Stunna 4 Vegas - Boat 4 Vegas ft. Lil Yachty (Official Music Video)

Billion Dollar Baby Ent.
Stunna 4 Vegas - "Boat 4 Vegas"
Social Media - @stunna4vegas
Directed by @reelgoats
Edited by @ricodidit


  1. Rexsploits Gaming and More

    Rexsploits Gaming and MoreSoat oldin

    What shoes was Stunna wearing?

  2. LarVvDozer

    LarVvDozer2 soat oldin

    El chileno activo

  3. vFinesser

    vFinesser2 soat oldin

    I need this on iTunes ASAP. I’ll yatchy killed it idc

  4. Drake Jones

    Drake Jones5 soat oldin

    “I used to be sleeping on mattresses” Yachty has ugly bars sometimes lol

  5. Denzel

    Denzel5 soat oldin

    Tryna hurt him cuz I over heard him 🤭

  6. yrn kid

    yrn kid12 soat oldin

    Lil Yachty look like a bum that found a cool jacket outside

  7. angelina renee

    angelina renee13 soat oldin

    Put this on Apple Music pleaseeee 😭


    IRVING ROJas13 soat oldin check out my music 🐐🔥🥶

  9. Frosted Venom

    Frosted Venom16 soat oldin

    A song with comethazine would be great

  10. Darius Bell

    Darius Bell18 soat oldin

    Stunna don’t look like how he sound

  11. Mike Tee

    Mike Tee19 soat oldin

    Boat need to go back to the type of music he make

  12. QG TM

    QG TM19 soat oldin

    Lmao @0:45

  13. NF1 GUA11A

    NF1 GUA11A19 soat oldin

    Streetbud in the cut

  14. apple stick

    apple stick19 soat oldin

    Day one 🔥

  15. Almightyoc TV

    Almightyoc TV20 soat oldin

    I can’t find this song on apple

  16. liljay gsbbjd

    liljay gsbbjd20 soat oldin

    get yachty a belt and like 5 sizes smaller jeans please

  17. naji naj

    naji naj21 soat oldin

    sub to my channel doing giveaway !!!!

  18. RichTheVybz AAA

    RichTheVybz AAA22 soat oldin


  19. I Dgrays I

    I Dgrays IKun oldin

    Why he smack him like dat😂

  20. Clinton Winchester

    Clinton WinchesterKun oldin

    Yachi isn't good at all.

  21. Ugly Fishy

    Ugly FishyKun oldin


  22. EvadeSpark

    EvadeSparkKun oldin

    Put this on Apple Music this Shit is fucking flames

  23. Chicken Barnes

    Chicken BarnesKun oldin

    Yachty so fye😂🥵❤️

  24. Rod Field

    Rod FieldKun oldin .shit.

  25. Professor Bosshardt

    Professor BosshardtKun oldin


  26. Vinny Real

    Vinny RealKun oldin

    dookie sauce

  27. Savage 30x

    Savage 30xKun oldin

    Nobody Stunna:gets affected by nle 0:20

  28. Travis Brunson

    Travis BrunsonKun oldin

    Why his pants so big

  29. Dehmo 148

    Dehmo 148Kun oldin


  30. NOWAY 704

    NOWAY 704Kun oldin


  31. Joker Shakur

    Joker ShakurKun oldin

    I Bleed RED like I 🐍 lit my wrist !

  32. Thomas on stix

    Thomas on stixKun oldin

    Lil boat got bigger(no offense)

  33. young muhizz

    young muhizzKun oldin

    This best lil yatchy what i never ever have heard

  34. K. Nathaniel Hall

    K. Nathaniel HallKun oldin


  35. LabRatz

    LabRatz2 kun oldin

    Is stunna and CeyNoLimit brothers?

  36. Beamer_ZR

    Beamer_ZR2 kun oldin

    0:04 - 0:11 The Beat Slapped So Hard!!!! But Don't Get Me Wrong, The Beat Throughout The Whole Song Slaps!

  37. NiBBer

    NiBBer2 kun oldin

    Is this on spotify? Cant find it

  38. Slave_To_The_Grey_Gods_ _Imortal_Low_Life

    Slave_To_The_Grey_Gods_ _Imortal_Low_Life2 kun oldin

    Lil Yachty is Skee Mask Slum God's dumb ass brother. Like fr man. Haha

  39. Te' Richardson

    Te' Richardson2 kun oldin

    They kilt this shit

  40. Penguin RagE

    Penguin RagE2 kun oldin

    Why does yachty go so hard

  41. Zion Williams

    Zion Williams2 kun oldin


  42. Zion Williams

    Zion Williams2 kun oldin


  43. sasha adams

    sasha adams2 kun oldin

    "Bitch now I'm sleeping with actresses" Respect Boat Bitch!

  44. Loser

    Loser2 kun oldin

    Dude blowing up nah

  45. sparckeup

    sparckeup2 kun oldin

    Hit that Icejj Fish 1:53


    OLIVERCOO2 kun oldin

    Why this not on Spotify??

  47. Bredezen

    Bredezen2 kun oldin

    OLIVERCOO the question we all should be asking

  48. James Kinloch

    James Kinloch2 kun oldin


  49. Anti Centrist

    Anti Centrist2 kun oldin

    That man looks clownish

  50. Jonn Dough

    Jonn Dough2 kun oldin

    Dat nigga stunna goes

  51. ayeeebdfikjdd d

    ayeeebdfikjdd d2 kun oldin


  52. kennythegoat YT

    kennythegoat YT3 kun oldin

    Stunna+yatchy=Fuego 🔥🤮

  53. Chris Gauda

    Chris Gauda3 kun oldin

    This shit is trash fucking trash

  54. Dani Butler

    Dani Butler3 kun oldin

    Im sorry but rap ladies dont have to look all good if these dudes look cringy

  55. onlylisse

    onlylisse3 kun oldin

    i like when rappers go back to back it’s so hard 2 me lmao

  56. onlylisse

    onlylisse3 kun oldin

    why this ain’t on Apple Music 😔

  57. Trayyyy1k

    Trayyyy1k3 kun oldin

    LIKE MY NEW VIDEO IM ?🥰 🥰Gifting my next 37 subs👇 𝙒𝙞𝙩𝙝 𝙣𝙤𝙩𝙞𝙨💘

  58. ProMeCo

    ProMeCo3 kun oldin

    baggy pants with no belt? LMAO

  59. Free Mind 222

    Free Mind 2223 kun oldin

    Stunna gotta do sum mo mane he lit n shit but I feel like he only 100% when he with offset

  60. Dom Tyb

    Dom Tyb3 kun oldin

    Nigga stunna look like will smith 😂😂

  61. Bastián Sphynx

    Bastián Sphynx3 kun oldin

    The only reasin why Stunna is kinda famous is for his attitude rapping and be friend of dababy. Cause he has no rap skill bro

  62. Seth G

    Seth G3 kun oldin

    Lil yachty getting fat