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  1. Basmattie Basheer

    Basmattie Basheer3 soat oldin

    No. God! My mascara. 😥

  2. Dik Trill GAMER

    Dik Trill GAMER3 soat oldin

    Why does my nose itch and close and run the hole time Its been going on for about 2-3 weeks I dont kmow what to do Pills dont work😭

  3. Magnus Åström

    Magnus Åström3 soat oldin

    In Sweden a MRI is $21.

  4. Nada Ashraf

    Nada Ashraf3 soat oldin

    O M G.. you sooo hot 2 be a doctor 😍😍 god bless you

  5. Blank Line

    Blank Line3 soat oldin

    As a child of a family of doctors in 3 generations now and as a student of a medical university I am so sad that this is how world treats doctors. Patients yell and complain, the hospital administration doesn't hear and the government doesn't pay enough for living. And all of that happens while the cost of actually studying in medschool is rising every year. Just ridiculous. Who in their right mind would want to go through all of this, when you can just leave after 9 grade, study in some college and get a job that pays well and leaves you some free time (and a healthy nervous system) too?

  6. Sarah Taylor

    Sarah Taylor3 soat oldin

    As a prospective medical student, its easy to see why there is a decline in the number of people willing to dedicate their lives to training to become doctors. Most of doctors don’t finish training until well into their 30s and subsequently miss out on many life experiences. It takes a lot of passion for helping others, otherwise it just isn’t worth it to be a doctor. Like dr mike said, qualified prospective doctors have a variety of other options that are objectively easier, less time consuming, and less expensive to pursue. The amount of training and work aspiring doctors have to do is insane, and continuous for many, many years. However, while there are easier alternatives- becoming a doctor so I can heal others is all I really can see myself dedicating my entire life doing. You really can’t be in it for anything else than that or every day will be a chore to get through.

  7. Christa C

    Christa C4 soat oldin

    ewww 7 year old [email protected] 😅😅

  8. Abi L

    Abi L4 soat oldin

    His laugh brings me so much's so genuine and shows he has a young spirit.

  9. Christa C

    Christa C4 soat oldin

    😂 The toilet eater

  10. Urooj K

    Urooj K4 soat oldin

    I might do it for a month, and then go on a normal diet of mine. Also it's reached over 20k likes please go on a keto diettt haha

  11. mariam k

    mariam k4 soat oldin


  12. Brooke Jonas

    Brooke Jonas4 soat oldin

    Same goes for teachers... no one trusts a teacher or a doctor anymore.

  13. WatchingDude

    WatchingDude4 soat oldin

    In South Australia it's a code white.

  14. Sel Dumas

    Sel Dumas4 soat oldin

    Gabriella is impulsive and needs to control her thirst

  15. DingleBungus

    DingleBungus4 soat oldin

    Not doctors, but the system they're part of. It's a dogshit system that should focus on prevention over treatment. I'm from Canada and nurses are hugely under utilized. There are brilliant nurses that have the competence and ability to take care of issues that the system forces doctors to look at. You'll get a minor skin issue that just requires a topical ointment, well the doctor needs to sign out on that. A nurse and a pharmacist could easily fix many issues that the system requires a MD.

  16. Vicky Brunet-Girard

    Vicky Brunet-Girard4 soat oldin

    I'm an ER RT and I've seen a patient come in, he was inconscious and his family begun chest compression almost immediatly but, without checking for a pulse. They stopped when they realised he was having a pulse but they have done some damages and the patient died during the night... so never do chest compression without checking the pulse FIRST

  17. Berre Güner

    Berre Güner4 soat oldin


  18. Nada Ashraf

    Nada Ashraf4 soat oldin

    I 'm Nada.. an egyptian girl & I'm really a big fan of you 😍😍

  19. Valeria Leonel

    Valeria Leonel4 soat oldin

    Que médico bonito...😬

  20. senato21

    senato214 soat oldin

    A big problem I see is that hospitals when they use patients as customers but then don't treat them as customers if you're going to charge me for something hundreds of dollars for it don't make me wait two or three hours in the waiting room insured or not everybody eventually pays for the services

  21. Karim Michelle Negron Santiago

    Karim Michelle Negron Santiago4 soat oldin

    I'm a medical student now. I was told by most doctors to get an MBA and enjoy my life.

