Once Upon A Time is kinda dumb...

Once Upon a Time animation
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  1. Alex Meyers

    Alex Meyers2 yil oldin

    Hey everyone, so May is mental health awareness month and I just want to say that I love getting all your messeges and tweets about how much videos have helped you in one way or another. But, if you're feeling anxious, lost, angry, anything like that and are looking for some real professional help, please give BetterHelp a try: www.influencerlink.org/SH7

  2. Dutch Plan Der Linde

    Dutch Plan Der LindeOy oldin

    I'm angry that you dont like the show

  3. OrangeAndBlackAttack

    OrangeAndBlackAttackOy oldin

    Better health is literal garbage. ✌️

  4. Blue Wolf

    Blue Wolf2 oy oldin

    U should do a vid bout My Girl! 🌟

  5. Becky Boo

    Becky Boo3 oy oldin

    Alex Meyers your so funny, whenever I feel down all I have to do is watch one of your videos and I’m sane again. 😁

  6. Jacob Rengen

    Jacob Rengen3 oy oldin

    Alex Meyers please review Jack of All Trades staring the King of B movies Bruce Campbell

  7. Gerrit DeMan

    Gerrit DeMan4 soat oldin

    I really really really liked season 1 but I stopped watching this show while in the middle of season 5. I think they should have stopped at 2, maybe 3 seasons. In my opinion the first season is by far the best and the second is still really enjoyable, but the third season is where my enjoyment started to drop significantly. Anything I've watched after that was just a huge meh. It's really obvious that they have never thought about a proper ending and instead they constantly try to think of dumb ways to make the story continue, like the main characters accidentally taking some random vase back to Storybrooke that just so happens to have Elsa from Frozen inside it. ugh... I really hate how they stopped focussing on Fairytale characters and just went full Disney at some point.

  8. katie lee

    katie lee9 soat oldin

    if you want a real shitty movie, watch sleepover from 2004

  9. Aphmau 111101

    Aphmau 11110115 soat oldin

    It gets better after season 1 though the stupid lines remain. I still love the show though



    I love how i have watched all the 7 seasons and now watching this 😂😂😂

  11. Rachel Watkins

    Rachel WatkinsKun oldin

    i thought this was a movie untill you said it Was a tv series hahaha

  12. Kilian Rayleigh

    Kilian RayleighKun oldin

    I've only watched the first few seasons of the show but it's pretty dang good actually

  13. Jana Gainer

    Jana GainerKun oldin


  14. Debbie Charles

    Debbie CharlesKun oldin

    I love OUAT! Not season 7 but the rest if the show is amazing....a definite favourite 💜

  15. lockstam

    lockstamKun oldin

    Lol. Critique Big Love! 😂

  16. Samarra Winn

    Samarra WinnKun oldin

    i love once upon a time you idiot

  17. 왜Selina

    왜Selina2 kun oldin

    My sister is obsessed with this show I hated it because I felt they low key ruined a lot of stories by having rumplestitskin cross over ever story and every story is intertwined plus hate the whole mess with Regina her sister and Robin Hood that ish just cheesed me. Also when they brought frozen characters and brave characters into it.

  18. cool_soima

    cool_soima2 kun oldin

    you dont know how much i raged seeing the thumbnail

  19. Bella Goldberg

    Bella Goldberg2 kun oldin

    honestly the first 6 seasons are actually good and then season 7 comes along and ruins everything

  20. Trinity Dreamer

    Trinity Dreamer3 kun oldin

    I love once upon a time

  21. Zuza Kalicińska

    Zuza Kalicińska3 kun oldin

    man, henry was so cute at the beginning and i'm at the s6 and he's, well, useless :")

  22. Riley Reynolds05

    Riley Reynolds053 kun oldin

    I love Once Upon A Time lol 😂

  23. Parisa Shiva.cr7

    Parisa Shiva.cr74 kun oldin

    I shall destroy your happiness...if it is the last thing I do

  24. Parisa Shiva.cr7

    Parisa Shiva.cr74 kun oldin

    Never mind...im gonna rewatch this again

  25. Parisa Shiva.cr7

    Parisa Shiva.cr74 kun oldin

    I agree with all of your videos but THIS SHOW IS EXTREMELY GOOD!

  26. Zosia Branch

    Zosia Branch4 kun oldin

    Regina carries the show on her back

  27. Amalie Nielsen

    Amalie Nielsen5 kun oldin


  28. Angela Brennan

    Angela Brennan6 kun oldin

    Once upon a time is amazing!! RUDE!

  29. amalie liv

    amalie liv6 kun oldin

    Season 7 is dumb but the rest of the show is amazing

  30. Heather Wyckoff

    Heather Wyckoff6 kun oldin

    Mulan & Red. I was praying season 7 would give me atleast a somewhat happy ending but no. The final season was trash. They did red and mulan dirttty.

