The Morons Of Coronavirus


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  1. redheadedfreckles2

    redheadedfreckles2Soat oldin

    Hahaha!! Love you Ethan and Hila! Y’all are great but don’t start with the anti capitalism bs because you are getting rich from UZgo!! Everyone needs and loves money!!

  2. Alex Silva

    Alex SilvaSoat oldin

    Like the comeback notification wasn't enough, who else gasped when PAPA himself greeted Ethan this time?

  3. Kirammer

    KirammerSoat oldin

    Oh nooo do a second part, trisha paytas just made stupid coronavirus video. lol

  4. Jude Hen

    Jude HenSoat oldin

    GameStop keeps people happy don’t make fun. You cannot leave your house! Smile

  5. Rachel Ornelas

    Rachel OrnelasSoat oldin

    I've seen like 3 of your videos and you are absolutely one of my fav YTers now! xD Thank you for the humorous video about a hard topic, I can't believe the guy who took all the sanitizer doesn't feel bad, can we trade him to go to jail in exchange for someone who was locked up for marijuana before it was legal?

  6. Julian Gonzalez

    Julian GonzalezSoat oldin

    Unpopular Opinion - Please don’t keep reading if you feel like you’re easily triggered or offended. - I actually have the same mindset and I agree with kaceytron. It’s not that I lack respect for old people or that I’m necessarily cold hearted. It’s kinda the same mindset that thanos or a normal gardener has. If left unchecked plants can and will often grow out of control sucking up all of the nutrients out of the soil effectively killing it. The gardener has to make the decision of which stems and leaves to cut or pull off to ultimately benefit the plant. I mean obviously you don’t want to go around and spread it on purpose because that’s basically murder with more steps, but if we’re overpopulated already and this starts killing off old people naturally it just seems like nature giving us a natural way to control ourselves. Of all the people that the virus could’ve killed off and it kills off our weak and old? That sounds like mercy to me. Most of our earth and shit was killed/ruined by the older people of the past and now we have to fix their mistakes, it just seems like an easy answer. People have to die, it’s the natural order so if we’re stopping that from happening we’re throwing this whole planet more off balance than it already is.

  7. DJ K

    DJ KSoat oldin


  8. Daniel

    DanielSoat oldin

    ...wayo :[

  9. Bob's biggest fan

    Bob's biggest fan2 soat oldin


  10. Head Chef

    Head Chef2 soat oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="148">2:28</a> that neck wiggle tho

  11. David Frank

    David Frank2 soat oldin

    Wtf this channel still exists? I thought we only had the shitty podcast

  12. Evan Archer

    Evan Archer2 soat oldin

    Party on Garth!!!!

  13. Karla C.

    Karla C.2 soat oldin

    people are.... they just... amazing

  14. Legend67

    Legend672 soat oldin


  15. Hamasake Gagf

    Hamasake Gagf2 soat oldin

    problem is its not boomer doomer its the generation before boomers thats dying off

  16. Jeam Bacalo

    Jeam Bacalo2 soat oldin


  17. Light. exe

    Light. exe2 soat oldin

    americans are literally ruining their reputition

  18. Vik Table

    Vik Table2 soat oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="440">7:20</a> communism is not the solution, everyone was free to also make some prepping

  19. night_light

    night_light2 soat oldin

    Tbh I didn’t even know this channel still existed

  20. Visser

    Visser3 soat oldin

    A new generation has been indoctrinated to hate 'boomers' and 'old white men' because of their contribution to climate change. So now kids behave in a way that tells you that they couldn't care less about old folks and that they're dying because it saves the planet. You reap what you sow.

  21. Jonathan Wolf

    Jonathan Wolf3 soat oldin

    I just realized that the Coronavirus is the reincarnation of Ethan's dead cough meme. We're doomed.

  22. Uvimaru

    Uvimaru3 soat oldin

    watch this video and listen to the platform theme

  23. Metit Four

    Metit Four3 soat oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="501">8:21</a> Uncomfortable doesn't even _begin_ to describe that pause.

