The country's war over the virus | WNT

With more than 46,000 cases across the country, New York has the highest and fastest rate of infection, but New Orleans is quickly becoming the next hot spot.
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  1. EAS CEC

    EAS CEC6 soat oldin

    World War III Anybody?

  2. Jake Robinson

    Jake Robinson8 soat oldin

    I'm glad we are still going if we stop it could cause a great depression no one understands this

  3. Brando Vegan

    Brando VeganKun oldin

    🇺🇸 😷

  4. C. Bright

    C. BrightKun oldin

    I bet all the people who hate our country relish stories like this.

  5. Purple Freax

    Purple FreaxKun oldin

    If you guys think about it... this is actually ww4 ... we battling against a deadly virus 🦠...

  6. ganjamankh

    ganjamankhKun oldin

    Nothing about Arizona because our state officials think this is a joke !

  7. My Daddy

    My Daddy2 kun oldin

    Italy has been getting help from Cuba. That’s how bad is this virus.

  8. George Washington

    George Washington2 kun oldin

    Death is the winner in any war.

  9. Mee Xiong

    Mee Xiong2 kun oldin

    To stop the coronavirus we have to use The system to control an order all American people every state and every city all of the United States every single person have to stay home we have to use china government system to control the peopleIn in the US that’s how we can Survive. I see every single day the numbers going up. The coronavirus is it a Syria disease it take a lot of peoples life and this is not kidding Please please can everyone stay home And safe peoples life especially our children and they have a future please everyone support each other’s thank you!

  10. Fannie The Watch Woman

    Fannie The Watch Woman2 kun oldin

    It's definitely a war. Stop making M16 and make more ventilators. Peoples lives matter more. Maybe end of April is more feasible. Prayers and thoughts from around the world. Pump in more stimulus or relief packages to the people. Think of how healthier our environment would be. The land, sea, air will thank us for helping save our planet and millions of people. MAKE THE WORLD CLEAN AGAIN. 🙋🙌🙏

  11. Mel Da Belle

    Mel Da Belle2 kun oldin

    I actually wrote a fictional mystery thriller about the curse of New Orleans. I even mentioned to stay home and not participate in Mardi Gras... it has voodoo elements in is as well... and i released it a few days before Mardi Gras day! Here’s the link to check it out, it’s called THE KREWE OF HEAUX

  12. Sherri BhL

    Sherri BhL2 kun oldin

    My sixth grade social studies teacher told us, their will never be a global shut down of any kind. The government cannot shut down an entire globe of people. WELL.......MR. FORBES......IF YOU WERE STILL HERE....YOU WOULD BE PROVEN WRONG. Global shut down is exactly what's happening now.

  13. Onigiri Otaku

    Onigiri Otaku2 kun oldin

    He’s trying to save our economy so we don’t end up a 3rd world country and the middle class won’t exist after this you can guarantee that. Also anyone notice the liberal sjw states have it the worst 😂 Mother Nature cleansing the cancer that’s infested her for to long 🙌

  14. Dalton Branham

    Dalton Branham2 kun oldin

    4 days +54,000

  15. What's Good

    What's Good2 kun oldin

    "The news says the white man that runs our country is trying to kill us so it must be truth" 😂😂😂😂

  16. Hood Newz TV

    Hood Newz TV2 kun oldin

    I hate to say it but now racism will die down. U.s. pouring too much racism into the universe hating God's children because of skin color. I pray for u all.

  17. Dr Dj Psycho

    Dr Dj Psycho3 kun oldin

    humans gave up their life for this countries freedoms, and we shouldnt be on house arrest or lose them cause a few people might lose their lives, this mayor need to go live in another country, not the land of the free...

  18. Rockytop VFL

    Rockytop VFL3 kun oldin

    So when Trump suspended flights from Chiiiina these same fucks called him racists, no matter what Trump does these lying ass "reporters" are just going to bash him.

  19. Catherine Burk

    Catherine Burk3 kun oldin

    He didn't say he wants it open, he is saying that it would be great to have the country back up by Easter.

  20. Sophie Peraaud

    Sophie Peraaud3 kun oldin


  21. Jimmy Rouse

    Jimmy Rouse3 kun oldin

    If you don't know Jesus when it's all said and done you'll wished you had he has it all in control

  22. Jimmy Rouse

    Jimmy Rouse3 kun oldin

    Voting for Trump says a lot about you / ppl don't care until it happens to you

  23. Jimmy Rouse

    Jimmy Rouse3 kun oldin

    What's going on with those retards of NYC what part of stay inside don't you understand no mo talk

  24. Trevor Johnson

    Trevor Johnson3 kun oldin

    Looks like its a big joke to Amy and that is why we were so unprepared for it people like Amy and Trump that just laugh about the virus .

