Stranger Things Season 3 Bloopers | Netflix

We declare this the day FULL OF bloopers. Stranger Things Season 3 bloopers have arrived! (Pssst, this is the line David Harbour was talking about.)
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  1. emanuel Arias

    emanuel Arias7 soat oldin

    Y love you 011

  2. Noah Grunburg

    Noah Grunburg7 soat oldin

    You lie!

  3. Content Patrol

    Content Patrol7 soat oldin

    I'm watching this to cope with the stress of season 3.

  4. Emily Luna

    Emily Luna8 soat oldin

    The beginning 0:20

  5. Edits For life

    Edits For life8 soat oldin

    Hopper: it’s your grandma Me: starts cracking up then phone falls on face and laughs to much can’t breathe

  6. I'm Nobody Leave Me Alone

    I'm Nobody Leave Me Alone8 soat oldin

    I can... dooo iit

  7. Henry Lontra

    Henry Lontra8 soat oldin


  8. Joe Hunter

    Joe Hunter8 soat oldin

    Mike drops glass Hell yeah

  9. A. ustyn

    A. ustyn8 soat oldin

    No one: David: iTs Ur GrAnDmA

  10. vi e le Ramos

    vi e le Ramos8 soat oldin

    "YEEAAHHH" ksksks

  11. Vandana Menon

    Vandana Menon9 soat oldin


  12. Valentina Granillo

    Valentina Granillo9 soat oldin

    stranger things s.4 is coming out October 4th 2020

  13. Amaze VOYD

    Amaze VOYD10 soat oldin

    eleven: I Can *claps* Do it

  14. Angel Medina

    Angel Medina10 soat oldin

    I was chewing gum when I saw the first part and I chocked hard

  15. Romenyg Ambrósio

    Romenyg Ambrósio10 soat oldin

    It's your gradma hahahahaha

  16. Luis Santiago

    Luis Santiago10 soat oldin

    What's the song's name??

  17. Lili Mendez

    Lili Mendez10 soat oldin

    Omg so funny!😂😂😂😂😂And when noah was like "a day full of girls"! Omg i cryed of laughing!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. beedsj roiue

    beedsj roiue10 soat oldin

    My ñame is ketchup and my name is mustard

  19. Derk Ender

    Derk Ender11 soat oldin

    LOL. I can't wait for season 4

  20. Abby Hughes

    Abby Hughes11 soat oldin

    It’s ur grandma

  21. beedsj roiue

    beedsj roiue10 soat oldin

    Nobady. Nobady Max e Eleven : My name kutpuck E My name Is muster Togheter Is kutpuck and muster 😂😍♥️

  22. Little potato :-:

    Little potato :-:11 soat oldin

    Who wants a season 4 😩😭😭

  23. Heather White

    Heather White11 soat oldin

    2:39 hahaha I love that

  24. Galaxy Gacha

    Galaxy Gacha11 soat oldin

    +phone rings+ Me:”hello who is this?” Hopper:”*ItS yO gRaNdMa*

  25. Galaxy Gacha

    Galaxy Gacha11 soat oldin

    -Joe couldn’t make it today- -who’s joe?- *its joe grandma*

  26. SophLoaf

    SophLoaf12 soat oldin

    iT’s uR grAMMa

  27. Bun Bun

    Bun Bun12 soat oldin

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Literally not anybody: Me watching this for the 567447 time:What are you looking at?!

  28. S33 Lilo Lol

    S33 Lilo Lol12 soat oldin

    *i t s y o u r g r a n d m a*

  29. Refined Robin

    Refined Robin12 soat oldin

  30. MiSt Nagobino

    MiSt Nagobino13 soat oldin

    2:36 end me now...

  31. karolkozakiewicz23

    karolkozakiewicz2313 soat oldin


  32. Nox Lupa

    Nox Lupa14 soat oldin

    Can we get a T-Shirt with the words *it's your grandma* written in the stranger things font? XD

  33. Clickerd

    Clickerd14 soat oldin


  34. Leonardo Lo

    Leonardo Lo15 soat oldin

    Nobady. Nobady Max e Eleven : My name kutpuck E My name Is muster Togheter Is kutpuck and muster 😂😍♥️

  35. Kelly Han

    Kelly Han16 soat oldin

    My ñame is ketchup and my name is mustard

  36. Multiple Gaming

    Multiple Gaming16 soat oldin

    "it's your Grandma" ~Hopper Me: XD Also, Dacre/Billy winking in every one of his scenes XD

  37. Ana Peres

    Ana Peres17 soat oldin


  38. hoodiebane

    hoodiebane17 soat oldin

    hopper against the terminator russian: hah, got it. hopper against "grandma": oh shit

  39. JuanTo Cardozo

    JuanTo Cardozo17 soat oldin

    A i love ❤

  40. Kandela Brown

    Kandela Brown18 soat oldin

    Another mediocre production. Netflix technicians sure like dark exposures, and lots of dialogue.

  41. Alex Catherine

    Alex Catherine18 soat oldin

    It'S yOuR gRaNdMa

  42. Knezy_SsSs

    Knezy_SsSs18 soat oldin

    0:53 you lied and I died

  43. federica rizzo

    federica rizzo18 soat oldin


  44. RubyLitten

    RubyLitten18 soat oldin

    Y e s

  45. Ken Konrad

    Ken Konrad18 soat oldin

    Eleven: What is wrong with you! Hopper: I don't know!

  46. Gisela Truque

    Gisela Truque18 soat oldin

    Me infanta la série

  47. K Lyrics

    K Lyrics18 soat oldin


  48. atasagun 64

    atasagun 6419 soat oldin


  49. Kemal Uresin

    Kemal Uresin20 soat oldin

    İts your grandma 0.00001 second later Laughing

  50. Eduarda Pires

    Eduarda Pires20 soat oldin

    Nova inscrita!♥️

  51. BB Ki Vines

    BB Ki Vines20 soat oldin

    Joe couldn't make it today." "Who's Joe?" "Its Joe Grandma."

  52. Chelsea Peralta

    Chelsea Peralta21 soat oldin

    In the beginning the way David say It’s your grandma I died

  53. HeyHailey

    HeyHailey22 soat oldin

    no one: finn: yEeEEEEaAAHhh

  54. Merlin Cambridge

    Merlin Cambridge22 soat oldin


  55. Merlin Cambridge

    Merlin Cambridge22 soat oldin


  56. stampy2480

    stampy2480Kun oldin

    2:28 what's the song's name?


    NIAN FOREVERKun oldin

    No one. Not a single soul. Not even me. Everyone: *DO NOT STOP WITH THE NO ONE COMMENTS*

  58. Adz 123

    Adz 123Kun oldin

    Johnathen tried so hard but cant do it: Hehe

  59. kvaldo

    kvaldoKun oldin

    I love Stranger Things!

  60. outlaw seeds

    outlaw seedsKun oldin

    That's hot You see what i did there ;)

  61. Jose z

    Jose zKun oldin

    Millie is so wholesome😭🤣

  62. huttio srreu

    huttio srreuKun oldin

    “It’s your grandma”

  63. Jayanna Dolan

    Jayanna DolanKun oldin

    Is no body going to talk about the little 😉 ??? 3:03