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  1. Igna Paz

    Igna PazKun oldin

    im watching Emma drinking coffee while im drinking coffee and wondering if my coffee is good or not

  2. Cayden Que

    Cayden QueKun oldin

    Girls trying on bathing suits, Emma chamberlain trying all the coffe shops, lol i luv her

  3. Kelly Vidal

    Kelly Vidal2 kun oldin

    Every time I watch Emma I always want coffee

  4. Luis Miguel Garrido Mata

    Luis Miguel Garrido Mata2 kun oldin

    Alguien bino de un video de Angie o soy solo yayo 😶🙃

  5. Koralea Roessler

    Koralea Roessler3 kun oldin

    I live in Washington and there is literally a coffee place on every block I didn’t even know that wasn’t a thing in other places in the world that coffee isn’t on every corner until I left

  6. Margo Speirs

    Margo Speirs3 kun oldin

    I literally just started watching this and she was like "it's two pm" and literally I started watching this video at two PM on the dot 😲

  7. Sienna Courchene

    Sienna Courchene5 kun oldin

    emma you would love timmies

  8. Hannah Cordukes

    Hannah Cordukes6 kun oldin

    Me watching this as I am drinking my third coffee in 4 hours

  9. Jackz

    Jackz8 kun oldin

    This bitch is a MOOD

  10. Sumaijay 11

    Sumaijay 119 kun oldin

    "Anti birch serum, ehhh"

  11. Kasia Robichaud

    Kasia Robichaud10 kun oldin

    Emma go to Canada and order a Tim hortons iced coffee with a shot of maple you’ll thank me later ❤️

  12. GoldenFlare91

    GoldenFlare9111 kun oldin

    I'm watching this at 5 am and I'm dying because I have to be quiet but I want to laugh

  13. Sakina Master

    Sakina Master11 kun oldin

    Emma on her third coffee ☕: "It tastes like soap" Me: "How does she know what soap tastes like?" 🤨

  14. suhaana .A

    suhaana .A12 kun oldin

    Anyone else binging emma in quarantine? lol

  15. whateveritslisa

    whateveritslisa13 kun oldin

    i did this but toronto edition, and y’allllll don’t even understand the struggle of finding good iced coffee! i feel this struggle so hard 😭😭😭❤️❤️

  16. Livy Lax

    Livy Lax13 kun oldin

    Me who’s watching this on a Monday, You did it

  17. Aya Alcodray

    Aya Alcodray13 kun oldin

    whos here from 2020

  18. ГаВкОш МыГ

    ГаВкОш МыГ12 kun oldin


  19. kainoo ii

    kainoo ii13 kun oldin

    Honestly Emma I am getting bullied a lot and ur vids just make me laugh and make. Me happy 😊

  20. Tanner Clendenin

    Tanner Clendenin14 kun oldin

    “Goat has amazing prices” $200😂

  21. Lorraine L

    Lorraine L14 kun oldin

    PCP love a bit of em Sydney coffeeeeey

  22. Rio Malito

    Rio Malito15 kun oldin

    When Emma shows off her shoes how the fuck does her leg do that. Like it twists

  23. Lemons Are Yellow

    Lemons Are Yellow16 kun oldin

    omg youtubers listen up, if you do premiers you generate more money because of donations!!!!

  24. Manu Bertolotti

    Manu Bertolotti16 kun oldin

    I loveeee yourr nailsss soooo muchh

  25. Ally Johle

    Ally Johle16 kun oldin

    “Holy fu*k I’m sweating”

  26. Catherine Smith

    Catherine Smith16 kun oldin

    i’m a barista, and i was giggling the whole time because the vast majority of coffee places use the same recipe for iced lattes😅 two shots of espresso with milk and a few pumps of syrup for a 16 oz

  27. kyliee

    kyliee17 kun oldin


  28. Serena Barron

    Serena Barron20 kun oldin

    This was 9 months ago and she said it was Monday bbuuuttttttttt I was watching this on may 11th MONDAY!!!!!

