Shorty G stands tall against Sheamus: SmackDown, Jan. 17, 2020

In an attempt to intimidate Shorty G, Sheamus belittles his stature, but the diminutive Superstar battles back and surprises The Celtic Warrior with his tenacity. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  1. Tareq 123

    Tareq 1234 kun oldin

    2020s rey mysterio lol shorty good to

  2. Dalamphrang Lanong

    Dalamphrang Lanong14 kun oldin

    Chad Gable is shorty h right?

  3. fathomflaw

    fathomflaw24 kun oldin

    Alyse Zwick is hot.

  4. Hulksmash

    Hulksmash24 kun oldin

    Wwe sucks now they domt allow to eatch these videos in our countries

  5. L A 3

    L A 325 kun oldin

    1:43 Hoes Mad

  6. rollcanja

    rollcanja26 kun oldin

    I'm seeing a Kurt Angle from Shorty G. 😁


    POZEIDONS DOMAIN26 kun oldin

    Shorty g the name hehe still cant stop laughing over the name Dont get me wrong it has an old era catch to it Gg

  8. Erik Gregorio

    Erik Gregorio26 kun oldin

    What happen to his accent

  9. LudwigRULEZ 1702

    LudwigRULEZ 170226 kun oldin

    Sheamus should trim his beard up a little bit. It didnt used to be that huge

  10. Aabid Ali

    Aabid Ali26 kun oldin

    1:32 😂😂😂

  11. Joey_ Breezy

    Joey_ Breezy28 kun oldin

    Sheamus soft af Orton and triple H owned him

  12. Siddharth Sarwate

    Siddharth SarwateOy oldin

    Shorty trying to be Gohn Cena.

  13. Wirdha Zulkarnain

    Wirdha ZulkarnainOy oldin

    Please come back theme song old 2011

  14. Rex d'souza

    Rex d'souzaOy oldin

    Fella slipped twice 😂😂

  15. Anita Wells

    Anita WellsOy oldin

    Dear i wish shorty g vs sheamus

  16. Tom Smith

    Tom SmithOy oldin

    this is so stupid

  17. The King

    The KingOy oldin

    sheamus vs chad gable should of been on smackdown and important matches should be on a ppv

  18. Ye

    YeOy oldin

    Shamus low key one of the best wwe stars in the world he’s like the coner mc gregger from ufc he talks but he still kiss arse

  19. Ralph Orense

    Ralph OrenseOy oldin

    Shorty G what a dumb name!

  20. Hari dass

    Hari dassOy oldin

    Shemus vs under taker wertle mania 35mainevnt

  21. HYOGA

    HYOGAOy oldin

    Wwe has to put these both in the royal rumble.

  22. John_ lorde

    John_ lordeOy oldin

    Alright fella, alright... OHH SHI*💥

  23. Super Syed

    Super SyedOy oldin

    Pause at 1:54 and let that sink in for a moment. (Look at Sheamus)

  24. Ernest Leonard

    Ernest LeonardOy oldin

    Okay, I’m going to point out that Chad Gable is actually a great wrestler and that his name is making him out to be a joke that can’t be taken seriously. I’m also going to point out that Sheamus is an amazing wrestler and putting him up against a wrestler whose name is literally a joke is not going to make him be taken seriously either. Why do you always drop the ball WWE? Sheamus needs to be a bonafide monster heel who emerges into a bonafide heel/face (the perfect wrestler is a wrestler that faces bad and good guys each week with little care for their opponent.) His attitude and wrestling abilities are perfect for a heel/face personality. What do I know, I’m just a simpleton whose been watching WWE religiously since the summer of 2005.. Half the wrestlers are now younger than me and at the age of 31.. Take advice from a 31 year old? Lol, they don’t even take advice from their 42 year old wrestlers who have been wrestling for their main promotion since 2009 and even longer if FCW is included.

  25. DwainHD Dwain

    DwainHD DwainOy oldin

    woman name pls ???

  26. محمد ميكانو محمد ميكانو

    محمد ميكانو محمد ميكانوOy oldin

    Stubnd sheamus crezy

  27. Freq S

    Freq SOy oldin

    Wow sheamus is in great shape.

