PART TWO: Our Thoughts on Jillian Michaels Criticizing Lizzo

Real fam, do you think Jillian Michaels went too far?


  1. david Core

    david Core11 daqiqa oldin

    Loni and all big girls need to stop it... You'll rationalize anything if it coinsides with the life you WANT to live. Nobody condemns you but don't get mad at people who speak the truth. 3 out the 4 got workout videos talkin bout their summer bodies. Stop the nonsense.

  2. gabs145ful

    gabs145fulSoat oldin

    What happened to stick to the topic?? Loni is messy

  3. The dog guy Joe

    The dog guy Joe2 soat oldin

    Okay ladies... so obesity is a great thing? Let’s put facts on this? Show me were being very over weight is healthier than being around a good weight for your height ? You can’t! You might be able to come up with some but the over all is a healthy weight. Tamar was the only one trying to say the right thing but had to walk on eggshells to not offend people.

  4. Deandra Owens

    Deandra Owens3 soat oldin

    And I whoop!!! Got to agree with Loni on that one!!💯

  5. Brandon Bryant

    Brandon Bryant3 soat oldin

    Whew chy. They make everything about race. Lizzie is overweight & she is promoting it with her weight. I’m just saying. She spoke volumes about obesity. She didn’t say nothing about her music or her talent. She was asked. She spoke the truth & they just mad. Bye

  6. Jamieson Rendall

    Jamieson Rendall3 soat oldin

    Jillian Michaels is not going to say positive things about Lizzo’s body and attitude because it goes against what makes her money. Michaels makes money by people feeling they need to look a certain way to be ‘healthy’. Lizzo may not be at her optimal health goals but her music and body promote mental health. When you are mentally in a good place you don’t go looking for Jillian Michaels, instead you find exercises that you can stick with for longer. I firmly believe Lizzo’s message will do more the the overall health of people than Jillian Micheals will thus so she got to hustle to make her business thrive.

  7. Miranda Rader

    Miranda Rader4 soat oldin

    Pleaseeee stop splitting up the topics into multiple parts!!

  8. darkbangtan

    darkbangtan4 soat oldin

    Amanda fix your face

  9. Chinky

    Chinky13 soat oldin

    Yeah amanda and loni can go , thanks

  10. Bellers

    Bellers15 soat oldin

    I'm sure If she would've had an interview where they asked her something about Adele and Adele was morbidly obese she would've responded the same way. I don't think it's because Lizzo's black. My peeps need to quit making everything about race. Keep it in it's context yall. Smh.

  11. Doni P

    Doni P17 soat oldin

    What you mean????? Everything is NOT about race! And for your information Adele lost hella weight and looks damn good!

  12. Karen Whisenhunt

    Karen Whisenhunt18 soat oldin

    It's okay for you to make a shot a someone though...right?

  13. Mandy Makhumalo

    Mandy Makhumalo18 soat oldin

    There's so much tension over there.

  14. Swati Thakur

    Swati Thakur19 soat oldin

    Omg someone kick Loni and Amanda out of this how

  15. Swati Thakur

    Swati Thakur19 soat oldin

    What is up with Loni always making it about something it isn’t !!!! Also Loni obese being are more prone to diabetes and heart disease than a thin or overweight . Rad some fuckin books!

  16. CaseyLamah

    CaseyLamah20 soat oldin

    Lizzo HAS a trainer and is working on her health (she posted it on her stories a few times in the past) I'm confused as to how people think she's just wanting to be fat and lazy? Lmaooo Jillian was outta line for assuming Diabetes is in her future.

  17. Michelle Hernandez

    Michelle Hernandez21 soat oldin

    Lizzo refuses to live under a rock until she reaches a socially acceptable weight. Jillian built her career on making women feel so unhappy with themselves they spend thousands buying her unsafe diet products. Lizzo is selling her music and talent. Jillian is selling an unsafe lifestyle.

  18. Yoselin Benedict

    Yoselin Benedict21 soat oldin

    Way to add another races to the table!!! Ok Sister!!!

  19. RobiXOXO Love

    RobiXOXO Love21 soat oldin

    Tamera has the best perspective!!

  20. SAM The SHAM

    SAM The SHAM22 soat oldin

    Loni and Amanda put both Foot in their mouths. Not fond of Amanda at all Who TF is she!??...Its Not about RACE!!!Fat is Not Healthy Perod.!!!!

  21. toomuchfourU

    toomuchfourU22 soat oldin

    I just wonder did she say the same of Adele when she came out?