  24. Lumex

    Lumex3 soat oldin

    Mf eats a bat in china and the whole world shuts down

  25. Kaimeruh

    Kaimeruh3 soat oldin

    wow you’re back

  26. Nope Nullify

    Nope Nullify3 soat oldin


  27. steffsaint

    steffsaint3 soat oldin

    Omg this content is sick. Sorry.

  28. Rob Antico

    Rob Antico3 soat oldin

    How are you not demonitized for talking about the corona virus?

  29. H3IN3K3NX

    H3IN3K3NX3 soat oldin

    I'm no longer proud to be from liverpool

  30. Beni 51

    Beni 513 soat oldin

    Nooooooo wayyyy they back from that horrible podcast

  31. Marcus Perttula

    Marcus Perttula3 soat oldin

    it dosent just affect old people it targets them more for their weaker older immune system

  32. JacopAndersen

    JacopAndersen4 soat oldin

    And here in Denmark everyone stays home, im 2 weeks in and have 13 Days more before i can go to Work again. :)

  33. Christopher Norris

    Christopher Norris4 soat oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="340">5:40</a> She's just deadpan, that's all.

  34. Rubycorn

    Rubycorn4 soat oldin

    Aha I'm from Liverpool 😂😂😂

  35. JenP W

    JenP W4 soat oldin

    So much entitlement going on here and I blame useless parents for not effectively teaching their little bastards respect.

  36. Protomorph

    Protomorph4 soat oldin


  37. IdreamyI

    IdreamyI4 soat oldin

    I never thought I will ever see Satan on Earth, but alas that preacher proved me wrong. Scared the shit out of me

  38. Spooderman720

    Spooderman7204 soat oldin

    I can see this video aging poorly.

  39. Vladikas

    Vladikas4 soat oldin

    Oh shit Rajj made it

  40. Dicking ton

    Dicking ton4 soat oldin

    top notch vhs synthetic at the beginning i have to give you credit for that :P

  41. Vincent Marduk

    Vincent Marduk4 soat oldin

    I don't know some of these are from China where you get killed by the chinese government if you get sick, so I prefer putting a bucket on the head that get a bullet on the head. Nope I'm not jocking.

  42. Micky Leinbachy

    Micky Leinbachy4 soat oldin

    Pre-corona - Never leaves house Post-corona - Never leaves house - Good hand washing habits Things are looking up.

  43. adrian n

    adrian n5 soat oldin

    Wait Corona virus In the title. Did you get demonitized? Or are you a shill.

  44. KAZ F4UR

    KAZ F4UR5 soat oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="261">4:21</a> 𝗜𝗦 𝗧𝗛𝗔𝗧 𝗥𝗜𝗟𝗘𝗬 𝗥𝗘𝗜𝗗

  45. OneTwo

    OneTwo5 soat oldin

    Coughing is such great comedy wow wow wow

  46. Rob Antico

    Rob Antico3 soat oldin

    Anybody else talking about the ol rona: demonitized Ethan: getting that treatment.

  47. papi pablo

    papi pablo5 soat oldin

    All the teens and young adults trying to get drunk are obviously from Florida , Alabama and a hint of Mississippi

  48. Ontor D. Press

    Ontor D. Press5 soat oldin

    Ethan had corona before corona was a thing

  49. James Mahaney

    James Mahaney5 soat oldin

    Everyone’s dying from corona, H3H3’s coming back to life

  50. No Knowledge Creativity

    No Knowledge Creativity5 soat oldin

    That televangelist looks like the devil’s right hand man the evil leprechaun who deceived people.

  51. Waterworks

    Waterworks5 soat oldin

    I didn't expect to see aa Rajjchelor clip in this.

  52. Logano McGee

    Logano McGee6 soat oldin

    This is all literally because retards can't stay inside of their houses so that people can stop having to worry about it forever.

  53. ¿ǝuoɥd ɹnoʎ ƃuᴉddᴉlɟ noʎ ǝɹɐ ʎɥM

    ¿ǝuoɥd ɹnoʎ ƃuᴉddᴉlɟ noʎ ǝɹɐ ʎɥM6 soat oldin

    There’s probably some 35 yr old man who lives in his mom’s basement, that bought 54 packs of hand sanitizer and toilet paper when he doesn’t even use them

  54. Antonio Larrubia

    Antonio Larrubia6 soat oldin

    Doing an ironic song about flexing and rich rappers, doesn't work when you make it inside your 2 million dollar mansion Ethan.

