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  1. Hazera Begum

    Hazera Begum4 soat oldin

    I mean all i get for my birthday is a big fat slap for silently telling my mom i dont like the potato chips that i got for my bday

  2. Timothy John Dela Cruz

    Timothy John Dela Cruz7 soat oldin

    bruuuuuuuh I had NO present on my birthday

  3. nurhana cadir

    nurhana cadir8 soat oldin

    i never had a car at my 15th birthday even a scooter

  4. Laney Brielle

    Laney Brielle11 soat oldin

    Omg that girl is such a brat

  5. Marius 777

    Marius 77712 soat oldin

    Me at my 9th birthday: getting my first iphone She at her 9th birthday: I WANTED MY HOUSE IN 24K GOLD!!!!!!

  6. Thrashers

    Thrashers12 soat oldin

    When she got for her birthday: Brand new Lexus What I get: Food She: WTH I HATE YOU MY LIFE SUCKS Me: I hope I can finish the food

  7. xXMe GachaXx

    xXMe GachaXx15 soat oldin

    The first girl when the mom was like:Happy birthday!this your present! And the photos...if made me be like oh so yo mom showing off now?

  8. Gaming with Lillybeth

    Gaming with Lillybeth16 soat oldin

    girl; MoM yOu GaVe Me My CAR 2O sEc eArLy

  9. Lord of the Triforce

    Lord of the Triforce18 soat oldin

    I don’t even ask for much when it comes to Birthdays or Christmases, and I’m still grateful for what someone gives me. Watching those girls throw fits over not liking what’s given to them is just...wow. I’m normally hard to shop for, and it makes me feel bad when someone asks me for a gift list, because, again, I don’t ask for much. There have been times where I’ve been ungrateful for what other’s have given me, i.e things that I don’t really use either a whole lot or at all, which is something I feel very terribly guilty for. Heck, nowadays, when someone asks me to give them a gift list, it tends to stress me out. It kinda feels like as if I’m being pressured. Normally, I’ll ask for a new game, and maybe something as simple as chocolate. Even when I’m given something that I might not use a lot, I’m still grateful for it, though. I mean, after all, buying someone any gift, even if it’s just decent or something you never asked for, is mainly about showing people love. You give someone a gift because you love them, right? That’s really what it’s all about in the end. And then you thank the person who gave you a gift, i.e showing you love. That is definitely something that those girls, on the other hand, could CLEARLY not demonstrate. Pretty darn low, especially for their age.

  10. Jessica Atwater

    Jessica Atwater18 soat oldin

    I’m not rich but not pour at the same time

  11. Michael Dario Pellittieri

    Michael Dario Pellittieri19 soat oldin

    Not gonna lie, I don’t consider myself spoiled but if I saw a Lexus as a gift ide be pissed to, “mom I love muscle cars you could of got a camero or mustang for like Half the price”

  12. Kat Kk

    Kat Kk20 soat oldin

    Bro... I spent my 13th birthday alone. My family went out to vacation without me and I was left with grandma who was working all day. If I get a cupcake I'll be hella happy

  13. Señor Papa frita

    Señor Papa frita21 soat oldin

    I like reading all the low IQ comments and sssniperwolf being cringy.

  14. Fox gaming

    Fox gamingKun oldin

    If i was her ill jump in the car then go and buy a puppy for my mom

  15. Monique Smith

    Monique SmithKun oldin

    The last one so crazy🤬😱🥶🥺🥱


    KENLY RUILOBAKun oldin

    if she don’t want the Lexus .. I’ll take it :)

  17. Rifa Kafil

    Rifa KafilKun oldin

    Man what in the world

  18. Caylee Draper

    Caylee DraperKun oldin

    Poor mom

  19. CMlecraft MC4321

    CMlecraft MC4321Kun oldin

    Why are only wamen on this why is it only girls By the way i didn’t spell women wrong

  20. Aurian Stone

    Aurian StoneKun oldin

    I'll probably have a car that doesn't run that I can fix up w/ my FAM but won't even actually have a car until I was like 16.5

  21. Adrian Marini

    Adrian MariniKun oldin

    My girlfriend is just like them

  22. Kamine Bites

    Kamine BitesKun oldin

    These Girl's are to Spoiled

  23. Aesthetic Paris

    Aesthetic ParisKun oldin

    I woukd rather keep the car than judgin' the color

  24. Brody Deleon

    Brody DeleonKun oldin

    God of I wor the mother I will people y'all at her in front evryone

  25. Itz Anna LPS

    Itz Anna LPSKun oldin

    and i oop we love some sweet spoiled children for dinner

  26. GoddessBudgie love

    GoddessBudgie loveKun oldin

    Me as the mom: grabs child and throws her in adoptions center* Me as child: I die in a millisecond*

  27. Bindumole Sukumar

    Bindumole SukumarKun oldin

    bruh she docent have a permit and she got a car and my mom won't get me a chocolate bar bruhhhh

  28. Wolfie Purple

    Wolfie PurpleKun oldin

    My mom would give like 15$ for my birthday party XD ❤️❤️❤️ cuz I ain't spoiled.

