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Hi! My name is Erica and I'm a Christian, a wife, a mama to 4 amazing kiddos, a homeschooler, blogger, and author! I'm most well known for my homeschooling website, Confessions of a Homeschooler where I share tips, curriculum, organizational ideas, and more! I host a homeschooling forum where parents can find encouragement, ask questions, share tips, and more! I also have my Homeschooling 101 and Taking Charge of Your Child's Education books available in my store and on Amazon. I hope you enjoy your visit here!

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  1. MT Aviles

    MT Aviles4 soat oldin

    Thank you Erica! Your instructions are clear and easy to follow. The measurements in the screen help a lot too. We can follow them without sound, and are helpful for people who don't speak English. Many blessings to you and your family.

  2. Babyrey10

    Babyrey104 soat oldin

    when buying the fabric. What is a good amount or measurement for a bulk of fabric to start making the masks?

  3. Diana Cartagena

    Diana Cartagena5 soat oldin

    Thank you!

  4. isda73

    isda735 soat oldin

    I need help with sewing the pleated portion. My machine is struggling with sewing the multiple layers. What is the best setting to use?

  5. Laura Weimer

    Laura Weimer5 soat oldin

    Thank you so much for your clear instructions and useful information! I love your cheerful fabrics.

  6. Ursula Maurer

    Ursula Maurer6 soat oldin

    I used the HEPA filter from a new vacuum cleaner bag to line my mask.

  7. JessCity123

    JessCity1236 soat oldin

    I live in NYC and both my parents are in their 40s and have underlying medical conditions. Besides the fabrics you used, what else type of fabrics can be used? I have these kinds of fabrics in my sewing kit that are Halloween themed, but they have bats, ghosts and pumpkins on them... and well, I feel like going out with masks with bats on them isnt appropriate right now... Any suggestions from anyone here? Thanks! :)

  8. Melody Tenisch

    Melody Tenisch6 soat oldin

    Thanks! This helped a lot. Bless you!👵🌷😊

  9. Tyler Garrison

    Tyler Garrison6 soat oldin

    Hi, Just wanted to inform you seems like someone has used your title picture for their video here on youtube for there mask video, just wanted you to be aware!thank you this video is easy to follow I will try to make a few for friends and family.

  10. Alice Mendoza

    Alice Mendoza6 soat oldin

    Thank you so much!! 🙏💖Why are there people disliking this?? 🙄 A mask, ANY MASK is better than NO mask, and this wonderful lady has already explained that this mask is not a substitute for an N95 mask. For most non-médical personnel, we won’t be able to wear an N95 mask for long!

  11. valorie hornsby

    valorie hornsby6 soat oldin

    Great tutorial!

  12. Sierra Dallas

    Sierra Dallas7 soat oldin

    This is great! Thanks ❤️

  13. Jessica Dyer

    Jessica Dyer8 soat oldin

    Awwwh your kitty is so cute!!

  14. vicki lynch-griffin

    vicki lynch-griffin9 soat oldin

    I need to make multiples of these for all my double pointed knitting needles id like to see a tutorial using a zipper rather than ribbon ties

  15. Mai Chu

    Mai Chu9 soat oldin

    This is amazing! Thank you!

  16. Yuki Ice#

    Yuki Ice#9 soat oldin

    I love sewing I would love to make these .

  17. Timothy Upton

    Timothy Upton9 soat oldin

    Thank you so much Erica.

  18. Alicia Kennedy

    Alicia Kennedy10 soat oldin

    How many masks can you make with one yard?

  19. Jessica Harold

    Jessica Harold10 soat oldin

    This room looks amazing!

  20. Berniece Van Der Berg

    Berniece Van Der Berg10 soat oldin

    Great video! Great ideas!

  21. Rosalie Covello

    Rosalie Covello10 soat oldin

    Just want to say how much I love your work. I thought I was the only one that knit, spun, quilted, sewed you name it. I love what I do. Thanks for starting a podcast, i watch them when I am on my treadmill at times. While I am working remotely during this time I am completing a pair of socks, making fingerless mitts, planning to start a 2 strand mohair/fingering hat and plan to start sewing fabric masks in a few days plus spin of course. Keep up the great work.

