Hey guys! whos ready for a review and demo of the new tati beauty blendiful sponges?! I wanted to do a full non biased review of the new tati puffs because im a huge fan of makeup puffs! I use the all the time! So thats what todays video is! Hope you guys enjoy the honesty! :D
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  1. Manny Mua

    Manny Mua5 kun oldin

    what do YALL think of blendiful? are yall gonna get it?!

  2. Teanna Loving Life

    Teanna Loving Life19 soat oldin

    I ordered. I'm excited. However, I've heard the hairs/fibers come off. We'll see. 💁 I love Tati.

  3. alyssa bermudez

    alyssa bermudezKun oldin

    Manny Mua waiting on the mailman right now , btw your skin is flawless 😍💖

  4. Intuitive Diane

    Intuitive DianeKun oldin

    No missing out on this Manny. I got the pallet because of your review ... though not really interested in this product. thanks anyway for a great review.

  5. WILMA JANSEN V Vuuren

    WILMA JANSEN V VuurenKun oldin

    it looks amazing but I can never afford it sorry😢😅💄💜💛😲☺

  6. bune

    bune7 soat oldin

    I'm glad Tati released this tool. It applied seamlessly on your face. Because it becomes "dirty" after the first application, it gives me the incentive to take the 1 minute out of my day to wash it quickly, basically like the 2 minutes you would take to brush your teeth. Anyway, maybe you should have included washing the tool in your video, since it holds less product it should be an easier wash. Better than dirty brushes and sponges blech

  7. Oceanne Dorasawmy

    Oceanne Dorasawmy8 soat oldin

    I love Dracula 😍 I watched the three episodes too Love the blendiful puff 😍

  8. Yvonne Ruiz

    Yvonne Ruiz9 soat oldin

    “it’s hard, it’s earth, it’s rocky, it’s a taurus” no pues si way to call me out fam 😂

  9. Samantha Salazar

    Samantha Salazar10 soat oldin

    I’ve seen like two videos already about this product and now your review and every beauty guru who viewed this their skin never looked so flawless. I really need this sponge 😍 all you need to take with u is this product on vacation which is a plus because I always struggle with which brushes I should take but now I don’t have too thanks to Tati new blending sponge 👌 the only down fall is cleaning it lol I’m like you manny lazy when it comes doing the laundry & cleaning my beauty sponges & brushes but that won’t stop me from purchasing it tho 😊

  10. mentarij

    mentarij11 soat oldin

    You can wash it in the washing machine, great for a lazy person.

  11. Lindsey Drummond

    Lindsey Drummond12 soat oldin

    I wash my sponges daily, it’s actually part of my shower routine haha. It helps make it not feel like an extra chore

  12. angela fields

    angela fields12 soat oldin

    all u beauty bloggers make me jealous, and cry.. im 43 and having so many issues.. i just wanna be pretty for one day...

  13. Anber

    Anber13 soat oldin

    Omg ur teeth are so cute and natural looking!! I want them lol 😍😍

  14. Beauty Forever

    Beauty Forever14 soat oldin

    Manny, I have to say, you have changed so much! In a good way of course, I’m definitely subscribing again ❤️❤️

  15. Stephanie Meechan

    Stephanie Meechan15 soat oldin

    I literally love watching you I don’t stop laughing aswell as getting tips just ordered this also your such a delight manny xx

  16. Susan Martin

    Susan Martin16 soat oldin

    I don't know I'm trying really hard but I just cannot get comfortable with some dude telling me how to put on makeup. I'm 61 years old and I'm really trying to accept reality..the realities of life are happening and I'm doing the best. I just can't stop staring at his Adam's apple. Dear Lord Gay Jesus help me

  17. Hellen P

    Hellen P16 soat oldin

    I honestly really want this

  18. Caitlin Palmer

    Caitlin Palmer16 soat oldin

    What foundation are you using in this video? I have to know! 🤩

  19. Charlie Zena

    Charlie Zena16 soat oldin

    LMFAOOOO OMG, I've watched your videos before but this one got you a new sub!! Madd funnyy. "this one, its water.. but this one, its earth, its rocky" had me weakkk!!!!

  20. Di

    Di18 soat oldin

    Man I like this manny a lot too. Glad I revisited your channel and thanks for this review.

  21. Sandra Ponce

    Sandra Ponce18 soat oldin

    No manny tatis videos are boring

  22. RandomThingz

    RandomThingz18 soat oldin

    WOW! I need one of these... His skin looks really natural. It's like he has no makeup on. I'm really impressed.

  23. Isha xoxo

    Isha xoxo19 soat oldin

    Love love lovedddd your video 😚😚😚😚

  24. Teanna Loving Life

    Teanna Loving Life19 soat oldin

    I resubbed. I think you're on the right path. We live and learn. ❤ Also, I'm praying we see your lunar beauty in Boxycharm soon. 😍

  25. Angela Torres

    Angela Torres20 soat oldin

    Awesome Thank You Sharing Beautiful

  26. Claudia Fife

    Claudia Fife22 soat oldin

    Take a shot every time he says “product”

  27. Samantha Ybarra

    Samantha Ybarra22 soat oldin

    I can’t with u lol it’s a taurus lol

  28. Samantha Ybarra

    Samantha Ybarra22 soat oldin

    I love a powder puff lol 😂

  29. Shanrell Kremer

    Shanrell Kremer23 soat oldin

    I love mine! They are great for a beginner to get a beautiful looking base!

