Seafood Boil with Kayla from Nicole TV

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  1. Dajana Green

    Dajana Green10 soat oldin

    Omg I love you Bloves💯🤘🏾

  2. Princess Smith

    Princess Smith11 soat oldin

    At 15mins when Nicole bit that crab😆😆😆

  3. JaKiyah Bolden

    JaKiyah Bolden11 soat oldin

    Move like a 🐍 🐍

  4. Queen mani

    Queen mani11 soat oldin

    Rock yo hips to this

  5. DeeDee Squad

    DeeDee Squad11 soat oldin

    Nobody: Kayla: MoVe LiKe A ssssssNaKe

  6. Breylee Johnson

    Breylee Johnson11 soat oldin

    Miss b love sauce be good

  7. Jailah Smith

    Jailah Smith12 soat oldin

    I’m so proud of myself I watched this video without skipping

  8. Maria Ruiz

    Maria Ruiz19 soat oldin


  9. India Wagner

    India Wagner21 soat oldin

    I died at this intro😭😂😂

  10. Kennedy Grant

    Kennedy Grant21 soat oldin

    i'm a big fan of Kayla nicole I listen to move like a snake all the time love ya'll

  11. not my name

    not my name22 soat oldin

    Bloves is like that cool aunt you can do everything with😭❤️

  12. not my name

    not my name22 soat oldin

    This woman’s stomach would die after eating something homecooked😭😭

  13. trayshawn adams

    trayshawn adams23 soat oldin

    So we gone ignore at 9:56 when she was eating da corn

  14. Elizabeth Goshea'

    Elizabeth Goshea'Kun oldin

    Kayla is so hilarious 😂😂😂

  15. sister funtime

    sister funtimeKun oldin

    My name is kayla

  16. Christy Slaughter

    Christy SlaughterKun oldin

    this is like seeing both of my favorite youtuber at once

  17. Queen MusicTea

    Queen MusicTeaKun oldin

    New Video Out!!! GO 👉🏼and Subscribe To My UZgo Channel! Thank You 😘

  18. ItzMe Nevaeh

    ItzMe NevaehKun oldin

    Im here looking at this food and boiiiii

  19. Candi Lease

    Candi LeaseKun oldin

    I WANT THEM CRAB LEGS SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!! Send them to me baby!!!!

  20. Candi Lease

    Candi LeaseKun oldin

    My girl B..... What the heck do you do with all that leftover food???!!!!!! I've been wanting to try a seafood boil forever because of you and I gotta get some of that sauce!!!!!!!! But I'm BROKE! My hubby picks in me cuz I watch boils all day long!!!!! I LOVE crab legs shrimp and crab cakes that's the only seafood I eat but I'd tear into any of that! You're amazing! I bought some steamed Shrimp at the market today cuz I've been craving a seafood boil for months! But I think I got the flu so I don't wanna eat it yet lol

  21. Tar Tar Grace

    Tar Tar GraceKun oldin

    Am I the only one that tries to pause exactly at when the person does a thumbnail in a video... No... just me okay 😌

  22. PRC _Daze

    PRC _DazeKun oldin

    I love both you'll soo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  23. Emmie Morals

    Emmie MoralsKun oldin

    Someone was selling her sauce for one hundred dollars on ebay

  24. Alastor

    AlastorKun oldin

    why is she so awkward here xd

  25. Bria’s Music

    Bria’s MusicKun oldin


  26. Alastor

    AlastorKun oldin

    YES :D

  27. Vanessa Dior

    Vanessa DiorKun oldin

    Food looks fake lmao looool

  28. Mrs. TrapAlone

    Mrs. TrapAloneKun oldin

    BLoves: “what’s goin on?” Kayla: “nothin🤒😬” 😭😭😭😭

  29. Elena Springs

    Elena SpringsKun oldin

    Please don't sell your soul you're already talented and real please dont be like the other artists

  30. LEON 4K HD

    LEON 4K HDKun oldin

    Upcoming UZgor y’all show some support I’m showing love back💯🔥

  31. Fredrica Wiley

    Fredrica WileyKun oldin

    Move like a snake

  32. 832866964

    832866964Kun oldin

    Kayla do move like a snake

  33. Carlasia Farmer

    Carlasia FarmerKun oldin

    Move like a snake

  34. Justa Princee

    Justa PrinceeKun oldin

    we gonna ignore the fact that kayla not even lookin at the right camera.

  35. Kady Williams

    Kady WilliamsKun oldin

    Seafood so easy to get in the Caribbean

  36. The Beautiful Jenn B

    The Beautiful Jenn BKun oldin

    I know you ain’t finna give her no scissors out the bathroom for her food 😫😫

  37. zai funni

    zai funniKun oldin

    Nicole: u won't see me just putting out anything Also Nicole: *proceeds to fight herself*

  38. Aita Margaret Sterling

    Aita Margaret SterlingKun oldin

    Nicole tv is so right about fans and followers. But imma tell u the truth gurl I am a true fan!!!!!!! Hang in there gurl!!!!!

  39. La'naee

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    Joe HairstonKun oldin

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    lil 42Kun oldin

    Move like a snake 😂

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    Chiney NellaKun oldin

    I'm a simple person I see Kayla I click😭❤

  45. Djivenda Juste

    Djivenda JusteKun oldin

    The faces knocked me out😂😂😂

  46. Shanel Perkins

    Shanel PerkinsKun oldin

    She’s brave eating that corn with braces...I wouldn’t dare

  47. Kayla Thompson

    Kayla ThompsonKun oldin

    I love that we have the same name🥺❤️

  48. Nadria Clecidor

    Nadria ClecidorKun oldin

    My anxiety When kayla bit into the corn knowing she got braces:📈

  49. Dera

    DeraKun oldin

    Do a mukbang with cardi b she loves seafood

  50. Neveah Billings

    Neveah BillingsKun oldin

    If u love both of them 👇🏾

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    candid0111Kun oldin

    Please longbeachgriffy.

  53. Youvica Limage

    Youvica LimageKun oldin

    First time watching her video

  54. Antwan Jenkins

    Antwan JenkinsKun oldin

    She might be a good funny actress for a movie . A girl who was in girl night she was funny they need to make another one so she can be the funny one and I’m talking about Kayla

  55. Kallie Bryant

    Kallie BryantKun oldin

    I need some seafood in my system ASAP 😊🍤🥦🦞🦐🦀🥔


    KELA BABIESKun oldin

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    Only watching cuz of kayla

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    Can do a sea food boil with you plz🙏🏽😍 i never did one