Thoughts After KSI Vs Logan Paul 2

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  1. Martynas Gutpetris

    Martynas Gutpetris4 soat oldin

    he lowkey looks like Juice WRLD when he's haired like that

  2. charlie wiser

    charlie wiser10 soat oldin

    imagine being acknowledged by justin bieber🤔

  3. charlie wiser

    charlie wiser10 soat oldin

    nobody fuggin likes logan or jake paul 🤣

  4. Daniel Hoyle

    Daniel Hoyle11 soat oldin

    What was the result of Logan’s appeal???

  5. Little Lunar

    Little Lunar16 soat oldin

    The real winner is Justin Bieber for being triggered

  6. DiscoZebedee Boy

    DiscoZebedee Boy22 soat oldin

    You the best

  7. Salvador Simões de Almeida

    Salvador Simões de AlmeidaKun oldin

    Hate it or not you and Logan have to be in yt rewind

  8. omar nasri

    omar nasriKun oldin

    Ksi sucks

  9. Hanski

    HanskiKun oldin

    Logan lost 2 points because he punch u in the face

  10. Ryan McGuigan

    Ryan McGuiganKun oldin

    Logan sneezes 3 times Me:i sick and competed in a championship tourn and won

  11. Anita Siiankoski

    Anita SiiankoskiKun oldin

    you won because you can actullay box

  12. Alvin Santos

    Alvin SantosKun oldin

    Literally the worst fight ever. 2 years of training for this shit. I think its fucking hilarious how this guys think they can fight 😂.

  13. Itsss Cj

    Itsss CjKun oldin

    Is anyone else staring at the dread above his eye and thinking y it’s so big lol


    TOP BANANAKun oldin

    Well done on the win dude. Really wish you knocked his goofy ass out tho.haha

  15. Fares Elzeny

    Fares ElzenyKun oldin

    A legend

  16. Cody Reed

    Cody ReedKun oldin

    Box Kevin Gates 🤷‍♂️👀

  17. VXT 3

    VXT 32 kun oldin


  18. Rockstar_204

    Rockstar_2042 kun oldin


  19. Aryan Sharma

    Aryan Sharma2 kun oldin

    Bro I thought you were a better person than Logan but you are becoming like that asshole now.

  20. Nintendo Theo

    Nintendo Theo2 kun oldin

    u won because logan paul is a big idiot

  21. Sky Xiong

    Sky Xiong2 kun oldin

    Logan Paul won!!! Wanna know why because he threw some weak punches at you. Because if he threw hardy punches he would have knock you out in the boxing match.

  22. A J

    A J2 kun oldin

    I believed in you the whole time KSI GOAT 🔥🔥🐐

  23. thatstupedkid :p

    thatstupedkid :p2 kun oldin

    Please dont do wwe like i support u bro but its all scripted bullshit

  24. Deadpool Games

    Deadpool Games2 kun oldin


  25. RickyGuy69

    RickyGuy692 kun oldin

    Logan: I sneezed 3 times 6niTch9ine: no you sneezed 4 times

  26. Zach Davis

    Zach Davis2 kun oldin

    It’s been a year and dad is still shit

  27. Dean Rameka

    Dean Rameka2 kun oldin

    If Logan didn’t lose those 2 points, Logan would of won

  28. Dean Rameka

    Dean RamekaKun oldin

    So true 😂

  29. The county’s Finest

    The county’s FinestKun oldin

    Dean Rameka to bad he did then aye 😂😂

  30. Jessica cookie dough laynez

    Jessica cookie dough laynez2 kun oldin

    For winning.

  31. Jessica cookie dough laynez

    Jessica cookie dough laynez2 kun oldin

    I hate you KSI not joking.

  32. VITR3

    VITR32 kun oldin

    Your are the best

  33. K4ZLAZ 333-FN

    K4ZLAZ 333-FN3 kun oldin

    You deserved that ring

  34. Damien Menendez

    Damien Menendez3 kun oldin

    Thank you for piecing Logan Paul up thank god

  35. Mories Lennon

    Mories Lennon3 kun oldin

    Poor Logan he lost again

  36. ETUX

    ETUX3 kun oldin

    Logan Paul all the way no matter who wins

  37. LR AVIN -

    LR AVIN -3 kun oldin


  38. Nicolas Garcia

    Nicolas Garcia3 kun oldin

    JJ remember when Dax said im gonna be the biggest in a year in his kill shot diss? Well it’s been a year and I don’t think it went that well Plz like and make sure he sees this

  39. matty neary

    matty neary3 kun oldin

    people who agree in meritocracy, what he alludes to, are idiots. It helps that his parents were middle class and he went private school.

  40. Eudys Torres

    Eudys Torres3 kun oldin

    I’m not a hater but he was going to win if they didn’t take 2 points away they should of done that to u cuz u did the same to him

  41. Sacora Pankey

    Sacora Pankey3 kun oldin

    He’s seems like such a genuine person compared to Logan Paul. I’m so here for this! Good job 👏🏽

  42. Grant Diehl

    Grant Diehl3 kun oldin

    You almost got knocked out wth