We took a real twin telepathy test to test our twin telepathic abilities. We wanted to find out for you guys if twin telepathy was real or fake!
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  1. Stokes Twins

    Stokes Twins9 kun oldin

    Do you think twin telepathy is real?? 😳

  2. It's me Brandon

    It's me Brandon7 kun oldin

    @death shad0w what do you mean

  3. death shad0w

    death shad0w7 kun oldin

    i think you cloned yourself

  4. It's me Brandon

    It's me Brandon7 kun oldin

    No it was not real because before the video you plan it out

  5. Ronnie Xu

    Ronnie Xu7 kun oldin


  6. Silver and Blaze

    Silver and Blaze7 kun oldin

    Fake sorry

  7. XxzuzulXx14 XxXx

    XxzuzulXx14 XxXx9 soat oldin

    Billie is so good♥️♥️♥️♥️

  8. Meraj Hanif

    Meraj Hanif9 soat oldin


  9. Mint Sleet

    Mint Sleet10 soat oldin

    At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="132">2:12</a> one of the hand went past the line so there seeing what each of them are doing

  10. farah 8

    farah 810 soat oldin

    I do not know

  11. farah 8

    farah 810 soat oldin

    I think it is resl

  12. Emma Deck

    Emma Deck10 soat oldin

    Why was there a seal and then there was a dog

  13. Elyzabeth Arzola

    Elyzabeth Arzola10 soat oldin


  14. The CR

    The CR10 soat oldin

    Is the divider to short because you guys are looking at each other

  15. TH3 CR3W

    TH3 CR3W10 soat oldin

    This is an act not true

  16. sander Clan

    sander Clan10 soat oldin

    Fake bitch gays

  17. Sarah Wing

    Sarah Wing10 soat oldin

    I’m a twin and it’s sooooooo epic, we also have twin telepathy

  18. Ahoura P

    Ahoura P10 soat oldin

    I do

  19. Mike Gonzalez

    Mike Gonzalez10 soat oldin

    Look in the middle of the table

  20. Mike Gonzalez

    Mike Gonzalez10 soat oldin

    The devider is not even blocking them

  21. vanessapascall15

    vanessapascall1511 soat oldin

    Staged video

  22. sweatband

    sweatband11 soat oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="113">1:53</a>: He looked next to him and saw his twin. The divider isn't fully dividing them.

  23. Noah Anderson

    Noah Anderson11 soat oldin

    Sprite with ramen noodles how does that taste like if you had it before

  24. cuber 69

    cuber 6911 soat oldin


  25. Kimberly Albright

    Kimberly Albright11 soat oldin

    only if you want it to be!

  26. Nicole Barton

    Nicole Barton11 soat oldin

    I might dayting twen

  27. Nicole Barton

    Nicole Barton11 soat oldin

    My name is keyli. I'm eating a twen

  28. Nate Ark

    Nate Ark12 soat oldin

    He eats bananas every day that’s wow

  29. Owxn. 12

    Owxn. 1212 soat oldin

    How do we know if the bored was all the way back so they couldn’t see it touch each other ? And how did they high five and also they kept looking at each other aswel

  30. T Rex7

    T Rex712 soat oldin

    Which Hulu show

  31. Destiny Castillo

    Destiny Castillo12 soat oldin


  32. Craig Stone

    Craig Stone12 soat oldin



    RUINS_DECADE12 soat oldin


  34. hope gizzyyun

    hope gizzyyun12 soat oldin

    why does the thumbnail show 7up instead of Coke

  35. Saga Streets

    Saga Streets13 soat oldin

    😂 so kool

  36. Saga Streets

    Saga Streets13 soat oldin


  37. tiffany birt

    tiffany birt13 soat oldin

    They already knew the items and what to pick my mum is a twin twin telepathy isn't real

  38. tiffany birt

    tiffany birt13 soat oldin

    Plus if they wanted it to be more reliable they wouldn't talk so much

  39. Angel Roman

    Angel Roman13 soat oldin

    And the wall between them does not cover there answer

  40. Connor Mosley

    Connor Mosley13 soat oldin

    The cover doesn’t even cover what they see look at the table any point in the video where items are

  41. Angel Roman

    Angel Roman13 soat oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="213">3:33</a> he said re do that so they pland it

  42. Yome Haim

    Yome Haim13 soat oldin

    If 2 vegetarians argue is it still con considered beef???

