True Facts: Leafhoppers and Friends

Dr. Andreas Kay
Dr.Kay has captured intimate portraits of many wonderful animals. All of his photos and footage are worth a look
TinyCreature Hub:
I love this channel from Singapore. Lots of great videos from an enthusiast!
Malcolm Burrows ScD, FRS
Dr. Burrows led the fantastic research pertaining to the jumping mechanism of the planthopper nymph
Gernot Kunz:
Animals of Costa Rica App:
Gernot provided most of the photos and has an incredible collection of animal shots in his app. Check it out!
Thierry Bourgoin:
the FLOW database
A very deep database of this vast collection of species.
If you have suggestions or footage:


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    Such inspirational designs!

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    The names are oh so creative

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    I fu**ing love you

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    I love the way u say babies

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    are these the little things jumpin around when I cut hay

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    That was so darn adorable and uplifting

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    I like that they sway side to side like a praying mantis

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! I was hoping maybe you might do one on the desert rain frog!!

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    ah, so this is what i’ve been touching

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    They look like pikmin enemies

  15. JenamDrag0n

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    This video is funny and adorable anyway, but I keep coming back here for Mildrid showing off her new dress, how hard it was to write her novel, and the other cottonball-looking Mildrid.

  16. Oggatha Christie

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    Mildred uses her Cloud like a Boss.

  17. GalaxysGodlyGamer

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    I found a white Planthopper

  18. Elena Haskins

    Elena Haskins20 soat oldin

    Too sad that Dr. Andreas Kay died. His work was/is delightful..

  19. Jhone D

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    I WANT THE LITTLE CLOUD PLEASE.....and in all seriousness this was hilarious, and absolutely exquisite.

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    Yay a new recent vid!

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    so glad insects are not giant in size

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    So lovely

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    Undergroundd RailroaddKun oldin

    I am a high school biology teacher and I must say this is awesome. Not only do I l love thorn bugs but the narration is so unexpected and silly while also informative that is borders on being...dare i say...classic. Well done.

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    1:40 Me at my workplace when clock strikes 17:OO

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    1:40 Time Travel

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    We want David back. *If David doesn't return, we riot*

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    These were fascinating.

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    Some of these look like they belong in the next Doom game.

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    Absolutley love these videos always seem to come out when I need a good laugh. Keep it it up Zefrank

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    i loved this, wow just wow.

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    Did he say pucci.

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    So it's basically Warframe.

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    This is my favourite so far.

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    I never thought I'd ever find these little guys so adorable, but here we are

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    Please do a TRUE FACTS about the Sonoran Desert Grasshopper Mouse aka the werewolf mouse because it eats scorpions and it "howls" Sort of...

  38. christian velasco

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    "Here is Mildred pictured next to a ballpoint pen, so you can get a sense of how hard it was for her to write her novel."

  39. christian velasco

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    Mildred looks like a simple drawing of a bug Id make when I was a kid.

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    mash up brain

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    dude what if your brain is just a bunch of bugs trying to be friends ?

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    Love how you say RESIDUE 😂

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    I had no idea these things existed but I love them already.

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    "Mildred's her own damn sign of the zodiac" 😁

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    1:17 Imagine having this camouflaged inside your popcorn bucket.

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    Uptight like a Virgo? how dare you. Bloody self absorbed Aries haha.

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    1:16 dancing popcorn 💃👏🏾

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    Mildred looks like a piece of popcorn.

  50. azurecielo52479

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    If Zefrank were to narrate Buffy: "Oh this little girl is pretty. Ooh she has a funny way to speak. Each generation has a girl with all this power and... ooh this guy needs some makeup. They're actually quite vee--shush with the teeth and things. And the girl with the power passed down from many generations... oh! That is gross! It sucks blood. Hello my little friend, you have the teeth that are pointy-pointy. So she kills them and they go all dusty-dusty. And that is how a slayer do. Oh look! This is a daaae-mon who do the slurpy with a person's face. Oh! That is gross! So a slayer has the power of the many to protect and she makes the puns, and she meur-ders the things that suck the faces."

  51. Payton Bradley

    Payton Bradley2 kun oldin

    “Planthopper behbehs”

  52. Optional Zero

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    Okay, I just like Science so I clicked. Normally a lot of science humor falls flat... but this is all delivered quiet well. I didn't know what I was watching, but now I'm chuckling hard enough it's worth a comment and Sub to appease the great YT Algorithm!

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    LO"F'n"-L! ...My Dawg....

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    Videos like this one make me wish the like button had a pressure or time sensor so i could show how extra much i love it

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    1:18 mildred resembles popcorn with tiny legs attached to it

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    Can we get a "True Facts: Jerry"?

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