NXT Women’s Championship No. 1 Contender’s Battle Royal: WWE NXT, Jan. 15, 2020

Shayna Baszler, Tegan Nox, Bianca Belair, and Io Shirai are among the Superstars taking part in an over-the-top-rope Battle Royal to see who will receive an NXT Women’s Title Match at TakeOver: Portland.
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  1. Fackboy1906 Lagman

    Fackboy1906 Lagman2 kun oldin


  2. ladys right

    ladys right3 kun oldin

    The best woman of nxt Shayna bazler-submission magician Bianca belair-est Io shirai-genius of the sky Best of woman in raw Charlotte-the queen Beck lynch-the man Asuka-the empress Best woman in smackdown Sasha banks -the boss Alexa bliss- the goddess Bayley-the role model Lacey the lady

  3. k red

    k red12 kun oldin


  4. Jesús Gallegos

    Jesús Gallegos13 kun oldin


  5. Norris Nastac

    Norris Nastac15 kun oldin

    One thing i noticed is that the women in nxt always laugh,smile,or wave goodbye when they eliminate

  6. Seno Expert Property

    Seno Expert Property24 kun oldin

    Push Tegan Nox..she's good

  7. your sleep paralysis demon

    your sleep paralysis demon25 kun oldin

    Why isnt shirai in wwe yet? Wasnt she partners with kairi sane

  8. The Anonymous

    The AnonymousOy oldin

    Yes I love Shana bazler

  9. Kenneth Monfil

    Kenneth MonfilOy oldin

    Well, the match of the winner for the "NXT Women's Championship" is sort of messed up cuz after failing to win it against "Shayna Baszler" due to the interference of "Jessamyne Duke" nd "Marina Shafyr"; so she's obviously gonna fail again to win it unless like it happened recently to "Rey Mysterio"... he won the "US Championship" on 11-25-2019 only to lose it on 12-26-2019.

  10. Shaquan Salazar

    Shaquan SalazarOy oldin

    Trifecta reunited

  11. Abood Life TV

    Abood Life TVOy oldin

    I love battle royal matches

  12. k red

    k redOy oldin


  13. Ultra Robust

    Ultra RobustOy oldin

    Hope io make a stable with Karrie and Asuka maybe rebrand Kabuki warriors with darker ganster clothes.

  14. Kabelo Sehanka

    Kabelo SehankaOy oldin

    Crazy how Becky Lynch is the face of the women's division in WWE when you have superstars like these on NXT who are sooooooo much better than her in every aspect.



    I think they are making Bianca vs Io with io winning. This would be a match we all have dreamed for

  16. Jeremiah Sherman

    Jeremiah ShermanOy oldin

    Why did my DVR Cut off the end of this match..... Damn this new- fangled technology

  17. oluyeye taiwo

    oluyeye taiwoOy oldin

    Io is a heel right?

  18. Mr. O.C

    Mr. O.COy oldin


  19. George Archyla

    George ArchylaOy oldin

    Prefiero mil veces ver Io Shirai vs rhea que bianca sera una lucha de poder no sera nda entretenido de ver a bianca vs rhea



    ?? 0:37 ?? ? ??

  21. Jesse Moctezuma

    Jesse MoctezumaOy oldin

    Get rid of Belair

  22. Yuksel Kamil Can

    Yuksel Kamil CanOy oldin

    Nobody wants to see bianca to face Rhea when I hear Io shirai chants

  23. DaRealTawk

    DaRealTawkOy oldin

    The gag is, NXT women’s roster is STACKED with amazing talent, I just want io and bianca with the title. But since rhea just won it. I think Bianca is gonna lose and it’s sad bc they all (io, Bianca, and ripely) deserve the title lol

  24. Jayson ARCEO

    Jayson ARCEOOy oldin

    Plssa dont move to some trash bands like sd or raw

  25. VintageWrestling

    VintageWrestlingOy oldin

    I wanted to Io Shirai to win the Battle Royal. She was a much better opponent for Rhea Ripley at NXT Takeover Portland.

  26. Saboia TV

    Saboia TVOy oldin

    Belair deserves the NXT Women's Championship before moving up the Main List 👊🏾💋

  27. Tevin Clark

    Tevin ClarkOy oldin

    Bianca deserved this win

  28. Tevin Clark

    Tevin ClarkOy oldin

    Wow shotzi eliminates shayna!