  25. TR808

    TR8083 kun oldin

    Use Rainbow Flags as Masks.....

  26. Raffie Perez

    Raffie Perez3 kun oldin

    Donald Trump just wants to reelected. That's why he wants everything to be open by Easter

  27. cnccarving

    cnccarving3 kun oldin

    heres the question this country almost everyone connected to the net you saw in january chinese went lockdown and people disappeared from streets and police and military was on roads so you can not travel distances example you can not go to beach for spring break party in january same people were outraging china regime controlling people today you say why trump didmt make earlier steps are you an adult? did you see you can not just walk around because you infecting people? do you need police tell you on the roda turn back and go at home? what you want? communist regime to take care on you or you are an adult and you do yourself? idiots on lose

  28. Cu Tèo

    Cu Tèo3 kun oldin

    Misinformation is here. President Trump said only open for the states that are less virus infection.

  29. Taz Zat

    Taz Zat3 kun oldin

    Trump is really crazy mad psycho

  30. Shaul Jonah

    Shaul Jonah3 kun oldin

    Wanting and what will happen will see .

  31. iam atoaster

    iam atoaster3 kun oldin

    Why the hell is Ky in red. We are still at work.

  32. Simon Shaninga

    Simon Shaninga3 kun oldin

    Enough money for war & Military equipment. Not so for Medical supplies & healthcare......

  33. slsawrc

    slsawrc3 kun oldin

    Is there a test to see if you had virus and got well, without testing?

  34. douglas hagan

    douglas hagan3 kun oldin

    45 million people could be affected

  35. douglas hagan

    douglas hagan3 kun oldin

    Oh no

  36. douglas hagan

    douglas hagan3 kun oldin

    It's climbing the number of people infected

  37. douglas hagan

    douglas hagan3 kun oldin

    This is going to. Limb there are 2 separate viruses lungs heart liver affected

  38. Sala Hudeen

    Sala Hudeen3 kun oldin

    Those who wanna social gathering after being told not to should be locked up... it was against the law before the virus to put others at danger ... why is it not a law now??? ... you get into a car drunk you will be locked up.. WHY??? Because your putting others in danger by driving drunk... same situation different scenario

  39. Sala Hudeen

    Sala Hudeen3 kun oldin

    States should lock down individual... no one enters this state and leave at your own risk... because it’s obviously that so called United States are not on being united when it comes to handle the virus and quarantine virus... some states allowing social gathering and other states locking down... and the states locking down gonna be comprised by states that don’t take this seriously by allowing there residents to travel to the states taking the virus seriously

  40. Rosa Gonzalez

    Rosa Gonzalez3 kun oldin

    God say if we repent and come seek him he will heal our land. Watch Noelia ama a Jesus. About her prophecy of Gods announcement to her about pandemic.

  41. No freedom censored

    No freedom censored4 kun oldin

    As the virus decreases in areas the people will want to earn a living--- basic precautions and common sense is needed.

  42. Main Stomper

    Main Stomper4 kun oldin

    Might as well open up. Can't keep these dumb people in any way. Its not totally the governments fault, the under supply is but freaking people purposefully spreading it. Damn lady in the news coughed on $3,000. Worth of food products at Walmart. Intentionally..

  43. T Boudreau

    T Boudreau4 kun oldin

    What a stupid ass

  44. [ArriArtz]

    [ArriArtz]4 kun oldin

    Well I'm screwed in new york

  45. michael barry

    michael barry4 kun oldin

    All he’s missing is his clown shoes, Trump that is

  46. Simrat Brar

    Simrat Brar4 kun oldin

    Capitalism cannot afford to put workers (citizens) at home for few weeks because America is a big factory not a country and Trump is right now it's owner...... owner want to see the factory running.......the running their lives from pay check to another pay check can't sit in their homes........ seventeen year old has died because he was without's time to pay back..... America.

  47. Simrat Brar

    Simrat Brar4 kun oldin

    American leaders are idiots and American need Punjab police to make the job done......

  48. shan lynch

    shan lynch4 kun oldin

    Am I the only one that see's that these parasitic news anchors Dicks are hard over this whole virus bullshit??!!

  49. anthony wyma

    anthony wyma4 kun oldin

    I love the states coming at the feds for the state governments failure. Why are we valuing Mr. NY’s opinion when it’s his government failing. Of course the Feds are going to come through however we forget that it’s the states responsibility as well

  50. John Perkins

    John Perkins4 kun oldin


  51. hi there

    hi there4 kun oldin

    Retail is still open that's where all the dumbass are going to spread it in CT anyway

  52. Keith Heilman

    Keith Heilman4 kun oldin

    the suspension of civil law, civil rights, Only people will listen is if they are told. Not by law enforcement, but Military.

