Spain's coronavirus death toll surpasses China's

Spain registers more than 730 deaths from coronavirus, pushing the death toll above that of China, for the first time.
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  1. 青木建太

    青木建太2 oy oldin


  2. John Dow

    John Dow2 oy oldin

    Sounds like y'all need another strong womens rights match. Can't beliv men are stopping them poor women from going out. How dare they

  3. Josue Ordaz

    Josue Ordaz2 oy oldin

    Don’t trust CHINA numbers!

  4. Fatimá

    Fatimá2 oy oldin

    Dang the Chinese flu is getting bad man. Prayers for everyone.

  5. Emum

    Emum2 oy oldin

    No it doesn't. China's lying. It may be over 1 million infected. almost 100k dead. Wuhan-over 40k funeral urns reportedly. Why did they lie to the world so long about 10% mortality, do you think?

  6. Brian Cook

    Brian Cook2 oy oldin

    China is lying to the world. I don't believe anything the Chinese government says. The communists are not our friends. They should be sued by the rest of the world for their utter incompetence. I will never buy another thing made in China.

  7. G M

    G M2 oy oldin

    Bull Shit. China isn’t being honest. This is Fake News

  8. Clorox

    Clorox2 oy oldin

    The virus originated and china, and instead covered it up and denied it for over a month and arrested doctors warning people , so the communist Chinese should be held liable responsible for all the deaths in the world

  9. Badar Niazi

    Badar Niazi2 oy oldin

    Nobody noticed lockdown of Kasmir, without food, water and medicines, now it is chain reactions of lockdowns

  10. Bryan Max

    Bryan Max2 oy oldin

    If China gets away with this, then it proves there is no justice in this world

  11. Charles

    Charles2 oy oldin

    Not even close. My wife's family in China says reported deaths there are at least 50X what the CCP allows to be reported - mass graves and burning of hundreds of bodies at a time went on for weeks. They were forcibly going through the city and using the police and military to take people away they suspect were infected. Many of those people have never returned. Total infected likely way over 10 million. The sulfuric smell of the burned bodies is still in the air.

  12. moose boy

    moose boy2 oy oldin

    China has consistently lied every day since his started, they’re not being honest, they’re still lying,

  13. आयुष कुमार

    आयुष कुमार2 oy oldin

    It's a bioweapon by China to ruin world economy.

  14. Headcartoon

    Headcartoon2 oy oldin

    CHINA IS LYING 🤥 DO YOU SERIOUSLY BELIEVE THEIR NUMBERS? The media is full of stupid puppets and China owns most of our media anyway so there goes the spread of lies.

  15. Darth Alba

    Darth Alba2 oy oldin

    *This is why no one trusts the media anymore, it's a dying dinosaur. All they do is lie, we are the real news now, like the people from China who were tweeting what was actually happening before they got murdered by the police. No one is buying the bullshit anymore*

  16. jesse james

    jesse james2 oy oldin

    Spains survival rate also surpasses Chinas. But you wont hear that from the media because good news don't sell.

  17. Carlos M

    Carlos M2 oy oldin

    You guys really trust the numbers put out by China ? Pinocchio would feel at home in China.

  18. Ri Ph

    Ri Ph2 oy oldin


  19. John Edward Jones

    John Edward Jones2 oy oldin

    So sorry for people of Spain and Italy especially.

  20. Andrew Ngo

    Andrew Ngo2 oy oldin

    Everybody to busy looking at China grass and forgot to look at their own grass and realize there grass ain’t so pretty. Even when we watch news about other country.. the word China has to be constantly brought up. Go worry about your own corrupted governement, the problem with democratic country they all been monopolized by the Jews. Main stream news if you ain’t watching you ain’t being informed and if your watching your being misinformed. Just cause they Asian and commie doesn’t necessarily mean they evil, you brain must be a size of a peanut to think that..

  21. native speaker English teacher

    native speaker English teacher2 oy oldin

    Bullshit. Holland didn't close any schools and people get the virus, some die, those who don't get immunity. This is a clear power grab by the statists who know their time is coming because of e-coin and other things, so it's back to their old problem-reaction-solution one trick pony show.

  22. Hugh Hughes

    Hugh Hughes2 oy oldin

    In my opinion Spain passes China. Hmmm How many did china really have.

  23. Sam Vituronio

    Sam Vituronio2 oy oldin

    China has a very high efficiency government. Anyone who has lived in China for couple of years knows that. Simple like this.

  24. Darth Alba

    Darth Alba2 oy oldin

    *Chinese people are severely incompetent. Most of their bathrooms are literally a hole in the ground with no sinks or soap. And they eat anything with 4 legs unless it's a chair or a table*

  25. D Hova

    D Hova2 oy oldin

    Italy doesn’t have more dead people than China.

  26. Nayeli Elyan

    Nayeli Elyan2 oy oldin

    Lesson to US : Don’t go around spraying that chemical crap to disinfect. That’s what’s killing people.

