Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Jan. 13, 2020

WWE Top 10 takes you back to this week’s Monday Night Raw to revisit the show’s most thrilling, physical and controversial moments. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  1. delmis gutierrez

    delmis gutierrez4 kun oldin

    Esa chinita pedorra tiene Coronavirus 😂😂😂😂

  2. Tad Thompson

    Tad Thompson21 kun oldin

    Aska talking. Me MCSCAUS Me

  3. Michelle Pillajo

    Michelle Pillajo24 kun oldin

    I am number four Iwas laughing

  4. Ditta Kaye cie

    Ditta Kaye cie28 kun oldin

    I hate asuka I love becky

  5. brothers of destruction 98

    brothers of destruction 9829 kun oldin

    I never heard Brock voice

  6. Bayarmaa Maamkhuu

    Bayarmaa MaamkhuuOy oldin


  7. Jamie E

    Jamie EOy oldin

    Becky's just getting boring now

  8. TpitzAJ x_x

    TpitzAJ x_xOy oldin

    I didn’t have to watch the next mnr because I had this.

  9. Hypebeast

    HypebeastOy oldin

    4:20 When you watched anime all night

  10. Middel Earther

    Middel EartherOy oldin

    Female wrestling=cringe

  11. Yazmin _Kit_Kat

    Yazmin _Kit_KatOy oldin

    No One : 3:02 Me: OoooOoH Shinyyyyyy

  12. Palak Jio

    Palak JioOy oldin


  13. Arnab Datta

    Arnab DattaOy oldin

    Asuka's makeup is Becoming More like the GHOST from GRUDGE MOVIE .. She used look much better earlier

  14. TakeDaLkid

    TakeDaLkidOy oldin

    It's about time lashley finally beat rusev

  15. Ezequiel Miranda

    Ezequiel MirandaOy oldin

    1:47 Ja, jamás creí que hiciera eso :)

  16. Arha A

    Arha AOy oldin


  17. Ken Hernandez

    Ken HernandezOy oldin

    Let's go Becky Lynch

  18. Apin Poon

    Apin PoonOy oldin

    I want ronda rousey 😊😊

  19. Claudia Mirembe

    Claudia MirembeOy oldin

    Is Becky Lynch okay?

  20. Andres Monroy

    Andres MonroyOy oldin

    gran top muy informtativo

  21. M u s S a r y :D

    M u s S a r y :DOy oldin

    4:19 askjujuakjaajauawwwblyuyvjfda

  22. d s

    d sOy oldin

    PUT@ becky fool

  23. DK TV

    DK TVOy oldin

    make top 10 moves of mustafa ali

  24. Silver Shark

    Silver SharkOy oldin

    most of the WWE shows you tube videos not available in my country SriLanka anymore. Thank you for the New year present WWE.

  25. Rajenne Jordan

    Rajenne JordanOy oldin

    LMFFAAOO Brock saying “that’s wassup” has me DEAD RN😭😭😭😭😭

  26. BS1

    BS1Oy oldin

    So now r tuth is now the beat up guy..😣

  27. mastercalippo

    mastercalippoOy oldin

    the last promo was pure cringe

  28. Mr DINGUS

    Mr DINGUSOy oldin

    THATS SO FAKE lmao

  29. The Lent

    The LentOy oldin

    That's what's up

  30. Zattack C.

    Zattack C.Oy oldin

    Man, some of WWE’s talent even have the best one-liners.

  31. Ur time's UP

    Ur time's UPOy oldin

    Just replace womens championship so borrrrrrrring becky..n her voice

  32. Sanju Rahman

    Sanju RahmanOy oldin

    Brock should've let paul win the 24/7 championship

  33. unthinkable gaming

    unthinkable gamingOy oldin


  34. James요진

    James요진Oy oldin


  35. John Doe

    John DoeOy oldin

    Past: Triple H & Seth Rollins Now: Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy

  36. Amtea Lee

    Amtea LeeOy oldin

    Hope CM Punk go for seth

  37. finance w

    finance wOy oldin

    رضا شاه روحت شاد.....حمایت از خانواده های کشته شدگان و زندانی های سیاسی ....ددرود ایران زمین....IRAN...USA

  38. Alana Ash

    Alana AshOy oldin

    rtruth: what's up? brock lesnar: That's what's up!

  39. Josh Hough

    Josh HoughOy oldin

    I gotta say becky lynch is super cringy now

  40. NG DH22 Toxic

    NG DH22 ToxicOy oldin

    She hit the camera last one

  41. Ape Gamer10

    Ape Gamer10Oy oldin

    How is the most #1

  42. SkankHunt 420

    SkankHunt 420Oy oldin

    OMG so over Becky

  43. Riaz Mahmud

    Riaz MahmudOy oldin

    I love face joe

  44. Adela Hinojosa Rojas

    Adela Hinojosa RojasOy oldin


  45. Kyle Childress

    Kyle ChildressOy oldin

    So......Raw sucked?

  46. GamePit

    GamePitOy oldin

    The best part of the show was R Truth declaring the royal rumble then officially undeclaring it when he realised it was brock Lesnar and not paul Heyman entering. He is the funniest man on the roster and didn't even get that part in the top 10. Who makes these lists???

  47. Настя Плямяшова

    Настя ПлямяшоваOy oldin

    53,5 m oy

  48. angelo crisostomo

    angelo crisostomoOy oldin


  49. DKF553

    DKF553Oy oldin

    This whole green mist thing is reused, overused, and is used because Asuka can’t speak.

  50. Padam BT

    Padam BTOy oldin

    Asuka is the best women wrestler

  51. Matthew Smith

    Matthew SmithOy oldin

    God lynch is cringe

  52. jimmyjam edwards

    jimmyjam edwardsOy oldin

    Why do they keep putting Brock in matches with guys who have no chance of beating him?

  53. stuart stevenson

    stuart stevensonOy oldin

    Arena: Pretty empty. Crowd: little investment bunch of dweebs and marks that know to much. . Women champion. whats-her-face. Cringe monologue.Fatty play wrestler yeah cool move but in an area of spot mania its old news quick. Positive? F5 for poor wee R-truth and the guy creaming his Jeans over Lana.

  54. Kapil Verma

    Kapil VermaOy oldin

    2:43 look at referee move

  55. TheZivin

    TheZivinOy oldin

    Why is wwe not letting some video available in some country I really wanted to see Brock rtruth segment but it's not available as with some other

  56. hari sankar

    hari sankarOy oldin

    Jeff hardy would love to try what Owens did 😘😘

  57. Panchunath Adhikary

    Panchunath AdhikaryOy oldin

    2:57 LOL! Prince Of Persia!

  58. Lone Wolf

    Lone WolfOy oldin

    Owens be like: PARKOUR PARKOUR like michael scott

  59. Kaan Yıldız

    Kaan YıldızOy oldin

    Oh my god Broke Spoke on Wwe

  60. No Game No Life

    No Game No LifeOy oldin

    Kabuki warriors and Io Shirai should form a faction and use a Babymetal song as their entrance theme