Natalie Reveals She Doesn't Love Mike! | 90 Day Fiancé

Natalie reveals during their couple's interview she doesn't love Mike yet.
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  1. Teddy Pain

    Teddy Pain20 daqiqa oldin

    Poor Mike.. He's just a rebound guy

  2. Gizmo !

    Gizmo !32 daqiqa oldin

    natalie is a piss poor excuse of a person

  3. Jennifer Reyes

    Jennifer Reyes46 daqiqa oldin

    Yeah normally people spazz before a wedding not before so you love him to want to leave your country and have a kid. Like didn't she ball when she was worried about religion and their future potential child but you can't say if you love him?

  4. Lurah25

    Lurah25Soat oldin

    In the next episode she jumps in the taxi to ride with him to the airport and proceeds to act even more crazy. Thus girl is a nut and hopefully he'll cut his losses and move on with someone else.

  5. Lurah25

    Lurah25Soat oldin

    Can't stand the way she keeps her teeth clenched when she speaks.

  6. Crick zoli

    Crick zoliSoat oldin

    If I wasnt a 60 year old woman I will married u... Ur a very genuine and honest man, she expect something more ...u r a very loving man, she doesn't know what she want..she jumped to having kids, to find a way to send u away because u don't believe in God happy man..u r a good man. It seems she just want a visa

  7. Linda Weiss

    Linda WeissSoat oldin

    She doesn't love the guy, but she is dreaming to get american green card. So many americans get hurt by those from former USSR countries, who do anything to get marry a citizen of US and after that they have a baby and leave their spouses, taking a baby to Russia, Ukraine, etc. Some of them live back home, getting benefits for themselves and their baby from american government! I know so many of these youbg women, who destroy guys's lives by doing so. I don't have a doubt she is planning to do the same. If she behaves this way now, can you imagine what she will do to this great guy Michael after she gets her green card?

  8. Linda Weiss

    Linda WeissSoat oldin

    Michael, run away from this fake, pretentious girl! She thinks too much of herself, but she is selfish, cold, not pretty at all. These Soviets feel they are better then americans, so let her learn that she isn't important for this handsome, kind, strong will guy. You will find a young woman who will be your level. She isn't at all!

  9. drew2 fast

    drew2 fast3 soat oldin

    Guys,I'm gonna break it to you now: Women don't love men. They reward them,but they don't love them. Stop expecting them to feel the way you feel about them.

  10. Lisa Jones

    Lisa Jones4 soat oldin

    Being manipulating and cruel is not honesty , she is playing with his head to get him to beg

  11. max hardcore

    max hardcore4 soat oldin

    Love has to grow, for me don't say I love you if your not feeling it. She didn't say she not love him. For me I agree with her.. You can't just love someone after a couple of weeks.

  12. Aziz Atiaoui

    Aziz Atiaoui5 soat oldin

    She loves me. I hit her up 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. je cherche l'or du temps

    je cherche l'or du temps8 soat oldin

    At least she's honest

  14. je cherche l'or du temps

    je cherche l'or du temps8 soat oldin

    Poor guy

  15. Hailey Grace

    Hailey Grace11 soat oldin

    I feel really bad for mike

  16. Worthless

    Worthless12 soat oldin

    why is it always a russian girl

  17. B. Williams

    B. Williams15 soat oldin

    Nothing wrong with honesty.. 90 days aint shit lol but she want a baby and to force religious beliefs..nut case

  18. Michelle

    Michelle17 soat oldin

    She needs to come to the US and try acting; she could play some seriously scary characters.

  19. Hannah Isabel

    Hannah Isabel22 soat oldin

    I mean i here what she’s saying but in her case she’s a hypocrite Bc she said she wants babies and this that and the other. It’d be different if she didn’t already say and do those things

  20. Mina Tarki

    Mina TarkiKun oldin

    She is crazy and crazy eyes

  21. Ellie Martinelli

    Ellie MartinelliKun oldin

    Crazy eyes 👀👁️👁️😜

  22. Nickita Grovey

    Nickita GroveyKun oldin

    Leave the woman if she don't love him she jus don't

  23. Sherinaah Soebhan

    Sherinaah SoebhanKun oldin

    She seems mentally unstable...

  24. Maria Monama

    Maria MonamaKun oldin

    Mike deserves better than this I never liked her wild

  25. Mary Szkuncia

    Mary SzkunciaKun oldin

    So he doesn’t love her either. They just bang together and like she said they have to grow lo love. She’s honest.hes conceded, I didn’t hear him say I love you to her either. She’s honest, and he’s holding it against her. Does he love her that is the question.

  26. saltwater angling

    saltwater anglingKun oldin

    How she supposed to love some one she don't even know

  27. J T

    J TKun oldin

    Love her honesty and yes a lot of people can’t handle the truth.

  28. Susan Martin

    Susan MartinKun oldin

    God I feel so bad for him BUT...she's being honest. I think it would be better for him to know now that she doesn't love him until months or years down the road. The truth hurts. I have to commend this young woman for being as honest as she's being. To be asked if you love the man sitting next to you and you don't that must feel horrible. She said it will grow with time. That's how all arranged marriages take place. They don't start out being madly in love with each other but they learn to love the person. She just is being brutally honest. Every woman in the world that watching the show now that he's a nice man and very good looking. He will have no problem finding a woman that WILL love him. He needs to go home to America and leave this girl home with her mommy.

