SLAPP Suits: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

After winning a legal battle involving a coal executive and a giant squirrel, John Oliver explains how SLAPP suits are designed to stifle public dissent.
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  1. Awino Musyoka

    Awino Musyoka12 daqiqa oldin

    Well I guess I have to say... this song SLAPPs!

  2. Redk04

    Redk0417 daqiqa oldin

    Absolute genius!

  3. eCapter

    eCapter46 daqiqa oldin

    lol the url really works^^

  4. Saurabh Singh

    Saurabh Singh55 daqiqa oldin

    I want to press that like button a thousand times!

  5. Arlin Oglenski

    Arlin OglenskiSoat oldin

    If someone put that much work into telling me to go fuck myself I wouldn't even be mad.

  6. Lauren O

    Lauren OSoat oldin

    Loughry absolutely calls it the gavel

  7. Jared Rakusin

    Jared Rakusin2 soat oldin

    I absolutely love everything about this. Keep up the incredible work Last Week Tonight team!

  8. NoteFox

    NoteFox3 soat oldin

    as a member of the Furry fandom and here a representative, we would like to state clear that Bob is in fact NOT A FURRY, we as the furries would rather die than accept someone like this in our fandom...

  9. Josh Kyle

    Josh Kyle4 soat oldin

    can y’all put this song on spotify

  10. Paul Driemler

    Paul Driemler6 soat oldin

    Made my week. Love it!

  11. SPIRON 30

    SPIRON 307 soat oldin

    This is the most insane show ever

  12. marc nunley

    marc nunley8 soat oldin

    Only just now realizing Mr Nutter Butter is played by bear in the big blue house

  13. Bozocow

    Bozocow12 soat oldin

    Oh my

  14. Serena Zhang

    Serena Zhang14 soat oldin

    If HBO chooses to develop "Eat Shit Bob" into a TV series, it'd be bigger than the GOT.

  15. Ladyhawk's Lair of Learning

    Ladyhawk's Lair of Learning16 soat oldin

    This could really use proper CC, especially for the song lyrics...just something I thought of when I came back to watch it for the millionth time. :) An aside: It's official. John Oliver is the funniest comedian in the English-speaking world.


    MANDALA MAKER19 soat oldin

    Bob Murray shot Biggie Smalls.

  17. mrvalski

    mrvalski19 soat oldin

    Trump would be the first person to be sued under his new libel laws. Is that guy really so brain-dead?

  18. The Lemon

    The Lemon21 soat oldin

    I really love this. It's like an episode.

  19. Dee Cohen

    Dee Cohen22 soat oldin

    That was fucking spectacular

  20. John Kesich

    John Kesich23 soat oldin

    "'... loose figurative language' that cannot reasonably be understood to convey facts ..." Was the judge talking about Trump?

  21. John Kesich

    John Kesich23 soat oldin

    That was a great pair of "separated at birth?" photos of Murray and Trump. But then again, all soulless human being wannabes look alike to me.

  22. N P

    N PKun oldin

    This is what you call, given an inch and taking a mile. I absolutely love it.

  23. Kasandra Bradley

    Kasandra BradleyKun oldin

    For anyone that doesn't know, "HBO's legal council" is Brian d'arcy James. He is a Broadway legend and an absolute boss. He's also in the last section in a sparkly uniform middle right.

  24. Crys Stoll

    Crys StollKun oldin

    Fvck you you stinking, greedy, asshole; eat shit bob limp dick murray 😃😀😆

  25. wisdomcb

    wisdomcbKun oldin

    @1:02 UW!

  26. Eugenie Breida

    Eugenie BreidaKun oldin

    Wow. We learn so much, the sad truth is dense.

  27. Eugenie Breida

    Eugenie BreidaKun oldin

    Sticking out your neck John Oliver - We LOVE You! Thank you so much.

  28. A 3599

    A 3599Kun oldin

    And the tony goes to...

  29. sunshineyellow

    sunshineyellowKun oldin

    I think my favorite part is how many dancers got a few hours of seemingly very fun work out of this.

  30. Kyle Meystedt

    Kyle MeystedtKun oldin

    By far John Oliver's best work yet. I can't count how many times I have listened to this episode and the song itself.

  31. Marsiz

    MarsizKun oldin

    Why is this the perfect role for John Oliver? Though I may not always agree with the man, I do admit, he makes a great Broadway Musical Actor.

  32. Jessie Gabs

    Jessie GabsKun oldin

    At least everyone get to sing along to it now, he's wishing he never tried to mess with John now. XD

  33. AN Arcade

    AN ArcadeKun oldin

    Gotta find me someone who loves me like HBO loves John Oliver.

  34. MrGameboy12367

    MrGameboy12367Kun oldin

    God bless America and the 1st amendment. John Oliver is the only late night host I respect

  35. jakobervorhood

    jakobervorhood2 kun oldin

    I always hated musical numbers. but this last 5 minutes is just everything I need to go on and live my as a happy man.

  36. TJ Wilson

    TJ Wilson2 kun oldin

    Why do I believe that Murray is close to Trump?!?

  37. Avry Eichwald

    Avry Eichwald2 kun oldin

    After I was done laughing I actually cried a little bit after this. I wish there were more people/media/institutions that felt as invested in challenging what’s fucked about our country as this show. Thank you John Oliver, the people who write for you, and the poor folks that have to do all the research for your show.

  38. Jennifer Isaacs

    Jennifer Isaacs2 kun oldin

    Antivaxxers do this all the time. There are many using psuedoscience and lack of science for GMOs too. Those SLAPP suits

  39. Origami Tesseract

    Origami Tesseract2 kun oldin

    The ludicrous and despicable things Bob Murray had most likely done should be a meme format. *Example:* _"I hear Bob Murray saves his kidney stones for later as some sort of hard candy. It is his favorite, he is absolutely koo-koo for Kidney stones."_

  40. Dancing With Nature

    Dancing With Nature2 kun oldin

    After watching this dozens of times, I can say, unequivocally, that this is the BEST episode ever. Several tie for 2nd place: 'Coal', 'Mike Pence' (all the $$ going to Aids United & the Trevor Project from THE real story of Pence's gay rabbit, Marlin Bundo, and his (the rabbit) marriage to another boy bunny!!!)