Safiya & Tyler's First Dance To The Addams Family Tango

Here is a little final bonus wedding video before we get back to our regularly scheduled programming - our first dance, which was a recreation of the "Addams Family Values" tango! We decided to post this as a separate bonus video because the music is copyrighted, we hope you enjoy seeing the whole thing!
Also a quick note, the cigarette you see here is fake, it's a prop cigarette!
You can check out our full wedding vlog here -
And our highlight film here -
You can check out our Colourpop frankenlipsticks here!
PLANNER: So Smitten Special Events
VIDEO: Amari Productions
DRESS: Odylyne The Ceremony
HAIR: Kayley Melissa
MAKEUP: Yukina Mitsuhashi
PHOTO: Love Tribe Weddings
FLORALS: GingerSnap Florals
VENUE: Carondelet House
PHOTOBOOTH: Paper Moon Shoppe
NAILS: Simply Nailogical
TUXEDOS: The Black Tux
RENTALS: MTB Event Rentals
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  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard8 kun oldin

    HELLO FRIENDS! here is a little final bonus wedding video before we get back to our regularly scheduled programming - our first dance, which was a recreation of the "Addams Family Values" tango! we decided to post this as a separate bonus video because the music is copyrighted, we hope you enjoy seeing the whole thing! also a quick note, the cigarette you see here is fake, it's a prop cigarette! xoxo, saf

  2. Necroglobule

    NecroglobuleKun oldin

    Good choice. Gomez and Morticia are the ultimate relationship goal. Two kids (three if you consider Pubert canon) and god knows how many years and they're STILL absolutely stupid for each other.

  3. PaintedScissorsLove

    PaintedScissorsLove2 kun oldin

    That was an amazing dance and I loved your whole wedding video! I hope you and Tyler have a great married life!

  4. Ivett Gombos

    Ivett Gombos4 kun oldin

    OMG, awesome! Congrats to you <3

  5. VincentKoh LUMCFan

    VincentKoh LUMCFan4 kun oldin

    So the knife was real? OMG OMG

  6. agent_ star87

    agent_ star875 kun oldin

    did u know nerdEcrafter made a bat dragon for you its bin a year o-o

  7. Jessica

    Jessica5 daqiqa oldin

    omg safiya! you should do a review of the himirror. its a mirror that can analyse your skin, you can watch youtube, netflix on it and use instagram. its very interesting and it would be cool if you could test it out

  8. Ava Dupont

    Ava Dupont23 daqiqa oldin


  9. Djack55

    Djack5553 daqiqa oldin

    big stan

  10. Sunny Shan

    Sunny Shan56 daqiqa oldin

    This was AMAZING!!! Thank you for sharing this ❤️

  11. jaycie #the1 Brown

    jaycie #the1 Brown2 soat oldin

    Do more bad macup science

  12. jaycie #the1 Brown

    jaycie #the1 Brown2 soat oldin

    Sorry makeup

  13. Candy Land

    Candy Land2 soat oldin

    Can you please Do getting a customized shampoo and conditioner on function of beauty

  14. Trenna Denton

    Trenna Denton2 soat oldin

    I love your vids Saf! Was the wedding wonderful?

  15. Olive Ro

    Olive Ro3 soat oldin


  16. Living the Hart Life

    Living the Hart Life3 soat oldin

    I actually clapped at the end! That is how fun you two made your first great!

  17. rip my life

    rip my life3 soat oldin

    i'm literally in love with both of you omg

  18. Queen Afshan

    Queen Afshan4 soat oldin

    Safiya was dancing. Tylor was enjoying 😅❤

  19. riley elizabeth

    riley elizabeth4 soat oldin

    i guess being a theater kid pays off :,) ft. saf serving l00ks

  20. Zuza Kłaptocz

    Zuza Kłaptocz5 soat oldin

    I am in love !!!

  21. Jennifer Reynoso

    Jennifer Reynoso5 soat oldin

    Is no one gonna comment on how incredibly into it, happy, proud & excited Tyler's dad looks the ENTIRE TIME???

  22. tjQueen

    tjQueen5 soat oldin

    Safiya's theatre-kid-heart really shows. Love it

  23. Jennifer Reynoso

    Jennifer Reynoso5 soat oldin

    We need to see a side-by-side! lol

  24. Krystal Pfiester

    Krystal Pfiester5 soat oldin

    Looks like you had a great time! Congratulations to you both! And you had a way better 1st dance than my husband and I. We never made it to the dance classes we were planning 😕

  25. Kida Fiera

    Kida Fiera5 soat oldin

    That was adorable! As a ballroom dancer I have to say for not being trained you two did REALLY well. Safiya has a beautiful natural grace and elegance and it showed. Her arms *chef kiss* amazing!

  26. L Lou

    L Lou6 soat oldin

    That was AWESOME!!!!

  27. Heather BC

    Heather BC6 soat oldin

    You two are so fabulous! I wish you so much love and happiness 🖤🖤🖤

  28. Casey Hubbs

    Casey Hubbs6 soat oldin

    This. Is. Perfect.