  22. AsHalt

    AsHalt4 soat oldin

    I hope a video on the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is coming soon, as well as a explanation on the 2003 SARS pandemic episode and what is different, is coming soon.

  23. blossoming flower

    blossoming flower4 soat oldin

    May your parents rest in piece 🙏

  24. Acemi Gececi

    Acemi Gececi4 soat oldin

    America's helathcare system is screwed up from a moral standpoint. When i first learned how it operated i was floored. It's literally letting people die because they don't have money. That's just... wrong.

  25. Jai Parwani

    Jai Parwani4 soat oldin

    How can nurses tell somebody made a mistake or followed procedure

  26. WatchingDude

    WatchingDude4 soat oldin

    The biggest problem is the American health care system.

  27. Erica S

    Erica S4 soat oldin

    It’s such a catch 22 here when it comes to physicians offices & insurances. Physicians offices having billing reps, so they arent totally blind in what serives cost as the physicians offices are the ones billing claims TO the insurance directly. Claims comes with the billed amt & discounts are placed based off contract, if IN network. Not everyone in the insurance world is making 14 million a year, therefore there are a lot of insurance reps who try hard to advocate for their members, but are limited on what we are able to do. I think there is a huge disconnect with knowledge on both ends. People will only debate what they know, so it’s easy to say it’s someone else who is at fault when you’re really not clear or understanding that side of it. If prior authorizations didn’t exist a lot of doctors could order unnecessary testing. There is also an abundance of healthcare fraud, this especially runs true around the opioid crisis & Medicare. So that one bad apple, ruins it for the bunch. It’s not just one thing, none of this is cut at dry. Too bad we all can’t work together to figure out better solutions.

  28. Neha Patel

    Neha Patel4 soat oldin

    It seems like when he got fired they mentioned it was the ER. Meaning he is an ER doc but apparently also an interventional cardiologist? I don't know lol.

  29. Andrew Williams

    Andrew Williams4 soat oldin

    There’s no rules against rubbing nipples. Lol

  30. Wurdnurd's Guide to Life

    Wurdnurd's Guide to Life4 soat oldin

    Hey Dr Mike, if you're going to throw out statements about high rate of suicide among medical doctors (especially saying they have the highest rates), you really need to back that up with citations. Veterinarians have an insanely high suicide rate compared to medical doctors, and recent studies are showing that healthcare support staff have much higher suicide rates than doctors or administrators (all stats per CDC, via NVDRS). And the highest rates overall aren't even in healthcare. I get that you are an advocate for your field and want what's best for your brethren, but credibility counts, and throwing out false information for the sake of exaggerating your point does no favors to you or your argument.

  31. Nickoyo

    Nickoyo4 soat oldin

    You know about the human body, So do you know about the dog body for Roxy?

  32. Salem Saberhagen

    Salem Saberhagen4 soat oldin

    I'm Canadian so I don't relate to these problems since I live in a real first world country.

  33. R R

    R R4 soat oldin

    I thought Karen is just a meme

  34. mikilikacheetah

    mikilikacheetah4 soat oldin

    I spent a lot of my time in undergrad studying healthcare policy and why healthcare costs are so astronomically high. It is really interesting to see from a physicians perspective because a lot of the time it’s easy to say, “well doctors are incentivized to prescribe more medications and unnecessary treatments to drive costs so they get paid more” because people who are writing these policies and placing blame don’t actually work in the medical field, they don’t have clinical experience, they don’t know what it’s like to be on the other side. Thank you for this video!

  35. Kivines Gaming

    Kivines Gaming4 soat oldin

    Hey Doctor Mike!! Here's a good question for you to react to in a future video. I've seen on social media that men... boys... put their balls in soy sauce or whatever product, and it is said that balls and the butthole have taste receptors... So they taste the soy sauce. Is this true or false?

  36. j j

    j j4 soat oldin

    Plus 2 drops of essential oil = gods water

  37. Teagan Hope

    Teagan Hope4 soat oldin

    The world needs more wholesome content like this

  38. Yulia Klyachko

    Yulia Klyachko4 soat oldin

    Когда перееду жить в Америку уже знаю где найти действительно хорошего доктора!

