Trying Dumb LIFE HACKS to see if they work

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  1. Nino Tabagari

    Nino Tabagari5 soat oldin

    There is a special corn to make pop corn and u have to use the special one

  2. Hadiyah Ahmed

    Hadiyah Ahmed5 soat oldin

    Lia: as you all know im gluten Me: not the ones who watched in the beginning of 2020

  3. Hadiyah Ahmed

    Hadiyah Ahmed5 soat oldin

    i LiKe mY cOoKiEs eXtra sQuIsHy

  4. B8848NP

    B8848NP6 soat oldin

    2 out of 10 experiments were only tested

  5. Lucy TheWerewolf

    Lucy TheWerewolf6 soat oldin

    The corn needs to be dried, then you can make popcorn

  6. Javonte Kimiora Mua veale

    Javonte Kimiora Mua veale6 soat oldin

    Sub 2 pewdiepie

  7. Dhirendra Chauhan

    Dhirendra Chauhan7 soat oldin

    Chood me dali thi

  8. GOUSIA begum

    GOUSIA begum7 soat oldin

    Theres something fishy with the eggy😂

  9. Cookie GamingTV

    Cookie GamingTV7 soat oldin

    With the corn It wasn’t cooked

  10. Dania Daily

    Dania Daily8 soat oldin

    because u use a chanel beg not a paper bag

  11. Typical Falcon3

    Typical Falcon38 soat oldin

    4:15 that’s what she said

  12. hit songs

    hit songs8 soat oldin


  13. Mancy Carr

    Mancy Carr9 soat oldin

    There is no organic corn in North America...Soooo... there's no such thing as organic popcorn.

  14. Princess Chanel

    Princess Chanel9 soat oldin

    It said brown paper bag not Chanel bag

  15. Lacosha stamp

    Lacosha stamp9 soat oldin

    Chanel bag and microwave and corn 🤣🤣 very smart

  16. grace Bell

    grace Bell10 soat oldin

    Ice cream is made out of milk you should have stayed at school

  17. Angelica Farstad

    Angelica Farstad10 soat oldin

    The first one with the corn u have to dry them then separate them then u can start making popcorn it takes like more then a day

  18. Stranger things Stranger things

    Stranger things Stranger things10 soat oldin

    What is your fan mail post code

  19. Triniii 01

    Triniii 0111 soat oldin

    Reese's: Our company is pronounced as Ree-suz Lia: wE gOt SuM *rEe-SeEs* No hate thoe xD

  20. Issy Pecanac

    Issy Pecanac11 soat oldin

    It SmElLs LiKe CoRn Me - wowwww

  21. Itz Arctix

    Itz Arctix11 soat oldin

    Rumor has it the milk and Kit Kats never froze

  22. Melodey Lynn

    Melodey Lynn12 soat oldin

    Most movies don’t care if you carry in outside food if it’s not like a wholeass pizza & whatnot...

  23. Nicole Yip

    Nicole Yip12 soat oldin

    That’s not the right type of corn.

  24. Amaria Anson-Black

    Amaria Anson-Black12 soat oldin

    It's crackhead hour wit crackhead activities ~ Lia AKA SSSniperWolf

  25. Maya Kee

    Maya Kee12 soat oldin

    Girl you weird

  26. Savanah Jayne

    Savanah Jayne12 soat oldin

    That noodle one with the scissors. Does she realise she's gonna have a bunch of tiny noodles all over the plate.

  27. Heyrebs

    Heyrebs12 soat oldin

    In one of sssniperwolfs vids she did and off brand video and it showed kracks instead of pringles AND THIS LADY IS EATING KRACKS LIKE WTF

