Top 10 NXT Moments: WWE Top 10, Jan. 15, 2020

WWE Top 10 takes you back to this week’s NXT to revisit the show’s most thrilling, physical and controversial moments.
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  1. Josep Fernandez

    Josep Fernandez19 kun oldin

    EST 💪👍👌

  2. NicoN13 13

    NicoN13 13Oy oldin

    Sry, maybe its because I'm a native German speaker but Shotzy sounds to me like the worst name in history

  3. vibrant RealIndia

    vibrant RealIndiaOy oldin

    If I was NXT staff I would stay 100 mts away and say calm down

  4. Jorge Horta

    Jorge HortaOy oldin





  6. Orion Conkin

    Orion ConkinOy oldin

    I want to see matt and pete as an actual team



    ?? 1:01 ? ? ? ? ? ??

  8. Diljith Diljith

    Diljith DiljithOy oldin

    Where is finn

  9. Apolinar Pelaez

    Apolinar PelaezOy oldin

    DIY is like dx best of friends and rivals

  10. Warren dela cruz

    Warren dela cruzOy oldin

    Undisputed era is suck not shock

  11. پوریا نصرتی

    پوریا نصرتیOy oldin

    What the ... 0:9

  12. faith odie

    faith odieOy oldin


  13. Daithi Day

    Daithi DayOy oldin

    DIY won’t be the same

  14. whatthefoxhappening

    whatthefoxhappeningOy oldin

    I love NXT but feel they need to move some talent to the main roster (Undisputed Era, Baszler, Belair, Sharai, Yim, LaRae) & give others a chance to shine. Imagine if U.E lost all the gold in one night what a story that would be.

  15. Maliq Daseuq

    Maliq DaseuqOy oldin

    I really need to start watching more nxt

  16. Andrew Perkzy

    Andrew PerkzyOy oldin

    All wwe needs to sign now is Chris bloody motor city Sabin

  17. The King836

    The King836Oy oldin

    Yep now we know whats going to be the quickest match of NXT Takeover: Portland Rhea vs Bianca

  18. christian andriotti

    christian andriottiOy oldin

    Lee will break strong kkkkkk

  19. Nicho B

    Nicho BOy oldin

    Rhea vs Io would have been much more interesting

  20. Its_MaddieTheUnicorn

    Its_MaddieTheUnicornOy oldin


  21. charles s. sturdivant

    charles s. sturdivantOy oldin

    This is So GAY - I LOVE IT !!

  22. charles s. sturdivant

    charles s. sturdivantOy oldin

    Thay are not playing.

  23. Brian Shava

    Brian ShavaOy oldin

    Was Lee's attack in the parking lot after the attack on his ankle?

  24. Elona Xhinovci

    Elona XhinovciOy oldin

    005 omg

  25. finisher3x

    finisher3xOy oldin

    Put the title on Belair in 4 weeks. It's a long time coming.

  26. Lexington Deville84

    Lexington Deville84Oy oldin

    finisher3x No chance - Rhea is retaining. They won’t have her drop it so soon. I’m just looking forward to the toxic Belair fanbase reacting by kicking and stamping their feet because she didn’t win.

  27. youryeastinfection

    youryeastinfectionOy oldin

    Nxt is like broadway and the main roster is hollywood, like once people get there they get all comfortable and feel like they don’t have to prove themselves anymore.

  28. juji's channel

    juji's channelOy oldin

    Here is a replay button 0:05 . I cant say anything.

  29. Big Joe1627

    Big Joe1627Oy oldin

    I'm trying to enjoy NXT but AEW is way better imo. NXT puts on good matches but it still feels like a chore to watch.

  30. Harsh Bodke

    Harsh BodkeOy oldin

    I fail to see how nxt draws less views than smackdown or raw The matches here are just too good

  31. patsfan2027

    patsfan2027Oy oldin

    Way to have all your champions taken out by one person twice in the same night! Great booking.

  32. EAsT OAK 510

    EAsT OAK 510Oy oldin

    Why did I see a derpy The Rock thumbnail when I clicked on the video for this?