  39. Flufflz

    Flufflz4 soat oldin

    8:54 gave me the earworm of my lifetime

  40. Stacey Calder

    Stacey Calder4 soat oldin

    My mom is a narcissist and I don't know how to deal with her

  41. Loop Doc

    Loop Doc4 soat oldin

    Great video. I really enjoyed listening to this. Well rounded guys.

  42. The CrowdFund Deep Dive

    The CrowdFund Deep Dive4 soat oldin

    This whole thing seems fake. He definitely doesn't come off as someone who actually tried keto for 30 days. Instead he took one day to make a video vaguely faking it.

  43. Zatzu Uy

    Zatzu Uy4 soat oldin

    I just checked and i only have 8 pairs of underwear... That's the life of being single

  44. Ryan Liu

    Ryan Liu4 soat oldin

    So in China recently there were two severe assaults on doctors from their patients' relatives, simply because those relatives refuse to accept doctor's treatment and patient is not getting better (obviously). One of the doctor was a woman named Yang Wen, she died due to multiple knife stabs at neck. the other doctor is Tao Yong, lose his mobility in arm, never able to do surgeries again. Haha...

  45. baby vamp

    baby vamp4 soat oldin

    Wait times in Canada are insane. I’ve been waiting two month to see a specialist and I’m not sure when they will get back to me.

  46. Isabelle Keuscher

    Isabelle Keuscher4 soat oldin

    The other day I was at my doctor's and they were running really behind and everybody was flipping out. When I got back I could tell the nurse and the doctor were so stressed out and I feel so bad that people are so rude. They kept apologizing about the wait but it's not really their fault. I get that we are all busy, but sometimes you just have to wait.

  47. da ginger ninja

    da ginger ninja4 soat oldin

    Did anyone notice the pro-vaxers wait there turn to speek but when the Karen's I mean anti vaxers iterupeted them constantly

  48. Altrisha Robinson

    Altrisha Robinson4 soat oldin

    Hell we need doctors more than ever with this new outbreak! BTW what are your thoughts about this virus?

  49. Rab Raza

    Rab Raza4 soat oldin

    Best doctor on UZgo. Change my mind.

  50. DRzDonn

    DRzDonn4 soat oldin

    The government needs to get out of the medical field. Government regulations is what has lead to the crazy prices.

  51. Heather Czigan

    Heather Czigan4 soat oldin

    In a world of interrupters, I so appreciate your letting her speak without interjection.

  52. Megan W.

    Megan W.4 soat oldin

    Honestly big pharma is the most corrupt industry. Turning a double profit by not monitoring sales of addictive drugs and then selling drugs to ween you off and then hiking up prices of Naloxone. *cough cough* I'm talking about you Purdue

  53. Misty Dobbins

    Misty Dobbins4 soat oldin

    I agree with Dr.Mike Varshavski I was a nurse in Oklahoma we have bad insurance and keeping doctors here in Oklahoma it's very sad

  54. summercandies

    summercandies4 soat oldin

    I read "Doctors sick" at first and was thinking "Are you okay?! What's wrong?" Thank god you guys are alright. 😅

  55. Beautyforlife24

    Beautyforlife244 soat oldin

    This video is 💯 accurate! Love all your videos great job spreading awareness about the medical field.

  56. Nitya

    Nitya4 soat oldin

    The coolest doctor I know 😎

  57. juliana mitchell

    juliana mitchell4 soat oldin

    There will never be "not enough Drs". Most MDs are holier than thou and lacking empathy. Very little has to do with cost.

  58. Elder Lemon

    Elder Lemon4 soat oldin

    late stage capitalism at it's finest. the system is broken. get mad at insurance companies, big pharma and conservative career politicians. they are the ones making these awful policies.

  59. Jay Phillip

    Jay Phillip4 soat oldin

    Omg lol yes do cells at work 😭😭😭

  60. Dinah Amirah

    Dinah Amirah4 soat oldin

    USA need to change their healthcare system ASAP. it’s ridiculous how some, or should I say majority, are not meeting their basic healthcare need because it’s too expensive. And also, any hospital that are profit-minded disgust me

  61. Kyle Birch

    Kyle Birch4 soat oldin

    Loved it!