  28. Mozzy Lambert

    Mozzy Lambert12 soat oldin

    I love you so much I want to hug your heart

  29. David Jackson

    David Jackson12 soat oldin

    #17 most interesting video on youtube? Sigh

  30. Christina Washburn

    Christina Washburn12 soat oldin

    Oreos are gluten free and vegan

  31. Katie Da Puppy

    Katie Da Puppy12 soat oldin

    There is no but on I'm pregnant and its snacks XD 😝🦄🐶🐣🐥😊😇

  32. isaiah Hanson

    isaiah Hanson12 soat oldin

    Sssniperwolf: Oooh she thick! ME: 😂😂

  33. It’s your girl maxine 123

    It’s your girl maxine 12313 soat oldin

    I’m presto sure the corn has to be pop corn not corn that we mostly eat by itself so yea

  34. Chanel Andal

    Chanel Andal13 soat oldin


  35. Boo World

    Boo World13 soat oldin

    Funny hunny >(:

  36. Kristel may Albia

    Kristel may Albia13 soat oldin

    Nobody: Litteralleh nohbodeh: Snipper:*uses teeth tk cut off wafers*

  37. BrainDedJon I

    BrainDedJon I13 soat oldin


  38. Iverson Delorie

    Iverson Delorie13 soat oldin

    7:11 Damn its like she's watching me

  39. Hannah Qualls

    Hannah Qualls13 soat oldin

    She does have a very low low low low pregnancy

  40. łoser Brooke

    łoser Brooke13 soat oldin

    The way she says “salad and McDonald’s and mayonnaise

  41. Jada Littlejohn

    Jada Littlejohn14 soat oldin


  42. Dayton Kohu

    Dayton Kohu14 soat oldin

    Oh your pants

  43. Death to All Honkys!

    Death to All Honkys!14 soat oldin

    Ur boobz r nice

  44. The Moose Mole Gang

    The Moose Mole Gang14 soat oldin

    For one, DONT PUT FINGERS in your cup of milk

  45. The Moose Mole Gang

    The Moose Mole Gang14 soat oldin

    Looks at camera,takes "belly" out,* "HERE" Me-I cannot grab any (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ

  46. Ivan Zhang

    Ivan Zhang14 soat oldin


  47. Victor Alfonso Gonzales

    Victor Alfonso Gonzales15 soat oldin

    Pretty dork

  48. Lizzy Mizzy

    Lizzy Mizzy15 soat oldin


  49. Lucas Bender

    Lucas Bender15 soat oldin

    That’s funny


    AVERYM WELLS15 soat oldin

    ssssniperwolf: "this is some sycopathic stuff peeling grapes at 3 am" me: "but I peel my grapes when I eat em :("

  51. Haley Minecraft

    Haley Minecraft15 soat oldin

    0:01 "Here.." Me: (ꏿ﹏ꏿ;)

  52. saad ahamd

    saad ahamd15 soat oldin

    where's her right hand middle finger nail ?🕵️

  53. Adelise Rosvold

    Adelise Rosvold15 soat oldin

    Popcorn cob hack: It's 4:00 Candy pregnant hack: It's 3:00 Like if you are thinking whaaaaaat????????????? I'm thinking oooooooh a 24 hour video

  54. Adelise Rosvold

    Adelise Rosvold15 soat oldin

    No? Just me?

  55. Abby gaming Roblox and Minecraft

    Abby gaming Roblox and Minecraft15 soat oldin

    Wait a minute right now I didn’t even subscribe... 😱😱😱😱🙀🙀🙀🙀😭😭😭 IM SORRY LET ME SUBSCRIBE!!!

  56. Sugar Cookie

    Sugar Cookie16 soat oldin

    what about the ice cream :(

  57. Abby gaming Roblox and Minecraft

    Abby gaming Roblox and Minecraft16 soat oldin

    SSSniper wolf the popcorn hack didn’t work cause you didn’t use the bag

  58. Bubba C

    Bubba C16 soat oldin

    That face

  59. beedsj roiue

    beedsj roiue16 soat oldin

    "I'm pregnant and its jesus" - ~that spoilt brat from the Jeremy Kyle show~ -sssniperwolf 2020

  60. Minecraft Girl

    Minecraft Girl16 soat oldin

    When u made popcorn the corn has to be dehydrated

  61. Beta aqua Le chan

    Beta aqua Le chan16 soat oldin

    The corn has to be dryed out