  53. Heather Bingaman

    Heather Bingaman4 kun oldin

    I wanna tell the government To go suck Themselves🤬

  54. Kaun Troap

    Kaun Troap4 kun oldin

    we need to find patient zero and sue his ass for causing this pandemic!

  55. PREMIUM Bee

    PREMIUM Bee4 kun oldin

    Very suspicious,

  56. Vevia Allen

    Vevia Allen4 kun oldin

    What's going to be next? There's always something getting out of hand. Of course it's a damn WAR!! I don't believe it came from China though. That makes absolutely NO SENSE. China and America is like fraternal twins. 🤦🤦 so many lives gone behind this negligence!

  57. Vevia Allen

    Vevia Allen4 kun oldin

    This has gone too FAR!!!! Absolutely unacceptable.😢

  58. Jean Gibson

    Jean Gibson4 kun oldin

    Most of your comments are dumb. All he said was hopes and would like. We can't afford to be closed for months. People will be on the streets and out of work and unable to feed their families. Noone is thinking of that. Just all scared of a virus that over 80,000 have recovered and only like 1% of actual patients that have been sick have died w mostly having underlying conditions. So that means they could die if they got just about any infection or virus. Have good hygiene people and practice good personal protection just like with every other virus that is out there.


    MAUNI SAVANT4 kun oldin

    U saw fear not words in the title

  60. Reuben

    Reuben4 kun oldin

    Of course ABC makes this look like the end of the world.

  61. Ross Harris

    Ross Harris4 kun oldin

    James <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="301">5:1</a> "rich" at war against the poor majority.

  62. Franchesca Speaks

    Franchesca Speaks4 kun oldin

    Mardi Gras really?

  63. San Diego

    San Diego4 kun oldin

    If there is a God, then Trump will become infected with the virus.... & then become another one added to the death statistic from it.... now THAT OCCURRENCE would be true MAGA right there !!!

  64. Mit Gon

    Mit Gon4 kun oldin

    Look the recovery number They said 80% chance of survival. U.S now have over 100k cases Hope for the best.

  65. MonkeyMan

    MonkeyMan4 kun oldin

    I feel like I'm in the twilight zone suddenly the conspiracy theories don't feel like fictional entertainment.

  66. Vijay patel

    Vijay patel4 kun oldin

    Most infected states are democratic... Ny,nj,il,mn,wa,ca Something is fishy to down economy for election

  67. Termz Of Legacy

    Termz Of Legacy4 kun oldin

    Does anyone know where I can find a video about the virus but in spanish? Or with spanish subtitles?

  68. Heather Furtado

    Heather Furtado4 kun oldin

    Vermont HAS ALSO IMPOSED a STAY AT HOME order per our Governor

  69. Armenia Jones

    Armenia Jones4 kun oldin

    My prayers goes out to the loved ones and all those that lost a family

  70. Armenia Jones

    Armenia Jones4 kun oldin

    The ones that don't have health problems and they are dying

  71. Armenia Jones

    Armenia Jones4 kun oldin

    So just be careful what you say about people that sick with diabetes heart disease and all this other stuff

  72. Armenia Jones

    Armenia Jones4 kun oldin

    Can't tell me nothing about no cardio. Heart disease that some people don't have heart disease and they are dying

  73. Armenia Jones

    Armenia Jones4 kun oldin

    Inmost heart patients are doing well

  74. Armenia Jones

    Armenia Jones4 kun oldin

    And I am sick too. Them saying about cardio arrest heart disease

  75. Armenia Jones

    Armenia Jones4 kun oldin

    And I am sick too. Them saying about cardio arrest heart disease

  76. Armenia Jones

    Armenia Jones4 kun oldin

    And prayers change things

  77. Armenia Jones

    Armenia Jones4 kun oldin

    Just go with the old remedy y'all will be okay

  78. BoiBoi800

    BoiBoi8004 kun oldin

    I'm still alive

  79. udlrfbak

    udlrfbak4 kun oldin

    no dollar figure on human life my ass i just depends what insurance company you ask! also the wuhan pandemic has revealed an near critical mass of idiocy. how do we produce less dumb citizens? cause once they are dumb and grown you can't fix stupid.

  80. Dishon

    Dishon4 kun oldin

    Me: I’m definitely not going to church on fucking Easter... Trump: I want to see people at church on Easter. Me: ummm.....what??