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  1. Alayshia Brown

    Alayshia Brown8 daqiqa oldin

    Is nobody gonna talk about the ghetto guy 🤣🤣

  2. Noa Williams

    Noa Williams11 daqiqa oldin

    All I’m paying attention to is Joshua sorryyy

  3. Taylor Attrill

    Taylor Attrill15 daqiqa oldin

    He is so cute..... <3

  4. Jay The Great Jay

    Jay The Great Jay17 daqiqa oldin

    Am I the only that thinks that’s not gonna last

  5. Chloe Lattin

    Chloe Lattin17 daqiqa oldin

    After watching the video Justine made, I have no words. One thing for sure, this didn't age well......

  6. Isabel Lazo

    Isabel Lazo22 daqiqa oldin

    I want Joshua to marry me lmao

  7. Marley Elias

    Marley Elias29 daqiqa oldin

    Wow you are so creative 👍👍👍

  8. Slyy Floxy

    Slyy Floxy31 daqiqa oldin

    Jus a random comment so years from now when This show is history I’ll be remembered 👏👏👏

  9. Ashley Danielle

    Ashley Danielle32 daqiqa oldin

    🤣🤣🤣 she did better than me! I don’t know no damn verse! Only the chorus 🤣👏🏾 I love this woman!

  10. Meh Emoji

    Meh Emoji34 daqiqa oldin

    I was using a tampon since I was eleven

  11. Peyton Luce

    Peyton Luce36 daqiqa oldin

    you are rilly pall

  12. Emilie Bulman

    Emilie Bulman41 daqiqa oldin

    this video came out on my BIRTHDAY!!!!

  13. Phoebe Wonderful

    Phoebe Wonderful47 daqiqa oldin

    Joshua looks like Tom Holland lol

  14. Ty Marie

    Ty Marie47 daqiqa oldin

    AHH!! JOSH IS SO CUTE😍❤️❤️

  15. Becca Rush

    Becca Rush55 daqiqa oldin

    And now Sofia Wylie is in HSMTMTS

  16. rylee04

    rylee04Soat oldin

    was joshua ever on greys anatomy?

  17. love turtle

    love turtleSoat oldin

    She is sooo pretty the best friend

  18. Am I

    Am ISoat oldin

    I never know that all of them can speak in English... Omgggg

  19. Pancit Canton

    Pancit CantonSoat oldin


  20. Almighty-Tzy

    Almighty-TzySoat oldin

    Whts His meme page😂

  21. Kihyun Pics

    Kihyun PicsSoat oldin

    Uhm that Africa statement the girl said in the beginning though.. 🤭😠😦

  22. Extra Thiccc

    Extra ThicccSoat oldin

    6:26 Girl: i don’t like anime because it’s not English English dub: Am I a joke you?

  23. ewan lim

    ewan limSoat oldin

    Fun fact: olivia and vanessa are both half filipinos so yeah.

  24. Samantha Williams

    Samantha WilliamsSoat oldin

    this was depressing how did they miss so many

  25. Kelly Kelly

    Kelly KellySoat oldin

    I was told to get the implant on the first day of your period. I got mine on the day it was due, and I haven't gotten it yet either, so I'm technically 3 days late. I wonder if it will come. It's the 3rd time ive used this but it's been 10 years since my last, I was lucky and my period stopped for the entire 3 years I had it in, with the second time around i did get the occasional period but it was very light and only for like 2 or 3 days. It's the same as the depo, I've had friends bleed for the whole 3 months and I've had friends never get a period. Every body is different, but if you do try it and you don't like it your dr can remove it as soon as you want, you don't have to wait the full 3 years especially if your non stop bleeding, that would be quite harmful for your health.

  26. Pereira Sisters

    Pereira SistersSoat oldin


  27. Thawtiana Jawnson

    Thawtiana JawnsonSoat oldin


  28. Gaming Gacha

    Gaming Gacha2 soat oldin

    Girl: I would see queen Me: seems like a pretty good choice you should choose her not for any reason I just like her

  29. Audra Nicole

    Audra Nicole2 soat oldin

    “If you marry this guy, we’ll sing at your wedding”

  30. Darrell Lee

    Darrell Lee2 soat oldin

    Aye issa Darrell in dis

  31. Dani Quinteros

    Dani Quinteros2 soat oldin

    No entendí nada 😒

  32. Rosa Silva

    Rosa Silva2 soat oldin

    Laney was the prettiest one 😭.

