Otis and Mandy Rose’s magical moment derails Sonya Deville: SmackDown, Jan. 17, 2020

Otis comes to the rescue of Mandy Rose, but the moment distracts Sonya Deville in her match against Alexa Bliss. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  1. rahul pakhare

    rahul pakhareKun oldin

    Watch Otis after 1:20 min..

  2. The Club Editions

    The Club Editions2 kun oldin

    En esos momentos todo cambio dentro de Otis xd

  3. papa trulo

    papa trulo3 kun oldin

    otis and mandy not dolphziggerler

  4. As Am

    As Am4 kun oldin

    01009102390 00201009102390 💋 انا اسمي علي مشتاق اتكلم مع بنت في اول ما تسيبني قسما بالله ما تنامي

  5. Steven RKO

    Steven RKO4 kun oldin

    Mandy rose is fat 🤮🤢

  6. Travel Of Shahin

    Travel Of Shahin7 kun oldin

    *There is a BG at work when I see time pie*


    VIDEOS PRINCE CACA7 kun oldin


  8. Siva Madduri

    Siva Madduri10 kun oldin

    His expression was funny and super

  9. Kev Favor

    Kev Favor10 kun oldin

    So them cheeks at the beginning of the vid..alexis bliss

  10. Robert Jones

    Robert Jones11 kun oldin


  11. Tau Rian

    Tau Rian12 kun oldin

    BSB lyrics hehe

  12. Prince Reez

    Prince Reez13 kun oldin

    If Otis and Mandy Rose were in the Mixed Match Challenge as a Team that would be the greatest thing ever

  13. asli Mohammed

    asli Mohammed13 kun oldin

    Anyone come from tik tok

  14. Samuko 2211

    Samuko 221113 kun oldin

    Ese ottis es la mera verga 😂😂👏😂😂

  15. The default gamer Ryan

    The default gamer Ryan15 kun oldin


  16. Amish Khan

    Amish Khan16 kun oldin


  17. Carlos Zamora

    Carlos Zamora17 kun oldin

    Otis Has Mandy. I want to have The Beautiful Goddess Alexa Bliss. But i know it will never happen.

  18. NO SOY

    NO SOY17 kun oldin

    que buen otis semaneja mandy 1,10

  19. rajkumar pillai

    rajkumar pillai18 kun oldin

    OTIS expression on 0:55, it's very yummy 😋

  20. Ťħễ mägīc

    Ťħễ mägīc18 kun oldin

    hhhhh om gd

  21. Flush Poker

    Flush Poker20 kun oldin

    he wants the rose down there

  22. kratos spartan

    kratos spartan22 kun oldin

    Mandy: falls from top Otis: i am gonna lick you out

  23. Aaron144

    Aaron14422 kun oldin

    The Caterpillar is ready to eat 😂 0:57

  24. *Truth Speech

    *Truth Speech22 kun oldin

    I'll tell ya Otis for his heavy weight which is NO GOOD on his heart... He moves around pretty good for his weight and is very strong throwing people over his hand like he does flings ems and there well over 275/ 300 pds! Gives all you fat guys hope out there. Lol.

  25. IceKft

    IceKft22 kun oldin

    Heavy machinery tag team champions

  26. Abdul Samad Bhati

    Abdul Samad Bhati23 kun oldin

    That face of Otis😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Glitz Comet

    Glitz Comet24 kun oldin

    Why is this even a thing

  28. Mohit Rajpit

    Mohit Rajpit24 kun oldin

    This is true love Then lashley and lana

  29. Shruti Chauhan

    Shruti Chauhan24 kun oldin

    This storyline is 1000 Tim's better than Lashley and Lana's 🤞🤞🤞

  30. Jai Prasad m

    Jai Prasad m24 kun oldin

    Pre plann

  31. Markuz Rojas

    Markuz Rojas24 kun oldin

    Bello romance ❤💖

  32. Joe Estrada

    Joe Estrada24 kun oldin

    Otis has a big soft spot for Mandy :) aw

  33. Vadhir_pasabares Pasabares

    Vadhir_pasabares Pasabares24 kun oldin

    Otis boóooo👎👎👎👎

  34. perkins8000

    perkins800024 kun oldin

    Anyone noticed Mandy stuck her 👅 out too when Otis was doing his Wisconsin 👅Twister👅?

  35. Megha Sharma

    Megha Sharma25 kun oldin

    0:59 look at otis face 😂😂😂

  36. iNSANE

    iNSANE26 kun oldin

    Mandy looks like Alura Jenson 😂

  37. Teran Icer

    Teran Icer26 kun oldin

    :26, DAYUM! Otis looks exactly like an 'Otis' LoL 😁

  38. U d v

    U d v26 kun oldin

    That beard guy lookalike the male version of Ronda Rousey

  39. Backstreet's121

    Backstreet's12126 kun oldin

    Hell yeah! Backstreet Boys!

  40. Dboy 3400

    Dboy 340027 kun oldin

    is Mandy Sonya's girlfriend?

  41. robloxmemer h_a_c_k_ e_ r

    robloxmemer h_a_c_k_ e_ r27 kun oldin

    0:58 welp we know what otis mean whit that

  42. Kelly Yamaguchi

    Kelly Yamaguchi27 kun oldin

    4 Letters LMAO 😂 Otis

  43. Vivek Vishwakarma

    Vivek Vishwakarma27 kun oldin

    Mandy got big juggs

  44. Munch Ponferrada

    Munch Ponferrada27 kun oldin

    poor otis 😦😦😦

  45. John Gomez

    John Gomez28 kun oldin

    At first i thought it was ronda rousey on because of the clickbait lol

  46. Mask Man

    Mask Man28 kun oldin

    They'll look a great couple.

  47. 000000

    00000028 kun oldin

    Super hot girls

  48. Charlie CAP

    Charlie CAP28 kun oldin

    God i love otis :'D

  49. Malcolm Doherty

    Malcolm Doherty29 kun oldin

    Why did Otis take his shirt off

  50. Wicky Wick

    Wicky Wick29 kun oldin

    I see ppl talking more about Otis

  51. sefty Hart

    sefty Hart29 kun oldin


  52. Braulio Perez

    Braulio Perez29 kun oldin

    Otis is a gentle giant😇

  53. King Slayer

    King SlayerOy oldin

    Otis is one of the only interesting things in wwe rn

  54. Wilbur Thecat

    Wilbur ThecatOy oldin

    Otis look upset when Bliss gets the one two three😭 I feel bad

  55. Xploit drawing

    Xploit drawingOy oldin

    Wow nice video ever keep them coming more

  56. ervincaushii fht

    ervincaushii fhtOy oldin


  57. Yameh Meh

    Yameh MehOy oldin

    😂c'est mignon😍😍😍

  58. Sonu Nag

    Sonu NagOy oldin

    I see right side boobs

  59. Ash Rios

    Ash RiosOy oldin

    Shes so hot!

  60. Rocky Shreyas

    Rocky ShreyasOy oldin

    Mandy Rose looks aged from the side