  43. sean oconnor

    sean oconnor13 soat oldin

    this is the fakest shit ever do you think every human is stupid or something

  44. Courtney Baulos

    Courtney Baulos13 soat oldin

    I would've picked the goat and orange soda

  45. Conor Deacon

    Conor Deacon14 soat oldin

    can i have a stuffed animal please?🐻

  46. Fjjegf Ghjdjd

    Fjjegf Ghjdjd14 soat oldin

    And u can see and put your arm in

  47. Fjjegf Ghjdjd

    Fjjegf Ghjdjd14 soat oldin

    The wall is put in front of us

  48. Fjjegf Ghjdjd

    Fjjegf Ghjdjd14 soat oldin

    U guys are stupids

  49. Fjjegf Ghjdjd

    Fjjegf Ghjdjd14 soat oldin


  50. bilias hour

    bilias hour14 soat oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="227">3:47</a> he said that he looked like a duck then that means he is a duck because they look alike

  51. Kaylee Walling

    Kaylee Walling14 soat oldin

    Do they think ere stupid

  52. bilias hour

    bilias hour14 soat oldin


  53. Elizabeth Trenfield

    Elizabeth Trenfield14 soat oldin

    I've been binge watching there videos today😂

  54. Bianca Visser

    Bianca Visser15 soat oldin

    Alex you are awesome ps no a fence Alen

  55. The King

    The King15 soat oldin

    It’s cheating if you talk

  56. Lightning Blaze

    Lightning Blaze15 soat oldin

    My dad has a twin and they got a 9/10

  57. joshuea roberts

    joshuea roberts15 soat oldin

    I think every time the camera cuts you tell each other which one to pick or something

  58. Ajla Sabovic

    Ajla Sabovic15 soat oldin

    Billi is fuck

  59. Veronika Jaresova

    Veronika Jaresova15 soat oldin

    with the stuffed animals they have just 2 same toys

  60. Portia Mmangisa

    Portia Mmangisa15 soat oldin

    Public dare

  61. Zak Bob bob

    Zak Bob bob15 soat oldin

    I think it’s not I have a twin

  62. Gaming at the MAX!

    Gaming at the MAX!15 soat oldin

    The boarder is not actually long enough to block there view of each other, there looking at each others choice before they choose

  63. gamergirl 2334

    gamergirl 233415 soat oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="145">2:25</a> why u gotta put the orange , banna and the apple together like that (right side👉🏼)

  64. gamergirl 2334

    gamergirl 233415 soat oldin

    I think it's real

  65. sidiki camara

    sidiki camara16 soat oldin


  66. LLD_Snipez

    LLD_Snipez16 soat oldin

    If they set a divider in the middle of them hod did they high five so I know this is fake

  67. Mysah Marri

    Mysah Marri16 soat oldin


  68. Carla Pineda

    Carla Pineda16 soat oldin


  69. i dont cringe

    i dont cringe16 soat oldin

    Me wacthing this : ThIs Is..... FAKE!?!?!??!!!!!!!

  70. Caitrin Munro

    Caitrin Munro16 soat oldin

    It is reel

  71. XRobloxGunnerX Gaming

    XRobloxGunnerX Gaming16 soat oldin

    Its not real they keep looking each other when theres a block and why is the block slanted

  72. Para Normaal

    Para Normaal16 soat oldin

    I get it Soda/Soda You always fight for it twin stuff

  73. Alycia Joan Santoso 1830046

    Alycia Joan Santoso 183004616 soat oldin

    Toilet papper and then put that on your shoe

  74. Annie Quispe

    Annie Quispe17 soat oldin

    She paint her nails the same color as me she literally has the same book bag as me same shoes same hair to my the only thing that’s different about us she’s tender headed I’m not

  75. Annie Quispe

    Annie Quispe17 soat oldin

    Real I have a twin and she always where’s the same outfit as me

  76. James Khuu

    James Khuu17 soat oldin

    Every time they don’t get it right thier in a little argument

  77. The Okere Family

    The Okere Family17 soat oldin

    Twin: it's an owl OtherTwin: well it's still a bird Sorry I don't know who is who

  78. Lalith Sai

    Lalith Sai17 soat oldin

    Mod divider is edited

  79. Maryia Stankova

    Maryia Stankova17 soat oldin


  80. Its Your Girl Treva

    Its Your Girl Treva18 soat oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="284">4:44</a> WHO LOVES ORANGE SODA, I LOVE ORANGE SODA -Kel Mitchell

  81. Айым Ерденовна

    Айым Ерденовна18 soat oldin


  82. Kaye and Kean San Juan

    Kaye and Kean San Juan18 soat oldin

    and btw in round 5 he hears a plastic and pick him faster

  83. Kaye and Kean San Juan

    Kaye and Kean San Juan18 soat oldin

    i see what it means in the round 3 fruits hahaa its a di**

  84. Iqbal Essop

    Iqbal Essop19 soat oldin


  85. Nikki Nikeftekhari

    Nikki Nikeftekhari19 soat oldin

    Sees toilet paper “I didn’t even know we had that in the house”.

  86. S0lidBu1lds UwU

    S0lidBu1lds UwU19 soat oldin

    Lol arguing

  87. Lucas Greg

    Lucas Greg19 soat oldin

    Nice fruit balls


    RED MANIA YIHA19 soat oldin

    Yes me and my twin real