  31. Tristan Walls

    Tristan Walls6 kun oldin


  32. Laila Bibars

    Laila Bibars6 kun oldin

    The family tree in this show is ridiculous, literally everybody slept with each other.

  33. kagomecc461

    kagomecc4617 kun oldin

    Not at all dumb......but .....just....yeah lost interest. Considering what the show is about....Thats saying ALOT. OK season 6to 7 was luhhh kinda yeah not going there

  34. Zenz

    Zenz8 kun oldin

    Season 1 was amazing then it went downhill fast

  35. Zenz

    Zenz8 kun oldin

    Season 1 was amazing. Great storyline, writing, it was mysterious and was about fairytales. It went downhill fast after that

  36. Zuzuマグ恩

    Zuzuマグ恩8 kun oldin

    For those of you who haven't seen the show, after she did that creepy thing at the date, he was actually a criminal and whatever.

  37. Swah Konttra

    Swah Konttra8 kun oldin

    NO! This show is so good🤩🤩🤩🤩

  38. LaurinhaFDJ

    LaurinhaFDJ8 kun oldin

    That was not Snow and Charming’s first kiss

  39. LaurinhaFDJ

    LaurinhaFDJ8 kun oldin

    This show is perfect 💘

  40. Destini Smith

    Destini Smith9 kun oldin

    The best characters were.. Regina mills(evil queen) Mr. Gold(Rumplestiltskin) Emma swan Killian Jones (captain hook) Henry mills Zelena(wicked witch) Neal(Baelfire) Robin Hood ‼️FIGHT ME IF U THINK I'M WRONG💯😂‼️

  41. Destini Smith

    Destini Smith9 kun oldin

    Idrc I just like seeing people with powers😂

  42. Dog Of wisdom

    Dog Of wisdom9 kun oldin

    U know what your kinda dumb. Once upon a time is better than any show you could make so sit down.

  43. Salty

    Salty10 kun oldin

    I still love this show

  44. Creamcake

    Creamcake10 kun oldin

    "Everything you love, will be mine'

  45. Hira Aftab

    Hira Aftab10 kun oldin

    Did anyone else realize Jamie Dornan starred in OUAT first and only got famous because of 50 Shades of Grey?

  46. N and H vlogs

    N and H vlogs11 kun oldin

    Do another once upon a time again

  47. nacanieli nalewabau

    nacanieli nalewabau11 kun oldin

    I started liking it season 1 n 2 and then season 3, it just started turning stale. It's a poorly written show. Too much backstabbing and revenge and is unrealistic💤💤👎

  48. Mystery Drew

    Mystery Drew11 kun oldin

    The series is great except season 7

  49. Ballora’s Fun

    Ballora’s Fun11 kun oldin

    PS guys this is a show about guess what FAIRY TALES It’s not going to make a lot of sense

  50. Alicia Brown

    Alicia Brown12 kun oldin

    This show is great

  51. אמילי קיטרו

    אמילי קיטרו12 kun oldin

    I know I’m late but I just want to say I watched the whole thing and I loved the show until The end of season 6 I just didn’t like it anymore but I really liked The dark wavy made the original stories of the characters So ya I like that show a lot oh and I loveeeeee rumplstilskin

  52. Sky

    Sky12 kun oldin

    Me: **Sees Title Of Video** Also Me: WHAT?! Me Again: **Remembers Season 7** Oh yeahhh... I mean every other season was amazing but Season 7 was just a copy of Season 1 with different people.

  53. mayla mayla

    mayla mayla12 kun oldin

    It kinda is but what bothers me is the faces they make and they lips... Idk why

  54. Lois Lane • Star Reporter

    Lois Lane • Star Reporter13 kun oldin

    The only reason I watched it was because of Regina.

  55. Life of Talise

    Life of Talise14 kun oldin

    Ik on season 3 with Peter Pan and Neverland and it’s just crazy

  56. 844Steam Fan

    844Steam Fan14 kun oldin

    My mom watched this show.

  57. Ramiyah Lee

    Ramiyah Lee14 kun oldin

    It’s May 17 two years later today.... happy birthday!

