ONLY Girl in an All BOYS School (Animated Story Time)

Being the ONLY Girl in an All BOYS School! Animated story time about true stories that actually happened, how would you feel? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last animation Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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  1. Majlis Ahlénius 3

    Majlis Ahlénius 3Daqiqa oldin

    what dose backa mean?

  2. Naglaa Mohamed

    Naglaa MohamedSoat oldin

    But if it was girls school and there was only one boy in the whole of the school what will happen

  3. Alana Aymer

    Alana Aymer3 soat oldin

    I'd think of him as food and everyone knows I don't like sharing my food so... The answer is obvious, it's either me or her 😁😁😁

  4. Christie Chiokai

    Christie Chiokai4 soat oldin


  5. Christie Chiokai

    Christie Chiokai4 soat oldin


  6. YouTube Breitbart

    YouTube Breitbart5 soat oldin


  7. Jennifer Franklin

    Jennifer Franklin10 soat oldin

    I've always wanted to be in a all boy school

  8. Victoria Rose

    Victoria Rose10 soat oldin

    This is pretty much anime reference


    BILL SKYES11 soat oldin

    ``Is this what sakura did during the Naruto time skip..?``

  10. Nany Ayala

    Nany Ayala14 soat oldin


  11. Shaelynne Porter

    Shaelynne Porter14 soat oldin

    my famous crush person is nathen kress

  12. Olivia twigg

    Olivia twigg14 soat oldin

    Ha your so funny

  13. Fruity Roblox

    Fruity Roblox14 soat oldin


  14. Chase Madigan

    Chase Madigan15 soat oldin

    Naruto girl and the only boy School

  15. unknowntine7

    unknowntine715 soat oldin

    2020: im the only girl in all boy school 2080: im the only cat in all dog school

  16. Sorry Bye

    Sorry Bye15 soat oldin

    Real Life: Nice Booty ;) TikTok: *come here girl lemme touch up on yo butt*

  17. Joslynn Hayum

    Joslynn Hayum15 soat oldin

    If it was jhope Frome bts I know he will never do that but if he did I would have left him

  18. Gacha Izzy

    Gacha Izzy15 soat oldin

    5:27 why does he look like Sasuka Uchiha from Naruto??

  19. Peyton Savaria

    Peyton Savaria15 soat oldin

    No if I had a boyfriend I will not share he is mine lol!!!

  20. julianna nordby

    julianna nordby15 soat oldin

    Hell no

  21. x_Antique

    x_Antique15 soat oldin

    all the boys at my school hate the girls ;-;

  22. Rippubg25

    Rippubg2515 soat oldin

    Has anyone ever notice that she has only does animated girl stories

  23. itzKyara 0209

    itzKyara 020916 soat oldin

    I noticed that i saw a OTHER GURL when the pink hair gurl was buying chocolate milk

  24. Chase Jackson-Gregory

    Chase Jackson-Gregory16 soat oldin

    I'm selfish alright, I would not share my crush Amiyah with anybody else! And guess what, she's in my class at school! If she likes me... ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ I hope she likes me. I will crush anyone who kisses her, goes out with her, or likes her!😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  25. Heather Belfi

    Heather Belfi16 soat oldin

    An all boy school. At lunch girl chatting in background

  26. jase murlen

    jase murlen16 soat oldin


  27. Bani the freakish Bunny

    Bani the freakish Bunny17 soat oldin

    Sniper I feel ya I was the first to bloom in my grade

  28. Jaci Kayla

    Jaci Kayla18 soat oldin

    And les you crazy

  29. Jaci Kayla

    Jaci Kayla18 soat oldin

    No joke me in kindergarten 8 boys and me but I don’t try to get a boy

  30. 박한울

    박한울18 soat oldin

    Boys:Dude she is MINE! Me:stop calling her a big bootie and ewwwww!when the boys said "Ahhhhhhhh"oooooo"when they were streching

  31. Joe Koenig

    Joe Koenig19 soat oldin


  32. Maria Edwards

    Maria Edwards19 soat oldin


  33. NexGen Player

    NexGen Player19 soat oldin

    Why when Laura moved in the first girlfriend looking like saitama from O.P.M

  34. Eva Hernandez

    Eva Hernandez19 soat oldin

    My Name is Ava I like a boy Named Avian

  35. it's the cool gang it's the cool gang

    it's the cool gang it's the cool gang20 soat oldin

    No I'm stareing my man

  36. Adrian Gaming TV

    Adrian Gaming TV21 soat oldin


  37. Catman Ashley

    Catman Ashley21 soat oldin

    Bang Bang the person you sharin' with. . . Muhahaha!

  38. Danieljt15

    Danieljt1521 soat oldin

    5:29 that laugh tho 😂😂😂

  39. Antora Jahan Snigdha

    Antora Jahan SnigdhaKun oldin

    baka part was the bestttt

  40. Emily Morin

    Emily MorinKun oldin

    no defenetly woould not!!!!

  41. Maan Alhabi

    Maan AlhabiKun oldin

    if that sasuke looking guy used the sharingan on naruto's a thousand years of death. "water"

  42. Lily Vera

    Lily VeraKun oldin

    1:35 . Girl student in the background 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

  43. AkaFlacoMC

    AkaFlacoMCKun oldin

    Ha sasuke

  44. Chilly Cate

    Chilly CateKun oldin

    The girl in the first story looked like Sakura but with a different personality...... and she didn’t like Sasuke....

  45. Soe ASMR

    Soe ASMRKun oldin

    No kidding, if I had a chance to be with Tom Holland right now I would take it even if it meant I would have to share him with like 6 other girls

  46. Someone _Coke

    Someone _CokeKun oldin

    MY BF

  47. Witherd Foxy

    Witherd FoxyKun oldin

    LoL 3.7k people are stupid

  48. Witherd Foxy

    Witherd FoxyKun oldin

    Nani 😱

  49. Isaiah Perkins

    Isaiah PerkinsKun oldin

    Is that a saitama animation I see? Lol

  50. Ravioli Ramirez

    Ravioli RamirezKun oldin

    5:56 INCIDENT:Tried to PIMP an 18 yr old girl

  51. Uhh433

    Uhh433Kun oldin

    what fanfic is dis

  52. enᴄʜᴀɴtingシ

    enᴄʜᴀɴtingシKun oldin

    3:29 “Wow, I felt so special” No one: Literally no one: Me: *yOu maKe mE fEeL spECiaL*

  53. Pedro Santiago

    Pedro SantiagoKun oldin


  54. That bullymong

    That bullymongKun oldin

    I only like VECTOR

  55. Marcie Scott

    Marcie ScottKun oldin

    I all ready have a girlfriend and l’m 8 year’s old and had kissed her

  56. Mitsuuri :3

    Mitsuuri :3Kun oldin

    Sasuke aand sakura!

  57. June-Ryant Youance

    June-Ryant YouanceKun oldin


  58. Aubrey Henry

    Aubrey HenryKun oldin


  59. Jocelyn Tinoco

    Jocelyn TinocoKun oldin

    Can you stop talking

  60. Eagles

    EaglesKun oldin

    5:46 a devestating blow