  22. Holly Mcmillan

    Holly Mcmillan23 soat oldin

    She’s going to make the show get canceled

  23. Holly Mcmillan

    Holly Mcmillan23 soat oldin

    I don’t like this Amanda person she’s too serious and she tries to make everything about race and she’s very mean She’s even mean to daughter people at the table I don’t like because they added her it was better before her she’s not a good addition to the show

  24. marie marek

    marie marek23 soat oldin

    Why is no one commenting on the fact that the interviewing was trying to get jillian to say positive things about lizzo's body? That's the reason this was even brought up. Jillian wouldn't have stated, 'let's not celebrate obesity' if the interviewer wouldn't have tried to get jillian to celebrate lizzos obese body. That's the complete opposite of Jillian's career .

  25. marie marek

    marie marek23 soat oldin

    Why everything turn into RACE!? Yall the problem man.

  26. marie marek

    marie marek23 soat oldin

    Why you body shaming Adele!? Smh

  27. Eclectic Calla

    Eclectic Calla23 soat oldin

    Being overweight isn't healthy. There might be a small percentage of people that are ok when over weight but overall it is not good for the body in vast ways. Love and accept yourself for sure! Don't hate on yourself or others cus of weight! and we should NOT body shame for sure!!! But promoting obesity is not good for society. just like promoting super skinny unhealthy, eating disordered figures isn't good for society either

  28. Eclectic Calla

    Eclectic Calla23 soat oldin

    Jullian didn't say she has to look a certain way to be successful. She said the opposite. If you watch the whole thing and not the tiny clip they show, she says she is a good singer, let's celebrate her music. Jullian said she likes Lizzo's music.

  29. roberto bravo

    roberto bravoKun oldin

    If you love yourself, you wouldn't be fat.

  30. Brent Travis

    Brent TravisKun oldin

    Let's not forget the race card.....Adel doesn't go around acting like a ho...

  31. Brent Travis

    Brent TravisKun oldin

    Trashy works for singers lol

  32. Kazi Maps

    Kazi MapsKun oldin

    Jillian didn't talk about Adele because the interviewer didn't ask her about Adele she asked about Lizzo. The ladies of the real have a tendency of not doing their research on a topic and comment ignorantly without proper facts

  33. Kazi Maps

    Kazi MapsKun oldin

    Loni is very ignorant and always finds a way to bring race into everything, it's so tired the way she causally throws race into everything is not okay if a white person did that she would be up in arms.

  34. rose Alvarez

    rose AlvarezKun oldin


  35. Jazmin Valtierra

    Jazmin ValtierraKun oldin

    Amanda dropping a black comment once again. I literally watched 5 shows this morning. Amanada is always about "racism" girl bye your annoying this show has died with amandas ghetto ass

  36. Bad Bee

    Bad BeeKun oldin

    Loni not everything is a race or gender attack .... Obesity might be a norm now but it’s still not right .. it’s not healthy.... SHE SAID WHAT SHE SAID

  37. KNOCK KNOCK who's here

    KNOCK KNOCK who's hereKun oldin

    All the comments about loni's obesity are being deleted.

  38. TruCentrinoTech

    TruCentrinoTechKun oldin

    This is America! And if we're "being real" (A phrase that's lost allot of its validity), allot of our life style choices and perspectives on other ppl's life style choices, will be biased because of things like our Upbringing, socioeconomic opportunities (lack there of) & enviably race, in context of how we 'live our lives' -Literally the premise of this show. I think with this panel, it's less about "let's stick it to the White man and be divisive", but more about showing how cultural and perspective differences can/should influence topics like weight etc.

  39. TruCentrinoTech

    TruCentrinoTechKun oldin

    And for the comments about the black experience being hyper discussed on this show... 1. Check your privilege: the fact that you even NOTICED, is because this isn't done 'much' anywhere else 2. Jeannie & Adrienne contribute and will continue to contribute about their respective cultural experiences, and it isn't for the other panelists to make segments about cultures, with which they are not intimate. I wouldn't want other races weighing in on my experience -Speak your truth, educate me on your experience, because I already know mine. And 3. Same as my first point, if you exclude race from the history of this country, America loses its definition... Perhaps for the better, but that isn't the country we live in today and those are the topics this show seeks to discuss.

  40. Anita F

    Anita FKun oldin

    I only have ONE thing to say...IT IS NOT ABOUT RACE! 🙄

  41. DeAnna Mayes

    DeAnna MayesKun oldin

    Put Amanda on the end and give Jeannie and Tam back their spots! Amanda and Loni are too loud together. I’m a black woman and the whole “let’s make this about us/race” thing is tiring. Amanda’s face when others are sharing opinions is annoying and reminds me of when Tamar used to do the same thing. Tamera looked scared to say her opinion. Jeannie is constantly getting cut off by Loni or Amanda and poor Adrienne just has to throw her opinion out there and leave it but no one really listens.

