The Try Guys Make Waffle Cones Without A Recipe

Who’s ready for some bonus baking? Which Try Guy’s Waffle Cone will stack up to the competition? 🧇👑
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  1. SimplyJenna315453

    SimplyJenna31545311 soat oldin

    “At least 500k video” Video currently at 3 million views

  2. The Vegan Potterhead

    The Vegan Potterhead11 soat oldin

    The Try Guys do a vegan challenge and watch footage of animal cruelty, please!! 🌾🐄🐏🐑🐐🐖💚✌

  3. C. Coffee

    C. Coffee15 soat oldin

    Hahaha my favorite part of this was Zach running with confetti. That is the biggest leo reaction I have ever seen from him!! "I'm the best!!! Oh my god!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!" *Confetti dance* As a fellow leo I approve, sir!

  4. Amen Molla

    Amen Molla15 soat oldin

    Zach:This is at least a 500k views video Video:Gets 3 mill views

  5. Kathryn King

    Kathryn King17 soat oldin

    "pour oil into it"

  6. Strxnger

    Strxnger17 soat oldin

    Eugene stop putting alcohol in things you give to children lmao

  7. Alexander Sauris

    Alexander Sauris18 soat oldin

    Actually 2.9 million view video

  8. Cecelia Rumsey

    Cecelia Rumsey20 soat oldin

    its official to us Zach!

  9. Phoenix Amaro

    Phoenix Amaro22 soat oldin

    Love the end with zack running around with confetti over his head😭😂

  10. dueeh nyyu

    dueeh nyyu22 soat oldin

    Someone: How much alcohol do you want in this? Eugene: Yes

  11. Chris TheMetalUnicorn

    Chris TheMetalUnicorn23 soat oldin

    What’s with the animal intermissions

  12. Kat Fischer

    Kat FischerKun oldin

    my favorite part of this series is whenever some says “i’m going to use *insert ingredient here* for sure” and the expert says “whatever you do DO NOT use *said ingredient* or it will ruin the whole thing”

  13. Liv Householder

    Liv HouseholderKun oldin

    “500k view” *has over 2 million views”

  14. dueeh nyyu

    dueeh nyyu22 soat oldin


  15. iiherrtii

    iiherrtiiKun oldin

    Try guys roast dog without a recipe.

  16. soflylikejunhyung

    soflylikejunhyungKun oldin

    I actually really dislike the kid wtf

  17. OmegaDraws

    OmegaDrawsKun oldin

    Make a flan without a recipe

  18. Fiona Muir

    Fiona MuirKun oldin

    am i the only one who got great british bake off vibes from the music? lol

  19. faureamour

    faureamourKun oldin

    I especially loved the ending of this! So funny!!

  20. Coco Studios

    Coco StudiosKun oldin

    Try Guy Greatness 2019: Eugene sits on Kieths lap 2020: Zach wins a without a recipe challenge

  21. KA sploosh

    KA splooshKun oldin

    Nobody: Zach: WHa? WHaH? AHhH!!

  22. Islande J.

    Islande J.Kun oldin

    I love this series!!!!!

  23. Chloe Suter

    Chloe SuterKun oldin

    The Try Guys are my favourite channel 😭❤️

  24. Brandon Mitchell

    Brandon MitchellKun oldin

    3 mil views but only expected 500k lolllll

  25. Yoyo 15275

    Yoyo 15275Kun oldin

    I don’t like that kid. He is really rude.. if I were his mother and he was my race (Hispanic), I would’ve given him un chinclaso!!!

  26. 53 ' er

    53 ' erKun oldin

    You guys should du "Kaith eats everything at nusr-et"

  27. Eileen Ron

    Eileen RonKun oldin

    People are laughing = Keith is laughing 😂

  28. Gianna Corbett

    Gianna CorbettKun oldin

    There caption..I actually thought I could vote on the box-

  29. Leigh Animations

    Leigh AnimationsKun oldin


  30. Lindsey Vasquez

    Lindsey VasquezKun oldin

    This is my favorite series of all

  31. Jimena Ramos

    Jimena RamosKun oldin

    New video idea: "The try guys try baking macarons without a recipe"

  32. roouit patan

    roouit patanKun oldin

    Wheres the daddy’s favourite????

