trying to deep fry ice cream

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  1. flyrodu

    flyrodu2 daqiqa oldin

    Why trying to replace eggs?

  2. Patricia Wisenbaker

    Patricia WisenbakerSoat oldin

    Please make Chicken and Dumplings because it’s a soup but also a meal

  3. mattbot

    mattbotSoat oldin

    Title should’ve been “how to get diabetes in 24 minutes”

  4. Victoria Rivera

    Victoria Rivera2 soat oldin

    Next thing you should do is do the same recipe but with churro for the outside and then deep fry the ice cream but leave the ice cream in the freezer for 2 hours and you can make it into a ball with plastic wrap

  5. Faith O

    Faith O2 soat oldin

    Jenna my Virgo moon felt your anxiety through the screen 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Faith O

    Faith O2 soat oldin

    “We did it and it wasn’t messy even” “ julien it is a disaster in here” lol They are perfect together

  7. Erin Hildebrandt

    Erin Hildebrandt2 soat oldin

    Jenna: It's been awhile since I had ice cream. Girl, Julien made you black raspberry ice cream for your birthday in september.

  8. Nana TK

    Nana TK2 soat oldin

    It’s better if u grind up the corn flakes more and add coconut ☺️

  9. Gabrielle Paffumi

    Gabrielle Paffumi2 soat oldin

    Deep fried ice cream is a big thing in Mexico too 😝❤️👌🏻

  10. im daisy btw

    im daisy btw3 soat oldin

    Julien your hands literary produce heat, you're 36°C while touching an ice cream. If you used a tool in ambient temperature (27°C or less) to handle the ice cream and crushed the cornflakes more it would have worked better.

  11. Robyn Holliday

    Robyn Holliday4 soat oldin

    The only time I had deep fried ice cream and fruit has been at Japanese restaurants

  12. Abigail Trempe

    Abigail Trempe4 soat oldin

    If you try to make this again instead of bean juice and corn flakes try it with vegan caramel and rice crispy cereal that’s the way my dad would do it FYI just an idea :)

  13. lala100300

    lala1003005 soat oldin

    Jenna enters.......Julien turns into a child. Lol

  14. Taylor Julian

    Taylor Julian5 soat oldin

    Lol I love Jenna but did anyone else cringe when she took the spoon from the floor and starting eating with it 17:31😂

  15. Mackenzie Barnes

    Mackenzie Barnes6 soat oldin

    why are juliens fingers always painted?

  16. alex gielis

    alex gielis6 soat oldin

    hear me out: deep fry the cereal on its own, pour over a scoop of icecream. done

  17. Aliee Kat

    Aliee Kat7 soat oldin

    Next time, you should try using agave instead of egg white replace... it will taste sweeter and stick way better!

  18. Mara Burton

    Mara Burton7 soat oldin

    Wait was the ice cream vegan

  19. Maricela Medina

    Maricela Medina7 soat oldin

    Julian totally reminded me of Eddie in that Disney movie Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off!!! Anyone else?

  20. Salty Idiot

    Salty Idiot7 soat oldin

    but why did you try to do this

  21. Andi L

    Andi L8 soat oldin

    In Scotland, we deep fry Mars bars. Never had one but I felt that everyone needed to know this 😂

  22. Lori A

    Lori A8 soat oldin

    Julie:... And on this last one..... Me: You're going to grind the Corflakes!!! Julie: We're gonna double dip.! Me: ehhhhhhhh bepepbepbep

  23. Natalie Perez

    Natalie Perez8 soat oldin

    You should’ve used serán wrap to shape the balls lmao

  24. slipperywhenwet

    slipperywhenwet8 soat oldin

    Youre getting the ball too wet, and probably dont even need the egg wash! Bread the balls, and freeze them, then fry them. So theyre already ready to go in the oil

  25. Nancy Davila

    Nancy Davila8 soat oldin

    You can deep fry chicken in corn flakes and it makes the chicken taste like idk corn chicken flakes?

  26. cheap silence

    cheap silence9 soat oldin

    i’ve fried chicken in cornflakes

  27. 2CentsBear

    2CentsBear11 soat oldin

    Why u keep painting ur nails dawg..

  28. Awo

    Awo13 soat oldin

    in germany we would say "Back dir n Eis!"

  29. Joshua Almeida

    Joshua Almeida14 soat oldin

    Does he not know that this a thing in the Hibachi Japanese style restaurants? That’s the only place I’ve ever seen or eaten this?

