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  1. ginger

    ginger6 soat oldin

    Farmer’s league

  2. Thiha Naung

    Thiha Naung7 soat oldin

    Honestly he should have done header from fifa streets

  3. IM_ NETO

    IM_ NETO7 soat oldin

    PSG uniform is ugly asf with all those advertisers on it.

  4. Steeve Cantave

    Steeve Cantave7 soat oldin

    I am not sure that deserved a red card. He obviously was messing around. I hate when refs don’t use common sense.

  5. mira ami

    mira ami8 soat oldin

    Since messi is spying on him he will do 2 with his hand then

  6. Osvaldo Ariza

    Osvaldo Ariza9 soat oldin

    Tan falso como el dopaje de cardona sos un vende humo.

  7. LEX .P

    LEX .P9 soat oldin

    This commentary got me💀💀💀💀

  8. Nick Gurrs

    Nick Gurrs10 soat oldin

    Is that Thierry Henry?

  9. EJ Lawn Care

    EJ Lawn Care10 soat oldin

    Chicharo😂😂Un perdedor mas.Hijo del NEPOTISMO!😂😂

  10. Juan J Guzman

    Juan J Guzman10 soat oldin

    If he'd play for liverpool or madrid, he would get away with it. :)

  11. nictruf

    nictruf10 soat oldin


  12. James Ebola

    James Ebola11 soat oldin

    France has 1 good team...

  13. Depor Cali23

    Depor Cali2311 soat oldin

    this video is in bein sports usa and its in spanish so you see you guys are combining both languages instead of making a separate acc

  14. Carlos Vanegas

    Carlos Vanegas11 soat oldin

    Bravo no soy Barcelonista pero 🤝 hay que proteger la Champions

  15. Pub g Gamer

    Pub g Gamer11 soat oldin

    bueno cristina es hora de que salgas del closet

  16. Gm7 RMA

    Gm7 RMA12 soat oldin


  17. Junior Dexter

    Junior Dexter12 soat oldin

    Neymar too good

  18. Mr RightNow

    Mr RightNow12 soat oldin

    hes not leaving Paris

  19. Little Soccer League Academy

    Little Soccer League Academy12 soat oldin

    Wow what Clickbait. I honestly thought Mbappe scored with his hand. Hand of God 2 but apparently he never really even scored

  20. Heisenberg H

    Heisenberg H12 soat oldin

    Maradona, Messi,...this man has a bright future

  21. Lil Boba

    Lil Boba12 soat oldin

    It’s never going to happen

  22. x Chaleur

    x Chaleur13 soat oldin

    Wrong era Mbappe

  23. Emmanuel Kofy Agyapong

    Emmanuel Kofy Agyapong13 soat oldin

    The last few seconds explains why this championships is not worth watching. Came on can you really take it seriously?

  24. Rey Rodríguez

    Rey Rodríguez13 soat oldin

    We all know the boy is destined for greatness at Real Madrid

  25. evilstricker 619

    evilstricker 61913 soat oldin

    No hes going to Real Madrid cause of Zidane

  26. GON

    GON13 soat oldin

    Was he offside? If so why was he booked?

  27. Pedro Domínguez Comas

    Pedro Domínguez Comas13 soat oldin


  28. EJ Lawn Care

    EJ Lawn Care13 soat oldin

    El Chicharo es un producto del NEPOTISMO en Mexico.Solo les dan OPORTUNIDAD a quien tiene palancas no alos TALENTOS .Este es el RESULTADO,pura basura

  29. Ramon Garcia

    Ramon Garcia14 soat oldin

    *still gets reviewed by VAR for 5 minutes*

  30. Jose Diaz

    Jose Diaz15 soat oldin

    Martinez es el futuro

  31. Telma Bolaños

    Telma Bolaños16 soat oldin

    Los dos últimos partidos sobre todo el de la Copa del Rey, yo no estaria haciendo tanta bulla.

  32. Mohamad Bassam

    Mohamad Bassam16 soat oldin

    Does this still stream on facebook? Coz its not showing up on the bein us page for me

  33. Recky

    Recky17 soat oldin

    How that a penalty?