  55. Gregory Tingley

    Gregory Tingley6 soat oldin


  56. AspectSpy 1

    AspectSpy 16 soat oldin

    Me 1 week after this was taken

  57. Marina S

    Marina S6 soat oldin

    Lmaooo the copyright safe music playing at the Nashville video

  58. Rn Tn

    Rn Tn6 soat oldin

    I am from the same city as the guy that got the 18,000 bottles of sanitizer and the police made him donate them to churches and shelters in our city. What a POS!

  59. Bowelmovementmaker

    Bowelmovementmaker6 soat oldin

    If Ethan has the virus he definitely gave it to Hila spraying his germs all over that room in the duration of this video.

  60. Duck Man?

    Duck Man?6 soat oldin

    It wasnt a thermometer that she used

  61. Ocean Redux

    Ocean Redux6 soat oldin

    Wait, if h3h3 is fucking back and is uploading again, I will definitely resubscribe...


    JUSHIN THUNDER LIGER6 soat oldin

    wayyy hoooo

  63. BananaPhoPhilly

    BananaPhoPhilly6 soat oldin

    Ethan you gettin grey af

  64. Vorname Nachname

    Vorname Nachname6 soat oldin

    That "christian guy", straight from the devil. Supressed sexual drive.

  65. PCG

    PCG6 soat oldin

    This Ethan is what you should stick to; not the podcast, it's a lost cause.

  66. splifs only

    splifs only6 soat oldin


  67. splifs only

    splifs only6 soat oldin

    I’m late but hey LOVE TO U GUYS

  68. splifs only

    splifs only6 soat oldin


  69. splifs only

    splifs only6 soat oldin


  70. Daisy Gent

    Daisy Gent6 soat oldin

    Anyone know the song at the end? Issa straight vibe

  71. Gerardo Aguilar

    Gerardo Aguilar6 soat oldin


  72. Sharron Kelly

    Sharron Kelly6 soat oldin

    Yo! Jimmy Baker! How's Jessica Hahn!?😂📣😆📣😀📣and the congregation said AMEN!

  73. David Furman

    David Furman7 soat oldin

    hell yeah! old intro! woo!

  74. Sky Cloudd

    Sky Cloudd7 soat oldin


  75. GrantoGilberto

    GrantoGilberto7 soat oldin

    I know its all fun and jokes but honestly being a Christian myself and hearing Kenneth make a good point about like tithing made a lot of sense. Even though he may be a little much when speaking, but it’s important.

  76. Don’tCareBear

    Don’tCareBear7 soat oldin


  77. AC Fake

    AC Fake7 soat oldin

    And you ask me why epidemic got Europe twice in a rolls .

  78. VKMK

    VKMK7 soat oldin

    Some of these girls must have light heads yk what I'm sayin

  79. pofa

    pofa7 soat oldin

    why did i have to look up their channel to see this. IM SUBSRIBED DAMMIT

  80. Gregory Vallejo

    Gregory Vallejo7 soat oldin

    Love how it took a global crisis with a ban on social gathering in order for his channel to be revived.

  81. Pat Ball

    Pat Ball7 soat oldin

    Kenneth Copeland literally looks like satan.

  82. The Worst

    The Worst7 soat oldin

    It's so fawked up that theses incredibly selfish and ignorant people didn't take heed to social distancing...🤦‍♂️ Being that selfish and not taking the time to think about their and others older loved ones whom are severely effected more by this virus...🧐 How dare they put the lives of loved ones in danger...🧐 They should be locked up for this, because it's almost the same thing as attempted murder...💯✔

  83. Gabriel Mrl

    Gabriel Mrl8 soat oldin

    I've missed this <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="197">3:17</a>

  84. _AppleBomb _

    _AppleBomb _8 soat oldin

    i mean no hate to him, but Ethan has the musical talent of a deaf donkey on several types of halucinegenic drugs.