  42. Caroline Nelson

    Caroline NelsonKun oldin

    YES TAMERA!! it is so important that people like Amanda who try to divide people in every subject based on race get a perspective that we need to be healthier as a country!

  43. Amanda Mei

    Amanda MeiKun oldin

    I get their point but... let’s not ignore the fact that the risk for diabetes, heart disease, etc. is significantly higher in women who are overweight. That is just a biological fact. Was Jillian correct in her delivery? No. But was she correct? Yes. And btw Adele got soooooo much hate for being overweight. And now for losing it all.

  44. Darla Devi

    Darla DeviKun oldin

    I'm proud of Tamera

  45. Rasha Suleiman

    Rasha SuleimanKun oldin

    I fucking hate Amanda's face when Tamera was speaking. Borderline disrespectful

  46. Olivia Crawford

    Olivia CrawfordKun oldin

    So we’re not gonna talk about how Adele was ALSO body shamed WAY before Lizzo was even on the scene. This is not about race. Don’t be disrespecting ANYONE not just black women. ANYONE about their physical appearances. It’s not just black women who get scolded or spoken to like that, it’s all plus size women. This is NOT about race. And tamera should speak up more, the real is about keeping it REAL not keeping it SILENT.

  47. Wesley Imschoot

    Wesley ImschootKun oldin

    I actually prefer reading the comments here than listening to Loni and that Amanda girl.

  48. Jasmyn Jade'

    Jasmyn Jade'Kun oldin

    Oh God, Now its ALL women??? Black women are most affected by obesity related health issues Loni, and she knows this, as big as she is. Where was this ALL MEN when you were talking about black men the other day? I really hate when shes dishonest.

  49. D. Martinez

    D. MartinezKun oldin


  50. D. Martinez

    D. MartinezKun oldin

    Amanda NEEDS TO STFUUUUUUU .... I can’t stand her biased ass. ALWAYS BRINGING RACE INTO THE PICTURE

  51. Willisha Alford

    Willisha AlfordKun oldin

    I think a lot of the ppl in the comment section missed some points being made by the others too...Tamera WAS NOT the only one that spoke truth...but everyone is definitely entitled to their own opinions

  52. barbie_shuks

    barbie_shuksKun oldin

    I really don't get this.. Jillian might have said it in a harsh way. But she never said lizzo wasn't successful or beautiful because she's fat. She said she's not healthy because she's fat. Why y'all pressed

  53. Eden Kastonguay

    Eden KastonguayKun oldin

    No Amanda, everything is not about race. In that case it was about weight and nothing else

  54. Violetta Taula

    Violetta TaulaKun oldin

    They’ve become so fricken messy 😳 Like wtaf?? They all got each others heads so far up their asses they starting to talk too much ish. Tamera’s opinion is the only one I care for tbh. Love them as individuals, but this show is just not it no more 😭😭

  55. Blessing Amorel

    Blessing AmorelKun oldin

    Everyone on the table is not wrong though but I quite agree with Tamera

  56. sylvia basco

    sylvia bascoKun oldin

    Loni and Amanda's eyeroll and their gestures , when others are giving their opinions is downright Ghetto . When you can speak your mind, others can too.. Atleast the others are respectful when you are voicing out.. Learn something from them!

  57. Antonia Curtis

    Antonia CurtisKun oldin

    They need to get Amanda off the show . She is constantly bringing race into everything that it has nothing to do with . She is the main voice I hear on my screen I never hear Tamera,Jeannie or Adrienne anymore . Loni was the mediator but she STILL let the other women speak when they needed to. Amanda wants to be right all the time and wants to get her point out as if it’s the most important one .

  58. Lorenzo

    LorenzoKun oldin

    ‘Don’t be taking about sistahs like that?’ Who is this ghetto clown ass bitch? They were talking about weight! No one even mentioned race. You don’t get a pass cause you’re any color, she’s a public figure who is overweight!

  59. Jeremy Davis

    Jeremy DavisKun oldin

    Here we go making this about attacking black women. Racism is real, but not everything every non black person says is racism.

  60. Dominique Thomas

    Dominique ThomasKun oldin

    I use to be like Loni and Amanda but honestly, I'm plus size I'm a size 16-18 I have a older sister who is size 5-7, we both went to the doctors and he told me even though I'm bigger then her I'm in better shape, I do kickboxing, I think the real honestly issue is people need to stop believing that health solely equals about your weight, because not all the time does, HOWEVER, there is a certain BMI level that if you are over it, you're obese, its science, but there IS a such thing of being biological "obese" but also being healthy. Everybody is different, in personality, and in physical appearance and body types, you have to look at it from all angles and I just feel people are choosing left or right when honestly its left AND right.

  61. Dan

    DanKun oldin

    Bunch or ignorant hens clucking.