World class hit maker (Galantis) and worldwide popular singer (Charli XCX) collaborated to create the SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™ music video!
World’s first ever SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™ area opens at Universal Studios Japan this summer! #USJ #Nintendo


  1. FahadPlayGames

    FahadPlayGames10 soat oldin

    If speed runners were there they would reach to the flag 32 seconds

  2. Der Legendäre Mario

    Der Legendäre Mario11 soat oldin

    LET'S A GOOO!!!

  3. Hewbertland!

    Hewbertland!11 soat oldin

    This song made me teary, just hits right in my inner self. No worries, no drama, just play!

  4. Gaming Pilze

    Gaming Pilze11 soat oldin

    This song ist amazing 🔥

  5. Smash Bro 64 2

    Smash Bro 64 211 soat oldin

    0:31 you cannot jump off balconys or you'll hurt yourself on inpact I know she jams off in to a pipe but you'll still hurt a body part

  6. Alan Gandara

    Alan Gandara12 soat oldin

    Que rola mamalona saludos desde Monterrey 💙💙💙💙💙

  7. pou3321

    pou332112 soat oldin

    Nintendo you meant Super Mario World Japan

  8. Miguelo Valdes

    Miguelo Valdes12 soat oldin

    saquenla en spotify po nintendo qlo

  9. J T

    J T12 soat oldin

    Notice the only "couple" in this video is a Black Male/White Female. Geez guys, I get the point. You think Black women are not enough for Black men. How many ads are going to run this narrative?

  10. Fli xo

    Fli xo12 soat oldin


  11. Lyrics Beymar

    Lyrics Beymar12 soat oldin

    Galantis ❤

  12. stepharo

    stepharo13 soat oldin


  13. あおりんご

    あおりんご13 soat oldin

    ...wait why 0:14 women plays switch at office?

  14. あおりんご

    あおりんご13 soat oldin

    music 🙌 movie 🙌 i can't wait!

  15. Alex Finch

    Alex Finch13 soat oldin

    1:44 they dabbed THEY DABBED

  16. Niko W

    Niko W14 soat oldin

    1:43 D A B DAB

  17. Andy 8702

    Andy 870214 soat oldin

    Imagine this but woth 1000 lines to go woth everything

  18. keviin augusto

    keviin augusto15 soat oldin

    Apple Music? 🥺

  19. ANDSICK Music

    ANDSICK Music15 soat oldin


  20. Simon Erhard

    Simon Erhard16 soat oldin

    Ich hab nen Ohrwurm!

  21. Daniel Paterson

    Daniel Paterson16 soat oldin

    There's gotta be a hologram of Mario welcoming everyone to the park the first day it's open. With japanese subtitles, of course.

  22. Rubenertor 1217

    Rubenertor 121716 soat oldin

    1:32 Situation: rocks falling over the people People: *H A P P I N E S S*

  23. Deeves

    Deeves17 soat oldin

    Instead of running while they have the Star's invincibility, they danced... SMH.

  24. Animaticli

    Animaticli17 soat oldin


  25. Golden Sun

    Golden Sun17 soat oldin

    This trailer fails to clarify at what this park even is. What are those watches? Are the attractions only Mario? Do we get to be crushed by Thwomps?

  26. Max

    Max18 soat oldin

    Bring this to spotify please

  27. Lustful

    Lustful18 soat oldin

    Charli xcx as the flag is a concept

  28. Jordan

    Jordan19 soat oldin

    Is that sadie sink « max » from Stranger Things at 0:46 ?

  29. Fans Billie Eilish

    Fans Billie Eilish20 soat oldin

    Yeah ❤️❤️

  30. Salama Al Rashdi

    Salama Al Rashdi20 soat oldin

    They should higher these editors 4 the next rewind

  31. James Lee

    James Lee21 soat oldin

    I love Nintendo Where they have all the classic characters and they don't have to PANDER to anyone and change up there characters to be up with the times or a certain demographic its just Nintendo and for that I will always support!!

