too :) btw you are invited to the carne asada 😂❤️

  68. Sharimar Buden

    Sharimar Buden20 soat oldin

    Julien!! You should make Mofongo next!!!!! For Al your Puertorican Aires out here!!!!

  69. Bones McGee

    Bones McGee20 soat oldin

    ive had this soup so many times in my life but i never fucking knew thats how you spelled pozole wtf

  70. Jade Rayven

    Jade Rayven21 soat oldin

    I just realised that my cat is exactly 361 days older than marbles

  71. Charis Lawrence

    Charis Lawrence21 soat oldin

    New Years resolution: buy an ice cream scoop

  72. Darren Almgren

    Darren Almgren22 soat oldin

    I think the moment Jenna showed up and just enjoyed herself, that’s the most I’ve ever laughed at these videos 😂😂😂

  73. Jordan Kurtis

    Jordan Kurtis23 soat oldin

    I'm surprised that the shitbull didn't try tearing you and the dogs limb from limb

  74. Shrek Swamp

    Shrek Swamp23 soat oldin

    ‘Murcia moment

  75. Rainey Williams

    Rainey WilliamsKun oldin

    Just watching cos I have to get caught up on everything. I've been so busy. I live for you guys, my husband and I were both vegetarian , lately with meat I get that yucky factor and wanna go back to being a Vegetarian/ Vegan. Any tips on how to make the transition a little easier? I would like to get back into my healthy lifestyle.

  76. Sonia Rojas

    Sonia RojasKun oldin

    Pop the seeds and stem off first

  77. ice .a.q.j

    ice .a.q.jKun oldin

    She stares off into the distance "Las Vegas desert mob scene seriousness" as Julian's body vibrates as he talks.

  78. Courtney Alexis

    Courtney AlexisKun oldin

    Blooming onions are common in the southern states. Not sure about Australia!

  79. Rowan Cox

    Rowan CoxKun oldin

    jenna's reaction was so cute. I stan this couple :)

  80. Madeline Reyes

    Madeline ReyesKun oldin

    for not using pork, it looked BEAUTIFUL and delicious 😗👀

  81. Harleyrj Duh

    Harleyrj DuhKun oldin

    Why is julien the new Julia Child?

  82. Madeline Reyes

    Madeline ReyesKun oldin

    I LOVE how much attention he’s putting into the recipe to not disrespect the mexican culture! Mexicans are crazy about their food so it’s very easy to mess up and cause a riot lol Love the effort!

  83. Tina G

    Tina GKun oldin

    I had curly fries with my dinner and they were DELICIOUS.

  84. Petite Lune Creations

    Petite Lune CreationsKun oldin

    Julien, here’s a few Mexican mom tips 1. Try making carnitas with jackfruit and using that instead of the sausage, although I’m sure the sausage was yum. 2. De-seed the guajillo chiles before rehydrating them. Boil them until tender. 3. Eat with tostadas. Yuumm!

  85. Nikitha Kaparthi

    Nikitha KaparthiKun oldin

    please make the bon apetit perfect pizaa!!!!

  86. safalafagins

    safalafaginsKun oldin

    0:20 Julien: "I'm not good at cooking" Me: O_o???

  87. angelica martinez

    angelica martinezKun oldin

    Try making the pozole Verde

  88. Myra gue

    Myra gueKun oldin

    As a person who grew up eating this authentically from a Mexican mother who only speaks Spanish, good job ❤️

  89. Chris Caffrey

    Chris CaffreyKun oldin

    ah damn this really caught me off guard.

  90. Melissa Salazar Sivilla

    Melissa Salazar SivillaKun oldin

    es el primer pozole que veo hecho por un gringo que en verdad se ve rico

  91. Isabelle Zwiep

    Isabelle ZwiepKun oldin

    You should deepfry a glutenfree mars bar!! I am celiac myself and i had it once in a rastaurant in London. It was amazing. Try it.

  92. Sofia MP

    Sofia MPKun oldin

    Juliennnn te amamos !❤️🇲🇽

  93. My-Lady-Castiel *

    My-Lady-Castiel *Kun oldin

    One time my dad made posole and accidentally used garbanzo beans instead oh hominy. 😂

  94. Vanessa Rodriguez

    Vanessa RodriguezKun oldin

    I have loved poodle my whole life it’s always been my favorite food I don’t eat it too often because it can get pretty fatty and greasy depending on the meat you put in it but I have never had a vegan version and now I think I really want some

  95. Living Like Larry

    Living Like LarryKun oldin

    Julien you can ALWAYS unspicy some Chile or salsa whatever and second you’re suppose to de stem and de seed the chiles before cooking them

  96. Samantha N

    Samantha NKun oldin

    More videos with momma aries! (I am also a fellow aries.)

  97. grow in spirit

    grow in spiritKun oldin

    there's no other cooking video i would watch for 26 minutes without skipping anything (apart from your other cooking videos) it's not even like i'm going to make this food, because i'm traveling..

  98. Janus Gonzalez

    Janus GonzalezKun oldin

    You need the limon and tapatío😌

  99. Ingrid Meadows

    Ingrid MeadowsKun oldin

    Definitely add lime and eat that shit with a tostada with sour cream and queso fresco 💕😍 bomb 👌🏽

  100. Sam Trejo

    Sam TrejoKun oldin

    You could’ve used mushrooms to sub the meat! My mom makes mushroom pozole verde with a ton of hominy and it taste very much adequate