  33. m3rcyl3ss k1ll3r

    m3rcyl3ss k1ll3r2 soat oldin

    20:07 beast boy and Raven because Raven is my middle name

  34. Tinka's Tube

    Tinka's Tube2 soat oldin

    I already know about if only when the vks scared dove

  35. Yoel Kahsay

    Yoel Kahsay2 soat oldin

    Olivia is my wife

  36. Diego Aramis Meraz Aguayo

    Diego Aramis Meraz Aguayo2 soat oldin

    Que padre😊

  37. Kaitlin Goetz

    Kaitlin Goetz2 soat oldin

    I like watching your UZgo videos on my computer

  38. Lil Lexi cx

    Lil Lexi cx2 soat oldin

    Lmao is that really Brandon? 😂 from twin my heart? Merrel twins.

  39. moayad al lahamm

    moayad al lahamm2 soat oldin

    he is baby

  40. Marinaa Camaj

    Marinaa Camaj2 soat oldin

    i love him so much wtf

  41. Hayley Stokes

    Hayley Stokes2 soat oldin

    Cheek fillers though...

  42. BB Productions

    BB Productions2 soat oldin

    Imagine doing this with 13 year olds.... I kinda wanna see that ngl

  43. KellyN Nin

    KellyN Nin2 soat oldin

    Y’all don’t know have the songs nooo 😭😂let me get on here y’all gon have to tell me shut up uk all the lyrics more than the writer

  44. Octopus Person

    Octopus Person2 soat oldin

    zim is the cutest ...

  45. Certified Ugly

    Certified Ugly2 soat oldin


  46. mak rose

    mak rose2 soat oldin

    everything she said sounded so scripted, i didn’t really think they were compatible at all

  47. Linnae Brooke

    Linnae Brooke3 soat oldin

    when’s the third episode coming outtttt

  48. alexandre martin

    alexandre martin3 soat oldin

    Are you guys planning on doing a world tour? :(

  49. Madison Wegner

    Madison Wegner3 soat oldin

    Boy Jessica stuck out too bruh

  50. Allison Carter

    Allison Carter3 soat oldin

    The fact that Kurtis and Dean are on "The Internet's Cringiest Dating Show" and spent multiple videos making fun of it is a little shocking.

  51. Francesca Sarcone

    Francesca Sarcone3 soat oldin

    What...happened to her?! I mean I’m happy to see her again though like really

  52. I-T iyah man

    I-T iyah man3 soat oldin

    WOW SHE IS INCREDIBLE THERE will never be another BILES

  53. alicia bandeira

    alicia bandeira3 soat oldin

    if you don't want bryan i want

  54. Kayleigh Castillo

    Kayleigh Castillo3 soat oldin

    6:22 How Dare She! 😤😤😤

  55. Blue Boi

    Blue Boi3 soat oldin

    Joshua Bassett to me kind of reminds me of Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell, but like, mixed with Tom Holland for some reason lol 😅

  56. Julia

    Julia3 soat oldin

    0:34 the way he looks at her uwu

  57. Tom Rinn

    Tom Rinn3 soat oldin

    Misgendering a trans person is an act of violence.How tho?????

  58. idontknow

    idontknow3 soat oldin

    The perfect crossover doesnt exis-

  59. Jessilyn Smith

    Jessilyn Smith3 soat oldin

    The boys are back

  60. emily carpenter

    emily carpenter4 soat oldin

    Them: the second movie is out favorite Them: *gets a 1/3 on the second movie*

  61. emerita lambert

    emerita lambert4 soat oldin

    For the couples costumes i thought about the plug and socket !!!!😂

  62. Lemonade WithSnacks

    Lemonade WithSnacks4 soat oldin

    I feel like they all just respect Harry and they all just get along really well

  63. Jessica T

    Jessica T4 soat oldin

    David’s so fuqin awkward I love it

  64. Xxwhite fox287

    Xxwhite fox2874 soat oldin

    Why did Chris look like Slogoman

  65. Bella’s Pets

    Bella’s Pets4 soat oldin

    I’m sorry but he’s a... off

  66. m4x

    m4x4 soat oldin

    This bi sexual stuff is not entertaining. I love the LGBTQ community

  67. Suga's InFIREration

    Suga's InFIREration4 soat oldin

    I wanna be honest. I would be scared of the spider-man guy. Like I wouldn't be surprised to wake up in a basement at some point.

