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  1. Joe

    Joe8 soat oldin

    Must be nice to be rich ......

  2. Nelly Miranda

    Nelly Miranda9 soat oldin

    That’s so cute omg 😱 I like your baby shower it was so cute love you guys 😘

  3. roxann rodriguez

    roxann rodriguez13 soat oldin

    They should have given free les lipsticks for the winners 😅

  4. Tex Marquez

    Tex Marquez13 soat oldin

    This is soooooo cute I wanna cry 😭😭

  5. roxann rodriguez

    roxann rodriguez13 soat oldin

    I love the haircut alex 🔥

  6. Vanessa Lennox

    Vanessa Lennox14 soat oldin

    Love this

  7. Vanessa Lennox

    Vanessa Lennox14 soat oldin

    Love this

  8. JT Vera

    JT Vera17 soat oldin

    Where did she get all the Grinch Stand up?? I am doing a Grinch Theme Party

  9. Summer winters

    Summer wintersKun oldin

    Damn this is a wedding

  10. moonage_paige

    moonage_paigeKun oldin

    Who has a baby shower and doesn’t open the gifts there? I imagine you ran out of time bc of the fun you all were having but omg the amount of gifts!

  11. Tyrell Richardson

    Tyrell RichardsonKun oldin

    Damn y’all rich 😳😳😳that was a beautiful baby shower can’t wait

  12. Dayana Ponce

    Dayana PonceKun oldin

    I can’t wait to have my little family ❤️

  13. Denise Callejas

    Denise CallejasKun oldin

    It’s soooooo cute everything came out perfect your sooo beautiful 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  14. Vivian Rhodes

    Vivian RhodesKun oldin

    Slow down with your words. I can’t understand you . Like you seem soo anxious

  15. Sharon Jones

    Sharon JonesKun oldin

    WOW ‼️ I just stumbled across your video... How absolutely beautiful 😍‼️ I love... Love... LOVE the sense of family and friends... Congratulations beautiful ‼️ Blessings over you and your family ‼️ (Your due date is my Mom's birthday 💕❣️)

  16. Karen Castillo

    Karen CastilloKun oldin

    Omg 12:32 💀 omg i can im dying 😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  17. BLYSSA

    BLYSSAKun oldin

    Can I see your nails omg😍😍

  18. Salma_ Joshua

    Salma_ JoshuaKun oldin

    🍾🎉💓💓💓Cutting the cake like it’s yalls wedding... lol Love y’all 💓

  19. angel martinez

    angel martinezKun oldin

    the music in the begging was to calm them the mariachi showed up 💝🤩

  20. Diane Fils

    Diane FilsKun oldin

    "I'm out of breath like always" felt that 🙃😥

  21. chasmine baldwin

    chasmine baldwinKun oldin

    This is so pretty❤️‼️ love the theme

  22. Susy Vega

    Susy VegaKun oldin

    No one: Literally no one : Alex’s hair: ♌️

  23. Larissa Gianna

    Larissa GiannaKun oldin

    U talk to much and to fast

  24. JennJourney

    JennJourneyKun oldin

    Omggggg so amazing

  25. Itz_ maria official

    Itz_ maria officialKun oldin

    16:27 😂🤣😆 I can't stop laughing idk why

  26. Clara Baptiste

    Clara Baptiste2 kun oldin

    The dessert table looks amazing. I hope they taste as great as they look!!!!

  27. lylivette16

    lylivette162 kun oldin

    I love the grinch. Literally that’s my favorite movie of all times!!!

  28. Madison jaí

    Madison jaí2 kun oldin

    if this is the baby shower imagine the first birthday 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  29. Ivonne Lizzette Verduzco

    Ivonne Lizzette Verduzco2 kun oldin

    Congratulations 💕 beautiful baby shower 👶🏻 you looked beautiful Les

  30. Zully Brito

    Zully Brito2 kun oldin

    Subscribe to my channel !❤️

  31. Natalia Guerrero

    Natalia Guerrero2 kun oldin

    13:29 They litt asf😂😂

  32. Daniuska Larios

    Daniuska Larios2 kun oldin

    You just said... it “looks simple but pretty” come on if that’s simple I don’t know what fancy is! Good luck 👍

  33. Alicia Alvizo

    Alicia Alvizo2 kun oldin

    Everything was beautifully done ♥️

  34. Diana Vlogs

    Diana Vlogs2 kun oldin

    When the mariachi was playing and the guys dacing enjoying it and yo acá atrás de la Pantalla too gritando eh eh eh eh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤭

