TRICKS Advertisers use to make Food look delicious

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  1. Susan Farley

    Susan Farley39 daqiqa oldin

    White glue is used as milk in photos of cereal

  2. Miles Morales

    Miles Morales41 daqiqa oldin

    Something u put up your BLEEEEEP

  3. Chicken Scratch 21

    Chicken Scratch 212 soat oldin

    Literally reminded me of the expectation vs reality meme

  4. hazberridge 123

    hazberridge 1232 soat oldin

    The real food looks terrible. With the ice cream it looks like coloured snot it doesn't melt that quickly

  5. Audrey Chavez

    Audrey Chavez4 soat oldin

    I've had a pizza that cheesy

  6. Stephanie Brown

    Stephanie Brown12 soat oldin

    I have had a pizza that cheesey Its could living in australia

  7. Daemon JJ Adventures

    Daemon JJ Adventures14 soat oldin

    Nothing says mmmmmmm then some thing you shove up your burgers

  8. chilled cow

    chilled cow14 soat oldin

    *SSSniperwolf* Woah that looks like rIcE *me* rIcE

  9. ・ RoseZAlpha ・

    ・ RoseZAlpha ・15 soat oldin

    In real life they use sprite and the soda u want But sure use dish sope

  10. Krystan Hitz

    Krystan Hitz17 soat oldin

    I don't think it's a hair dryer I think that's a heat gun

  11. Adriel Flett

    Adriel Flett18 soat oldin

    the only person i cant trust is my no longer dad

  12. Michael Quiban

    Michael Quiban18 soat oldin

    You are wondering whose the nicest read the first 2 words

  13. Domenica Majalca

    Domenica Majalca18 soat oldin


  14. Mia Wallace

    Mia Wallace19 soat oldin

    "like some Baskin robbils bubblegum " sssniperwolf 2019

  15. itsjusttumi

    itsjusttumi22 soat oldin

    Is it just me or does ssssniperwolf not swear anymore just so she doesn’t get demonetised?


    NOSTALGIC_23_ BRANDKun oldin

    You remind me of Harley Quinn “oh mistah jay”

  17. Arienna Paline

    Arienna PalineKun oldin

    I had a pizza that cheesy

  18. Donna Jones

    Donna JonesKun oldin

    I love subway

  19. Helen Ralphs

    Helen RalphsKun oldin

    YOU have ruined me for life (very picky now ) 😃😐😂

  20. Vilte Poviliunaite

    Vilte PoviliunaiteKun oldin

    Poor pizza got ruined now i cant eat it im so sad 🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭

  21. Animations

    AnimationsKun oldin

    Ummm....5 minute crafts?

  22. meg playz27

    meg playz27Kun oldin

    8:16 exactly

  23. Sonja Rossouw

    Sonja RossouwKun oldin

    I wish Lia is my sister

  24. Chunky Potato

    Chunky PotatoKun oldin


  25. Tullup Drawz

    Tullup DrawzKun oldin

    You know people use Lemons Limes Grapes Coconut And strawberry as deoderent

  26. SimplyGabby

    SimplyGabbyKun oldin

    *yall actually did me like that* -Lia

  27. Juliana Holden

    Juliana HoldenKun oldin

    Hi I new

  28. Yismell Mateo

    Yismell MateoKun oldin

    I love food

  29. I am a boss seriously I'm totally not a boss

    I am a boss seriously I'm totally not a bossKun oldin

    How long are you going to cuss not trying to be rude oh and make another blooper video plz😘

  30. Juan Pablo Diaz

    Juan Pablo DiazKun oldin

    Have lil cesars it’s super good

  31. Naomi Grace

    Naomi GraceKun oldin

    Thank you for making this video now my life isn't a lie

  32. Vanessa Lopez

    Vanessa LopezKun oldin

    Did y’all se the tampon one that they moved the bread the tampons where on the back the bread was not cut (they want that whole thing together)🤨lies

  33. Gisselle Matos

    Gisselle MatosKun oldin

    Bruh or bro

  34. BTS Noodles

    BTS NoodlesKun oldin

    As long as my noodles are real

  35. Charlotte Bishop

    Charlotte BishopKun oldin

    Did anyone catch that they didn't spray deodorant they sprayed hair spray 7.33

  36. Sam Oliveira

    Sam OliveiraKun oldin


  37. Averyana Sanders

    Averyana SandersKun oldin

    Super glue for the cereal in the soup

  38. lazy_pottato -w-

    lazy_pottato -w-2 kun oldin

    Man I thought it was edited

  39. Fnaffanforever XD

    Fnaffanforever XD2 kun oldin

    At least they use real cheese not plastic posing as cheese

  40. Kadynce Willett

    Kadynce Willett2 kun oldin

    My subway sandwiches sometimes give 13 inches

  41. Dying Worm

    Dying Worm2 kun oldin

    8:06 That's what she said

  42. EdsonYHS

    EdsonYHS2 kun oldin

    It’s called MARKETING!!!

  43. itz.jae13

    itz.jae132 kun oldin

    When she said “it’s cold and dry,just like my heart.” I felt that on a whole level.

  44. DaphneGhostpuppy 1122

    DaphneGhostpuppy 11222 kun oldin

    wOw -SSSniperwolf 2019

  45. Vivi ajanel

    Vivi ajanel2 kun oldin

    Where do u find these videos and pictures

  46. imagiCarolina Vlogs

    imagiCarolina Vlogs2 kun oldin

    I like your skin

  47. Harley Hpsn

    Harley Hpsn2 kun oldin

    I just got a add, They drank the “milk” My life is a lie

  48. everything brayden

    everything brayden2 kun oldin


  49. Mariah Jeanty

    Mariah Jeanty2 kun oldin

    My school pizza extra cheesy

  50. Taylor Matheson

    Taylor Matheson2 kun oldin

    i will eat any food

  51. Ellie V

    Ellie V2 kun oldin

    I had pizza that cheesy

  52. Carson Lee

    Carson Lee2 kun oldin

    For the baked potato that had be nastiest thing in the entire video

  53. Madz Loves yt

    Madz Loves yt2 kun oldin

    7:34 Ahhh, nothing like destroying the ozone layer.... Fr tho....

  54. Oisin Duffy

    Oisin Duffy3 kun oldin

    This making me hungry but making me lose my appetite for things

  55. Thanaki Katelynn

    Thanaki Katelynn3 kun oldin

    that pizza looks goood!!!!!! BUT I DON'T WANT TO EAT IT

  56. RuVeE aNAghA

    RuVeE aNAghA3 kun oldin

    Ssniperwolf: like something you put up your ---BURGERS 🍔🍔

  57. Erin Wilson

    Erin Wilson3 kun oldin

    I hbbbgghgghhbtucaca

  58. Alex The Potato

    Alex The Potato3 kun oldin

    Ssniperwolf: NO ONE LIKES THEIR CEREAL SOGGY Me: offended ;-;

  59. Samaria Taylor

    Samaria TaylorKun oldin

    Only Captain Crunch, for me.

  60. victoria victory

    victoria victoryKun oldin

    Omg i like soggy cereal 😂😂😂😂

  61. Justsome Animations

    Justsome Animations3 kun oldin

    Well from what I heard (I’m not sure if it’s true tho) food commercials can’t use like cgi or stuff like that for their commercials so they do stuff like this

  62. Mollys Life

    Mollys Life3 kun oldin

    Hey I finally found someone who is gluten free like me are u allergic or diet I'm allergic