See what Fauci thinks about Trump's plan to re-open country

President Trump said he wants the nation "opened up and just raring to go by Easter". Infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, gives his take at the coronavirus task force briefing.
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  1. Jason Goodreau

    Jason Goodreau11 soat oldin

    He said it would be beautiful if we could. He didn't say he's gonna . we have to see .

  2. Daniel Cayetano

    Daniel Cayetano11 soat oldin

    Cuomo for President! Dump, Trump!!!!!

  3. KellySwayze

    KellySwayze11 soat oldin

    CNN straight blows.

  4. Mike Marder

    Mike Marder11 soat oldin

    Two Army Col's surveying the Washington DC aquarium pondered the fact that by luck of the draw, they were maintaining the facility including a 300,000 gallon aquarium housing a dwarf white whale. "How'd we get stuck paying $250,000 yearly just to maintain that tank and fix all those leaks?" "Congress sucks handing out these additional duties!" "I got an idea, said the other Col, why don't we pull off the front glass entirely, then we don't have to maintain it!" The first Col says " You can't do that, there will be water and whale blubber everywhere!" "Don't be silly, it's not leaking now, is it?" "What are you worrying about?" Rumor is these guys are now advising Trump about ending the pandemic guidelines for 47 states, I hope you like whale blubber and have a lot of wet dry vacs in the pipeline.

  5. Pressurize -

    Pressurize -11 soat oldin

    children cheer on globalist shill today in CNN comment section

  6. elvar g

    elvar g11 soat oldin

    Trump is so painstakingly obnoxious and stupid that you almost feel sorry for him 🤣

  7. player2030

    player203011 soat oldin

    Our president and government are doing the best they can with this unpresedent virus situation. The best we can do is unite as Americans. Stop the media's narrative , stop the hatred.... people are dying...

  8. Susan Elder

    Susan Elder11 soat oldin

    It’s hard to believe that Trump’s approval rate is going up!!!! What the hell is wrong with people??? What will it take to wake up people??

  9. deonewalker

    deonewalker11 soat oldin

    treat him like the moron he is. the media looks like idiots

  10. Wes Pepple

    Wes Pepple11 soat oldin

    Fake news

  11. Swanky Banker

    Swanky Banker11 soat oldin

    This virus is nothing compared to swine-flu. Change my mind. Swine-flu infected 1 million AMERICANS in 2 months. Covid-19 infected 600,000 people in the WORLD in 6 months. Change my mind.

  12. Tamara Thomas

    Tamara Thomas11 soat oldin

    He will kill us all. He doesn't care at all.

  13. Ricky Daigle

    Ricky Daigle11 soat oldin

    I was watching a video of a guy in newyork city showed not one person in line getting tested Coumo should be fired and in Rhode Island broke the fourth amendment

  14. syahrul azrai

    syahrul azrai11 soat oldin

    Only trump that ignored this killer viruses,trump only,why?ask illuminati

  15. Swanky Banker

    Swanky Banker11 soat oldin

    This virus is nothing compared to swine-flu. Change my mind. Swine-flu infected 1 million AMERICANS in 2 months. Covid-19 infected 600,000 people in the WORLD in 6 months. Change my mind.

  16. Tim Lathrom

    Tim Lathrom11 soat oldin

    We would not be in this shape if this idiot would have gotten on the ball quicker. He has definitely dropped the ball with his narcissism and stupidity. Asshole will have killed countless Americans by this mistake.

  17. Swanky Banker

    Swanky Banker11 soat oldin

    This virus is nothing compared to swine-flu. Change my mind. Swine-flu infected 1 million AMERICANS in 2 months. Covid-19 infected 600,000 people in the WORLD in 6 months. Change my mind.

  18. alrowdha

    alrowdha12 soat oldin


  19. Jogie Charles

    Jogie Charles12 soat oldin

    Man makes me want to gag. Stand back and let the professionals speak.

  20. Swanky Banker

    Swanky Banker11 soat oldin

    This virus is nothing compared to swine-flu. Change my mind. Swine-flu infected 1 million AMERICANS in 2 months. Covid-19 infected 600,000 people in the WORLD in 6 months. Change my mind.

  21. gothatway09

    gothatway0912 soat oldin

    We need a complete shutdown of the country on the FEDERAL level for like one month. Not this stupid thing of letting every state, county and city do it's own thing. The economy will take a hit, but we can bring the economy back. We WILL bring the economy back. We can't bring peoples lives back or repair damage to peoples health that recover but might have permanent issues.

  22. Jaime

    Jaime12 soat oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="160">2:40</a> Said a whole lot of nothing but a wishful plan anybody can come up with

  23. Carol Hamilton

    Carol Hamilton12 soat oldin

    Run Dr Fauci

  24. Mara Star

    Mara Star12 soat oldin

    "small number" because we are not getting tested. He is an idiot.

