Owner Laughs As Gordon Throws Up In The Toilet | Kitchen Nightmares

Thank Nino that red velvet was there.
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  1. drfeelgud88

    drfeelgud888 soat oldin

    Those shitlins look like absolute shit. Just WTF kinda dish is that? It literally looks like 2 human turds.

  2. Tecci

    Tecci8 soat oldin


  3. Jacob Hall

    Jacob Hall8 soat oldin

    “He’s not used to that soul food” The only soul that was there was the AntiChrist lmfao

  4. Sinner

    Sinner9 soat oldin

    It looks like someone throw up & shat on the first plate 😣

  5. Brittany Wilbert

    Brittany Wilbert10 soat oldin


  6. MIDI's, Jazz Trumpet and More with Fulford

    MIDI's, Jazz Trumpet and More with Fulford10 soat oldin

    2:12 finally some good fucking food

  7. Derrick Hamilton

    Derrick Hamilton10 soat oldin

    The fact she laffs at him puking was the final straw. She NEED to be banned from bein an owner

  8. Valley Of Lillies

    Valley Of Lillies11 soat oldin

    How does he even raise a fork with the first serving??? Ewww

  9. Nitro Burner

    Nitro Burner13 soat oldin

    Yuck... microwaved chitlins

  10. Nasy

    Nasy15 soat oldin

    *Call 911 someone food poisoned Gordan*

  11. BtZ Ghost

    BtZ Ghost17 soat oldin

    The only good food was the one the mum makes

  12. BtZ Ghost

    BtZ Ghost17 soat oldin

    You can’t go wrong with cake 🍰

  13. Teddy Cox

    Teddy Cox18 soat oldin

    1:24 😆😂😂

  14. Kusagari Blues

    Kusagari Blues19 soat oldin

    “It’s delicious.” Not what I was expecting him to say.

  15. rager gamer

    rager gamer19 soat oldin

    The owner looks like she has grease running through her veins

  16. awsmegmr 222 draws

    awsmegmr 222 draws20 soat oldin

    Who else is watching just for the memes?

  17. Lincoln mike

    Lincoln mike21 soat oldin

    What do you expect from eating "ethnic" food

  18. Cadence Wood

    Cadence Wood22 soat oldin


  19. Joey Buff

    Joey BuffKun oldin



    TTV TERMITEKun oldin

    gordon ramsey you fucking wanker you didn't even show proof of yourself vomiting! they do it all for drama and tv!

  21. Best at ROBLOX ッ

    Best at ROBLOX ッKun oldin


  22. AxcelByte

    AxcelByteKun oldin

    Hehehehe My Mind: SHITLINS

  23. Fishy Doodle

    Fishy DoodleKun oldin

    It looks like slugs and dick combined put in a vomet sauce

  24. ChaosKidd

    ChaosKiddKun oldin

    She ugly

  25. John Smith

    John SmithKun oldin

    Lmao they covered that huge hole in the drywall with a vinyl record.

  26. Pasitos Rivera

    Pasitos RiveraKun oldin

    You know when Gordon starts praying... *_The food's gonna be fucking awful_*

  27. Jacob Mann

    Jacob MannKun oldin

    why the hell would someone ever eat intestines?? The shit flows thru those tubes, so damn gross

  28. lolasum sumi-san

    lolasum sumi-sanKun oldin

    I can't believe they served that shit looking dish to poor consumers. Fucking disgusting.

  29. rashlane Z

    rashlane ZKun oldin

    Wich ep is that????

  30. tacoburrito Swanson

    tacoburrito SwansonKun oldin

    "Soul food" lmao that shit always makes me laugh when I hear or see it anywhere. What you mean soul food? Cauae your black? Get outta here you racist dogs. Also there is no such thing as a soul and no god.

  31. Awkward Ukulele

    Awkward UkuleleKun oldin

    “He’s not used to that Soul Food” Girl Soul Food isn’t making his soul leave his body and see Jesus, that’s just poison. You poisoned him.

  32. igotanM16

    igotanM16Kun oldin

    "He's not used to soul food" You dumb bigger that's not soul food; that's the garbage throwaway food scraps that the plantation owners gave to you and you're so stupid you've convinced yourself that it's good food.

  33. Kamira Suzuya

    Kamira SuzuyaKun oldin

    That description tho..

  34. Argiselle K

    Argiselle KKun oldin


  35. The High Pineapple

    The High PineappleKun oldin

    He's not used to that soul food? Soul food is meant to comfort, not literally take the soul from your body.

  36. Copyright Studios

    Copyright StudiosKun oldin

    F**k Americans

  37. Raccoon King18

    Raccoon King18Kun oldin

    Bruh then chitlens be looking like food from resident evil 7

  38. Cheese Fest

    Cheese FestKun oldin

    You’ll be fine was the last words Gordon heard

  39. Kitarinki

    KitarinkiKun oldin

    *Delicious, mm... Finally sum gud focking fewd*

  40. Turtox

    TurtoxKun oldin

    Every one calls her mom Mary. Why do i love this i‘m muslim

  41. ContinentalDaJet

    ContinentalDaJetKun oldin

    Gordon: (comes back from throwing up) Also Gordon: kisses lady on the cheek

  42. Aybowl

    AybowlKun oldin

    which season/ episode is this???

  43. Plus Rep

    Plus RepKun oldin


  44. Frank Castle

    Frank CastleKun oldin

    Never trust a bald headed woman

  45. Stupid Rat

    Stupid RatKun oldin

    Chitlins. Chitlins can be pronounced as shi- Never mind he already said it.

  46. IlIll IlIlllI

    IlIll IlIlllIKun oldin

    2:12 He said it!!!!

  47. Big daddy J Jmoney getting dollarz

    Big daddy J Jmoney getting dollarzKun oldin

    Bitch that ain't funny that bitch psychotic

  48. Gazorpazorpfield

    GazorpazorpfieldKun oldin

    What episode is this? I must know please

  49. Ravenclaw Potato

    Ravenclaw PotatoKun oldin

    I’m sorry but the woman’s reaction to Gordon eating her cake is adorable

  50. : v

    : vKun oldin

    when your neighbor the vegan dies their dogs 2:11

  51. Cheyenne

    CheyenneKun oldin

    “finally some good fuckin food” I FINALLY FOUND IT 😭💀

  52. Michael Kelligan

    Michael KelliganKun oldin

    Lol they looked like dog turds floating in runny noodles! 😂😂😂

  53. loganpro

    loganproKun oldin


  54. Allen Fuller

    Allen FullerKun oldin

    Owner: they're delicious Chef: it smells like hot shit and ass

  55. SunnyBlam

    SunnyBlamKun oldin

    I was about to say "I'm surprised this video isn't more popular, it has the MEME PHRASE in it." But then I noticed it was uploaded less than a week ago.

  56. Temuuge Tsogtgerel

    Temuuge TsogtgerelKun oldin


  57. James Burgos

    James BurgosKun oldin

    Actually, the prayer did work....God made Gordon throw it up so that he wouldn’t get deathly ill from the meal..

  58. amy

    amy2 kun oldin

    bitch that looks absolutely disgusting, i wouldn’t even dare put that anywhere near my mouth

  59. John Jaecob

    John Jaecob2 kun oldin

    Stop letting these people into/ stay in the west.

  60. Kendra Cartwright

    Kendra Cartwright2 kun oldin

    That is NOT how chitlins are supposed to look! And you're at restaurant and putting food in the microwave!?!??

  61. Jake_TheFox4675 roblox

    Jake_TheFox4675 roblox2 kun oldin