  29. Sara Siegler

    Sara Siegler20 kun oldin

    it is monday rn

  30. Abby Russ

    Abby Russ22 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="119">1:59</a> - Emma: there's nothing better than new clean air force 1's Emma's AF-1's: *have dirt on the toe

  31. happy hour

    happy hour23 kun oldin

    Coffee isn't a word to me no more.

  32. Megan Hughes

    Megan Hughes24 kun oldin

    Challenge for Emma' no cussing no phone no coffee impossible or possible Emma?

  33. Hehehe

    Hehehe24 kun oldin

    I wanna start using “danger hazard”

  34. Galia Mixon

    Galia Mixon26 kun oldin

    literally love this! i laughed so so much!

  35. ava vintis

    ava vintis26 kun oldin

    if you dropped your phone on your face while watching this vid😭:

  36. Cr Ab

    Cr Ab25 kun oldin

    I dropped one of those big ass old iPads onto my front teeth once. Nothing broke but you just feel it all month.

  37. Salima Tassir

    Salima Tassir26 kun oldin

    70 degrees is what a Floridian considers cold-

  38. sydney grace

    sydney grace27 kun oldin

    who else finds it weird when philz is in like a "hot coffee cup"?

  39. Sophia Paterniti

    Sophia Paterniti28 kun oldin

    I bought the wildflower phone case

  40. imawesome m88888

    imawesome m8888828 kun oldin

    Please don’t buy fucking shoes on a Monthly payment 😂

  41. Clarissa

    Clarissa28 kun oldin

    I knew she was going to go to philz at the end

  42. Trisha Alapati

    Trisha Alapati29 kun oldin

    How is she wearing a beanie and a full sleeve top when it’s summer 🥵

  43. Cr Ab

    Cr Ab25 kun oldin

    When I was 300 lbs, I always felt warm no matter what. When I reached 200, I felt less warm. I can only imagine how girls feel. Apparently you guys have slower metabolisms as well so you'll always feel colder than men.

  44. Cami Romero

    Cami RomeroOy oldin

    Soy la única con 22 años que se la pasa bien viendo estos vídeos?

  45. Sunshine Daydream

    Sunshine DaydreamOy oldin

    Emma, I bought some of your coffee! I’m super excited to get sommeeeee

  46. Strxwberri_Shortcxke

    Strxwberri_ShortcxkeOy oldin

    This was back when you could actually go to coffee shops :( #2020

  47. Adds Lind

    Adds LindOy oldin

    emma i need this video most recommend coffee plss make a video ab it

  48. Frankie Mero

    Frankie MeroOy oldin

    Anyone else watching it on a Monday?

  49. Keira Laubscher

    Keira LaubscherOy oldin

    Emma,u need to come to S.A. and buy Seattle coffee

  50. edis

    edisOy oldin

    Me watching after chamberlain coffee come out ☕️🖤

  51. Sydney Allen

    Sydney AllenOy oldin

    Pie Hole has great coffee. They have one in LA.

  52. RIVER

    RIVEROy oldin

    Ummmmm you know Los Angeles is 342 miles long? You can spend your entire life dedicated to trying every coffee shop in Los Angeles cuz it'll take that long probably..

  53. Doug Legnine

    Doug LegnineOy oldin

    You are in the la and Venice and santamonaca area,,, I hope I'll make it back there some day,,I'm trying to make money on the cape cod,,Boston area,,👳🕉🍕🧀🐐☕🍩🤖🙉🖖👀👅🚱🏁

  54. Cici Lounge

    Cici LoungeOy oldin

    Honestly, that's what peripheral vision is for (to see your surroundings from the sides of your eyes). I will admit that some have better peripheral vision than others do. For example: If I'm about a good solid few inches away and see something in front of me and/or off to the side, I'll be able to tell if it's a coffee shop or not esp. if I'm driving by myself.