  25. wbspensfan28

    wbspensfan2812 soat oldin

    If this happens , it only makes conspiracy theorists sound right , they must know how to stop this and are waiting

  26. ch012

    ch01212 soat oldin

    The republicans are responsible for this mess. They brought in a president who is not only incompetent but also lack human values to be a simple human.

  27. sakatrak

    sakatrak13 soat oldin

    A lot of blinking on Fauci's face... I think they equates to the number of Trump's lies, or crazy assumptions.

  28. Scott Simms

    Scott Simms13 soat oldin

    Fast forward a month.. 30 million infected.. 1 million life's lost. Trump "I really think we're doing an incredible job, having great talks. We're keeping the numbers low, we're doing a fantastic job"

  29. hansgackl

    hansgackl13 soat oldin

    Wtf is a «beautiful timeline»?

  30. David Pandeni

    David Pandeni13 soat oldin

    Dr Fauci struggled to keep a straight face during this entire press conference.

  31. Universal Truth Allah

    Universal Truth Allah13 soat oldin

    Trump smh

  32. Sean Tapper

    Sean Tapper13 soat oldin

    Love this guy im a uk citizen but he living on another planet when it come to this diease u be looking 6 to 12 months before there some kind od humanity's

  33. I Hammer 78

    I Hammer 7813 soat oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="185">3:05</a> dr please help me... I don’t understand this medical mumbo jumbo 😂😂

  34. Adel Mohamed

    Adel Mohamed13 soat oldin

    I can’t see the dr lol

  35. mowatribe

    mowatribe14 soat oldin

    What about the grocery store workers, should they stay home Bill, and the truckdrivers surely they will feel more safe a home also . I know if it saves one life right. Who needs homes and cars anyway, serfs lives matter. or we could just tell the high risk folks to stay home nah. Shut it doen.

  36. 777-9311

    777-931115 soat oldin

    As he’s talking I’m watching the Doctors body language he very irritated but doing his best to keep his composure.I believe that doctor knows this is horrible and Trump won’t listen...

  37. Jad S

    Jad S15 soat oldin

    Deary me trump is the ultimate dumb cunt

  38. Kenny Khoo

    Kenny Khoo15 soat oldin

    Lmao..guess the virus is taking a break since it's Easter.

  39. Pranavkgautam

    Pranavkgautam15 soat oldin

    Plz lockdown save people, no run money

  40. Pranavkgautam

    Pranavkgautam15 soat oldin

    Very meda design

  41. CrossFit Neuro Adventures with Dr Dave

    CrossFit Neuro Adventures with Dr Dave15 soat oldin

    take a look at the farm belt....yeh lets contaminate them too by opening up by Easter

  42. CrossFit Neuro Adventures with Dr Dave

    CrossFit Neuro Adventures with Dr Dave15 soat oldin

    Has he visited a Hospital in crisis?

  43. CrossFit Neuro Adventures with Dr Dave

    CrossFit Neuro Adventures with Dr Dave15 soat oldin

    Put Trump smack bang in the middle of Easter Church service that he wants to open up

  44. Umran Karan

    Umran Karan15 soat oldin

    I think trump knows something that is why he says we should open they are all in it.

  45. Imad Uddin

    Imad Uddin15 soat oldin

    Trump make fool the whole USA nation, yes trump is intelligent and ......

  46. Gareth Thomas

    Gareth Thomas15 soat oldin

    He is only concerned about money and not lives

  47. LifeCollective

    LifeCollective16 soat oldin

    Trump checked his horoscope and astrology and saw that easter is gonna be a beautiful day, a beautiful time.

  48. rudi ruessel

    rudi ruessel16 soat oldin

    What did Obama do about the HN1 virus? The sucker took 8 months and 12,000 deaths to declare the national crisis? !!

  49. Maria Martinas

    Maria Martinas16 soat oldin

    If Mr. Trump gets rid of these words (fantasic, beautiful, tremendous, fenomenal) from his vocabulary and talks strictly about facts and numbers, the information would be very clear for his people. Dr. Fauci has a clear mind.

  50. rudi ruessel

    rudi ruessel16 soat oldin

    hopefully all of the CNN employees will follow BOURDAINE asap...!!

  51. Rakyat Malaysia

    Rakyat Malaysia16 soat oldin


  52. Holle Honig

    Holle Honig16 soat oldin

    Look at Europe, Mr. Trump! People are dieing pitifuly! Best regards from Germany

  53. L. Daniels

    L. Daniels16 soat oldin

    As Trump starts to answer the first question. Pence look over at him at him like fool don’t screw this up.

  54. Glorious Spark

    Glorious Spark16 soat oldin

    All have something to say, thank God, but have all spoken to the Democrats to sign his proposals? easier said than done. Everyone cannot be a leader unfortunately

  55. lar_kozz

    lar_kozz16 soat oldin

    The US won't survive having such a stupid retard president at times like these

  56. Ronald Danner

    Ronald Danner17 soat oldin

    Trump is so uninformed this is sad. Trump never gets it right. This is what happens when you get some one in a job that is not fit. This president don't have a clue.