  29. Evangeline Lincoln

    Evangeline LincolnKun oldin

    Ps I’m poor

  30. Evangeline Lincoln

    Evangeline LincolnKun oldin

    I wold tack ther flings awy to see how it wood feal

  31. a.joselynnn 100

    a.joselynnn 100Kun oldin

    Even though I’m literally a shopaholic videos of overly spoiled people make me greatful for what I have. Edit : if my mom ever gifts me a Lexus I’d be so super greatful af!!!! The daughter is clearly the biggest idiot.

  32. Typically Shan

    Typically ShanKun oldin

    These children are so ungrateful...like they get birthday parties while I dont even get a slice of CAKE on my birthday 🙄 Dont get me wrong...my parents dont punish me or anything they just dont have the money to have unnecessary parties. I dont mind not having parties...I kinda see birthdays as another random day.

  33. Rania Asad

    Rania AsadKun oldin

    yall can we realize that she doesnt even have her permit like bruh.

  34. weiwei71

    weiwei71Kun oldin

    I got an iPhone SE For my birthday and I’m still happy

  35. Samantha Morris

    Samantha MorrisKun oldin

    Haha lol so funny

  36. Inga Dis

    Inga DisKun oldin

    That girl was crying over a car she didn’t want My brother is punching me for a marshmallow...

  37. Ramey Harmon

    Ramey Harmon2 kun oldin

    Wow I don"t even get a birthday!!!

  38. Adia Gonzalez Wiler

    Adia Gonzalez Wiler2 kun oldin

    i mean the little kid wasnt too spoiled but she still was spoiled

  39. Julien Gacha

    Julien Gacha2 kun oldin

    My mom spent on my 4th birthday 20 dollar 3:53 HER MOM SPENT 15000 THATS LIKE FOR YOU 18 BIRTHDAY OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT WTH

  40. Shawn N

    Shawn N2 kun oldin

    When my mother or father get me my first car I would like it because it’s a car!!!!! I don’t care what color it is I don’t care what type it is She need to learn to be Grateful and she need the belt

  41. Lilhedgehog 857

    Lilhedgehog 8572 kun oldin

    The worst I think was the really rude one but the worst one could be the little kid because even though she’s not that bad now all she did was cry over a little bird not being blue but imagine all this years of being spoiled and imagine how she’s going to be when she grows up she’s going to be way worse

  42. Lilhedgehog 857

    Lilhedgehog 8572 kun oldin

    Do not give a shit that it’s a 16-year-old’s birthday she talk to me like that I’m punching in the face playing on the floor and leaving the party

  43. Anyeongseo Everyone

    Anyeongseo Everyone2 kun oldin

    3:24 Man you could just spray white

  44. Franhosekip266 266

    Franhosekip266 2662 kun oldin

    They should be appreciative for what they have.

  45. Your Momma

    Your Momma2 kun oldin

    Spohold chills

  46. Dreesaaw Playz Roblox

    Dreesaaw Playz Roblox2 kun oldin

    The spoiled kids obviously want to become homeless

  47. Alphousseyni Lepeur-Smith

    Alphousseyni Lepeur-Smith2 kun oldin

    As in these kids straight mental

  48. Utsab Shankar

    Utsab Shankar2 kun oldin

    This is why some people needs to be poor😂😂 Hit the like if you agree

  49. Brayan Aguilera

    Brayan Aguilera2 kun oldin

    This is how many people wish these kids got taught some maners

  50. frillia roblox sisters

    frillia roblox sisters2 kun oldin

    4:03 kid:has $15,000 Meh: has NO party :^

  51. DamangoXT

    DamangoXT2 kun oldin

    Honestly I hate money

  52. DamangoXT

    DamangoXT2 kun oldin

    The most fun party I have had is when I had a bunch of close friends that I had a pool party with. It was dope😁

  53. Rory Carter

    Rory Carter2 kun oldin

    Them:i wwnted a fucking lambo. :sssniperwolf weel u need to live in the real wrold there mom:weel srry

  54. Gabby Torres

    Gabby Torres2 kun oldin

    OMG please I want your stuffed Pusheen the Cat from your room 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  55. Justin Griffin

    Justin Griffin2 kun oldin

    thats shit is harlious

  56. izzy oakes

    izzy oakes2 kun oldin

    My parents don’t believe in spanking and I am fine

  57. Jakera Daniels

    Jakera Daniels2 kun oldin

    Both are really stupid

  58. CutelyAnnah Playz

    CutelyAnnah Playz2 kun oldin

    Me: sees 9:13 Also me: *_NoT tHiS piG aGaIn_*

  59. lol#bro&sis cool&cutebullys

    lol#bro&sis cool&cutebullys2 kun oldin

    I can smack the black out of spoiled girls an boys

  60. Amayla Omar

    Amayla Omar2 kun oldin

    ME: cry because I feel emotional ASIAN PARENTS: Whips out the belt to test it first ME: Tears vanish