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  1. hello goodbye

    hello goodbye15 soat oldin

    Also like they are so delayed and the poor babies are gonna grow up to be a spoiled brat and to not be nice smh😔😔


    STARBUCKS LPS15 soat oldin

    "Going to pageants are kinda like going to a dumpster and picking trash out of it" Bless this kid's heart

  3. Bim Leshy

    Bim Leshy16 soat oldin

    Royal baby girl no she is poor little girl s

  4. Elise Curry

    Elise Curry17 soat oldin

    Soo mesed up WTF 😡 so sad😩

  5. Jenn Sama

    Jenn Sama19 soat oldin

    Lady:25000 to get them started! me:You can’t even win that much in the Monopoly

  6. Geoff Juckes

    Geoff Juckes20 soat oldin


  7. Wayda Barud

    Wayda Barud23 soat oldin

    My girl be sitting with some tangled earphones Yup she gave up

  8. GalaxyAlpacaSaki RainbowUnicornCoca

    GalaxyAlpacaSaki RainbowUnicornCocaKun oldin

    Me pooping on my mom as a baby and these babbies winning pagents

  9. Hannah King

    Hannah KingKun oldin

    When i was 1 i was sleeping eating and whatching muckey mouse

  10. Bonnie Alpert

    Bonnie AlpertKun oldin


  11. Tashia Lamay

    Tashia LamayKun oldin


  12. sayani ponce

    sayani ponceKun oldin

    I didn't cry when I was a baby.

  13. Brynna Beinhart

    Brynna BeinhartKun oldin


  14. Singing Stars

    Singing StarsKun oldin

    When I was 1 I was slobbering on everything......

  15. Carla W

    Carla WKun oldin

    I'm surprised that I had the power to pee and poop at the same time when I was a beeby

  16. brilliant bridget

    brilliant bridgetKun oldin

    i was watching youtube as a one year-old

  17. Get Slimy

    Get SlimyKun oldin

    I did the same thing Lia pageants

  18. Bumblebee_Playz

    Bumblebee_PlayzKun oldin


  19. Talia Taylor

    Talia TaylorKun oldin

    SSSniperwolf: Why are we still here, to suffer!? Me: That's me in Greek dodge-ball in gym class

  20. Matthew Moss

    Matthew MossKun oldin

    When the girl said “it is a baby, it can’t see. I think a baby can see

  21. Michelle Devlin

    Michelle DevlinKun oldin


  22. Peloshuauchinango

    PeloshuauchinangoKun oldin


  23. Fiza qadeer

    Fiza qadeerKun oldin

    she talks tooooooooooooooooooooooooomuch!

  24. Rylee Geann

    Rylee GeannKun oldin

    Let's talk about when I was three when I was three I started dancing is there a been danced I literally love dancing so don't talk about other babies

  25. Annmarie Jenkins

    Annmarie JenkinsKun oldin

    that 9 year old boy is so SMART

  26. Olivia Reynolds

    Olivia ReynoldsKun oldin

    I won two pageants when I was less then one

  27. Ella Norkunas

    Ella NorkunasKun oldin

    i got beat by my sister ;-;

  28. Carol Suvlu

    Carol SuvluKun oldin

    Crying when I was a baby

  29. Jo Gutierrez

    Jo GutierrezKun oldin

    Then watch the babies not wanting to do pageants when they are older

  30. Jo Gutierrez

    Jo GutierrezKun oldin

    Poor babies crying when they put the clothes on them

  31. bearbear6613

    bearbear6613Kun oldin

    I did the math, and these parents have spent about 100 000 dollars just on the DRESSES

  32. Maci Stevens

    Maci StevensKun oldin

    i was sitting on my sister when i was a baby

  33. Andie Collamer

    Andie CollamerKun oldin

    I used to live in lake havasue

  34. Adam Tasker

    Adam Tasker2 kun oldin

    I always barfed and never stoped bc I had something wrong with my stomach

  35. Maddy Simon

    Maddy Simon2 kun oldin


  36. carly fodor

    carly fodor2 kun oldin

    I walked

  37. Danny Guadalupe

    Danny Guadalupe2 kun oldin

    Funny because my name is Isabella

  38. Ma Van

    Ma Van2 kun oldin

    I washd my hand in the tolit By axiden

  39. Jennifer Luo

    Jennifer Luo2 kun oldin

    Poor children 😤😤😤😤👧🏻👧🏻

  40. 3 Bizarre Maleennas

    3 Bizarre Maleennas2 kun oldin

    My dog is a little spoiled because of my mom, even though we don't have money.

  41. Stephanie Fontenot

    Stephanie Fontenot2 kun oldin

    Obviously there only doing it for money they don't care

  42. Katiuska Araujo

    Katiuska Araujo2 kun oldin

    Boy she be looking like red hulk

  43. Alice Dean

    Alice Dean2 kun oldin

    I think you send a little jealous I mean I'm not saying that because I'm spoiled because I am not spoiled put that baby spoiled like a rotten egg but she's as durable as well cutest but jealous

  44. Bergnice Serrano

    Bergnice Serrano2 kun oldin

    When i was 2 i was playing minecraft and pooping in my diaper and peed

  45. Avelina Master

    Avelina Master2 kun oldin

    um excuse me!?!?

  46. Sophia Henderson

    Sophia Henderson2 kun oldin

    When I was a 👶 I did I pooped I peed I sleeped

  47. Brodster43

    Brodster432 kun oldin

    OmG girl carm

  48. Phu Tran

    Phu Tran2 kun oldin


  49. Addy & Lyla Play Gacha

    Addy & Lyla Play Gacha2 kun oldin

    A lot of people think I’m spoiled. I have a Nintendo,I-Pad,Fire Amazon Tablet,Air Pods, LG phone,Karaoke Machine, and a TV in meh room. And earlier I was at a fancy hotel that had an indoor pool. But i dont like to think I’m spoiled and I want to donate old toys. Plz dont think I’m spoiled 😔😥.(But I’m not a baby.)

  50. Jenn Clough

    Jenn Clough2 kun oldin

    Poooooooopin Like Crazy Lmao

  51. Kirsten H

    Kirsten H2 kun oldin

    "spoiled girl who took it too far" Me: umm when did they ever take it too far it was the mom who took it too far

  52. Chels Mcintire

    Chels Mcintire2 kun oldin

    I’m going to a pagent in march!!!!

  53. Little Maddie TV

    Little Maddie TV2 kun oldin

    I did dance comp team, AND THE HAIR WAS THE WORST PART,it really hurt sometimes, but I had fun

  54. Dave Ritchie

    Dave Ritchie3 kun oldin

    Nope you are so spoilt ooooooooh let me think yes you are so you can't say nothing

  55. Rayah S

    Rayah S3 kun oldin

    Kelly is like Abby Lee in a nutshell

  56. i Heart Madisyn

    i Heart Madisyn3 kun oldin


  57. Aubree Blough

    Aubree Blough3 kun oldin

    When I was a baby I ran around and screamed

  58. Olivia McDonald

    Olivia McDonald3 kun oldin


  59. Danao Danao

    Danao Danao3 kun oldin

    What???? 5:20

  60. Jason Bastillada

    Jason Bastillada3 kun oldin

    What i did as a baby: Torture parents Poop Pee Cry Throw up Getting attention

  61. Eleiatheia Marta Foliente

    Eleiatheia Marta Foliente3 kun oldin

    Omg the mother dosen't care about the babies want the babies even din't like iy