  28. Gloria Garcia

    Gloria GarciaOy oldin

    He dont even look that short he is like the same size as ali

  29. Marcus love

    Marcus loveOy oldin


  30. Rolando Mendoza

    Rolando MendozaOy oldin

    Shamefull should have stayed to out of wwe. Hes garbage. Celtic shame

  31. PlayStation gamer

    PlayStation gamerOy oldin

    Still think like everyone else does that sheamus should have his written in my face theme to go with his old look and its bettern

  32. KieranKing

    KieranKingOy oldin

    Too many lies

  33. Duck TheWorld

    Duck TheWorldOy oldin

    Chad Gable never looked short when he was in American Alpha and also when he was with Bobby Roode. I guess it's the haircut that makes him look shorter

  34. Duck TheWorld

    Duck TheWorldOy oldin

    This is a recycled storyline. When Sheamus first came back from injury he made it look like he was gonna save Dolph Ziggler then Brogue Kicked him instead. Then he started a feud over Dolph being small. Now he came back from injury again and did the same exact thing to Shorty G. WWE thinks that fans have short term memory loss

  35. Jason Flores

    Jason FloresOy oldin

    Reminds me of career promos in 2k

  36. Oscar Gonzalez

    Oscar GonzalezOy oldin

    fight fight fight ...........................................

  37. Cj Koehn

    Cj KoehnOy oldin

    Shawty G

  38. Geralt of Rivia

    Geralt of RiviaOy oldin

    when a big man gets bullied by a short man

  39. Vasanth Kumar

    Vasanth KumarOy oldin

    There is a saying *Being short does not mean weak*

  40. RNC200711

    RNC200711Oy oldin

    Shorty G is possibly the worst name in wrestling history, who dreamed that up??

  41. Apple Dream

    Apple DreamOy oldin

    My hero is back in action it's Sheamus... luv uu

  42. Subhrojyoti Ghosh

    Subhrojyoti GhoshOy oldin

    Sheamus looks cool as hell

  43. Apple Stars

    Apple StarsOy oldin

    Bruh...please change the damn name back to chad gable

  44. DarthLord 5000

    DarthLord 5000Oy oldin

    Yes please

  45. Michael Green!!!

    Michael Green!!!Oy oldin

    Sheamus, what do you want from Gable?

  46. Caleb Kenan

    Caleb KenanOy oldin

    Sheamus is in shape!!!!

  47. Jonathan Pete

    Jonathan PeteOy oldin

    Vermin 1:45

  48. Kenny

    KennyOy oldin

    Must've been one of Vince's ideas to call him..."Shorty G" 🤦🏻‍♂️

  49. mohammed alkhafaji

    mohammed alkhafajiOy oldin

    Those refs came fast. Seems a lil sussss

  50. awesome1ru

    awesome1ruOy oldin

    finally ditched the funny look

  51. Faraan Babar

    Faraan BabarOy oldin

    alright fella, just had me jumping with joy

  52. SG Vibez

    SG VibezOy oldin

    Glad to see Sheamus isn't a carrot head anymore

  53. Dale Leathers

    Dale LeathersOy oldin

    C'mon shorty g is a awful name. WAKE UP!!!!! Ur burying this guy

  54. TheClarkBark

    TheClarkBarkOy oldin

    Sheamus is underrated honestly. He’s not the most talent guy in the company but he’s far from a sideshow



    ??? 1:55 ?? ??

  56. Wallayebilaye

    WallayebilayeOy oldin

    Every Short G feuds are the same. -LOL Shorty G you so small ! - :(

  57. H L

    H LOy oldin

    Sheamus deserves to become IC champion

  58. Priya gaming

    Priya gamingOy oldin


  59. Pramila Rai

    Pramila RaiOy oldin

    I need the shield plus the undertaker.

  60. Tipu Imran

    Tipu ImranOy oldin

    Stop these short jokes Gable is taller than lot of the guys that we see as big names he is an Olympian you should present him as Kurt's student

  61. Mike Weber

    Mike WeberOy oldin

    Alyse Ashton is gorgeous!