  33. Devansh Gaming Yt

    Devansh Gaming YtOy oldin

    Giveaway phone

  34. Gaming EG N1

    Gaming EG N1Oy oldin

    Watch on my channel _ Goldberg _VS_ Brock Lesnar || WWE SmackDown ! hard core

  35. Giovanni Nappa

    Giovanni NappaOy oldin

    Kqwiczatbo Aymiahl. Yjahkavfgo

  36. faysal cali

    faysal caliOy oldin


  37. MOhamed Al Masrey

    MOhamed Al MasreyOy oldin

    حلو اوي لايگ 👍

  38. Stevenall

    StevenallOy oldin

    The fact the main event of NXT was a women's battle royal is incredible! :D So happy to see Shotzi eliminate Shayna!

  39. k red

    k redOy oldin


  40. Gowrish G

    Gowrish GOy oldin

    I think Bianca won only because Rhea is never gonna lose her title so soon. That's why Io shirai Or Mercedes or Dakota Kai didn't win, coz they can be built up as more legitimate contenders who could actually beat Rhea.

  41. VC3 Blackheart

    VC3 BlackheartOy oldin

    I'M GONNA SAY IT Bianca Belair is extremely overrated

  42. The MetalMau5

    The MetalMau5Oy oldin

    Bianca Belair overrated as all hell

  43. The MetalMau5

    The MetalMau5Oy oldin

    @Alicia Fox and you're out here acting like Alicia Fox 😂😂

  44. Alicia Fox

    Alicia FoxOy oldin

    The MetalMau5 nope she’s just inexperienced

  45. The MetalMau5

    The MetalMau5Oy oldin

    @Alicia Fox she sucks dude

  46. Alicia Fox

    Alicia FoxOy oldin

    The MetalMau5 how? She’s always losing and she’s hasn’t been in the title picture for nearly 9 months lmao you just mad

  47. Cian Thompson

    Cian ThompsonOy oldin

    Dunne and Riddle should have gone with the name "Joint Manipulation"

  48. Best Buy

    Best BuyOy oldin

    wow! very heart fight, Nice, Thank you

  49. lunatic mox

    lunatic moxOy oldin

    Dakota Kai looking beautiful

  50. Thiru Malai

    Thiru MalaiOy oldin

    0:16 what do...

  51. 팝콘맨 Popcornman

    팝콘맨 PopcornmanOy oldin

    02:13 Oh my... Who is he?? What skill name?

  52. Krisnarefa Agusta

    Krisnarefa AgustaOy oldin

    The JML Driver by Isaiah Scott.

  53. S2 Elimz

    S2 ElimzOy oldin

    The broserweight combo is so good

  54. Krisnarefa Agusta

    Krisnarefa AgustaOy oldin

    What a Bitter End/Final Flash combo by Pete Dunne and Matt Riddle. (1:25)

  55. kirby march barcena

    kirby march barcenaOy oldin

    The WWE security could not even contain their area

  56. Jonathon Taylor

    Jonathon TaylorOy oldin

    WOW that's awesome

  57. hyper forever

    hyper foreverOy oldin

    just sayin but u miss nikki bella bro

  58. RSRS 4

    RSRS 4Oy oldin

    3:50 next big star in wwe

  59. RSRS 4

    RSRS 4Oy oldin

    Not Keith Lee but the one who he is throwing

  60. Kostas Apostolopoulos

    Kostas ApostolopoulosOy oldin

    Top 10 NXT UK Moments please



    no.8 was hard to watch

  62. Kingsexytv King sexy

    Kingsexytv King sexyOy oldin

    This is wwb not e🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🙆‍♂️

  63. David Welsh

    David WelshOy oldin

    All that the Undisputed Era is proving is that they are on borrowed time.

  64. Shahzoda Alimjanova

    Shahzoda AlimjanovaOy oldin


  65. Billie Eilish And KPOP

    Billie Eilish And KPOPOy oldin

    Io shirai deserves a title opportunity Bianca thinks everything it’s about her

  66. Osh K

    Osh KOy oldin

    id prefer to have bianca have the match if Io isnt going to win.

  67. Zach Grill

    Zach GrillOy oldin

    Billie Eilish And KPOP honestly I’m disappointed that they gave her the title shot, like you know Ripley isn’t dropping that title so soon so it’s kinda a waste imo

  68. Yasir Mehmood

    Yasir MehmoodOy oldin


  69. Valent Nikolas

    Valent NikolasOy oldin

    I still can't get over 3:51. No, not the guard... That poor Ford Mustang GT Fastback...

  70. ema Castro

    ema CastroOy oldin

    Re copado 😎