  22. Donna Mahaffey

    Donna Mahaffey10 soat oldin

    Thank you! Correction officer wife💕

  23. beth peralta-reed

    beth peralta-reed11 soat oldin

    Thank you for doing this.

  24. yasluvsu

    yasluvsu11 soat oldin

    I was wondering if these kids size you have are just for 5 year olds and under because I made one and it's super small almost for a 4 year old do you have measurements for let's say a 10 year old

  25. Carole Briggs

    Carole Briggs11 soat oldin

    Not being very domestic, I found this video to be helpful. Hers looks like the masks friends made for us.

  26. PENG XU

    PENG XU11 soat oldin

    Thanks for sharing. But you know the key element of a surgical or N95 mask is the middle layer made from melt-blown nonwovens? It helps to retain the virus in this matter from getting through the fabrics via absorbing aerosols. It normally lasts for about 2-4 hours depending on exposure. And it can loose its efficacy when wet. A cotton mask like this one you make will not be effective against the virus at all.

  27. Anne Steinberger

    Anne Steinberger11 soat oldin

    Thank you!

  28. Adriana Lipski

    Adriana Lipski12 soat oldin

    Great podcast, Erica. I have been doing more sewing, knitting and baking bread from scratch to keep busy. Your tutorials have been great especially at this time. Thank you.


    YOLO_ALINA12 soat oldin

    Thank you very much. I provided this information to Africa, where this will be the only masks doctors and nurses can use, for there are none!

  30. Brenda Ysaguirre

    Brenda Ysaguirre12 soat oldin

    Thanks! That was perfectly demonstrated! Will try to make a few today!

  31. Jade B

    Jade B12 soat oldin

    Very easy to follow. Thank you very much x

  32. Teresa Finnerty

    Teresa Finnerty12 soat oldin

    Erica do you subscribe to a monthly subscription for your fabric bundles? Love your fabric choices and would love to get some Teresa

  33. M F

    M F12 soat oldin

    I’m trying to stay focused on my 1 year old’s knit dress and trying not to get distracted by all the other fun things I see and want to cast on 😆 thanks for all your tutorials, I’m a beginner sewer and have learned a lot from your videos! Maybe I’ll get around to making a project bag too.

  34. Ana Jakoš

    Ana Jakoš14 soat oldin

    I was running out of movies to watch, so that's my activity for today🙏

  35. Alexander Christianson

    Alexander Christianson14 soat oldin

    Very help full!

  36. XxGalaxyNutella 09

    XxGalaxyNutella 0915 soat oldin

    This only has 154,892 views but it CLEARLY deserve wayyyyy more👍💙

  37. Melissa Long

    Melissa Long15 soat oldin

    ive been spring cleaning and sanitizing my home. I am also crocheting, cross stitching and listening to audible books with all my other hours of the day.

  38. Melissa H

    Melissa H16 soat oldin

    Great help, cut down cycle time substantially. 🥰

  39. Donna Young

    Donna Young16 soat oldin

    What is the best way to wash them please

  40. Maria C. B-Rivoir

    Maria C. B-Rivoir16 soat oldin

    Fantastic thank you so much for sharing, you great!!!

  41. Omar Athmar

    Omar Athmar16 soat oldin

    Well done

  42. Kaede Fountain

    Kaede Fountain18 soat oldin

    For people who want to be a little more safe, you can add a thin layer of gauze handkerchief.

  43. Marcie Peterson

    Marcie Peterson18 soat oldin

    Thank you for your time to make this video and the pattern. You are helping thousands of us. Peace

  44. T. Taha

    T. Taha19 soat oldin

    Thank you so much for sharing this!

  45. Sharon Novak

    Sharon Novak21 soat oldin

    Is there anyway I could buy some masks from you ones with the elastic. I don't have a sewing machine . I m 65 and I want to go see my dad he's almost 92.

  46. Carol Baird

    Carol Baird21 soat oldin

    Nice tutorial Erica. I have lots of fabric and plan to make many of these for family and also to donate to my local nursing home.