  34. Leo._7

    Leo._717 soat oldin

    red card 🔴

  35. David Uribe

    David Uribe17 soat oldin

    He was offside so they play shouldn’t have counted when he made an attempt for the ball therefore he shouldn’t have gotten a card. Terrible ref!!

  36. The Leader

    The Leader18 soat oldin

    I'm madridista but Bale has done a lot for Real Madrid... he scored the 2 goals that gave us tha Champions against Liverpool.... he scored the goal that Helped Real Madrid pass to the Final in 2016.... in Champions.... He scored the Goal that Gave Copa Del Rey to Real Madrid against Barcelona..... and more.....

  37. maha10k

    maha10k19 soat oldin

    Hella ads on that PSG jersey. If you touch the shirt are there popup ads too?

  38. Don Houston

    Don Houston20 soat oldin

    Mbappe, lol

  39. Trumpet Music

    Trumpet Music21 soat oldin

    The reaction from the keeper was the best part, did he really think the ref wouldn't call it?

  40. John

    John22 soat oldin

    Do this more often please. 😂😂

  41. Wiil Funny

    Wiil Funny22 soat oldin

    Force coach barce

  42. Liston Fermi

    Liston Fermi22 soat oldin

    Thalaiva entry💥

  43. gurman boparai

    gurman boparai22 soat oldin

    Not fair

  44. Dino Zhang

    Dino ZhangKun oldin

    lol, this guy talks soooo Aussie.

  45. Stacey Fonseca

    Stacey FonsecaKun oldin


  46. Moka LARE

    Moka LAREKun oldin

    Mbappé was having fun. 😂😂😂

  47. Rico Zaïco

    Rico ZaïcoKun oldin

    😂😂😂 Mbabappe tried his best to get that goal...Mbadona is his new nickname....

  48. Ishaan Sengupta

    Ishaan SenguptaKun oldin

    How many are absolutely disgusted by his ignorance?

  49. ozkaritto Dumaz

    ozkaritto DumazKun oldin

    Colores de cataluña? Coño !

  50. Juan Manuel Pardo

    Juan Manuel PardoKun oldin

    Varane con 25 años fue campeón del mundo y 4 veces campeón de champions

  51. Irfan N

    Irfan NKun oldin

    Not an Arsenal fan .. but Wenger is 'Pure Class'

  52. TheBeastCruz 18

    TheBeastCruz 18Kun oldin

    Can we talk about how Neymar is getting better each match?

  53. Jaison Rajan

    Jaison RajanKun oldin

    Goal of the year !


    PAUL JOSEPHKun oldin

    No quiero ser racista pero muy pocos morenos en barcelona, ah y el kitu esta para la seleccion

  55. caFFEino

    caFFEinoKun oldin


  56. Popo Jamiel

    Popo JamielKun oldin

    2020 😭😂😂

  57. Andrey L

    Andrey LKun oldin

    Still far from the best ever handball by Paul Scholes

  58. Honsy Jones

    Honsy JonesKun oldin

    Modest, til the end

  59. Honsy Jones

    Honsy JonesKun oldin

    I think that he focus in Al Saat.

  60. ATAHUALPA867

    ATAHUALPA867Kun oldin

    Barcelona aprovecho y gano. Ahora asegurar en Guayaquil..

  61. Alexander 28

    Alexander 28Kun oldin


  62. Finessekidd 44

    Finessekidd 44Kun oldin

    Who else loves this commentator😂😂

  63. DRHYS24

    DRHYS24Kun oldin

    I'm a Boca jrs fan thank you flamengo


    GPE MUZIKKun oldin

    I like him ,but that's a red if it was a defender blocking a goal w their hand it would be a red card. He had to be sent off . You all know he had to be sent off even if you a big PSG Fan

  65. Salman Haider

    Salman HaiderKun oldin

    Haters will say Mbappe did a hand ball...

  66. thais kamal

    thais kamalKun oldin

    He is the best as a man as a footballer but not as a trainer yet of Barcelona .

  67. Ehzeer co co

    Ehzeer co coKun oldin

    Number 7 made me funny today.

  68. Rosa Mundo

    Rosa MundoKun oldin

    Los narradores uruguayos si narran los goles visitantes. Que bien por Uruguay con razón siempre les va bien en todos los torneos.