  58. Alpha-sama

    Alpha-sama17 kun oldin

    The worst thing about this show is how Rumplestiltskin goes from good to evil like he's a ball at wii sports tennis

  59. Trang L

    Trang L17 kun oldin

    the little mermaid tangent had me laughing so much omg

  60. One Weird Daydreamer

    One Weird Daydreamer17 kun oldin

    Snow White’s wedding dress was terrible Change my mind

  61. One Weird Daydreamer

    One Weird Daydreamer17 kun oldin

    Snow White’s wedding dress was terrible Change my mind


    NOWHERE GIRL17 kun oldin

    Season 7 isn't the best, but HOW DARE YOU

  63. Joy Payne

    Joy Payne17 kun oldin

    I know this video is two years old but I dont care, I'm putting in my two cents. The show had seven seasons but I honestly stopped watching midway through season 5 because it got too annoying. I liked the idea of it a lot and in my opinion, the first and second seasons are the best, but after that it gets really repetitive and boring. There's a new bad guy, there's a dark secret from their past, they get it resolved and bad guy is gone. So on and forth. After awhile it became too much. And despite them saying "it's about fairytales", it's not. They've taken Disney characters, threw them into a fantasy world and then threw them into our world. They don't have the grim (pun intended) endings of the original fairytales and they reveal characters like Mulan, Merida, Jasmine, even Hades but they're all a collection of Disney characters. However, the way the writers managed to incorporate the fairytales so they all work together, that's the best part. Once Upon a Time is ok in my opinion but they tried too much. If anyone wants to counter argue me, go ahead. We can all have different opinions

  64. Gerrit DeMan

    Gerrit DeMan4 soat oldin

    I completely agree, I just wrote a comment saying similar things and I started to read some newer comments to see other people's opinions. I also loved the first two seasons, and I also stopped watching midway through season 5.

  65. Keldee

    Keldee17 kun oldin

    I loved once upon a time I think it was really cool but then they started dragging it out sooo much and it ended up sucking

  66. Melon Vlogs

    Melon Vlogs17 kun oldin

    you are just roasting all of my favorites 😂😂

  67. Leah Fosdick

    Leah Fosdick18 kun oldin

    It's gonna be MAY

  68. Andrea B

    Andrea B18 kun oldin

    I saw a couple seasons of this and liked the show a lot. A few things were aggravating...why did people keep trusting the bad guys? Maybe we all have great hope that redemption can work for anyone.

  69. Victoria Galvan

    Victoria Galvan19 kun oldin

    It's awesome I love it it's the only series that has no happy ending. Yay

  70. Doodle dummy

    Doodle dummy19 kun oldin

    This show has many plot holes, but I still love it for nostalgia reasons. My preteen self thought this was the best show ever, although even back than i thought the show went downhill after season 3


    FEBBIE SIONIL20 kun oldin

    “Prince Dude”

  72. BronteJay

    BronteJay20 kun oldin

    Rumplestiltskin (not Gold, RUMPLE specifically) is the best character hands down - he’s such a fun, insane character and I just love every scene that he’s in


    SUNSHINE_ PLAYS20 kun oldin


  74. Ink Thottie

    Ink Thottie21 kun oldin

    It’s just the writing was just so overly complex that it just felt like so many layers. It’s stupid but enjoyable. Tho Season 7, eh idrk how to feel about it, but I just am confused why they didn’t elaborate on the wish realm more. The duplicates of characters and villains would have been much more interesting. They could have had more development and shown more of how the wish realm was thrown into chaos by Rumpel 2. I also wish that the show had like a cohesive novel series that laid more of a ground work for the show that just having them throw on ideas.

  75. Victoria O.

    Victoria O.21 kun oldin

    The show has some really good seasons... I think Seasons 2 through 5 are the best. 1 was a solid warm up season, 6 was okay, 7... hmmmm... 7

  76. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie22 kun oldin

    Happy Birthday, Alex! I hope you and your wife are having a great time traveling and enjoying each other. Stay safe!

  77. Lumii Lee

    Lumii Lee22 kun oldin

    it isnt that bad....... i mean its entertaining... ok i get where you're coming from

  78. Maanya Mahesh

    Maanya Mahesh23 kun oldin

    Oh shut up, with editing you can make anything look bad.

  79. Vilma Mäkinen

    Vilma Mäkinen23 kun oldin

    This is how many times someone said “We have to find another way”

  80. spongethewater

    spongethewater23 kun oldin

    Am I the only one who didn't watch this?!

  81. Jess Adamsxx

    Jess Adamsxx24 kun oldin

    Ok no Hate but its not dumb its just exciting but season 7 is bad, just change the title cuz its kinda rude but I still love this channel anyway

  82. Gambler

    Gambler24 kun oldin

    boy these better help ads did not age well XD

  83. Normal_ people

    Normal_ people24 kun oldin

    My friend use to watch this and she told me a bit about it and oh boy was that just enough to throw me of

  84. M.C.Martin Official Channel

    M.C.Martin Official Channel25 kun oldin

    @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="78">1:18</a> Emma is on the left, and then @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="98">1:38</a> Emma is on the right. Um, I’m pretty sure the background doesn’t change

  85. Vint Harris

    Vint Harris25 kun oldin


  86. random Swiftie

    random Swiftie26 kun oldin

    I only watched some episodes of Once Upon A Time for Sebastian Stan 😂