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  1. SSSniperWolf

    SSSniperWolf10 oy oldin

    like if can't relate lol

  2. Amy Cook

    Amy CookOy oldin

    Actually I am a vampire so sorry 🐺 you are wrong

  3. Daniel Vang

    Daniel VangOy oldin

    Sniper wolf can you really make more of these videos

  4. Eliza Hoyle

    Eliza HoyleOy oldin

    SSSniperWolf I love you so much when i’m sad you make me better

  5. Claire Gagin

    Claire Gagin2 oy oldin


  6. Strawberry Doodle

    Strawberry Doodle2 oy oldin

    SSSniperWolf :)

  7. Daniel Alejandro Martinez

    Daniel Alejandro Martinez11 soat oldin

    10:08 YAS!

  8. Magaly Gallegos

    Magaly Gallegos14 soat oldin

    SSSniperwolf I love you video and I'm a big fan

  9. Mariana Salazar

    Mariana Salazar17 soat oldin

    Pretty girl: I'm to pretty! Me: I'm to ugly

  10. April Sales

    April Sales18 soat oldin


  11. Anas Al Masri

    Anas Al Masri21 soat oldin

    vampires aren't real. Sucks to suck (Like if you understand)

  12. Cake Xplosion

    Cake XplosionKun oldin

    For all those people who think they are ugly and not beautiful one little bit: You are beautiful in your own way. You may not see it, but you are beautiful. Don't hate yourself, just be you. Do the things you love. Make your dreams come true. I hope this inspired you all xx ❤❤

  13. Abolhya gamer

    Abolhya gamerKun oldin

    Actually it's really because I want to tell you that

  14. Mark L

    Mark LKun oldin

    I speak Romanian does that mean I'm a vampire too😂😂lol

  15. Florin Tuli

    Florin TuliKun oldin

    I live in romania now im in england i dont want to be a vampier i know dracua catle nothing more tho

  16. Princess Cookie Girl

    Princess Cookie GirlKun oldin

    She should go on Dr. Phil and get famous🤩🤩🤩

  17. amy

    amyKun oldin

    My mum tells me to get a rich man and I say I will be my own rich lady

  18. amy

    amyKun oldin

    I opened my parent bedroom draw and saw scary things

  19. mohamed salad

    mohamed saladKun oldin

    No I think they’re going to kidnap me so hell no girl

  20. Rosemary Cyr

    Rosemary Cyr2 kun oldin

    I have extremely pale skin I hate onions and some of my teeth are sharp OMG does that mean I’m a vampire no because I’m not stupid and almost everyone reads twilight

  21. Martina Botošová

    Martina Botošová2 kun oldin


  22. Vincent Taype

    Vincent Taype2 kun oldin

    She sopid

  23. Aiyanna Machkovskaya

    Aiyanna Machkovskaya2 kun oldin

    no never

  24. Grace Adams

    Grace Adams2 kun oldin

    Girl: I'm a vampier Me: Thx for cheaching in I'm still a pice of garbeg

  25. Grace Adams

    Grace Adams2 kun oldin

    girl: I'm pritty ME: I'm a pece of trash

  26. kirsty brady

    kirsty brady2 kun oldin

    Girl: I wish i was ugly Me: I wish i was pretty : (

  27. urina hall

    urina hall3 kun oldin

    Hi I'm that girl named shanell I'm 9 years old

  28. goku blue amazing

    goku blue amazing3 kun oldin

    If there killing me I am on my way

  29. Ma’ayan Praiss

    Ma’ayan Praiss3 kun oldin

    Sucks to suck......blood 🩸🧛🏻‍♀️

  30. watamellons

    watamellons3 kun oldin

    Yeah I haven’t hit puberty yet.... BuT i ThOuGhT i’D bUy A cAr AnYwAy

  31. Ebony Long

    Ebony Long3 kun oldin

    Barbie u can be anything 😉 wink wink not a vampire!!

