Part of Your World - The Little Mermaid Live!

Watch Auli'i Cravalho perform "Part of Your World” on The Little Mermaid Live! on ABC.


  1. Skits And Giggles

    Skits And Giggles3 soat oldin

    Oh my gosh when they started to make her fly across the stage! I was so worried for her lol

  2. Dorito Chips

    Dorito Chips8 soat oldin


  3. Amircale Queen

    Amircale Queen8 soat oldin

    That was amazing😍😱😱

  4. Dorito Chips

    Dorito Chips8 soat oldin

    Polynesian ariel

  5. TVBnine

    TVBnine12 soat oldin

    She sounds just like the original... amazing

  6. stc387

    stc38712 soat oldin

    1:17 when the music box dancers come alive 😻😻😻 what a perfect touch.

  7. The Lauren Avery

    The Lauren Avery16 soat oldin

    Damn Flounder is doing crack now huh?

  8. Plazmir

    Plazmir17 soat oldin

    She’s Moana

  9. Melissa Jones

    Melissa Jones19 soat oldin

    At first I was like what are you guys talking about her vocals are awesome and then she went into the air and now I am like uhmmmmmm... Oh sweetie

  10. Chatternat Vlogs

    Chatternat Vlogs22 soat oldin

    She’s like a Beta for the Live Action Little Mermaid but they of course settled for Halle Bailey

  11. Zhexxa

    Zhexxa23 soat oldin

    Ariels supposed to be skinny though

  12. kesh 108

    kesh 10823 soat oldin

    Please do a world tour so I can see it too

  13. Blanca Porras

    Blanca PorrasKun oldin

    This part made me want to cry. Very beautiful. I loved it. Her parents must be so proud of her.

  14. Amanda Hahl

    Amanda HahlKun oldin

    I love your voice and the dancing everything

  15. 매실이

    매실이Kun oldin

    think they spent too much for the background so flounder ended up like that

  16. Liana Soares

    Liana SoaresKun oldin

    Not a good cast as Ariel, sorry.

  17. Alexis Argete

    Alexis ArgeteKun oldin

    The one who voice moans is so amazing

  18. LaMelusine

    LaMelusineKun oldin

    This girl has an amazing gift.

  19. DisneyFanatic2364

    DisneyFanatic2364Kun oldin

    Now, see? You don't need to be white to be Ariel! Can't complain about a black Ariel now with a Hawaiian one!

  20. Adam Alvarez

    Adam AlvarezKun oldin

    What an amazing performance! I used to sing along with this song for my baby girl and it brought back such great memories! The most perfect inflections made this number have great meaning and of course the aerial acrobatics were so smooth and technically performed that it added a real thrill to the great staging and costumes! They couldn’t have picked a more perfect performer to play this part - Thanks Disney!

  21. Sarah Bourdeau

    Sarah BourdeauKun oldin

    It isn't a good idea to use an amateur for such an iconic song. It fell flat.

  22. Dani H

    Dani HKun oldin

    She's blessed with high cheek bones and heart shaped face. Her profile is the spitting image of Ariel!

  23. Kev Nguyen

    Kev NguyenKun oldin

    Why didn’t disney cast her for the live action little mermaid

  24. Sidney tep

    Sidney tepKun oldin

    disney got too much damn money for that wig too be looking the way it does

  25. Jennifer Biana

    Jennifer BianaKun oldin

    that was BEAUTIFUL

  26. Guilliano Daniel Murri

    Guilliano Daniel MurriKun oldin Check out the “Papi” music video by Isabela merced, its pretty catchy and very Latinamerican. 🇵🇪 ❤️

  27. Guillermo Mercado

    Guillermo MercadoKun oldin

    She’s too fat!