  55. reese kaitlin

    reese kaitlinOy oldin

    9 months later and now she has her own coffee brand

  56. Saja Herbawi

    Saja HerbawiOy oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="288">4:48</a> effed me up so bad bc it looks like the world froze and she didn’t

  57. d u h s t y r o s e s

    d u h s t y r o s e sOy oldin

    I’m watching drinking homemade iced coffee because of covid

  58. victoria walters

    victoria waltersOy oldin

    And this is how she came out with her own coffee brand

  59. Sandra McLean

    Sandra McLeanOy oldin

    girl I cannot do shitty coffee, so I feel ya

  60. Amanda Dajer

    Amanda DajerOy oldin

    Literally just watch this for the first time and it is monday.... Thanksssss

  61. sumaiya ahsan

    sumaiya ahsanOy oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="530">8:50</a> oh shit i thought that's the rona virus

  62. chloe bryant

    chloe bryantOy oldin

    I can’t believe this was 9 months ago duuuddeee this is from April of 2020 and she’s changed so much

  63. Connie Lewis

    Connie LewisOy oldin

    hit my channel up for my coffee recipe xo

  64. Justin Lopez

    Justin LopezOy oldin

    Maybe the reason why all the coffee shops are secretly owned by the same people and just rename it so people can go to all of them 🤔

  65. Kylie Faith

    Kylie FaithOy oldin

    Emma isnt gonna get pulled over for driving recklessly WHILE DUI, shes gonna get pulled over for driving recklessly WHILE DUIC (driving under the influence of caffeine) yes ik im late but whatever

  66. 순대Sundae

    순대SundaeOy oldin

    this was literally 9 months ago but i remember when she premiered this it was 2 am here and i was still awake so i m a just vibing to it :P

  67. francesco

    francescoOy oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="522">8:42</a> Coffee splatter my ass, that is corona virus warning, you knew about this shit before us all! HAHAHAHA

  68. DonnaPinK

    DonnaPinKOy oldin

    lol it’s actually monday rn ... 8 months later 💀

  69. Brooke chance

    Brooke chanceOy oldin

    It’s a Monday for me lol Emma Luv u bitch!

  70. 느낌있는요정

    느낌있는요정Oy oldin

    holy good contents

  71. Kristin Ashcraft

    Kristin AshcraftOy oldin

    when she got hot in 70 degree weather i was like...... have you experienced 115 degrees tho lmaooooo.... we love the heat

  72. Koala Person

    Koala PersonOy oldin

    Is it even safe like how much coffee shes drinking like?!

  73. Bruce Lieu

    Bruce LieuOy oldin

    “i need to take my beanie off, but before I take it off fully” *takes it off fully*

  74. Ciol aesthetic_cherrybom

    Ciol aesthetic_cherrybomOy oldin

    I'm going to get your murch

  75. K K

    K KOy oldin

    Was it just me or was she driving with a leg up 🤣🤣

  76. I_love _cinnamon!

    I_love _cinnamon!Oy oldin

    ❤️b🧡a💛r💚s💙!💜 if you don’t get it, you can’t call yourself a Emma chambie fan

  77. I_love _cinnamon!

    I_love _cinnamon!Oy oldin

    * slams hand * It’s T u e s d a y (emphasizes on T)

  78. Pascual Nuñez

    Pascual NuñezOy oldin

    Fucking love Emma

  79. Hey Its Ela T

    Hey Its Ela TOy oldin

    It's a Monday when I'm watching this boo🤣🥺❤❤

  80. Randomaccoouunntt

    RandomaccoouunnttOy oldin

    Funny I am watching this on Monday

  81. .

    .Oy oldin


  82. dani obviously

    dani obviouslyOy oldin

    emma with coffees is like me with exboyfriends. 😅

  83. Josey luv

    Josey luvOy oldin

    We will never find out if Emma had to pee or poop at the coffe Shop 😐