Try Not To Say WOW Challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)

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  1. •Coraline Cat•

    •Coraline Cat•25 daqiqa oldin

    5:05 I don’t think that real. Gotta say.

  2. 6ormore6

    6ormore62 soat oldin

    351 we wow Atomic

  3. Hugo Hanssens

    Hugo Hanssens6 soat oldin

    4. 34 wow i like that

  4. Azalea Delrosario

    Azalea Delrosario9 soat oldin


  5. James TV

    James TV9 soat oldin

    You were saying wow

  6. It'z Bee Gåchå Leåh

    It'z Bee Gåchå Leåh10 soat oldin

    I honestly don't know if she said wow😏😂😭

  7. Live Plants

    Live Plants13 soat oldin

    You said wow!!!

  8. Lea Nuckles

    Lea Nuckles15 soat oldin

    You said "wow" once.

  9. Hayden D

    Hayden D16 soat oldin

    why does the boat scene in this remind me of that one scene in Spiderman Man: Homecoming?

  10. Prettyluh Indyah

    Prettyluh Indyah16 soat oldin

    You said wow about the pancakes

  11. WIND

    WIND16 soat oldin

    she said it like three times

  12. charmaine perry

    charmaine perry17 soat oldin


  13. charmaine perry

    charmaine perry17 soat oldin

    You said WOW 2tice

  14. Ladgends bros

    Ladgends bros18 soat oldin

    4:43 haha she said it she said it

  15. Reagan P

    Reagan P19 soat oldin

    that egg is all spot

  16. Cute Catastrophe

    Cute Catastrophe19 soat oldin

    U said wow and never counted it lol

  17. Bbdc Hvndc

    Bbdc Hvndc20 soat oldin

    You didn’t say waw

  18. Waylon Moore

    Waylon Moore20 soat oldin

    4:36 u said wow

  19. The_PinkStitch

    The_PinkStitch21 soat oldin

    its clay craking not slime or bouncy balls

  20. cringyMan 123

    cringyMan 12321 soat oldin

    The cutest one was u

  21. Zane Roney

    Zane Roney21 soat oldin


  22. Mackenzie Warren

    Mackenzie Warren22 soat oldin

    she said "wow i like that" at 4:43 then at 4:60 she said "dont wanna jinx myself but i haven't said wow yet" Lol

  23. wutfrit parodys

    wutfrit parodys23 soat oldin

    Not for the first time cake s it just means morning that it was the food

  24. Lucy Browne

    Lucy Browne23 soat oldin

    You said it

  25. Anne Gravely

    Anne GravelyKun oldin

    video:8:43 me: thats what she said.

  26. 00falex 1

    00falex 1Kun oldin

    I would eat the iceicles-

  27. Niki gabi girl Girl

    Niki gabi girl GirlKun oldin

    OMG in the middle of the video u said wow I like that and then said I haven’t said the W word just saying I’m not hating

  28. mushu anike

    mushu anikeKun oldin

    That " incinerator " is called a tumbler

  29. Home account

    Home accountKun oldin

    Lia: I don't think I said the w word yet Also lia: wow i like that.

  30. Witchy Leah

    Witchy LeahKun oldin

    Ummmmm, you do noitce that the glass brasllet was two video..... right?

  31. Kehley Johnson

    Kehley JohnsonKun oldin


  32. Foxy Likes Milk

    Foxy Likes MilkKun oldin

    video : try not to say *wow* add before video : *W O W*

  33. Dominic LaRose

    Dominic LaRoseKun oldin

    4:36 she said wowp

  34. Kizi Ross

    Kizi RossKun oldin

    You sed Wow...

  35. Metro Pcs

    Metro PcsKun oldin

    4:43 she says wow me: sssniper wolf what you hiding sssniper wolf: CHANGE IT TO CUT SEAN THEY WILL NEVER REALIZE everyone: 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 you think you can hide chat: 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🙃🙃🙃 sssniper wolf: IV'E BEEN CAUGHT *runs* Edit: ok I can already see people saying that's not SSSniperwolf's UZgo channel name enjoy the joke its a joke

  36. Bruddas Playz

    Bruddas PlayzKun oldin

    Drinking essential oil can kill you

  37. that equestrian horse lover thunder

    that equestrian horse lover thunderKun oldin

    4:44 she said wow

  38. Bruddas Playz

    Bruddas PlayzKun oldin


  39. Bruddas Playz

    Bruddas PlayzKun oldin


  40. Elijah Ortiz

    Elijah OrtizKun oldin

    A FANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. gaming with Ely

    gaming with ElyKun oldin

    On 4:45 you said wow

  42. Madison Serrano

    Madison SerranoKun oldin

    she said, wow, when the person was making the waffle

  43. Casey Carpenter

    Casey CarpenterKun oldin

    You said wow at the waffle part

  44. Timothy Strickland

    Timothy StricklandKun oldin

    yes you said wow but i did not say wow

  45. aleshia mullins

    aleshia mullinsKun oldin

    you sade wow

  46. mena reyes

    mena reyesKun oldin

    Sniperwolf im pretty sure the bottels end up as salt because you use salt to make glass

  47. Jasmyn Isakson

    Jasmyn IsaksonKun oldin

    Its liquid sand girl

  48. Sara Botsford

    Sara BotsfordKun oldin

    I had a really bad day and I came and watched this. I felt so much better and I think that SSSniperWolf has magic powers :)

  49. Fidel Ruiz

    Fidel RuizKun oldin

    Yeah you said WOW two times

  50. Kristy Collier

    Kristy CollierKun oldin

    you said wow when the waffles you said "wow i like that" look for yourself love you

  51. Sara Teran

    Sara TeranKun oldin

    4:44 fail

  52. Embury Stimson

    Embury StimsonKun oldin

    4:43 "WOW I like that" 4:58 15 seconds later " you know I hate to jinx myself but I don't think I said the W word yet"

  53. ashely brenton

    ashely brentonKun oldin


  54. Dinosaur

    DinosaurKun oldin

    You did

  55. roblox master

    roblox masterKun oldin

    U did say wow

  56. Zoe Arnett

    Zoe ArnettKun oldin

    You did

  57. Vanessa Harrell

    Vanessa HarrellKun oldin

    She gone act like she diddint say wow :/

  58. Virtual StGamer1

    Virtual StGamer1Kun oldin

    4:44 concentrates on the satisfying compilation and completely forgets about the challenge, then says at 4:59 this

  59. Anime_ Queen1212

    Anime_ Queen1212Kun oldin

    Can you save me make every every night

  60. Jeremy Diez-Luckie

    Jeremy Diez-LuckieKun oldin

    We all came for 4:42