  35. Heaven Green

    Heaven Green2 kun oldin

    Y’all really did the damn thing. So CUTE

  36. _90s Baybee_

    _90s Baybee_2 kun oldin

    So how will baby G 1st birthday 🎂 be like ?? 🔥

  37. Briseyda Barrera

    Briseyda Barrera2 kun oldin


  38. jazmine Montoya

    jazmine Montoya2 kun oldin

    Lmaoo Victor straight up struggled to pop that balloon 😂😂

  39. jenny lee

    jenny lee2 kun oldin

    Girl your not suppose to host your own baby shower. At least with my family & friends who ever the baby shower is for they just sit back and eat and open presents, Who ever threw the shower is the one who does all the work.

  40. Prisilla Correia

    Prisilla Correia2 kun oldin

    Adorable, your so beautiful pregnant

  41. Gladys Bryant

    Gladys Bryant2 kun oldin

    This was so beautiful Les and Alex. I am soooo happy for you guys, ya'll are going to be wonderful parents. Baby G is so lucky to have you guys as parents.

  42. AVLIS

    AVLIS2 kun oldin

    Love how everyone was hands on with all the gifts. Shows how much love and support you guys have.

  43. Jessica Waddell

    Jessica Waddell3 kun oldin

    ”but did you die though” 😂

  44. nancy pilar

    nancy pilar3 kun oldin

    no one: literally no one: ABSOLUTELY NO ONE: Laura: "should I twerk?" LOL

  45. Vee Saldana

    Vee Saldana3 kun oldin

    When les said to crystal “say hi to my friends” .. I felt that ♥️🥺

  46. Lucy Castro

    Lucy Castro3 kun oldin

    Beautiful baby shower and I love the cake you look gorgeous Congratulations once again Les & Alex. You are going to be a great mother! Can’t wait to meet Baby G!💙💙💙👶🏻

  47. Adanelys Jerez

    Adanelys Jerez3 kun oldin

    I loved this!! I never seen such a unique theme 🥰🥰

  48. Bianca Aldava

    Bianca Aldava3 kun oldin

    What are your plans with some of the decor? Would you sell/give away some of the decor?

  49. Lissethvi

    Lissethvi3 kun oldin

    imagine the baby’s 1st bday😂😂😳

  50. Amanda Cirino

    Amanda Cirino3 kun oldin

    Imagine spending ridiculous amounts of money on a bunch of shit they’re probably gonna throw out after its over when that money could’ve been put in a bank account for the baby when it grows up... diapers... food.... like this actually blows my mind🤦🏻‍♀️

  51. Kionah Elizabeth

    Kionah Elizabeth20 soat oldin

    When you got it like that you can do as you please. I’d do the exact same.

  52. Dayana Ponce

    Dayana PonceKun oldin

    Amanda Cirino Well If they got the money for it. Mind ya business sis

  53. Lissethvi

    Lissethvi3 kun oldin

    her boobs look like some rlly big conchas😂😋

  54. Peyton M

    Peyton M3 kun oldin

    I’m a Christmas Baby (December 22 is my bday) and if I could have designed my moms baby shower, I would want it to look like this. It’s so cute and very creative.

  55. Norma De La Pena

    Norma De La Pena3 kun oldin

    Are you Candy aguilar sidrería or related to her

  56. A day in Viviana's life

    A day in Viviana's life3 kun oldin

    What are the odds that I'm watching this and me nephew is watching the Grinch

  57. Sotoo Vuitton

    Sotoo Vuitton3 kun oldin

    I feel like every baby’ shower has those pretzels with chocolate that’ no one eats

  58. Vivianna Gonzalez

    Vivianna Gonzalez3 kun oldin

    ok butttt who’s homeboy with the white turtle neck, third down on the left @ 15:34 👀😍

  59. Vivianna Gonzalez

    Vivianna Gonzalez3 kun oldin

    omgggg it cracks me the fuck up how you’re out of breath all the time 😂 it reminds me of me bc i talk hella fast too like you and now i know how i sound like to other people. my second video i’ve seen of you btw🥰 the first one was of you making your baby shower cake! i love it! 😍

  60. Korai Cid

    Korai Cid3 kun oldin

    a bueno pa saber 😂😂😂

  61. Melanie Brooks

    Melanie Brooks3 kun oldin


  62. Yas R

    Yas R3 kun oldin

    Mood ✌🏻