  29. Goldie

    Goldie6 soat oldin

    This Is good

  30. Amelia Krupa

    Amelia Krupa6 soat oldin


  31. Luna

    Luna6 soat oldin

    I am so happy for you guys! I have been watching from buzzfeed untill now and seeing you this happy and grow to make your own content❤❤❤ I cant wait to see how you grow your content, and if you chose to have more cats or not, I am so happy for you guys!!!😍😍😊❤❤

  32. E.J.W-A WoAg

    E.J.W-A WoAg7 soat oldin

    This is couple goals 💍👰🏻🤵

  33. Martin Thomson-Jones

    Martin Thomson-Jones7 soat oldin

    This is super impressive! I would never be able to do this! Not being sarcastic!!😊😊😊😛

  34. Fangirl_on_everyone I_am_weird

    Fangirl_on_everyone I_am_weird8 soat oldin

    I don't think I've seen anything more freaking beautiful 😍💓

  35. Emerey Mae

    Emerey Mae8 soat oldin

    Are you gonna change your channel name for your new last name? (Only if you're changing your last name)

  36. Jacqueline Paysour

    Jacqueline Paysour8 soat oldin

    Beautiful and very well done. Congratulations on your wedding!!! You are a beautiful couple.

  37. suzysues

    suzysues9 soat oldin

    Absolutely fabulous! Congratulations ♥

  38. Genesis Martinez

    Genesis Martinez9 soat oldin

    I can see at the end when they kissed lipstick on his mouth xD but i loved the dance

  39. Susan Gibbs

    Susan Gibbs10 soat oldin

    Please do a video about “Dress Lily,” I wanna know if their stuff is good

  40. Zoe Raventhorn

    Zoe Raventhorn10 soat oldin

    This made me so so happy. The highlight of the decade

  41. Austin French

    Austin French10 soat oldin

    That was so great!!!! Congrats!

  42. lowdiskspace

    lowdiskspace10 soat oldin

    This was so dorky I love it so much oml

  43. Art Fiend

    Art Fiend10 soat oldin

    I love the addams family

  44. emmy godden

    emmy godden11 soat oldin

    omg this is so god damn cute and YOUR DRESS OMG ITS GORGEOUS

  45. Moonlight_Sunlight_Starlight

    Moonlight_Sunlight_Starlight11 soat oldin

    This was all to perfect timing as I am just about to audition for morticia adams!

  46. Kevin Ashberry

    Kevin Ashberry11 soat oldin

    Safiya: plain facial expression, no emotion Tyler smiling like a dork: heehee i get to drag her :D 😂 (i took inspo from another comment, atleast i didnt say the same exact thing tho)

  47. Mackenzie McGee

    Mackenzie McGee11 soat oldin

    I’m was smiling like a idiot the whole time and yelling Yassss babyyyy.... get it 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  48. Brandon Thorne

    Brandon Thorne12 soat oldin

    Who else Absolutely loves safiyas hair

  49. Jade Lauren

    Jade Lauren12 soat oldin

    What a fun idea for your wedding! You two nailed it 💖

  50. Icas Sukses

    Icas Sukses12 soat oldin

  51. uigipwns

    uigipwns13 soat oldin


  52. Susy

    Susy14 soat oldin

    You guys are so amazing! I also applauded from home lol. Can't wait to see the wedding video :) Bless you guys and may your marriage be forever and you never stop having have fun with each other!

  53. Peggy O.

    Peggy O.15 soat oldin

    Hello from your new subscriber. You guys did fantastic. You are a gorgeous couple. You are beautiful and personable. I love your content. So happy for you.

  54. Jem

    Jem15 soat oldin

    Seeing you two so happy makes me & all of us Stans so happy

  55. Bella Harris

    Bella Harris15 soat oldin

    nice lipstick tyler!!!!

  56. hannah barnes

    hannah barnes16 soat oldin

    If my wife don't dance the Adams family tango with me at my wedding, we ain't getting married. And that's on periodt.

  57. Healing Restless Soul

    Healing Restless Soul17 soat oldin

    Totally stunning out of the world guys. Love loves

  58. Maxine Rodel

    Maxine Rodel17 soat oldin

    That was brilliant!

  59. Stacey Lou

    Stacey Lou19 soat oldin

    Safiya you definitely have a better tango face! Looks like you guys had so much fun! It's a 10 from me 😂

  60. Lord Queen of The Turtles

    Lord Queen of The Turtles20 soat oldin

    What can I say except that was majestic Af

  61. GiddyKitty

    GiddyKitty20 soat oldin

    YOU GUYS SLAYYYYYYED IT!!😭😍😂 I'm so happy for you❤️


    HALEY PAVELKA21 soat oldin

    When I watched the wedding video I was like ThIs Is So CrInGeY

  63. Simply bobajojoba

    Simply bobajojoba22 soat oldin

    You did it rlly well ngl

  64. natsmyspace

    natsmyspace22 soat oldin

    Loved it! Your wedding was amazing. Congrats

  65. GachaPheonix235

    GachaPheonix23522 soat oldin

    This is awesome!

  66. Mckayla Ann

    Mckayla Ann23 soat oldin

    Safiya looks so stunning