  30. Tammy Pena

    Tammy Pena23 soat oldin

    Me: *watches for 2 mins* Also me: I MUST SUBSCRIBE NOW!!! haha

  31. Eric Lim Kee Hen

    Eric Lim Kee HenKun oldin

    i love you better now.

  32. Byun's Wings

    Byun's WingsKun oldin

    Resubed!!!!❤️ Love your tiktoks tooo!

  33. A.A.

    A.A.Kun oldin

    Why is everyone trying to act like that gimmick product is not a makeup eraser.....? lol.

  34. ForeverSana97

    ForeverSana97Kun oldin

    wHeRE iS tHe aCNe?!?!?!

  35. Batak Jemi

    Batak JemiKun oldin

    By the way you can actually turn the elastic to the other side of the "puff". So you get a whole otherside!

  36. Rich Verdad

    Rich VerdadKun oldin


  37. Lily Funk

    Lily FunkKun oldin

    Honestly i love everything with you and Tati. I wish I could support more financially but unfortunately can’t but you guys are honestly like my favorite mua’s on youtube. You were I think the first one I ever saw actually, definitely the first guy I’ve ever seen do makeup and I just remember being fascinated and thinking how good you were and it’s been so cool to watch you grow and change into the awesome guy you are today ☺️

  38. Amanda Harpe

    Amanda HarpeKun oldin

    Manny you are so entertaining! I would love to have a friend like you lol

  39. Devin Mcleod

    Devin McleodKun oldin

    What foundation did you use?

  40. Kayla Pugh

    Kayla PughKun oldin

    Low key i can see you playing a character for Disney ... idk why but. I see it 👀

  41. LeAnne Borges

    LeAnne BorgesKun oldin

    What bronzer did you use

  42. sofia galvez

    sofia galvezKun oldin

    Hi everyone, i’m a small youtuber that loves makeup and i want to reach my goal of 100 subscribers! If you reply to this comment i’ll support your channel as well 💕

  43. Dea

    DeaKun oldin

    one more pump fx sssswwwwek caught me off guard in a good way lol.

  44. Ashley MacLellan

    Ashley MacLellanKun oldin

    I subscribed immediately after the “I need the puffs now gimme those puffs NOW” lol

  45. Tracilyn Hidalgo

    Tracilyn HidalgoKun oldin

    I have one just like it but thicker. Made by Laura mercier.

  46. Maria Lorena Perez

    Maria Lorena PerezKun oldin

    You r hilarious.

  47. Alicia R

    Alicia RKun oldin

    You can also flip the handle over and use the other end 🤓

  48. Corinne Woods

    Corinne WoodsKun oldin

    “It’s hard...it’s rocky..it’s earth....it’s a Taurus” 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  49. BrittAny Gallegos

    BrittAny GallegosKun oldin

    I’m a Cakey whore I like chocolate 🍫 cake 🧁

  50. chloe rogers

    chloe rogersKun oldin

    Literally before you said anything about it, I was thinking hmmm that looks a lot like my makeup eraser. So went and grabbed it and tried putting on makeup with it. It worked very similarly except I’ve had it for along time and have washed it a lot. So I feel likes it’s not as soft anymore but still seems very similar

  51. Jessina McBryde

    Jessina McBrydeKun oldin

    I love watching you!!! I’m new to your channel and love watching you!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  52. Medusa

    MedusaKun oldin

    It's Tati, she is so particular about things, you know anything she puts out is going to SLAY

  53. adriana ortega

    adriana ortegaKun oldin

    bitch you don't have a single pore on that face!!!! I live!

  54. Just Pao

    Just PaoKun oldin

    0:01 had me dead 💀 😂

  55. makeupbymuskie on insta

    makeupbymuskie on instaKun oldin

    the adhd in this video lmaooo love you manny

  56. Priscilla Mila

    Priscilla MilaKun oldin

    Is it like a microfiber ?

  57. Alana Boug

    Alana BougKun oldin

    AHHH I love you

  58. Bev Tooth

    Bev ToothKun oldin

    Manny you're so funny. I love watching you. It brightens my day!

  59. Amanda Flemmi

    Amanda FlemmiKun oldin

    It’s water this ones earth it’s hard it rocky it’s a Taurus 😆

  60. Rene Martz

    Rene MartzKun oldin

    I totally thought the material looked like the makeup remover cloths! Lol that's so cool. Your makeup looked so good though! Almost airbrushed! Thanks Manny! ❤😊

  61. Sarah Morley

    Sarah MorleyKun oldin

    Yay, I've ordered mine and the textured neutrals palette. I'm so excited for them to arrive 😬🥰

  62. Madeline Eddleman

    Madeline EddlemanKun oldin

    BAYBAYYYYYYYYYY u is funny as fuck lmao I been laughing this whole damn video

  63. Kayleigh Aaliyah

    Kayleigh AaliyahKun oldin

    Love this video Manny, but think your recent videos are a bit over edited with all the inserts and shit - maybe just me?

  64. Wendy Posten

    Wendy PostenKun oldin

    Manny- how does this compare to the krylon (sp) professional one?