  57. Kim Jakab

    Kim Jakab17 soat oldin

    Donald Trump has 2 parts of brain, one left part and one right part. The left part has nothing right. The right part has nothing left.

  58. Terry Smith

    Terry Smith17 soat oldin

    You think your going golfing on Easter not a chance

  59. Terry Smith

    Terry Smith17 soat oldin

    So 8f thetes so much progress to open thebs country in 3 weeks why are the repubs asking us to give up grandma and grandpa and kill them off. You dump are an idiot

  60. Keith M

    Keith M17 soat oldin

    OMG the people advising and running the most powerful nation in the world are lunatics. If I was American I’d be scared right now. Circus clowns would have a better plan.

  61. Alejandro C

    Alejandro C17 soat oldin

    trump is an idiot that is for sure there should be a division for thins kind of the generals on times of war, let the doctors and the specialists detect and attack this kind of problems instead of stupid and ignorant politicians,

  62. Neo XIE

    Neo XIE17 soat oldin

    can't wait to see US reopens soon. the world's watching what the consequence would be.

  63. Fah Malinga

    Fah Malinga17 soat oldin

    This guy will get fired you watch

  64. Kool Will

    Kool Will17 soat oldin

    Look at how the doctor looks up in the air !

  65. Nick Eton

    Nick Eton17 soat oldin

    What does "a beautiful time line" even mean?

  66. Sherri-Lynn Hewat

    Sherri-Lynn Hewat17 soat oldin

    Poor Dr. Fauci. He's going to have a heart attack!

  67. Sherri-Lynn Hewat

    Sherri-Lynn Hewat17 soat oldin

    This guy is SO out of touch with reality

  68. Rustica Urbano

    Rustica Urbano17 soat oldin

    Prison Time is to good for this talking garbage can.

  69. David Miller

    David Miller17 soat oldin

    How can you "Look" into these places?? There's not even enough tests for testing these people?? That's why you have not friggin data..

  70. David Miller

    David Miller17 soat oldin

    Wholly Fuck. Trump is even stupider than I thought.

  71. David Miller

    David Miller18 soat oldin

    Reporter: You have 2 doctors there, So is ending the self-quarentine by easter based on anything? Trump: It's a beautiful time. It's based on number of weeks. Yup... he has a smart ah, brain.

  72. Ml Meek027

    Ml Meek02718 soat oldin

    American people want the truth. The leader we have is in dream land.

  73. vizitor LUU

    vizitor LUU18 soat oldin

    The president Trump always say "we do a good job" . Or "They do a good job"

  74. Old Mate

    Old Mate18 soat oldin

    Fucking idiot! How do you associate the word “Beautiful” with anything happening in America right now? So sorry Americans but this guy is letting his country die, so sad to see from a far, so sad I’m sorry you had have such a fool in power during such a trying time.

  75. Deepak Rana

    Deepak Rana19 soat oldin

    America Has Superman , Batman And now there President is Doing the role of Madman 🤦

  76. David Stoddard

    David Stoddard19 soat oldin

    I've been watching a lot of these interviews from over here in the UK. I empathise with you all, quite how anyone in the US at this time can take this man seriously is beyond me, has the medical experts on hand but appears not to take any advice. I can honestly say i can't see any leadership from him and some of his remarks regarding Easter - well - just what medication is he on??. Please listen to the medical advice and follow it to the best of your abilities - its bad enough over here in the UK and were a small country - stay safe friends....

  77. 777-9311

    777-931115 soat oldin

    David Stoddard His behavior is embarrassing and he’s greedy and money hungry...Purely Embarrassing...

  78. Touche Bitch

    Touche Bitch19 soat oldin

    Watching a Trump rally is like watching a freak show. They are all just as crazy as their "beloved' leader. It's a cult.

  79. Mark Schlehr

    Mark Schlehr20 soat oldin

    Fauci had almost 4 decades to make an HIV vaccine...We're still waiting. He had almost 2 decades to make a SARS-COV vaccine...We're still waiting. You'd have to be nuts to wait for Fauci to make a SARS-COV-2 vaccine before releasing the lockdown.

  80. jinelife83

    jinelife8320 soat oldin

    Trump says new york is a hot spot but dont want to make ventilators for them. What a fucking idiot

  81. Luv my Fam

    Luv my Fam20 soat oldin

    Might as well blow our country off the map with trump as president of the US. We’re not a first world country. Not anymore.

  82. Luv my Fam

    Luv my Fam20 soat oldin

    Trump thinks he’s above everyone, he thinks he’s above the disease. He’s going to kill thousands more people in this country because of his arrogance. I hope he gets the virus so he can realize how bad this really is.

  83. Juha Leppänen

    Juha Leppänen20 soat oldin

    Even if there are states with less cases at the moment, its better to take measures before the virus spreads.

  84. Aldof Aldo

    Aldof Aldo21 soat oldin

    Trump go we are behind you, Take us to the new world in 2020.