  32. JOACO XD

    JOACO XD21 soat oldin


  33. Yeison Serrano

    Yeison Serrano21 soat oldin

    Solo estoy aquí por Charli XCX...

  34. Hh Ju

    Hh Ju16 soat oldin

    Yeison Serrano same

  35. COCO Sponge

    COCO Sponge21 soat oldin

    Just wait Disney will buy Nintendo then Universal in 10 or more years.(probably not)

  36. AbuzzVoyage812

    AbuzzVoyage81222 soat oldin

    I like this, this is good

  37. Charles JTC

    Charles JTC22 soat oldin

    I better be hearing this at the gay clubs this weekend smh!

  38. JB Thrills

    JB Thrills22 soat oldin

    Imagine if Nintendo replaced the yoshi ride with the lava coaster in new super Mario bros wii? That’d be awesome

  39. Red Reality

    Red Reality22 soat oldin

    Question is, what would the inside of Peaches castle look like? Because that changes every game.

  40. zeekslider

    zeekslider21 soat oldin

    Peach's Castle will probably be a gift shop in Super Nintendo World. LOL

  41. Joonoel Oz

    Joonoel Oz23 soat oldin

    Galantis u~•

  42. SMG101 Productions 2nd channel

    SMG101 Productions 2nd channel23 soat oldin

    I wonder how many Bowser Troops died while making this trailer...

  43. normalguycap

    normalguycap23 soat oldin

    Literally never heard of any of the people Nintendo collab'd with for this. And the ending dances are stupid. Do they really think that is appealing? Pretty looking video but without actual footage of the park, blah.

  44. El_Gabrom

    El_Gabrom23 soat oldin

    Etika would love this..

  45. Jon-N -10

    Jon-N -10Kun oldin

    To bad this is just exaggerated

  46. Jon-N -10

    Jon-N -10Kun oldin

    Sega makes sonic movie Nintendo makes real life super Mario world

  47. Marie OP

    Marie OPKun oldin

    @Ubisoft can we at least have this in JD 2021 as a Switch exclusive?

  48. Lisa Mon

    Lisa MonKun oldin

    on Spotify please

  49. rydan's club

    rydan's clubKun oldin


  50. Patricio Gutierrez

    Patricio GutierrezKun oldin

    Alguien mas viene de Nintenduo? :v

  51. Our Generation

    Our GenerationKun oldin

    So that’s what 3D versions of 2d levels look like. Weird

  52. Pixel Gamer

    Pixel GamerKun oldin


  53. Francus Martinez

    Francus MartinezKun oldin

    Aww me encanta esta awww 😂😂😂 todos los personajes de mario wold

  54. Wilhem Garcia

    Wilhem GarciaKun oldin

    Alguien que venga por CDC?

  55. Lisa Mon

    Lisa MonKun oldin

    Yo 🙋

  56. Jonas Pikachu RM

    Jonas Pikachu RMKun oldin

    We Are Born To Play From Galantis ft. Charli XCX This Song For #JustDance2021

  57. Derpy Derek42

    Derpy Derek42Kun oldin

    If this is what the theme park is actually like. I'm going immediately.

  58. CootDood64

    CootDood64Kun oldin

    how tf did I miss this I love nintendo and charli xcx

  59. x B̶ ̶R̶ ̶O̶ ̶K̶ ̶3̶ ̶3̶ ̶N̶ x

    x B̶ ̶R̶ ̶O̶ ̶K̶ ̶3̶ ̶3̶ ̶N̶ xKun oldin

    i mean is charli supposed to costume peach?

  60. Juvia Lockser

    Juvia LockserKun oldin


  61. AlexStudios inc.

    AlexStudios inc.Kun oldin

    Nintendo reimagined!

  62. Ultimate Charizard

    Ultimate CharizardKun oldin

    Mario is just for kids, just for kids, just for kids! Mario is just for kids, my fair lady!

  63. Ønion

    ØnionKun oldin