  32. Kayleigh Brand

    Kayleigh Brand4 kun oldin

    There are real vampires I've seen them search vampires found in USA or SA which ever place you are I know

  33. ian imanda

    ian imanda4 kun oldin

    yup id go

  34. Va Ty

    Va Ty4 kun oldin

    lol no more minecraft

  35. Alishba Nasir

    Alishba Nasir4 kun oldin

    No seriously the being too pretty stuff can be true even if you think you’re ugly lmfao

  36. Trishneet Buttar

    Trishneet Buttar4 kun oldin

    Wait a sec it was homecoming so how is she driving by herself (btw I know it’s not true)

  37. KatieDid Last name

    KatieDid Last name4 kun oldin

    Wait I watched this on an other channel I swear her name was Addison

  38. vava queeen

    vava queeen4 kun oldin

    I that this was i dont want to be pretty not i want to be goth

  39. Dyana Leone Gonzalez

    Dyana Leone Gonzalez4 kun oldin

    My friend brings mini bottles of mustard to school each day , should that be animated lol .

  40. Tea_ Xoxo

    Tea_ Xoxo4 kun oldin

    Does anyone know her UZgo channel lmao

  41. Monica Christmas

    Monica Christmas4 kun oldin


  42. esti gay bro

    esti gay bro5 kun oldin

    Is it weird that i'm from Romania and have pointy teeth? Loll

  43. Maricela Jorge Corniel

    Maricela Jorge Corniel5 kun oldin

    And the video is called I am a banded for being too pretty how do you make a video of that so I can hear hahaha you think I can't hear that I didn't even say hahaha just stupid my phone stupid I told you lots of fun and we can watch a stupid videos anymore okay sssniperwolf I don't got it I thought it was so ugly that I didn't even watch

  44. Maricela Jorge Corniel

    Maricela Jorge Corniel5 kun oldin

    We really the only part that I can hear is when something sends me something on his cell phone really wedgie from say his cell phone ignore what I said they're I meant the cell phone okay okay the sssniperwolf girl had to stop no SSS Sniper Wolf Girl oh my God I said sniper girl sssniperwolf okay there we go it works but girl you have to get me off of your mind I have too many acts Lex and I can even sing a whole song with this song way too much prediction

  45. Fave Piece O Trash

    Fave Piece O Trash5 kun oldin

    Lia you're pretty, and we all love you :)

  46. Cali G

    Cali G5 kun oldin


  47. Shane Sinclair

    Shane Sinclair5 kun oldin


  48. Lonnie Bryant

    Lonnie Bryant6 kun oldin


  49. Alessia Ciora

    Alessia Ciora6 kun oldin

    lol im Romainian 😂

  50. Baby Lou

    Baby Lou6 kun oldin

    react to season 2 of black butler

  51. Tope Akinlade

    Tope Akinlade6 kun oldin

    this video was recorded on my cosins birthday

  52. Noya Mahasin

    Noya Mahasin6 kun oldin


  53. Annie Scythe

    Annie Scythe6 kun oldin

    SniferWolf: "you can't just go around sucking blood, being mysterious" Me: "then why do we have lawyers?"

  54. Mark McCallister

    Mark McCallister6 kun oldin

    N[ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooo,0000oooo0o0o0o0o0o0ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  55. George Collier

    George Collier6 kun oldin

    I want to be a Super Saiyan 😩

  56. ItsGrace

    ItsGrace7 kun oldin

    Why the pink hair I ❤️ it

  57. Allison Gaskey

    Allison Gaskey7 kun oldin


  58. Seema Paul

    Seema Paul7 kun oldin

    You look beautiful and cute!

  59. Jasper Regga

    Jasper Regga7 kun oldin

    No I would run!!!

  60. Solid Thrones992

    Solid Thrones9927 kun oldin

    Girl : as I get ol - ad : THANK YOU FOR winning the valentines reward

  61. Sitri Halphas

    Sitri Halphas7 kun oldin

    So whats her yt channel?


    MIHAELA DRAGAN8 kun oldin

    I live in Romania! Vampir=Vampire or ugly=urât or beautiful=frumos 😂😅😂😂😂😂😂

  63. Sarah Jose

    Sarah Jose8 kun oldin

    I have also allergy with garlic but i m not a Dracula

  64. saltnspice305

    saltnspice3058 kun oldin


  65. saltnspice305

    saltnspice3058 kun oldin