  29. Tevin Clark

    Tevin ClarkOy oldin

    I was hoping to see Mercedes win, but now I can see her facing shayna

  30. ThisVideoAnnoyedMe

    ThisVideoAnnoyedMeOy oldin

    This is probably one of the best Battle Royals of all time.

  31. Jeff Amsdell

    Jeff AmsdellOy oldin

    It’s not even close how much better NXT women’s division is than every other company.

  32. Jose Padilla

    Jose PadillaOy oldin

    I thought Casey was released?

  33. Visible Ninja

    Visible NinjaOy oldin

    NXT is way way better then AEW.

  34. Darc Syde

    Darc SydeOy oldin

    EST of NXT

  35. Sadiki Akil

    Sadiki AkilOy oldin

    Respect to Bianca!I thought Kat left the company though?

  36. Cain Wesley

    Cain WesleyOy oldin

    Bianca belair vs rhea ripley. I’m hyped for this. as much as I like rhea, but i gotta root for Bianca on this one. Two of the most talented women on the roster clashing. This is my dream match right here. Two power houses going head to head. Godamn Nxt is so good right now.

  37. youn

    younOy oldin

    true bianca belair is strong 💪 she

  38. ZiggyKick921

    ZiggyKick921Oy oldin

    Shotzi!!! I smell a push coming sooner or later if they had the Ballzy Badass eliminate freaking Shayna Bazler. 😍💚😍

  39. Robert Garcia

    Robert GarciaOy oldin

    Relly nxt should been someone new smh

  40. Diego Madariaga

    Diego MadariagaOy oldin

    Deonna Purazzo call herself "VIRTUOSA"? hahahah

  41. Beats By Webb

    Beats By WebbOy oldin


  42. Richard Freed

    Richard FreedOy oldin

    They Let Bianca Win To Give Her a Shot

  43. Ryan Critch

    Ryan CritchOy oldin

    Shotzi is amazing and so is Mercedes

  44. Samkelo Madonsela

    Samkelo MadonselaOy oldin

    nxt most overrated roster

  45. Lexington Deville84

    Lexington Deville84Oy oldin

    Samkelo Madonsela Better then Raw and Smackdown 😏

  46. K aweso

    K awesoOy oldin

    I love the battle royal and can wait for the royal rumble

  47. Rg. Audio

    Rg. AudioOy oldin

    Carolina 💪💪💪💪

  48. Adam Sultana

    Adam SultanaOy oldin

    Was a mistake giving the win to Belair, it should've been Io Shirai.

  49. Carlos Arevalo

    Carlos ArevaloOy oldin

    I hate belair she sucks as a wrestler makes NXT unwatchable

  50. D Mihawk

    D MihawkOy oldin

    Go Home Shana Bazsler

  51. Im Mike

    Im MikeOy oldin

    Dakota Kai should’ve been in that battle royale

  52. Alwi Hadi

    Alwi HadiOy oldin

    This was so good I had goosebumps. Especially Io's elimination by Bianca

  53. Edgar Vasquez

    Edgar VasquezOy oldin

    2:25 such a botch on the elimination

  54. Otis Black

    Otis BlackOy oldin

    Dakota Kai to win the Royal Rumble!

  55. Kristian Nikolla

    Kristian NikollaOy oldin

    Clearly Io Shirai should have won

  56. Sir William Touchabs

    Sir William TouchabsOy oldin

    Am I the only one who thinks that Shotzi Eliminating Shayna wasn't supposed to happen?

  57. Feds

    FedsOy oldin

    Am I the only one seeing the Philippine flag at NXT? Proud Filipino!

  58. Mike L

    Mike LOy oldin

    Belair does nothing for me, or the NXT Universe. Watch the crowd walk out in droves when she won. Nobody cared. They wanted somebody they could get behind to win, not CrossFit girl number 6. You could be the most athletic person in the world, but if you can’t get a reaction one way or the other, you shouldn’t be pushed, or even be on the roster.

  59. Lexington Deville84

    Lexington Deville84Oy oldin

    Mike L Belair is clearly being set up to lose to Ripley next month. It’s a no brainer.

  60. Muhammad Rafsanjani

    Muhammad RafsanjaniOy oldin

    Where is Toni Storm? 😢

  61. Randomstuffonline

    RandomstuffonlineOy oldin

    too bad theyll nvr pull the trigger on io cuz she doesn't sign a contract yet. also tht thumbnail thou

  62. Rex Rafael Collado

    Rex Rafael ColladoOy oldin

    Shayna, you are nothing without the belt.