  27. CCP Assassin

    CCP Assassin2 oy oldin

    CCP Chinese virus reports are at GNEWS.ORG. There you’ll find video reports of mobile crematoria, elderly sick burned alive, desperate people jumping from balconies, whistleblower doctors killed, media silenced and ejected, the real truth on the ground. Hundreds of thousands dead in China, will be millions. Virus was created in Wuhan P4 lab. It has various mutations and does not target elderly only; many young people getting infected and dying. Wear masks, wear gloves, social distancing, bring manufacturing back to the USA and down with the CCP.

  28. john patterson

    john patterson2 oy oldin

    Catholic nations under attack weapon has managed to penetrate all their defenses .

  29. James Hisense

    James Hisense2 oy oldin

    This Coronavirus (COVID- 19) started in Wuhan, China. There are rumors saying that it was a biological weapon made in China that got released due to China's lack of proper safety and security protocol in their lab. If it is true then, China claiming it to be a mysterious virus is unwarranted since, they created it themselves and China claiming it to be a mysterious virus is just them trying to shift the blame away from them.

  30. Spicyboy

    Spicyboy2 oy oldin

  31. LucKySun

    LucKySun2 oy oldin

    Thank you fucking Communist China!!!!!!!!! Fucking Bastards!

  32. Lady Terrapin

    Lady Terrapin2 oy oldin


  33. Traditionalist

    Traditionalist2 oy oldin

    Hilarious how people believe what China government says

  34. Darth Alba

    Darth Alba2 oy oldin


  35. goon accolades

    goon accolades2 oy oldin

    China has never reported the real numbers. Its staggering over there the true cost of this in lives

  36. Un Redacted

    Un Redacted2 oy oldin

    well i wonder if "king ferdinand and queen isabella" would reconsider invading the lands of the Indigenous Americans now.. yall got the gold and murdered most of the people. now 500 years later ill winds are blowing in Spain.

  37. Ross Brighthart

    Ross Brighthart2 oy oldin

    I guess it's safe to say but... 'thanks China for ruining the world'

  38. clifton sheldon

    clifton sheldon2 oy oldin

    Why do I not believe for one second that China has less deaths than Spain and Italy... Oh thats right! Its because China is an authoritarian dictatorship that has millions of political prisoners and actively suppressed data and info about this virus and murdered people that tried to speak up !!!

  39. Tommy Two Tone

    Tommy Two Tone2 oy oldin

    Spain should sue the CCP.

  40. Nerv ClaX

    Nerv ClaX2 oy oldin

    Why did 12 million cellular service accounts disappear in the past few months?

  41. ammar

    ammar2 oy oldin

    Now USA has most coronavirus cases but we all know China has the most

  42. Chad

    Chad2 oy oldin


  43. Adam Gilmore

    Adam Gilmore2 oy oldin

    As much as democrats in America tout socialized medicine, why are far more Americans surviving the virus than in Europe. Maybe it’s because we don’t let the government take over our medical system so we actually have resources to keep people alive.

  44. Wonder if_Lps

    Wonder if_Lps2 oy oldin

    Oh I feel really bad,praise to Jesus to heal this sickness #pray

  45. Todd Smith

    Todd Smith2 oy oldin

    China owes a debt to Italy. They should be offering to pay Italy, parts of Europe, and America’s debt affected by this virus.

  46. Bodybuilder IRL

    Bodybuilder IRL2 oy oldin

    Special toilet paper deal. $1 per 1 sheet of toilet paper. for this in need;

  47. Jerry Lin

    Jerry Lin2 oy oldin

    When China is fighting the new Coronavirus, the western are laughing at them. Now they blame them. All we can do now is respect to everyone who risk their life fighting this virus.

  48. Kevin Wangchuk

    Kevin Wangchuk2 oy oldin

    Yo I’m asian American and all I got to say is the communist party of China is actually brain dead. Keeping a virus secret from the world the best they can and having a complete disregard and cover up for its actual spread rate and fatality rate, whilst having the same disregard for their citizens plays a huge part in how fast the virus spreads globally. Transportation in and out of the country should have been stopped sooner.(I can’t believe this absolute bullsh*t)

  49. C Alex

    C Alex2 oy oldin

    Fake news. I am Chinese by birth. Chinese death numbers are 10% of what it really is, if not lower.

  50. Python PogChamp

    Python PogChamp2 oy oldin

    The Chinese are clearly lying about their infection rate and number of infected.

  51. A Estrada

    A Estrada2 oy oldin

    at this rate, everyone should be issued a mask

  52. Samantha Fisher

    Samantha Fisher2 oy oldin

    Stay home guys if u can. Bunker down

  53. Frank Frank

    Frank Frank2 oy oldin get your spiritual house in order this is another false 911

  54. JoeyandLindsay

    JoeyandLindsay2 oy oldin

    :49 hmm..I wonder why people are dying so quickly. Stupid smokers.

