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  1. Weird C0ntent

    Weird C0ntentSoat oldin

    You call that Benjamin Franklin HE LOOKS LIKE A WOMAN

  2. Lilhedgehog 857

    Lilhedgehog 857Kun oldin

    People don’t think that I’m actually the age I am because I look younger because my hormones don’t work normally therefore I didn’t bro normally so I still look like a kid but I’m 20

  3. it's the cool gang it's the cool gang

    it's the cool gang it's the cool gangKun oldin

    I that fire one wrong but that's all

  4. Raffy Rivera

    Raffy RiveraKun oldin

    "When I see those twins" The Bella twins

  5. Kamron Watkins

    Kamron WatkinsKun oldin

    They have to stop 🛑 Lieing

  6. superhippie2000

    superhippie2000Kun oldin

    Vampires can have elf ears if an elf was bitten by a vampire.

  7. Sena Franco

    Sena Franco2 kun oldin

    The first riddle I knew the sis was the answer

  8. Carter Ziehlke

    Carter Ziehlke2 kun oldin

    I'm nine and I was like whaaaaaaaattttt

  9. Vicente Valenzuela Gutierrez

    Vicente Valenzuela Gutierrez3 kun oldin

    U cant say smash like,only davie 504 can say that

  10. Midnight_wolf XD

    Midnight_wolf XD4 kun oldin

    I actually have a 2 dollar bill. Its really old. Like if u think this its true

  11. Renee Ray

    Renee Ray4 kun oldin

    Can you marry me

  12. Renee Ray

    Renee Ray4 kun oldin

    I live in New York

  13. Renee Ray

    Renee Ray4 kun oldin

    I am a boy

  14. Renee Ray

    Renee Ray4 kun oldin

    Can you marry me

  15. Katelin Blevins

    Katelin Blevins4 kun oldin

    I am a twin and everyone thinks we are identical but we are ferternal twins and people still don’t believe us hahah

  16. Penelope Dragotta

    Penelope Dragotta5 kun oldin

    I knew the first one before

  17. Raymond Grefstad

    Raymond Grefstad5 kun oldin

    hiiiiiiii peter

  18. BOOM Done12

    BOOM Done125 kun oldin

    IM A 2 GRAND >:(

  19. - Snuffles the Ezus :D

    - Snuffles the Ezus :D5 kun oldin

    One riddle: who broke my ArM

  20. Gary Long

    Gary Long6 kun oldin


  21. Keavy Drane

    Keavy Drane6 kun oldin

    Especially if you birthed them

  22. sophie fox

    sophie fox6 kun oldin

    These riddles r very wierd everyone is of someone dying

  23. Janice Odom

    Janice Odom6 kun oldin

    It doesn’t make sense


    Sub 2 SUPERBEST YOSHI7 kun oldin

    5:34 IM DEAD LOL

  25. Lorraine Loving

    Lorraine Loving7 kun oldin

    I'm mia

  26. Julie Baribeault

    Julie Baribeault8 kun oldin

    She is not45

  27. Julie Baribeault

    Julie Baribeault8 kun oldin

    You are the best youtuber📱🎥👩🏻‍💻👨🏿‍💻

  28. Sarah Lane

    Sarah Lane8 kun oldin

    your my fave youtuber

  29. Noel Rojo

    Noel Rojo8 kun oldin

    That only happens in fairy tales

  30. Abbigail Parker

    Abbigail Parker8 kun oldin

    So Mean that they cut off the videos below the video

  31. mary Montoya

    mary Montoya9 kun oldin

    The parents should have noticed that the hair was brown and the girl that has a sister in the sister said she was yeah that one have brown hair and short hair and the other one has black hair with not that long hair

  32. Dary Duffus

    Dary Duffus9 kun oldin


  33. Devils Boi

    Devils Boi9 kun oldin

    My names Mia and my brothers nickname is tommy turtle, the first riddle like OMG

  34. Malika Lyons

    Malika Lyons9 kun oldin

    Vampires don't AGEEEE!!!!

  35. kyra hawkins

    kyra hawkins9 kun oldin

    Sssniperwolf: Lydia you scumbag me:falling out of bed

  36. Luz Fierro

    Luz Fierro9 kun oldin

    I like sssniperwolf a lot owwwwwww

  37. Sophia Mercedes

    Sophia Mercedes10 kun oldin

    The girl said she was 45 and it's true because she's a vampire and vampires never grow out of their body but they do age up.

  38. amber pearson

    amber pearson10 kun oldin

    Hi sssniper wolf

  39. lindsey Wombacher

    lindsey Wombacher11 kun oldin

    hello peter

  40. Ruben L. Toledo Sr.

    Ruben L. Toledo Sr.11 kun oldin


  41. Brandi Leckey

    Brandi Leckey12 kun oldin


  42. Lydia Jordan

    Lydia Jordan12 kun oldin

    ik this is old but i feel attacked in the first one💀

  43. Sole Blandin

    Sole Blandin12 kun oldin

    I’m a 2nd grader🙃

  44. ZzAnime_GirlzZ

    ZzAnime_GirlzZ13 kun oldin


  45. Lisa C

    Lisa C13 kun oldin

    i love your Videossss

  46. Sofia Lamontagne

    Sofia Lamontagne13 kun oldin

    Since when do vampires have round ears your just a roasty conne (frenchtastick)

  47. Sofia Lamontagne

    Sofia Lamontagne13 kun oldin

    You can tell twins apart hummmmm well thats a flipping lie

  48. Alberto Hernández

    Alberto Hernández13 kun oldin

    I love she pls

  49. Joseph Peter

    Joseph Peter13 kun oldin

    I love your videos when I am sad you make me happy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  50. Zubrondzo

    Zubrondzo13 kun oldin

    sssniperwolf:you can tell your girls apart me:flashbacks to 2nd grade also me:🤔yeah your wrong girl

  51. Sarangheyo Molintas

    Sarangheyo Molintas14 kun oldin

    Among ginagawa no

  52. Brenna Nance

    Brenna Nance14 kun oldin

    Her twin sister killed her and acted like she didn't want to talk at all and that's the end.

  53. Abigail Cahill

    Abigail Cahill14 kun oldin

    Here's something my friend told me life is supposed to be easy peasy lemon squisy not stressed depressed and lemon zest idk why but I like it. Give a like if u love this and u think it's catchy

  54. Rian termini

    Rian termini14 kun oldin

    And I’m a second grader and I knew he she was lying

  55. Rian termini

    Rian termini14 kun oldin

    The first one it was the sister because she said she went out of town but the police found her in a room

  56. Nissanguy1231

    Nissanguy123115 kun oldin

    my name is Lydia and that hurt my feelings when you called me a y'know.

  57. Audelina Coronado

    Audelina Coronado15 kun oldin

    it's on the other arm

  58. Arie-sarie Boua

    Arie-sarie Boua15 kun oldin

    They could heal easy or be older than the look

  59. Arie-sarie Boua

    Arie-sarie Boua15 kun oldin

    Since when did vampires be like.... that's sniper wolf snipe listen girl if your don't know you don't know the movie twilight

  60. Megan Smith

    Megan Smith15 kun oldin

    I smashed the like button because it made no sense