  68. Isa Perez

    Isa Perez4 soat oldin

    bruh emmett has my heart. im late but 21:33 was when my heart broke tbh

  69. Gracie K

    Gracie K4 soat oldin

    1:12 i thought she said autistic

  70. TheRobloxLoaf YT

    TheRobloxLoaf YT5 soat oldin

    3:02 she said she Is 17 but you guys wrote 16 lol

  71. Grigor B. 2

    Grigor B. 25 soat oldin

    She's So Beautiful

  72. Eliška Gregorová

    Eliška Gregorová5 soat oldin

    I’m living for the accent. ❤️❤️

  73. Yanisse Allou

    Yanisse Allou5 soat oldin

    That girl saying she has 5 exotic pets her landlord doesnt know about basically exposed herself bc what if her landlord is watching lmao

  74. Margo Ruíz

    Margo Ruíz5 soat oldin

    Poor ian

  75. Dog Wizard K9

    Dog Wizard K95 soat oldin

    Ugh I hate people that like memes a lot. They're annoying to me.

  76. Stranger_Wizard_Little

    Stranger_Wizard_Little5 soat oldin

    I cringed and got a little annoyed when they would go: "He's missing out." Like, not if you act like _that._

  77. Cal C

    Cal C5 soat oldin


  78. Felipe Farizel

    Felipe Farizel5 soat oldin


  79. Sherk Elizabeth

    Sherk Elizabeth5 soat oldin

    this me all the lyrics to all the songs to all 3 movies

  80. Cal C

    Cal C5 soat oldin

    She’s basic guys

  81. Lolozi Mthembu

    Lolozi Mthembu5 soat oldin

    Disney plus... Which channel

  82. BlockyGiraffe

    BlockyGiraffe5 soat oldin

    so many voice cracks ;-;

  83. Linnea Wallin

    Linnea Wallin5 soat oldin

    16:13 He really hit puberty there for a while.. lmao

  84. Aerin Estrada

    Aerin Estrada5 soat oldin

    Nooooou fac

  85. Thais

    Thais5 soat oldin

    Max looks like her brother

  86. Hope Dream Catcher

    Hope Dream Catcher5 soat oldin

    They didn’t do scream from hsm 3 how dare they

  87. white sailormoon

    white sailormoon5 soat oldin

    i like when bambam say underwear and jinyoung say " ey ey "

  88. A Proud Englishman

    A Proud Englishman5 soat oldin

    When they talk to people are they just like "Hi my name is Dave my pronouns are they/them"??

  89. Bliss DSouza

    Bliss DSouza6 soat oldin

    The way he just keeps looking at her though with starry eyes..that's love right there yall.

  90. Brianna

    Brianna6 soat oldin

    Chrissy looks like Christina Milian.. stg.

  91. Brady Carr

    Brady Carr6 soat oldin

    “i do believe in aliens because i believe there was life before humans” -_-

  92. Linda Maria

    Linda Maria6 soat oldin


  93. Anna Justen

    Anna Justen6 soat oldin

    yo fix the sound design oml

  94. Weronika

    Weronika6 soat oldin

    imagine ricky and nini singing can I have this dance together 😭❤

  95. Lindsy van Wanrooij

    Lindsy van Wanrooij6 soat oldin

    Am i the only One that used iT by the first time?

  96. Millie Griffiths

    Millie Griffiths6 soat oldin

    They have just ruined hsm by making it a series and it ain’t right because it isn’t the original actors

  97. Ms. R

    Ms. R6 soat oldin

    He's adorable.

  98. Alisha Chowdhury

    Alisha Chowdhury6 soat oldin

    I still have my high school musical backpack. I can see it from where I am sitting right now.

  99. Agree Girl

    Agree Girl6 soat oldin

    I was born in july

  100. Adeline Albert

    Adeline Albert6 soat oldin

    Is no one gonna talk about Olivers hair .... Its awesome But I'm kinda used to it being in plaits from bizaardvark...