  29. Linda Arnold

    Linda ArnoldKun oldin

    I just watched a man get crushed.

  30. Char Johnson

    Char JohnsonKun oldin

    At least she was honest!

  31. angel_ dust

    angel_ dustKun oldin

    I actually feel the same way about her definition of love. It's like a seed, it needs to be watered, nurtured, enough light for it to grow. At that moment, she hasn't reached that stage yet but they are driving her up the wall. Wtf

  32. Darlene Farley

    Darlene FarleyKun oldin

    go home natily

  33. Lisa Jones

    Lisa Jones2 kun oldin

    A large part of Mike's debt is due to travelling with her to Paris last year, buying her engagement ring, Visa entree fees, now travel to see her again etc, she knows all of this. Many of these girls had so many abortions in their early years , by the time they are Natalie's age ,it is very hard for them to get pregnant,

  34. Felicia Waddell

    Felicia Waddell2 kun oldin

    Run run run Mike back home.. She yucky

  35. Felicia Waddell

    Felicia Waddell2 kun oldin

    Mike leave that weird ass weird looking ass boney ass user

  36. Sophie Sert

    Sophie Sert2 kun oldin

    Why everyone in the comment section bashing about her? I know some of her sentences are not good but... How could you love someone in a short period of time? You can have strong feelings but love will happen in time not straight away. I support her even she talks a bit stupid #grlpwr 💯💪🏻

  37. Aisha Krasikov

    Aisha Krasikov2 kun oldin

    She is probably Jew from Ukraine rather than russian

  38. Suzanne

    Suzanne2 kun oldin

    let him Go... he's playing games

  39. Felisha Wright

    Felisha Wright2 kun oldin

    He needs to take care of his debt

  40. Francelina Camilo

    Francelina Camilo2 kun oldin

    Why he anyway wants to marry her, they have nothing in common completely different cultures her religion and so one no way she is the right person for hem don't marry her you better with out her in your life

  41. SiriusGD

    SiriusGD2 kun oldin

    These types of shows are so stupid. Why did I open this video?

  42. Yann Djellid

    Yann Djellid2 kun oldin

    if you don t understand that she wants the green card,mike you are the emperor of is not a tomato plant .leave her

  43. Albert C Combs

    Albert C Combs2 kun oldin

    She lied from the get go ..

  44. Albert C Combs

    Albert C Combs2 kun oldin

    She doesn't love him. A slavic women can't love outside her race

  45. Albert C Combs

    Albert C CombsKun oldin

    Eastern European in general are racists. They reminds of the Chinese, and Japanese. However, these two Asia's are honest about it, well to a point. That is, a Japanese would state culturally and traditionally. A Chinese would merely look at you with discuss.

  46. Leslie Levitan

    Leslie Levitan2 kun oldin

    She has pretty cleavage.

  47. Truth Inspector

    Truth Inspector2 kun oldin

    Hes just as difficult as she is , If hes not gonna be supportive of her religion there's nothing to talk about. And furthermore hes broke hes got no business trying to get a family Going when he can't support it

  48. Loraine Kat

    Loraine Kat2 kun oldin

    The thing is people act differently over the phone . She loved the phone version of him not the physical him maybe she came and saw he wasnt as he said he was.

  49. FelixD cat

    FelixD cat2 kun oldin

    Do these people really think someone is going to love you from one day to another!??? Especially when there is some kind of interest involved like a visa!??????? They are very naive !!!

  50. IheartMariah

    IheartMariah2 kun oldin

    She’s just too complicated and want a wealthy American man who impregnates her

  51. Mai Caleza

    Mai Caleza2 kun oldin

    NATALIE not honest at all. Why she didn't tell the truth at the first place or when he met Mike? What's your intentions Natalie to Mike? You want something from Mike without giving true a Love! ? Ohh c'mon! Ended up like this!!! You embarrassed Mike!!!

  52. Mai Caleza

    Mai Caleza2 kun oldin

    I gave thumb down on this video. I don't like how she treat Mike.

  53. Angmari

    Angmari2 kun oldin

    He deserves more. I wouldn't doubt she is pushing for them to have a child right now because she's possibly already pregnant from someone else.

  54. MrsTaiwo

    MrsTaiwo2 kun oldin

    I think she’s an actor.

  55. Ben

    Ben2 kun oldin

    It's pretty obvious that you should run dude. If you don't and you marry her. You're going to live a shit life and I'll have no sympathy

  56. Marielle Faina

    Marielle Faina2 kun oldin

    So we can’t feel unsure anymore. We shouldn’t stay in a relationship where we are only there because we think it might work. I think he’s being overly dramatic and sensitive and is trying to make her feel bad for not loving him.

  57. forgottenunknowen

    forgottenunknowen3 kun oldin

    Lol good guys finish last. Girls always run back to the bad boys. Sorry dude; if ur the good guy, means your the back up guy! potential!!

  58. Adam Kind

    Adam Kind3 kun oldin

    Geez, don't you all know a "shit-test" when you see one? Be a rock, man up... Then she'll be purrrring in his lap.

  59. mari g

    mari g3 kun oldin

    She's a pjycho anyway

  60. mari g

    mari g3 kun oldin

    But she could have said that she did she knows she would hurt if he left she could have just said my love for him will grow ova time

  61. Anna Neva

    Anna Neva3 kun oldin


  62. Anna Neva

    Anna Neva3 kun oldin