  62. Cole Barber

    Cole Barber4 soat oldin

    Hey doctor mike, I've recently finished alot of dentist work and ended up addicted to pain pills slightly even though I took less then recommended, since then I've tried taking "o.p.m.s. kratom shots" which take away the pain and have no opiates. I dont know how dangerous this stuff is and if it's ok for me to continue taking these or what is the benefits vs the bad. Please if you can answer this or talk about it in one of your videos I would really appreciate it! I love your stuff your so awesome!

  63. Shwetha Ramesh

    Shwetha Ramesh4 soat oldin

    Heyy Llama arts!!!


    JON BRAVO4 soat oldin

    @sarah your bloodline is weak

  65. Heladito

    Heladito4 soat oldin

    I don't like this type of videos. I like seeing Dr. Mike how he answer the questions but not to see how people is not really interested or get angry at Mike or insult him. I wish he could do something similar but online for instance? I mean answer questions of people that is REALLY interested in the answer.

  66. Michael Martinez

    Michael Martinez4 soat oldin

    Great interview, and she is right.

  67. Shannon King

    Shannon King4 soat oldin

    I'll always be grateful for being lucky enoigh to be born into a country where I don't have to worry about paying for rent or paying for necessary medication. If you live in a country where you have a universal healthcare system, be thankful.

  68. Neha Patel

    Neha Patel4 soat oldin

    One of my favorite Drama Reviews by Dr. Mike. Keep doing more!!

  69. mistletoemonkey

    mistletoemonkey4 soat oldin

    Yeah. No chance I try a diet over thanksgiving and christmas seasons. I don't like myself, but I don't hate myself that much.

  70. AudibleAnarchist

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  71. Kadour Yassin

    Kadour Yassin4 soat oldin

    I want to just illustrate something. I am a medical student here down in Turkey, and I was a patient at some point and here is my experience. most people are going for medicine because it is competitive, not as you said "because they want to help people"! that does not imply they are bad, I remember one of the noble laureates in physics said that he went for physics because he did not like other specialties, not because he liked physics! for me as a patient, I truly grew some hatred against doctors, not because of the money they have taken BUT because they are not transparent with the patient we call in medicine the "paternity model" they never explain anything, In remember when the doctor gave me the prescription and I thought it will make me better the next day but after I asked my brother (who is a doctor as well), it turned out to have an affect after two weeks! some of the doctors forget to ask me about the other medicine I am using (as a medical student I know this is very bad, because the contraindication between drugs and a drug and a disease) I think we have to break down WHY people hate doctors, because people hate doctors for different reasons!

  72. Cynthya Franco

    Cynthya Franco4 soat oldin

    Hola!!! Doctor Mike porfavor coloca los subtitulos en español, gracias 😊

  73. Doughnut Bugme

    Doughnut Bugme4 soat oldin

    Is there any reason to do cardio if I’m trying to gain weight? Should I lift weights and do cardio even if I have trouble gaining weight?

  74. Marilyn Vatican

    Marilyn Vatican4 soat oldin

    Just a note on the healthy food, it’s definitely an issue.. but I wanted to share a cool story! When I was in RD school I did a rotation at a smaller hospital. They had their own garden and got most if not all meat or produce they couldn’t provide themselves from local farms. The menu was on a constant rotation because the chef had freedom to make whatever they wanted with what was available that week. IT WAS AWESOME! Fresh, local food in the hospital. Amazing.

  75. Λευ Teris

    Λευ Teris4 soat oldin

    Dont smash the spiders :/ ok u would have 1 more car .. but also only couple species are harmfull to human . and even those are not agressive .. they attack on threat..

  76. Torbi- nator

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    I‘m sorry is this some sort of American joke that I’m too European to understand?

  77. Yulia Klyachko

    Yulia Klyachko4 soat oldin

    Do you have slavic ancestry? Asking because of your name and surname.

  78. Diamond Digger’s Dimension

    Diamond Digger’s Dimension4 soat oldin

    2 things parents blame everything on: -Phones -Vaccines

  79. Stacey Calder

    Stacey Calder4 soat oldin

    How do you get rid of a tumor on the pituatary gland without surgery?