  33. E Hanselman

    E HanselmanKun oldin

    Without a recipe: Lasagna🍽😍

  34. Howlie 90

    Howlie 90Kun oldin

    Jaimie is like what Eugene's future kid will be like.

  35. roouit patan

    roouit patanKun oldin

    LOL Zach. 500k? Try 3 million views, Sweetie.

  36. annabeja

    annabejaKun oldin

    Jamie is a true gem.

  37. Please_stahp

    Please_stahpKun oldin

    "This is at least a 500k video! " ... 2.9 million views later😂

  38. Marina Lyndon

    Marina LyndonKun oldin

    Eugene using alcohol was funny at first but it's rly dragging on.. like the only personality trate Eugene has in this series is alcoholism ....

  39. ahelmreichable2

    ahelmreichable2Kun oldin


  40. stan min yoongi

    stan min yoongiKun oldin

    i’m so happy to see eugene actually being bad at something

  41. pszczolka • exe

    pszczolka • exeKun oldin

    No one: Keith: ADD OIL


    BOBTHEBLOBKun oldin

    Sorry Kieth, Crepes don’t have any oil in them.

  43. Gerald Burano

    Gerald BuranoKun oldin

    Eugine you need to stop putting alcohol on shit.

  44. Rory

    RoryKun oldin

    hello yes can we have 20 more bonus episodes

  45. Coda Walston

    Coda WalstonKun oldin

    Zack: *grabs Jamie's chair* your coming with use. Jamie:* stands up*

  46. Fie HH

    Fie HHKun oldin

    My favorite moment: 21:22 haha Just everything that happens after this lol

  47. N_668

    N_668Kun oldin

    Isnt it ironic that the only time keith was so close to winning is when he didn't make daddy's favourite xD

  48. Lauren

    LaurenKun oldin

    LOL Zach. 500k? Try 3 million views, Sweetie.

  49. Yara Mikkers

    Yara MikkersKun oldin

    Wheres the daddy’s favourite????

  50. Rowdah Al Khalifa

    Rowdah Al KhalifaKun oldin

    you should make a video of just zack dancing plz

  51. nna mahadime

    nna mahadimeKun oldin

    I feel like camera quality is not as good as usual 🤔🤨☹️

  52. mandac424

    mandac424Kun oldin

    I just want them to do a whole mini series of something that is Jamie and Eugene based, because that banter is great. I don't even care what they do. I just want more Jamie and Eugene content (with the rest of the Try Guys interjecting comments).

  53. Piriathy

    PiriathyKun oldin

    "Eugene looks like someone's mom who got dragged out of bed for brunch and now they're having a bloody mary" my brother, commenting on Eugene's sweater at 23:00

  54. Amanda Kraayenbrink

    Amanda KraayenbrinkKun oldin

    “That’s at least a 500k video” Us: 2.9 million views later.

  55. Cellar Door

    Cellar DoorKun oldin

    Next episode on Without a Recipe : Croquembouche!!

  56. toxic tonya

    toxic tonyaKun oldin

    These videos give me anxiety in a good way

  57. Megan Chase

    Megan ChaseKun oldin

    Ned: people are laughing but he's smart

  58. Holly Marshall

    Holly MarshallKun oldin

    Jaime is the best try guy. period

  59. Leah Lilly

    Leah LillyKun oldin


  60. Nikki B

    Nikki BKun oldin

    Stop using Jamie as a judge he’s so annoying!

  61. Dennis With A K

    Dennis With A KKun oldin

    Me: wants a somewhat peaceful episode Try Guys: *constant panic*

  62. Emily Chowdhury

    Emily ChowdhuryKun oldin

    "atleast a 500k video" gets almost 3 million views.

  63. • Always_Bored •

    • Always_Bored •Kun oldin

    I wonder if the Try Guys know the Ghoul Boys