  28. cherry

    cherryKun oldin

    5 year old me would have loved this

  29. The Little Mermaid

    The Little MermaidKun oldin

    Jodi Benson: Like Auli'i Cravalho: Comment

  30. roby pawirodikromo

    roby pawirodikromoKun oldin


  31. 顾湘

    顾湘Kun oldin


  32. Nina Walter

    Nina WalterKun oldin

    The girl who voiced Moana voices ARIEL now? Welp it makes sense cuz Moana and Ariel are connected

  33. A Bag o’ Chips

    A Bag o’ ChipsKun oldin

    FINALLY we have an actual swimming Ariel, I hate the shows than just have her sitting on a rock the whole time

  34. R. AL.

    R. AL.2 kun oldin

    Harry Potter lost his glasses 👀

  35. Jaelynn Garrett

    Jaelynn Garrett2 kun oldin

    what did they do to flounder?😂

  36. Ellen Marie

    Ellen Marie2 kun oldin

    Moana what are you doing

  37. Tiramisu

    Tiramisu2 kun oldin

    Auli'i and lea legends get to be two Disney princesses

  38. Hugh Nguyen

    Hugh Nguyen2 kun oldin

    omg, will they do the show internationally?

  39. I FEEL GOOD app - Listen to your heart and body

    I FEEL GOOD app - Listen to your heart and body2 kun oldin

    Wow incredible "swimming" scene !

  40. Haru Haru

    Haru Haru2 kun oldin

    Sorry the signing is horrible. Jodie Benson shits on this one.

  41. Jeremy Bradley

    Jeremy Bradley2 kun oldin

    I’d give both my legs 🦵 to see this beautiful Epic show. 🎭🐙🦀🐠🐳

  42. Melany Anguilar

    Melany Anguilar2 kun oldin

    Is she actually singing?



    Fatal fatal fatal, Disney debe respetar al expectador, como puede hacer este horror de la sirenita que es un clásico

  44. Luz sanchez

    Luz sanchez2 kun oldin

    No ma la sirenita vuela !!... digo nada 😂😂😱😱

  45. daniisaurushax

    daniisaurushax2 kun oldin

    That had to be hard not to smile at the end there

  46. daniisaurushax

    daniisaurushax2 kun oldin

    @the people enjoying the crowd dancers:❤️

  47. Emma Lance

    Emma Lance2 kun oldin

    I don’t like the girl who play Ariel no personality her face is like blahhh

  48. Marvin Kyle Tijamo

    Marvin Kyle Tijamo2 kun oldin

    Omg If there’s a man who would take me to watch this I will marry him after get out of the theater 😭😍😍😭

  49. Gwen Villaverde

    Gwen Villaverde2 kun oldin

    Ariel vs Moana

  50. brt Mari

    brt Mari2 kun oldin

    This Ariel voice is kinda flat

  51. brt Mari

    brt Mari2 kun oldin

    The original Ariel sang this better

  52. K Andrew

    K Andrew2 kun oldin


  53. T K

    T K2 kun oldin

    Ariel stop being so self-absorbed, have you seen Flounder?? He needs to go to hospital immediately!

  54. k k

    k k2 kun oldin

    Get the 90s kids back on the bandwagon, and so worth it. =)

  55. Jewel Seng

    Jewel Seng2 kun oldin

    Already disappointed about the 🧜🏿‍♀️ in live action little mermaid 😒😒

  56. rosie harper

    rosie harper2 kun oldin

    Everyone needs to watch Sierra boggess sing this song

  57. Sara Ali

    Sara Ali20 soat oldin

    I partake your ways but such as this must have hurt in your world full of sorrow and hate of me sarah Chauvu n happy emptied full of starving and nothing but remorse drought in our world Kevin khag...

  58. Laura Gabrielle

    Laura Gabrielle2 kun oldin

    :( I feel so bad for saying this but I think she kinda butchered the song... no hate It's just that her voice doesn't really work with the music

  59. R A

    R A2 kun oldin

    Wow this what the live shows be about!!!? Omg I wanna go!!

  60. Connor Cox

    Connor Cox3 kun oldin

    miranda cosgrove did great!

  61. Melissa Sue

    Melissa Sue3 kun oldin

    This was my favorite song for many years. Still love it.