Trying Dumb LIFE HACKS to see if they work

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  1. April Edmonds

    April Edmonds3 soat oldin

    This was the first sniper wolf video i watched

  2. Jessica Rosales

    Jessica Rosales4 soat oldin



    JAKE RYAN SMITH4 soat oldin

    For the popcorn one I think you were using the wrong type of corn.

  4. Amanda Gaming

    Amanda Gaming5 soat oldin


  5. Moonlightomegawolf UwU

    Moonlightomegawolf UwU7 soat oldin

    My cousin got kicked out of Pizza Hut for asking for boneless pizza

  6. Marwa Khaliq

    Marwa Khaliq9 soat oldin

    *Your so funny literally hilarious 🤣 I love u so much ima big fan I watch u everyday and ur so beautiful literally so pretty I hope when I grow up I have a stunning body like youuuu x* 😩🥺💓💓💓💓💓💓💓🥰🥰🔥❤️❤️*i hope u pin this pleaaaaase😪💓💓💓🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️☹️*

  7. Martina Tinklepaugh

    Martina Tinklepaugh10 soat oldin

    My younger sister said your pretty

  8. Xiaodong Niu

    Xiaodong Niu11 soat oldin

    When you're rich enough to put corn in a Chanel bag......

  9. Emma Sullivan

    Emma Sullivan11 soat oldin

    Theft used creams for the ice cream

  10. Lily Fisher

    Lily Fisher12 soat oldin


  11. Gabrielle Cook

    Gabrielle Cook13 soat oldin

    Me too

  12. Meaghan Wiepert

    Meaghan Wiepert14 soat oldin

    You bump is real low girl <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="310">5:10</a>

  13. GL2thestars /gracie

    GL2thestars /gracie17 soat oldin

    Its probably not mayo its ranch

  14. Erin Mozetič

    Erin Mozetič19 soat oldin

    Let's be real you didnt search for this.

  15. dan kara

    dan kara23 soat oldin

    The bag <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="15">0:15</a> is the supermarket σκλαβενητης

  16. Jenny Lyn Carmona

    Jenny Lyn CarmonaKun oldin

    There is no what if I am pregnat and it is jesus with snacks Saying in front of the guard: sssniperwolf : Guard get out of here😅😂😱

  17. Kimberly Santellan

    Kimberly SantellanKun oldin

    "Dont look at me, look at the grape"😂

  18. Dee Jay

    Dee JayKun oldin

    i lafgh i am lahga anbol

  19. megan.schulte

    megan.schulteKun oldin


  20. Lorraine Garcia

    Lorraine GarciaKun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="345">5:45</a> her oreo look dry after dipping it 5 times

  21. Roxwolf Life

    Roxwolf LifeKun oldin

    What a disgrace to us ramen eaters😤😡

  22. Gamer nick Roblox and fortnite

    Gamer nick Roblox and fortniteKun oldin

    Don’t swear

  23. Khloe Sahagun

    Khloe SahagunKun oldin

    We went to a movie theater and watched a movie and and ate some snacks and after the movie we snuck into a another movie and we still had some snacks

  24. Max Maertzig

    Max MaertzigKun oldin


  25. STEPHANIA1982

    STEPHANIA1982Kun oldin

    I have a cousin named Chanel she’s lucky to have that name

  26. AJ's Space

    AJ's SpaceKun oldin

    I don't

  27. Kid Gamer

    Kid GamerKun oldin

    Did u say salahd

  28. Addy vs World

    Addy vs WorldKun oldin

    Sniper wolf at four in the morning: making vids Me at four in the morning: eating food and watching sniper wolfs vids

  29. SpicyGalaxyShushiRoll

    SpicyGalaxyShushiRollKun oldin

    Who know glut free kit kots existed

  30. Summer Homa

    Summer HomaKun oldin

    Wye do you yell all the time

  31. Cray Cray Four horns

    Cray Cray Four horns2 kun oldin

    Do you know when you were doing a video you’ve got one of those things is missing the head which is weird because you did a video of this with two blocks of cheese they were really skinny pieces of cheese

  32. laura Dun

    laura Dun2 kun oldin


  33. HI I'm hungry HUNGRY

    HI I'm hungry HUNGRY2 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="478">7:58</a> I think it's called a cloud egg its s older type of style to cook a egg.

  34. aasoxman

    aasoxman2 kun oldin

    Lia: oof here Me: on the floor dying and playing it over and over again

  35. Marivet Aldana

    Marivet Aldana2 kun oldin

    Be pregnant for 24 hours please

  36. Ariel Timberlake

    Ariel Timberlake2 kun oldin

    Your gluten free?