  30. HEY KYU

    HEY KYU14 soat oldin

    Idk if I want chickpea juice with cornflakes and ice cream 🤢

  31. Anton Gully

    Anton Gully15 soat oldin

    Watching Julien cautiously breaking a sweat crushing cornflakes really makes me reassess my life choices. I used to work construction. Who knew, there was another way. Oh, EDIT: people are picking me up wrong and criticizing me for the wrong reason. I should have said he was only PARTIALLY crushing the corn flakes. He got tired shortly after starting.

  32. emigrantyeti

    emigrantyeti17 soat oldin

    that hot plate still makes a terrible screeching sound. i cri

  33. Zelda Fan

    Zelda Fan17 soat oldin

    actual preparation starts at 4:42

  34. Jessica Mendoza

    Jessica Mendoza18 soat oldin

    When your done coating place back in freezer and then deep fry

  35. Jessica Mendoza

    Jessica Mendoza18 soat oldin

    You can bread chicken put on mac and cheese .

  36. Melody Gardenia

    Melody Gardenia19 soat oldin

    it bothers me that not all of his nails are painted. he rocks the polish, but FUCK WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OTHER NAILS BRO?!!!!!!!

  37. Steph Kuehn

    Steph Kuehn20 soat oldin

    I would love to see you make pizza rolls!

  38. KagedBird

    KagedBird20 soat oldin

    I know this is a few days old, but Paesh looks like she needs her nails clipped. Them some long ass nails. Also it felt like you were getting out some pent up Aries-ness in this video. Hope it helped you feel more "relaxed" to get back into the swing of things!

  39. anna

    anna21 soat oldin

    i'm gonna bake milo cereal to make it crispyy and put it on ice cream tonight :))))))))

  40. Libby H

    Libby H21 soat oldin

    Yes!! Put cereal in your ice cream!! I have been doing it for ages and THE KNOWLEDGE MUST BE SPREAD! it's so good

  41. misojitda affirmations

    misojitda affirmations21 soat oldin

    ice cream: julien: so anyways I started blasting

  42. skylar honey

    skylar honey21 soat oldin

    fried ice cream is literally a mexican dessert but ok

  43. wolf town

    wolf town22 soat oldin

    Idk how to cook but even i knew you have to crush the corn flakes well 😓

  44. Kayla Day

    Kayla Day22 soat oldin

    fruity pebbles on chocolate ice cream with hot fudge on top.... FUCKING MIIIIINT.

  45. Cady Castle

    Cady Castle23 soat oldin

    ChiChis fried ice cream was AMAZING I wish I could find there recipe!

  46. Veronica Ebeling

    Veronica Ebeling23 soat oldin

    WHAT IF!.. You did it with cake batter instead of the chickpea goop?

  47. Victoria Garcia

    Victoria GarciaKun oldin

    It’s time to update the profile pic!

  48. CHAU

    CHAUKun oldin

    asians laughing at you tryna fry ice cream

  49. jasmyn aminah

    jasmyn aminahKun oldin

    us aries’ are the best at everything we do😌😌

  50. Yes Ok

    Yes OkKun oldin

    I could've watched a whole Naruto episode but no I'm watching *this*

  51. capitalfaults

    capitalfaultsKun oldin

    i'm curious what he does with the remnants of food and stuff after he pours out the aquafaba :o like does he use it in another meal?

  52. Rachel with pets

    Rachel with petsKun oldin

    “Want some cornflakes? You my little cornflake?”

  53. Rachel with pets

    Rachel with petsKun oldin

    Honestly though, put some corn flakes in a toaster oven and sprinkle them on top

  54. GuyRami

    GuyRamiKun oldin

    Gluten free tortillas work also... it's like a fried burrito but you smother it in bunuelo seasoning.

  55. virgo81chick

    virgo81chickKun oldin

    It's like once ChiChi's disappeared, so did fried ice cream :(

  56. Tabi Peppermint

    Tabi PeppermintKun oldin

    I can tell you that breading chicken in cornflakes is like the BEST part of being in the hospital for a while here in denmark

  57. GuyRami

    GuyRamiKun oldin

    You did it to em Jules!

  58. Hannah Gustin

    Hannah GustinKun oldin

    You can fry all sorts of stuff in cornflakes! Fish, chicken, veggies-just crush your cornflakes super fine and dip whatever you're frying into flour, then egg, then the cornflakes and fry!

  59. Jessica Loretto

    Jessica LorettoKun oldin


  60. Jordan Berger

    Jordan BergerKun oldin

    Traditional deep fried ice cream is a Mexican dish. Personally i think it tastes like sponge.

  61. A.J.B oohhh babi

    A.J.B oohhh babiKun oldin

    Why did you fire peachy👀🤣🤣. And strong and healthy 🤔🤔🤔🤣🤣