  69. Marrion Lulu

    Marrion LuluKun oldin

    The keeper for reims has butterfingers or hwat

  70. Frizo 1015

    Frizo 1015Kun oldin

    He did this for laughs, he is still the Man

  71. Kevin Pullorkunnel

    Kevin PullorkunnelKun oldin

    Tbh I feel like he could've pounced and headed it in but maybe I'm dumb

  72. Tuan Nguyen

    Tuan NguyenKun oldin

    That was epic. This could only happen on the training but here it is. Yellow card is cool and some suggest a red card, that is too harsh I think

  73. espben360

    espben360Kun oldin

    Hackel and jackel and crap and pop 😂😂😂

  74. S.S.R

    S.S.RKun oldin

    You can see that the ball went in before Konan kicked it in. Slow the video down and you can see the ball cross the line before Konan kicked it in. The replay wasn't from the best of angles but I'm saying that Neymar scored the free kick

  75. Lucky starr

    Lucky starrKun oldin

    Wether he's being silly or not, that should've been a red anyday day.

  76. Matthew Thomas

    Matthew ThomasKun oldin

    Yellows fine

  77. Acacia sprl

    Acacia sprlKun oldin

    Mbappe made my day wtf 😂😂😂😂 the dude was like fuck it imma score it anyway 😂😂😂

  78. Uwimana Nyirarukundo

    Uwimana NyirarukundoKun oldin

    Isee some people talking about vard do y'all forget that is not premier league

  79. Alvin Sanhueza

    Alvin SanhuezaKun oldin

    image quality is bad

  80. Abner De Leon

    Abner De LeonKun oldin

    What a goal from Mbappe



    Lol he was just being silly 😂 Otumfour Kojo Agyemang

  82. Abdul Buwadi

    Abdul BuwadiKun oldin

    I’m gonna tell my kids this was the hand of god goal

  83. Remy

    RemyKun oldin

    Looking to turn the lights on and a former electrician turn footballer just send into wires .

  84. Durga P. Adhikari

    Durga P. AdhikariKun oldin

    😂 😂 😂

  85. Leonardo di parma

    Leonardo di parmaKun oldin

    Maradona 1986 , no replay , no VAR Mbappe 2019 , millions of cellphones , VAR , high speed internet There's no way that anyone can pull that shit this time and age🤣🤣🤣

  86. bkholiday718

    bkholiday718Kun oldin

    mbappe cant score with his feet bet his hand could

  87. Da Silva Surfer

    Da Silva SurferKun oldin

    I really think psg has a chance to win the champions league 🤷‍♂️

  88. The prodigy himself

    The prodigy himselfKun oldin

    Oof que suerte tiene todo sudamerica que ya no juege los equipos mexicanos en este torneo sabian que estaban cercas de ganarla cualquer año despues de perder tantas finales una tenia que caer 😂 tiembla sudamerica aunque lo niegen 🇲🇽

  89. Jean C Louivil

    Jean C LouivilKun oldin

    I like that!

  90. Hamdinho14

    Hamdinho14Kun oldin

    He try join maradona club 😭

  91. Butterfield 8

    Butterfield 8Kun oldin


  92. Butterfield 8

    Butterfield 8Kun oldin

    Mbappe robbed

  93. kymani headley

    kymani headleyKun oldin

    Mbappe felt like maradona for a sec😂

  94. Anthony Òceanic

    Anthony ÒceanicKun oldin

    Shouldnt these commentators be commentating la liga games ?😂

  95. Lil Eddyyy

    Lil EddyyyKun oldin

    4:40 this boy gooofffyyy 😂😂💀💀

  96. oof sauce

    oof sauceKun oldin

    I love Mbappé, but this was very piss poor 🤦🏾‍♂️

  97. Olympus

    OlympusKun oldin

    Red card!! Wtf!!

  98. Bo Goss

    Bo GossKun oldin

    He was laterally just playing around and everybody saw it. The ref didn’t have to give him a yellow card.

  99. Joyqueim Rodrigues

    Joyqueim RodriguesKun oldin


  100. Luigi Sacco

    Luigi SaccoKun oldin

    The 21st Century hand of god