  55. 0 2

    0 22 oy oldin

    I guess this Corona Virus Pandemic is making people live Un Naturally by wearing masks.

  56. alpan

    alpan2 oy oldin

    China is not really showing the actual numbers

  57. Manny Bee

    Manny Bee2 oy oldin a lengua de a they voice over assemble and kill them... Like yeah...

  58. Ceci lia

    Ceci lia2 oy oldin

    Sorry but Nato won't give them shit. Nato can barely care for themselves now

  59. The Tard Guard

    The Tard Guard2 oy oldin

    Hopefully after this people won't be so ignorant about the fact that YES the chinese government is fucking horrible

  60. Bubble tea & me

    Bubble tea & me2 oy oldin

    Yeah, but what about infection rate?

  61. Ganda Ko

    Ganda Ko2 oy oldin

    Why China?! Why? 😭

  62. Abram Carroll

    Abram Carroll2 oy oldin

    Coronavirus is made in the USA.

  63. dayeah765 caoni

    dayeah765 caoni2 oy oldin

    Don't worry. USA is coming up faaaaaast

  64. - STUNNA-

    - STUNNA-2 oy oldin

    China is definitely lying about their death toll, they have the largest population and the virus literally started there...🤷🏽‍♂️

  65. Blue Falcons Suck

    Blue Falcons Suck2 oy oldin

    CCP defeated the Whu-Flu, Like Mao defeated Poverty... *100,000,000 Dead and hidden from the world* least, by the time this runs it's course. It's just getting started.

  66. BehindYour House

    BehindYour House2 oy oldin

    Go help these people China

  67. Occamsrazor

    Occamsrazor2 oy oldin

    And in America we have dumb asses licking toilets in jest...very sad

  68. TheMpthreer

    TheMpthreer2 oy oldin

    If anything the world should be thanking China for containing it and shutting down as fast as it did. If the virus had shown up in any other number of countries there is no doubt that the spread would have gone undetected for a greater amount of time.

  69. Shashank Kavaiya

    Shashank Kavaiya2 oy oldin

    China has set this all up, believe it or not, this all just to have their hold in the world - Time will show

  70. God Child.

    God Child.2 oy oldin

    Mark of the beast kadachas. Your traded our dogs off to china to be there food supply but China turns around & give the whole world Corona Virus. So that's how we doing business now. Kadachas Snake Moves for the devil. No problem. I rebuke from my God Kingdom 1. Im not welcome here your devils are not welcome up there. LOF on my jesus Foes 666

  71. Coelophysis

    Coelophysis2 oy oldin

    21 million Chinese cell phones users have disappeared. The CCP is lying.

  72. Coelophysis

    Coelophysis2 oy oldin

    I hate the CCP.

  73. Alexia Is Here

    Alexia Is Here2 oy oldin


  74. TheMpthreer

    TheMpthreer2 oy oldin

    To all the People going through the typical bashing china phase, you’ve obviously never been to China and don’t know what your talking about. They shut the country down completely and people listen to the government over there. That’s why all the other countries will have more infections. So you keep doing spring break parties on the beach, when USA numbers are the highest you can just blame China again. Ignorant people.

  75. nightdrmvideos

    nightdrmvideos2 oy oldin

    China the first country to get infected built a hospital and yet they surpassed them with notice.

  76. no no

    no no2 oy oldin

    Yeah people dying of their own problems with health media diagnoses them with corona. Such bull s h i t

  77. Omc 559

    Omc 5592 oy oldin

    China has more deaths

  78. David Stone

    David Stone2 oy oldin

    🌐 ABC News Mrs. Vega, the “coronavirus” started in China in case you forgot that fact. So when President Trump or anyone calls it the Chinese flu it's time to get over it because that’s were it started all you Liberal News politically correct morons and Chinese propaganda liars. Pray you or your loved ones don’t get the Chinese Flu - Aka "coronavirus" 🦠 or you will not be defending Communist China who are totally to blame for the Worldwide pandemic. Just the facts. By the way President Trump is doing an excellent job protecting you and Americans like me. So stop all your stupid questions at press conferences and attacks on our president. I’m sick of it and so are millions of other Americans.

  79. Keimani Page

    Keimani Page2 oy oldin

    I'm ckitting

  80. Keimani Page

    Keimani Page2 oy oldin

    Im ded

  81. Real Beginning

    Real Beginning2 oy oldin

    It is as if China was trying to retell a different side of story and say the virus originated in Western countries!!!! Is anyone getting a vibe that this is a war already? How can you accuse a foreign country of the coronavirus that took so many lives without showing any remorse or feeling of guilt.

  82. typheran1

    typheran12 oy oldin

    China was disappearing people who talked about this virus. The fact that anyone would believe anything they said is hilarious.

  83. yungphel vlogs

    yungphel vlogs2 oy oldin

    Chinese no is not right