  47. Christine Hrzic

    Christine Hrzic22 soat oldin

    It may have been suggested. Could you use fusible webbing. Perhaps that would help make these masks a little safer. Not sure was just wondering.

  48. Leslie Ace

    Leslie Ace22 soat oldin

    Can any fabric work for the mask

  49. House on the Hill

    House on the Hill22 soat oldin

    One of the best tutorials I've watched tonight! Simple and effective!

  50. Ddrhl

    Ddrhl22 soat oldin

    Perfect instruction. I'm about to make a bunch for my family of five. Thank you!

  51. Jackie Mondragon

    Jackie Mondragon22 soat oldin

    Can it be sewed by hand?

  52. Bbabygirl4

    Bbabygirl422 soat oldin

    Thank you!!! I love your iron were can i buy one ??

  53. Mac Attack

    Mac Attack23 soat oldin

    Can I use stabilizer instead of flannal or interfacing?

  54. Alice Bailor

    Alice Bailor23 soat oldin

    Great tutorial...some of the masks have 3 pleats instead of 2. Do you why the difference or does it really matter.

  55. Is that a thing?

    Is that a thing?23 soat oldin

    CDC did a study. On these masks if you wear them without an n95 underneath it. you are 15 times more likely to contract the Coronavirus Without the n95 mask.

  56. Colleen Sinsun Ramos

    Colleen Sinsun RamosKun oldin

    So helpful, thank you, elastic is hard to find right now, I'm also using t-shirt type headbands, but the straps looks cleaner

  57. Tara May

    Tara MayKun oldin

    I’m actually still working consider I work in a hospital!!! But I just got a crochet pattern for a cover up to help keep positive (summertime) vibes!!!!

  58. Vicky Dosinchuk

    Vicky DosinchukKun oldin

    Pero son 4 o 3 en el abujerito??

  59. the sammy show

    the sammy showKun oldin

    can we just use 100% cotton fabric for all three layers?

  60. Child of Heaven

    Child of HeavenKun oldin

    I made myself one. Thanks!!!

  61. Joceil Southward

    Joceil SouthwardKun oldin

    This is exactly what my nurse daughter was asking for. I'll be sewing them now. Thank you!

  62. Margaret Hanson

    Margaret HansonKun oldin

    Erica, what size for toddler , age 2 and 3

  63. Joanna

    JoannaKun oldin

    Learn from my mistake: DON'T iron over the elastic, guys, it'll melt! Cool tutorial, thank you! :)

  64. c e

    c eKun oldin

    hi I was wondering if I need to iron on the interfacing

  65. Jodi Farm

    Jodi FarmKun oldin

    Thank you, dear! I called our local hospital and was told with great gratitude that yes, please, they would LOVE mask donations, so I'm sewing away. Wasn't sure how long to make ties (I don't have any elastic at the moment), so your pattern answered that question for me. Thanks so much, and stay healthy and safe! <3

  66. Linda Bower

    Linda BowerKun oldin

    Thank you for the amazing cutting video. Thank you so much, I learned a lot. Thank you

  67. Dina Aronson

    Dina AronsonKun oldin

    You're awesome! This would take me 3 hours -- I need to figure out how to use a sewing machine first. Thanks for the inspiration and amazing instruction. I'm going to try this.

  68. Justine Soboleski Rucano

    Justine Soboleski RucanoKun oldin

    Having trouble sewing through all sides because of pleats. Any advice will be appreciated.

  69. Janice Andersen

    Janice AndersenKun oldin

    Thanks for this pattern. Easy to make. But I found them a way too big. Will make my next one 8" x 6", and perhaps a shorter elastic length.

  70. Donna Shortreed

    Donna ShortreedKun oldin

    oh my I have been finding it so hard to stay focused! I still have to go to work but my days off are spent walking the dogs, watching podcasts and working on multiple crafts from knitting ( just finished an adorable sweater for my grand daughter), sewing a couple of your bags!! and just picked up my needle felting to do my first 2d picture of one of my dogs. I'm all over the place and everything seems to be taking way longer to finish. Thankful the days are getting warmer. Stay safe everyone and stay home!!