  37. thecocksaysmoo

    thecocksaysmoo2 kun oldin

    Stop using your teeth to open packages! 😐

  38. Anna's awesomely awesome puppy live

    Anna's awesomely awesome puppy live2 kun oldin

    I saw she had kraks instead of Pringles

  39. TaLeeha Moses

    TaLeeha Moses2 kun oldin

    My grandma 👵 don’t need to use a hack she can cut triangle water 🍉

  40. ğąčhã fłąmę

    ğąčhã fłąmę2 kun oldin

    Oreo ice cream I would eat that

  41. Tiffany Scales

    Tiffany Scales2 kun oldin

    best thing ever

  42. Katelin Ruby

    Katelin Ruby2 kun oldin

    My mom has silake too

  43. Amelie Glenn

    Amelie Glenn2 kun oldin

    Fact of the Day: Oreos don’t have any dairy, they are all chemicals

  44. Kelia LopezChampagne

    Kelia LopezChampagne2 kun oldin

    ok but does anyone else notice that the first oreo you dunk is always softer faster then the rest of the oreos to come after

  45. connie leonard

    connie leonard3 kun oldin

    I. Love SSSniperWolf❤❤

  46. connie leonard

    connie leonard3 kun oldin

    SSS. Si. So😇😇❤❤

  47. connie leonard

    connie leonard3 kun oldin

    Love SSS❤❤

  48. UngmaF OngpangkongN

    UngmaF OngpangkongN3 kun oldin

    You are so beautiful and I love you 😘😘😘😘😉😉😉

  49. Mallory Brandon

    Mallory Brandon3 kun oldin

    Well you needed a brown bag :/

  50. L a v e n d e r _ W ø l f i e

    L a v e n d e r _ W ø l f i e3 kun oldin

    I like my Oreos squishy also

  51. Hadlee Bug

    Hadlee Bug3 kun oldin


  52. Ellie Lenhart

    Ellie Lenhart3 kun oldin

    funny story my dad one time snuck a large pepp pizza into the theater and they just put it in his shirt and a jacket over it and they snuck it in with some breadsitcks!

  53. Kleard Hoti

    Kleard Hoti3 kun oldin


  54. LivyLove DizzyLol

    LivyLove DizzyLol3 kun oldin

    Why it be so late

  55. New YouTube sisters never give up on your dreams

    New YouTube sisters never give up on your dreams3 kun oldin

    Are you a mohter

  56. Elinda Aquino

    Elinda Aquino3 kun oldin


  57. Elinda Aquino

    Elinda Aquino3 kun oldin

    Not sweet corn

  58. Elinda Aquino

    Elinda Aquino3 kun oldin

    It has to be dry corn

  59. skengman paps

    skengman paps3 kun oldin

    I new that

  60. sheena monaghan

    sheena monaghan3 kun oldin


  61. sam clavijo

    sam clavijo3 kun oldin

    Does that mean green grapes inside are purple

  62. Tahir Khan

    Tahir Khan3 kun oldin

    Why you always change your clothes on the video and then when you do ti you change back in your clothes 🤔🤔🤔

  63. Charlotte Henwood

    Charlotte Henwood4 kun oldin

    Hacks...ruined House...burnt down HOTEL...TRIVAGO Sssniperwolf 2020

  64. Neema Gibson

    Neema Gibson4 kun oldin

    That girl with the hoodie is Amy

  65. Neema Gibson

    Neema Gibson4 kun oldin

    White fox into fox

  66. Rasheda Washington

    Rasheda Washington4 kun oldin

    Can’t do the floss while you’re pregnant Lol 😜😜😜

  67. Rasheda Washington

    Rasheda Washington4 kun oldin

    Your dog is so cute you go girl

  68. jiayu liao

    jiayu liao4 kun oldin

    The OOF sound that she always do it’s funny

  69. kirk willcocks

    kirk willcocks4 kun oldin

    My birthday is the 11th of January I will be 9 years old

  70. Allison Ross

    Allison Ross4 kun oldin

    I have zero Chanel bags

  71. Alvin Elzera

    Alvin Elzera4 kun oldin

    I don't try 5 minutes craft

  72. New YouTube sisters never give up on your dreams

    New YouTube sisters never give up on your dreams4 kun oldin


  73. •S h a d o w b u n n y•

    •S h a d o w b u n n y•4 kun oldin

    Kardashian always say watermelon -Fresh of water melon- SSSniperwolf always say -water melon-

  74. X G h o s t l y   H o w l X

    X G h o s t l y H o w l X5 kun oldin

    “Am having popcorn tonight” SSSniperWolf 2020 4 in the morning

  75. Kyama and friends

    Kyama and friends5 kun oldin

    For the ice cream u ha e to wait a day or more coz meh have to wait a day for meh home made ice cream

  76. Frankie Shannon

    Frankie Shannon5 kun oldin

    In England for cinemas they have food like Ben and Jerry outside. The movie people stand at the gate for food and tickets so we lucky

  77. I AM NOT Albert

    I AM NOT Albert5 kun oldin

    Her neighbors looking in her windows: why does she have a bowl of candy in her pants😐

  78. Jamie Meccia

    Jamie Meccia5 kun oldin


  79. ZaniacZenab

    ZaniacZenab5 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="211">3:31</a> "There is no what if. I am pregnant!" Reference from Girl on DR Phil thinking she's pReGNaNt

  80. Cindy Lopez

    Cindy Lopez5 kun oldin

    Do you now about the crownavics

  81. Lucy Danforth

    Lucy Danforth5 kun oldin

    what if green grapes are purple in side

  82. Alyssa B.

    Alyssa B.5 kun oldin

    Sub to pokimane