  80. Illuminous

    Illuminous4 soat oldin

    Not gonna lie I'm seeing a very consistent pattern. People tend to think negatively of something because they don't know anything about it and therefore are just making assumptions. In short a lot of the issues I see arise because nobody knows the full picture. Where we could do a lot of other things to solve these problems separately we could instead Attempt to get people to be more accepting and aware that they will never know Everything. Nor should they know everything. I find that the best secrets only reveal themselves when you have your eyes open. If you believe you know everything you aren't looking for anything, therefore your eyes are shut. Perhaps all this is too idealistic but I believe in us. I believe that we have the potential and ability to finally quell the internal war between all of us.

  81. Inorganic Benzene

    Inorganic Benzene4 soat oldin

    I didn't realize just how many countries it's normal for people to not know their blood type in. India, all kids have their blood type tested before or during school. It's in our school ID card. If not some schools, it's definitely mentioned in our college ID cards, etc. It's also a requirement for obtaining a Driver's license. Mine is A1-ve, you've been blessed with my bloody knowledge. Good day to you! PS Still strange for a doctor to not know their blood group though. I study biotech and in my 5th semester Immunology lab, the first exercise we had was simple blood group testing 🤔🤔

  82. Yogesh Choudhary

    Yogesh Choudhary4 soat oldin

    I am a mathematics student and i think I'm here for promoting my blog😂😂...plz check for man's Fashion & Grooming

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    rainy jess4 soat oldin

    could you make a video about sweating i think it would be interesting

  84. Haylee Mesa

    Haylee Mesa4 soat oldin

    Hello Dr. Mike! I'm a pre-med student studying for a bachelors in neuroscience. Currently I'm studying for the MCAT and preparing for med school applications. I work 20 hours a week along with taking 5 classes. The hard work that goes into becoming a doctor starts very early! Seeing these articles are intimidating to me and friends of mine who are pre-med as well. I hope that your message further gets out, not only for current doctors who are hard working individuals who do not deserve such labels.. but for future doctors as well.

  85. Don't Worry be Happy

    Don't Worry be Happy4 soat oldin


  86. Nellythe Noodle

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    “Stay out of the sun” Alright no problem

  87. Sarah Nicole

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    Doctors are my heros.

  88. ElizaXOXO

    ElizaXOXO5 soat oldin

    I thought I had an ear infection so I just went the doctor and they said that it’s not an ear infection but said that it might be eczema and gave me nothing to help. Sometimes I hate the NHS even though it’s amazing they don’t give the same amount of care because it costs too much and for children prescriptions r free.

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    Sassy Title

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    My feet are always sweaty. It’s caused toe nail fungus that I can’t get rid of. Can I get the Botox injection in my feet? and how do I get rid of this toenail fungus? Nothing over the counter seems to work.

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    This made me get flashbacks of stacyplays- R.I.P Page.

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    Doc Mike you're a 3rd rate doctor with a 4th rate skill set

  94. Jazzilyn CreepShow

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    Can you add a transcript from the interview please? Thank you 🙂

  95. LionZion 7

    LionZion 75 soat oldin

    I am 15 but i want to be a cardiovascular surgeon jajajajajja

  96. May Bignan

    May Bignan5 soat oldin

    This whole discussion on the cost of healthcare in the US is irrelevant everywhere else. Yes, sometimes the cost will make people feel stolen from. But in my experience the problem is lack of respect. I started seeing doctors regularly at age 14. At age 34 I can say that the majority of doctors and medical professionals of all sorts don’t listen to what they are told by the patient seeking help. Being repeatedly dismissed, belittle, ignored, and taking medical steps ignoring what the patient is reporting is what creates disrespect for the profession. I regularly see studies released the prove doctors don’t listen to women and listen even less if those women are women of colour. It’s all well and good to say the problem is the cost, but that is hardly the only reason people don’t like doctors. And not believing the patient is absolutely the doctor’s fault and they should take responsibility for that.

  97. jv

    jv5 soat oldin

    I have a question. Should we take OTC medicines for fevers or just let it do its thing? I hear it's the body's reaponse to viruses.

  98. Valerie McDonald

    Valerie McDonald5 soat oldin

    Well, Dr. Mike, Dr, Sibert: when the day comes that you need your own doctor, I sure hope they treat you better than some of the ones I've met.

  99. Raeann Leal

    Raeann Leal5 soat oldin

    Thank you for sharing regarding a pertinent topic. Solid interview that addressed valuable discussion points. Keep creating awareness! Always staying happy and heathy!

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