  71. Lee H

    Lee HKun oldin

    Can you also use .25" elastic?

  72. Rinkoo Kukreja

    Rinkoo KukrejaKun oldin

    Very nice and helpful. Positively good.

  73. JENI RiBi

    JENI RiBiKun oldin

    can’t believe people will dislike this!

  74. Claudia Garcia

    Claudia GarciaKun oldin

    Thanks for doing this

  75. S harrison

    S harrisonKun oldin

    Thank you so much! You’re the best!

  76. Zionist Messianic

    Zionist MessianicKun oldin

    The dog 😂 looking like lunch time

  77. Deborah Bacom

    Deborah BacomKun oldin

    Thank you for this. My granddaughter starts her first nursing job in three weeks. The hospital's supply is in such short supply, she was asked to provide her own. I made three in one hour. I'm sure production and quality will improve during the days ahead!

  78. Zionist Messianic

    Zionist MessianicKun oldin

    Which sewing machine do you use

  79. Hip Homeschool Moms

    Hip Homeschool MomsKun oldin

    Fantastic tutorial!! Sharing. Thanks so much for doing this!

  80. Bonnie Paskell

    Bonnie PaskellKun oldin

    Thank you for the pattern. It is working very well. The only addition that I made is to sew in a wire twist tie At the top on the inside so that the wearer can make it tight to the nose.

  81. K Acosta

    K AcostaKun oldin

    Size of strips?

  82. TheSnarkette

    TheSnarketteKun oldin

    Thank you for this -- clear, concise and I love your practical style.

  83. Jesse Armstrong

    Jesse ArmstrongKun oldin

    My wife and I are nurses and do not own a sewing machine. If anyone is willing and able we would be willing to pay for a few of these and shipping we are desperate at this time. Thank you and god bless

  84. Barbara Esaian

    Barbara EsaianKun oldin

    I like your tutorial the best

  85. Maria Faiz

    Maria FaizKun oldin


  86. Kinsey Bliss

    Kinsey BlissKun oldin

    This is so fun and cute!

  87. Sylvia Nunez

    Sylvia NunezKun oldin


  88. Sophiecjp

    SophiecjpKun oldin

    I would add the floral wire to the top so you can pinch it around your nose. I saw this in another video.

  89. Michelle Baranowski

    Michelle BaranowskiKun oldin

    What measurement would you use for a childs mask?

  90. Martins Tobi

    Martins TobiKun oldin

    Where can I purchase the materials you used?

  91. Lisa Retelle

    Lisa RetelleKun oldin

    THANK YOU! This is so easy to follow!

  92. Joyce I Be

    Joyce I BeKun oldin

    Awesome video. Thank you so much. Want to make some for my daughter who is stuck in France

  93. Eltee954

    Eltee954Kun oldin

    After watching your previous video I was inspired to make the masks to donate to my local hospitals. Until I went out for the supplies and quickly found out all the local stores totally ran out of elastics. Then you came to the rescue with this update. I had a bit of fabric leftover from each of the masks I cut (70 total) which will be perfect for the new version. Thanks for the new video and free patterns. Cheers!

  94. Phyllis Harper

    Phyllis HarperKun oldin

    Help! My machine won’t sew thru the folds on the sides where it gets thick w several layers of fabric folded for the pleats. What can I do??

  95. Teach Children

    Teach ChildrenKun oldin

    Erica, when I tried to sew over the folded pleats in the last step, 2 needles broke!! What did I do wrong?

  96. Jennifer Leonard-Schaffstein

    Jennifer Leonard-SchaffsteinKun oldin

    This tutorial is awesome! I got supplies from local pharmacy but not great instructions, and I wasn't sure how to use the 3 layers correctly. This is so clear and helpful-thank you!

  97. Matt Valentine

    Matt ValentineKun oldin

    This is by far, the BEST tutorial I've seen!! Thank-you!!! :)

  98. Cheryl Ross

    Cheryl RossKun oldin


  99. 1sola1verita

    1sola1veritaKun oldin

    super idea!!

  100. Barbara OConnor

    Barbara OConnorKun oldin

    Very good video, thank you Erica!